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Beware! FXAccolade has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend, whatever you’ll be getting up to. There hasn’t been much in the way of news stories to catch up on so far today but more about that in the second part of today’s update. What I want to start with though is a closer look at a short term HYI program called FXAccolade. This is a brand new program, online for just a couple of days now. Despite this, as a shorter term program, this has been more than enough time to put the first investors into profit. You’ll notice a great number of similarities between this and a large number of other short term HYIPs, particularly with the investment plans, but for one reason or another FXAccolade seems to be getting quite popular in their short time online. So let’s see what FXAccolade have to offer and make joining there worth your time and money.
Starting with the investment plans then, the main reason most of you would have any interest in finding out about FXAccolade in the first place. You’ll probably recognize the pattern, with six plans to choose from, and all with a number of features in common. They run for terms of varying lengths, are to be fair all quite affordable so even if they make some rather unfeasible offers they needn’t cost you that much if you just want to play for the fun of it, and all (except one) offer members just one single payment on expiry combining both principal and interest in one lump sum. You can join the first plan for just a $10 minimum, and it runs for a term of 1 single calendar day. So in other words join today and hope to be paid tomorrow, after 24 hours. For anything up to a deposit of $500 FXAccolade offer a return of 103%, or 3% profit. You may make a larger deposit if you can afford to, and expect a higher percentage in return. The rates are calculated as follows:
Deposits of $501 to $1,000 will earn 104%, from $1,001 to $2,000 will earn 105%, and from $2,001 to $5,000 the offer is 108%. Check the FXAccolade members area for information on larger investments if interested.

The second plan takes a slight change in direction. You can still join for an $10 minimum, but will be offered daily interest payments for the term’s duration which is 3 calendar days. Anything up to $500 invested sees FXAccolade pay you back 37% per day, and include your principal already as part of that. So by the time the plan expires you should have collected 111% in total, or your own money back plus 11% profit.
Larger deposits can earn:
38% per day on $501 to $1,000 (114% in total), and 39% per day on anything between $1,001 and $2,000 (117% in total). The rates offered to larger amounts can be seen inside your FXAccolade members account area.

The third plan runs for a term of 5 calendar days and returns to making payments on expiry. The same $10 minimum deposit is required to join and for anything up to $500 FXAccolade are paying back 120% interest, a figure that includes your principal so that’s 20% profit for yourself. For anyone brave enough to go further than that then the following rates are offered:
125% for deposits between $501 and $1,000, and 130% for $1,001 up to $2,000. For the rates available to bigger deposits I suggest you see the FXAccolade members area.

FXAccolade‘s next plan pays on expiry after a term of 10 calendar days and costs $10 to join. Your final payment will also include your principal. The return will be 160% on anything up to a maximum value of $500. If you’re feeling lucky and wish to take a bigger risk then FXAccolade make the following offers:
Spend from $501 to $1,000 and earn 190%, and from $1,001 to $2,000 for an offer of 300%. Again check out your FXAccolade members area to see what they offer to investments bigger than that.

As you can see the plans get more and more risky as the terms get longer. So it’s time to maybe start considering how realistic these figures are before getting too excited at the enormous rates available. But at least you can still join for a minimum spend of $10 and for FXAccolade‘s fifth investment plan which runs for a 20 calendar day term that can supposedly earn you 300% interest, paid on expiry and principal included, if depositing up to $500. Beyond that the rates are:
450% for $501 to $1,000, and 700% for $1,000 to $2,000. Larger investments are accepted (naturally) so for information there see the FXAccolade members area.

The final plan open to you runs for 30 calendar days and pays once on expiry. The minimum deposit is $10 and for anything up to $500 the rate being offered is 500%. Higher rates include: 700% for $501 to $1,000, and 1,000% for $1,001 to $2,000. And if all that doesn’t sound unfeasible enough then check out the FXAccolade members area for even more outlandish figures. Most of you will probably know those plans backwards by now, or at least those of you who like playing HYIPs such as FXAccolade.

I guess payment options will be the next thing you need to know about, and FXAccolade are up to decent industry standard on that front, probably a little better than average when it comes to shorter term HYIPs. In fact one of the better features of FXAccolade, one of the program’s main selling points in fact, is the list of payment methods which is surprisingly good for a short term HYIP like this one. Not just the usual anonymous payment processors (which are of course there too) like PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, and BitCoin, you may also join using SolidTrustPay and Neteller. This is something of a coup for the admin of FXAccolade given how difficult it can be to get approval from these providers, and will go a long way towards bringing in more and more bigger spending players. It seems that Payza is also very close to being added, in fact as far as I know they have already approved FXAccolade‘s account with them but there have been some technical issues integrating them in the program. I expect this will be sorted out soon enough. Payouts to members are made manually by the program’s admin. For this you will need to log into your private FXAccolade members account area and make a request. Once done you are then asked to allow anything up to a further 24 hours for your transaction to be completed.

On the more technical side of things, the FXAccolade website is running off a script that’s under license from GoldCoders as I’m sure most of the regular industry players might have recognized. For an extra layer of protection they are using the superior Green Bar SSL encryption by Comodo and for their hosting provider FXAccolade is on a dedicated server with the support and protection of DDoSGuard.

For any further questions for the admin you didn’t think were explained here or any account related issues you need taken care of then you can get in touch by filling out your details on the online customer support form and submitting it via the contacts page. Fans of social networking sites will find FXAccolade keeping profiles on Twitter and Facebook that you can check out if you use them. Of less use is the postal address in the UK, most likely a virtual serviced office, but it does have a phone number to go with it so try that out if you expect someone to answer.

It’s unlikely that many of you (I would hope!) are genuinely holding the belief that there could possibly be anything other than an online HYIP at work here, or that payments to members aren’t 100% dependent on new deposits outnumbering withdrawals. That’s more or less the gamble you take with every online HYIP, not just FXAccolade. For the record the claim being made is that FXAccolade are involved with ForEx trading, and that’s how they finance the interest payments to their investors. Believe it or not as you wish, I can only tell you there’s nothing you can research and verify for yourself, and even if it was true there’s never any guarantee that any line of business has to be profitable. Unusually for an online HYIP, FXAccolade even have something of a refund policy if you change your mind at the last minute, though I have to warn you the terms are pretty tough to say the least. If you decide you’ve made a mistake in joining the program you have 12 hours to ask for your money back and leave. However this will only entitle you to a 25% refund, and you kiss goodbye to the rest. So remember to weigh up all the pros and cons before spending anything at all, and if you then decide to go for it then do so only with a sensible sum of money it wouldn’t bother you to lose, and if joining FXAccolade at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.



And staying on the subject of the above reviewed FXAccolade the admin issued a newsletter last night addressing the program’s still unapproved Payza account. As you might be aware, Payza is one of the most popular payment processors used by larger US and European investors who favor it above others for the possibility of claiming a refund in case the program scams. We’ve all heard many cases before and if you wish to open a free Payza account for a better chance to secure your deposits in HYIPs at least partially you can do so here. Anyway, it appears that many members of FXAccolade were asking when Payza will finally be added so the admin tries to discuss the whole process of verification and approval of a business account with Payza with some honesty. I myself am aware of the fact that Payza is still maintaining a 13 business day window for approval of accounts as it struggles to keep pace with its own growth. They are still working fine, just all the operations going through Payza and requiring manual approval sometimes undergo quite lengthy delays. Apparently, that is what is happening with FXAccolade now, but I’m quite confident that with patience and persistence which I believe the admin clearly demonstrates in this newsletter it’s just a matter of days before we see Payza added. For now I believe the best alternative to Payza if you wish to join FXAccolade now would be SolidTrustPay, a free account which can be open here and provides similar convenient deposit and withdrawal options as explained in the article you can find here.

The admin of FXAccolade seems to recognize the importance of an easy transaction process, so he tries his best to explain the process of using all of them in his latest newsletter. You can change these accounts in your FXAccolade‘s settings section following the advice of filling in the details posted in the newsletter below. He also encourages everyone to use FXAccolade‘s official Facebook group and post payment proofs on the MoneyMakerGroup forum thread the links to which can be found below:

We would like to warmly welcome you to FXAccolade Group Ltd. or Fxacc. This newsletter is being sent to update you about our company. Over the past several days, our website has been listed as one of the top programs around. Today, we have been open for 7 days and we are pleased to see how much we have grown from the day we started.
Let me just remind everyone who has incorrect or missing payout information on their profiles, please login and double check your account “Settings”. You can do this by logging in and then clicking on the Settings button in your account panel. Make sure that the formats of your payment information are something like this.
For PerfectMoney – Please enter your USD account number, it is the one which starts with “U” and this is not your login account number.
For Payeer – Please enter the account number you use to login at This one starts with “P”.
For Bitcoin – This should be your Bitcoin address. No other confusion could be excused as to which is your BTC address as there is only one.
For Solidtrustpay – Please enter your username and not your e-mail. It is the one you use to login to STP.
For Neteller – You must enter your Neteller e-mail address here and not your account number.
For ADVCash – Do not enter your account number, but instead enter your e-mail address registered in your ADVCash account.
That would be all for your account settings. Let’s tackle the matter about Payza now.
Okay, so we have a business verified Payza account and an approved website. We have been approved by Payza to accept payments on our website domain name fxacc last monday. However, upon testing and checking, it seems like Payza has forgotten to set our verification properly.
How do we know this? It would be impossible to get a website submitted and then approved / enabled if you have no verified account with Payza. With our case, we have submitted a couple of support tickets and initiated live chat support to check our issue. The only thing we must do is wait for the Payza verification team to correctly set our account permissions in order for us to start accepting Payza.
We expect to see this correct as soon as possible.
You may join the official Facebook Group for FXACC at
Or join the discussion at
Thank you for reading our update.
Regards, John Phillip Stark


Although not officially announced yet, it appears that the CopperTradePro website is now available in two languages. Along with the main English version German speaking investors will be able to enjoy browsing the website and make deposits in their own language by simply switching from the UK to the German flag in the top left corner of your computer screen. As I’m not a German speaker myself, I cannot confirm the accuracy of the translated texts, but for me it looks like it was made by a professional translator. I’m sure that more language versions are planned for the near future and perhaps, the admin of CopperTradePro is waiting for more completed language versions before presenting them to members.

CopperTradePro (reviewed here) launched only about five weeks ago and was met with great enthusiasm mainly for its sustainable long-term investment plans paying 2.4% to 3.2% for the period of 100 business days, great layout and security features, and the great choice of payment methods. These include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, but also Payza and SolidTrustPay which are the first choice for most larger investors. CopperTradePro has been showing quite slow but steady growth over its first 24 days on MNO, but interest is not waning a bit and with steady payments on the $20+ deposits in the program and the admin’s work on constant improvements I believe the program has a bright future. Latest news stories include the addition of the landing page which advertisers can use to refer others into CopperTradePro. With the assistance of this tool you can show potential investors the advantages of joining the program on just one single page. How to use it was posted on the CopperTradePro website which I am re-posting below:

Dear CTP users!
Good news for those who want to get the most out of their advertising campaigns. You can now promote CopperTradePro using our new landing page! You can share this page with others & start enjoying getting affiliate commissions. All it takes is just one click! When you share your referral link with others they will be redirected to the Promo page from where they can join your team. It’s Time to Expect MORE!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: FXAccoladeForexKing, ArdexFunds.
From MNO Standard list: Capital7, CopperTradePro, RixosFinance.
From MNO Basic list: GloboxTradeTokyoInvestmentCompany.

That’s all for today, guys. Have a good weekend hope you all see good profits from the best investment programs in the HYIP industry you can find on the MNO monitor. I would encourage you to keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page in the poll about the money earned in HYIPs as the final results will be drawn in my next blog post. I am not sure whether I will be posting over the weekend, but if there’s anything important my readers will always be the first to know about it. I might also have a new Top Five article in a few days. We can clearly see the leadership of Capital7 emerging now (by the way, as usual today and tomorrow you can take advantage of the increased 10% commissions made by your referrals) and hopefully many other admins of other HYIPs will be inspired by this success after only a month online and will try their best to compete with them over the coming weeks and months. We’ll see how things develop here on MNO, so stay tuned for that, guys!

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