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Hello all, and welcome once more to the MNO blog – the only place online you can find quality high budget investment opportunities that are capable of bringing you good profits regardless of the season. While August seems to be off to a quiet enough start as was expected, I’m pleased to report that today I’m adding another BitCoin only program called BitSolar to the Premium List on MNO after being online for only a few days. More on that in the news section where you’ll also discover new developments in such good paying programs as Brifex, ArdexFunds, and TrustInvest. We also say goodbye to the rather forgettable BlackWhiteLimited that was quite an average program, didn’t exactly have a good run but was not a disastrous scam either. By the way, remember that if you like what you read then subscribe for the news to be delivered straight to your email address next time with just a one click confirmation here.


I’ll start with the newest addition to the MNO Premium List – a program called BitSolar. Straight away I’d like to clarify that the only payment processor currently accepted by BitSolar is BitCoin. Investments start from 0.01 BTC minimum (marginally above $5 at today’s exchange rate) and which is to be added to your invested amount after three confirmations received from your BitCoin wallet in automated mode. Payments that are accrued on your deposit hourly are also promised to be paid instantly which I can confirm, and automatically. The admin doesn’t exclude the possibility of adding more payment processors in the future either, and as the website has been online for only a couple of days there might be a growth strategy in place here. The hourly accruals vary from 0.125% to 0.25% which is equivalent of 3% to 6% daily (depending on the size of your deposit), they are accumulated in your account with BitSolar and can be requested any time you like. The program is powered off the licensed GoldCoders script with the necessary modifications in place to allow you to operate in BTC instead of the usual USD currency. The main thing about the investment plans you might like is that BitSolar offers no expiry date on your investment but at the same time allows you to withdraw your principal after 24 hours totally free of charge, thus enabling investors to determine the term they wish to keep their deposit in place and keep profiting. I’ll discuss BitSolar‘s plans in more detail in the upcoming review, meanwhile let’s take a brief look at some other features. The BitSolar domain is registered for five years in advance, the site is fully SSL-secured and has a green bar Comodo EV certificate, and is hosted by DDoSGuard on a fully dedicated server with the highest protection against malicious attacks. So, we can see that everything necessary has been done by the admin of BitSolar to prepare his program for the grand launch by maintaining an extra level of safety and security for investors’ funds, especially vital when we deal with such programs that provide instant payouts on an hourly basis. I hope this is just the beginning of a successful run for BitSolar which at first glance looks professional with hopefully more features and more payment methods to follow.


When speaking of gradually developing a program to appeal to a wider investing audience then one name definitely springs in mind – Brifex. Since my first review of the program which can be found here there were quite a lot of improvements made on the website. Its been translated in a even more languages with the latest one coming yesterday being French. This professional translation becomes the fifth, joining English, Russian, Chinese, and German. This is what the admin of Brifex had to say about it:

Dear users of the service, “BR. FINANCIAL EXPERTS”.
Geographical areas of application continue to grow, forcing you to create additional convenience for our investors. At the moment, apart from Russia, most activity is in Europe.
In this regard, after the introduction of the German language, we report on the addition of French localization of our website.
Language selection available in the upper right corner of the home page. Thank you for Your attention!
Best regards, “Brifex” team.

A more important update though which many of you might have been anticipating for the two weeks Brifex has been monitored on MNO was the expansion of the payment processor list. BitCoin now joins PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. So BitCoin fans can enjoy totally automated daily payouts from Brifex sent directly to your account either every business day from Monday to Friday if you’re in the 5% for 30 business days plan or once on expiry if in the 110% after 10 calendar days plan. And with the minimum to invest starting from $20 you can try your luck with Brifex without breaking the bank and still earn up to 50% profit on your investment. As I’m still waiting for the admin’s reply to my interview sent earlier this week I hope he can take the time from his busy schedule and return it soon. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on all the upcoming developments in Brifex and if you have some spare time you can watch the educational videos from them on the MNOVision page. Below is the other update on the addition of BitCoin:

Hello, dear investors!
The company “BRIFEX” presents a new payment system – Bitcoin! The advantage of the new e-wallet is the decentralization and anonymity of your transactions. Continue to develop and earn money with “BRIFEX“!
Best regards, “Brifex” team.


The latest news from TrustInvest concerns a slight change in the website design. It’s basically just cosmetic and I wouldn’t say it was even worth mentioning because it didn’t address the major design flaws. Some Russian words are still replacing the English ones, something that really needs to be addressed if the site is to be made more appealing. This, and getting email confirmations in Russian isn’t doing much to encourage English speaking investors. I believe that flaw alone can really impede the growth of TrustInvest and although I cannot really fault the program’s performance which has been outstanding over the last two months on MNO I still believe that the major internal design flaws should be dealt with first. For example, they are adding NixMoney when in my opinion the existing choice of PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, YandexMoney, and AdvCash is more than adequate. Certainly it does little to improve the list anyway, like something like STP might have done.

The investment plan offers 1% on your $25+ deposits in TrustInvest on a daily basis with no expiry. You can read more about that in the detailed review here. It allows investors to benefit from the no strings attached option of withdrawing any part of your deposit at any time and get paid (mostly instantly) to the currency you joined with. This gives you the greatest level of flexibility over deposits in TrustInvest – something other programs don’t. Automatic compounding occurs every day if you don’t request your profit or principal and can eventually makes your daily profits in the program significantly higher. More on the latest design change can be read in a rare update from this great program which made profits for many investors already and will hopefully continue like this for a long time:

New design of our website
As many have noticed, we have changed our website design. Now our website complies with all the modern trends of web design. But at this point our work to improve the Trust Invest investment project does not end, in the near future we will introduce new payment system – NixMoney.


If you want to know how to get around the general summer slowdown and at the same time take a break from your program, you should really ask the admin of ArdexFunds. He recently pulled the stunt of announcing next week will be a holiday, during which members will not get their accounts credited. Actually, the holiday period was announced from Monday to Friday, but since ArdexFunds credits members’ accounts with variable daily profits from Tuesday to Saturday on the following “trading” day then you should consider the next week as a period with no profits. Of course, as all the payments to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and RedoPay are usually processed instantly then we should expect that at least referral commissions credited during this period will not be affected and will be paid instantly as usual. Even though ArdexFunds (reviewed here) where you can earn over 15 to 230 business days with principal return on expiry of the term is widely believed to be run by an extremely experienced team whose previous programs ran for well over a year, it wouldn’t hurt not to make any additional deposits over the next week just in case, as according to the admin, deposits and withdrawals will continue working in manual mode. Although the next week without any interest is officially to accommodate scheduled maintenance work, we all know the real reason is to survive the slow August without a losses to the current investors and continue as usual in autumn when the new HYIP season usually picks up. Judging by my previous experience with the ArdexFunds admin I tend to believe we will see the program back to normal in a week from now, but of course keep a close eye on the MNO blog as I will let you know if and when this happens. Note that for the time being ArdexFunds is on Paying status on my monitor, but I would strongly advise to wait until the “maintenance” is over and the new payout cycle begins as explained in the following update:

Dear investors, this is to inform you that due to scheduled maintenance aimed to improve the trading terminal and scripts, daily payouts will not be made in the period of August 8 – August 12, 2016.
Deposits and withdrawals will work without interruptions.


BlackWhiteLimited failed to make any significant impact on the summer HYIP landscape and scammed after a couple of weeks. Though it did complete a couple of investment cycles overall which I hope put at least some of you in profit. To see if you were one of those who profited from the program I would ask you to answer the following question below:

Were you in profit with BlackWhiteLimited?

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BlackWhiteLimited stopped paying on Thursday, when the admin who used to pay within an hour of the payout request took his time and delayed the payouts without any explanation. My initial gut feeling proved correct which resulted in the program first being moved to Problem status and then to Scam after I realized the admin had absolutely no intention whatsoever to resume payouts. I believe it’s for the best that overall BlackWhiteLimited was not really taken seriously by my readers and very few actually made any investment there, and those who did only spent quite moderate amounts anyway. So, if you made a deposit under my link during the first days of BlackWhiteLimited coming to MNO you should have been able to at least re-coup your principal and perhaps even take a 30% profit. Anyway, please do not invest there any longer as the program is gone for good. Please vote in the poll above to demonstrate your overall result with investments you made in BlackWhiteLimited and compare it against other readers.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpArdexFundsSpecialProfitTrustInvestBrifex, BitSolar (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: XCBForex.
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A.

That’s it for today everyone. I hope you find the information here useful. Don’t forget to check out the new program BitSolar and consider investing there if you’re a BitCoin user. A detailed review will be posted next week, possibly by Tuesday. Stay tuned for that if you wish to know more about the program which has been already moved to Paying status on my monitor following several instant payouts to my BitCoin wallet. Also, I would still like to know your thoughts on the speculative trading of BitCoins in the current MNO TalkBack opinion poll here. The final results will be drawn on my blog sometime next week and we will see just what percentage of my readers use BitCoin not only as an investment method in HYIPs, but as a profitable tool in itself. I’ll be back to you in a couple of days with any further news updates from the most popular investment programs in the HYIP industry. Remember that you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you are not doing so yet and thanks for staying with MNO, guys!

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