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Beware! Capitaller has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! As the business week gradually comes to a close, I have one remaining new program to discuss with you. It’s a long term project this time called Capitaller which you may remember I gave a brief introduction to earlier in the week. I don’t mind telling you I have some mixed feelings about some aspects of the program, feelings of nostalgia about some others, but overall I still think Capitaller is interesting and is likely to find its own place in the market. Mostly what struck me was that Capitaller is the first program I remember for a couple of years now to not run off any script. It was never I suppose exactly common, but nor was it a rare or unusual thing either. Several programs operated like that, Capitaller is just the first I’ve seen myself for a while. You just joined, the admin had his own database somewhere else, and you were paid from that. Anyway, more about that in a few moments, let’s start by seeing what’s on offer and whether you think you have a place in your portfolio for Capitaller.
There are four investment plans in Capitaller – the main reason you are probably reading this review – and are in turn split into two categories. Three plans make one single payment on expiry, and the other two make daily interest payments per business day. They vary in length from 15 to 70 business days, or 3 to 14 calendar weeks.

The minimum cost of joining Capitaller is $5. This gets you into the first plan, which offers members a daily interest rate of 3% paid between Monday and Friday only. Over the course of the 70 business day term that eventually adds up to 210% back on your investment, better than double your money. Capitaller are including your principal as part of your payments and will not be returning it in a separate transaction. Therefore the final return consists of your own money back plus 110% net profit.

If we take a practical example of how that might look in monetary terms, let’s say you were to join Capitaller with $100. Every day from Monday to Friday for the following 14 weeks they will pay you back $3. That allows you to break-even after 34 business days and so make it impossible to lose anything from that point on. All remaining payments therefore are pure net profit, and should stop only when Capitaller have given you $210 in total. That’s $100 that belonged to you in the first place, plus another $110 for joining. There’s an upper limit of $2,499 placed on investments here.

As the next daily paying plans only get started at $2,500 I doubt very much any of you are interested, but just for the record I’ll just run through the numbers for you anyway so you know what they are. Capitaller offer 4% per business day on amounts starting from $5,000 and no maximum limit. That’s 280% principal included or 180% net profit. As I said already, the investment term stands at 70 business days during which you earn your profit.

With a $100 minimum price tag Plan number 3 wouldn’t be out of the question for a lot of people on financial grounds anyway, but if it’s something you can easily afford the real reason I suggest passing is because it’s unrealistic. The term is 70 business days but only one single payment is made on expiry. That’s an awfully long time in the HYIP industry to have your money sitting in someone else’s pocket doing nothing for you. The return being offered by Capitaller to entice this money out of you 1677%. It may as well be a million per cent as far as I’m concerned because this simply isn’t obtainable. The double danger of a plan like this is not only are you likely to lose your principal, you need to think about the money you might have earned investing it elsewhere for shorter daily terms instead of waiting around doing nothing for 14 weeks while Capitaller are holding it for you. Anyway, just my own opinion, if you think differently you are free to do what you like with your own money. Capitaller have no maximum limit on how much you can spend in this plan.

Plan number four opens at $200 and also has no stated maximum. The term shortens in half to 35 business days, or 7 calendar weeks. One single payment which includes your principal is offered on expiry, amounting to 1457%.

The fifth plan starts with a minimum deposit of $250 and runs for 20 business days. Again just one payment is made on expiry, and the rate is 1210% with principal included.

And finally just to complete the picture, plan number six opens at a $400 minimum. The term is a lot shorter this time, which if anything makes it even less realistic. 15 business days is the expiry date, at which point Capitaller offer a single payment of 1177%, principal included.

If any of those inspire you to part with your money, the next thing we need to discuss are what payment processors Capitaller are dealing with. There are five options open to you in total, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, NixMoney, and AdvCash as the more traditional style handlers and BitCoin for those favoring a more modern digital e-currency. An interesting feature to Capitaller is that with no real members account area as you would see in most programs, it follows that there is no requirement for you to log in and request your payment. Capitaller just do it automatically every day, starting from the day after you join. All you need to do is sit back and wait. Just one thing to keep in mind is the fact that payments only happen on business days, so if you join Capitaller on a Friday or Saturday then don’t expect anything to happen until Monday.

Looking in to (what there is of) the more technical aspects of the Capitaller website such as design and security and so on, it’s easy to see why some folks might have some mixed feelings here. You see, the Capitaller website is as I said a throwback to what was more common in the HYIP industry some years back when programs that didn’t run off any kind of script and consequently didn’t have any back office or members area. You just make your investment and imagine the admin working from an offline database. If you’re not used to this approach then sure, it might make keeping track of your deposit a little bit more challenging – I mean who remembers off the top of their heads the exact day and time they joined every single program – so make sure to record everything from the day you join, each individual payment, and your expiry date. The Capitaller website also doesn’t feature any secure SSL connection. Again, without any actual account areas to hack this becomes less and less of an issue. My own concern is that not everyone appreciates this and might think the absence of an SSL certificate (regardless of whether its needed or not) makes Capitaller look like bit of a cheap operation. Hosting is on a shared server by GeniusGuard with anti-DDoS protection provided by CloudProtection.

If you have any further questions for the Capitaller admin or payment issues you need him to clear up then there’s a couple of ways you can get in touch. First of all you can just e-mail the admin directly at the listed address. The second is a bit more unorthodox, and is again something I don’t remember seeing in the HYIP industry for a few years now. Capitaller have their own online forum, given over entirely to their own members/investors being able to discuss the program with each other and its admin. The forum website is hosted on a separate domain and server to the main site, so I imagine if anything goes wrong or it’s taken down for maintenance for example the channels of communication remain open and the admin can keep everyone up to date. You’ll also find a general FAQ thread on the forum, so if you have any specific questions you don’t see answered elsewhere just go right ahead and post it yourself. Fans of social media networks will also be able to keep track of Capitaller by following their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

And that’s about it really. If anyone is interested in what sort of alleged business activities are supposedly backing the whole thing up, I know experienced industry players will know better than to go down that road but just for the record all the usual HYIP cliches are wheeled out. ForEx, stocks, bonds, hedge funds, gold, and so on. Nothing you can ever research and verify for yourself and not a lot of evidence presented to help you even if you wanted to waste your time trying. For the sake of industry newbies though I should remind you that even if any of this were true, that’s no guarantee that Capitaller know how to make it profitable. So that means treating Capitaller as you would anything else in the HYIP industry – a form of high risk gambling. Always set yourself sensible spending limits that you can comfortably afford to lose and easily recoup from other sources if things don’t go your way, and if joining Capitaller at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

I think that just about gives a fair, balanced, and unbiased description of the facts about Capitaller, so what do you guys think? Before we move on to the news section please take a second to answer the following opinion poll, remembering that it’s 100% anonymous:

Will you invest in Capitaller?

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Following the review of BitSolar posted on MNO on Tuesday (click here to read), I have to emphasize again that the minimum you have to have in your balance to receive a withdrawal to your BitCoin wallet instantly should be BTC 0.001 (that is equivalent of about $0.6 at the current exchange rate). If you try to withdraw a lesser amount than that it will still be allowed by the script, but your withdrawal request will not get past pending status. It seems that the admin of BitSolar does not monitor such transactions closely and are therefore unlikely to be processed, so you have to cancel your withdrawal in that case and wait until the required BTC 0.001 minimum is accumulated in your account and then make another request. Also remember that you’re absolutely flexible with your deposit that can be as low as BTC 0.01 (the current equivalent of about $6) and that after 24 hours you’re free to withdraw any part of the deposit or the whole thing with absolutely no fees charged. Thanks to this feature many investors of BitSolar have been in profit from the program paying from 0.125% to 0.25% profit hourly which has been on the MNO monitor’s Premium List for four full days.

I sincerely hope that more people will be in profits with BitSolar, but the current messages posted on the both news page of the site and sent to the investors might make some people really confused as to the status of the program assigned by some unknown monitors. I’ll re-post all the updates (one of them actually includes the link to the recent review on MNO) later on, but as the admin’s level of English isn’t great I’d like to explain how I understood the issue after closer examination of the BitSolar thread on the popular Russian language MMGP forum. So, the admin of some HYIP monitor “allegedly” has his money stolen from his BitSolar account (it was an insignificant amount anyway) and the money was transferred to another BitCoin account. But after you join BitSolar a change of BitCoin is simply impossible by the individual member without the prior manual approval from the admin. So it was concluded by the monitor that the admin of BitSolar must be behind this transaction. Even to assume that would be rather odd as the alleged stolen amount was tiny and didn’t prevent the admin of BitSolar paying much higher amounts to everyone else in instant mode. This is covered in the first update given below, while the second strangely thanked the same monitor for highlighting a spelling mistake in the promotional banners of BitSolar which was quite obvious in my opinion and wasn’t in need of any clarification. In any case, for that “service” this minnow-monitor was promised a bonus which failed to materialize, so he has changed the status of BitSolar over a personal grudge and not because of missing payments. For me it all makes no sense at all, as such petty-minded behavior like that can affect any program’s performance. But given that investors can withdraw their deposit from BitSolar at any time after 24 hours with absolutely no fees and the fact that the program has been paying instantly thus far (except for the afore-mentioned “issue” with that monitor) it should not affect BitSolar much. After all, it’s only up to the admin when he decides to stop paying and since there are instant payouts in BitSolar it will be immediately obvious when the program scams. So far I have had no reason to doubt the program and I keep my fingers crossed that it will survive this libel, and the admin will deliver on his promise to keep paying. In the very last email the admin also refuses to comment on the above mentioned issue on any thread of public HYIP forums and just reiterates BitSolar still pays fine to everyone:

BitSolar found that some wicked monitor will request to pay advertising, if we do not obey will be listed as a SCAM. Please do not worry, BitSolar has continuing stable growth from the started opening, thanks for your support and affirmation, we will continue to strive to let you get maximum profit.
In this very grateful MNO loyal comment.

Please read this message
We are grateful to “allhyips” find our banners has a mistake.
We will fix it at tomorrow.
Thank you so much.

Important Message
We are very regrettable,”allhyips” is a greedy monitor and blackmailer. He found banners mistake and extort Bitsolar add bonus to him, limit a day time. This is extort. BitSolar will not compromise.
BitSolar found that much greedy monitor will request to pay advertising, if we do not obey will be listed as a SCAM. Please do not worry, BitSolar will continuing stable growth from the started opening, thanks for your support and affirmation, we will continue to strive to let you get maximum profit.
In this very grateful MNO loyal comment.
Have a nice day!

BitSolar will not make any comments as an individual on the forum.
We don’t have any problem for payments.
We still normal payments.
Have a nice day!


I suspect that the admin of Brifex tried to pull some tricks last night when there was only a couple of hours left before the server time changes to the following day to show investors that the company has total control of the cashflow and that no more funds are needed. This message was sent to everyone shortly before midnight:

Hello, dear investors!
Today’s daily limit on deposits peaked. You can make a deposit tomorrow after 00:00 (server time). Server time is displayed in the dashboard (upper left corner). The maximum possible amount at the moment is: 64$
Best regards, “Brifex” team.

I’ve seen this done before in a few other HYIPs. And now it seems Brifex also impose a maximum on how much a single investor can deposit in a single day. I believe that every HYIP needs as much money as possible to pay the existing investors, and Brifex is no exception. The only possible reason for this stunt is to make investors think that the company really trades with investors’ money somewhere and they could not digest bigger amounts, just like real investment companies. Such a limit might encourage some gullible newbies to come back tomorrow and collect more funds before depositing, thus giving Brifex some leverage so it’s quite a smart psychological nuance that may prove a winner. I suspect we would see more of such “limit is exceeded” messages in the future. More interesting and unorthodox features should be also implemented in the future thanks to the totally custom made script Brifex is using.

By the way, as Brifex has been on MNO for almost three weeks and was added to my Premium List after the first week online. That means the first investors who joined the 110% after 10 calendar days plan should be in good profit by now, possibly even completing two cycles. Those of you who chose to join the daily paying 5% for 30 business days plan should also be close to the break-even point. The ultimate advantage of joining Brifex for the lazy and forgetful is that profits are processed directly to the e-currency account you made a deposit with in the first place. At the moment, there are four payment methods you may use in order to make an investment in Brifex starting from only $20 – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. You can read more about all the main features and investment plans offered by Brifex in the detailed review posted here.

Another great feature of Brifex is the option to read the website in your own language. The current selection is pretty extensive and the admin and team do their best to accommodate as many languages as possible with Vietnamese being the last one added. In order to switch between languages just click on the language tab located on the top right-hand corner of the home page of the Brifex website and choose between English, Russian, German, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Simple as that, guys! The addition of Vietnamese as the sixth language was the subject of the latest short update from Brifex re-posted below:

Dear investors!
BRIFEX Administration has translated to Vietnamese language site. At the moment, we can firmly position itself as an international company.
Best regards, “Brifex” team.


And while on the subject of languages an idea occurred to me for a new question for the MNO TalkBack page. Really, how do you think the professional language translations are important for a site’s development and further growth? Are they contributing greatly to expanding the membership or are merely just a tool for an admin to grab easy headlines? Please think about that and answer the following questions that will be available for another week or so on the MNO TalkBack page:

What is your opinion of professionally translated multi-lingual HYIPs?
1) They’re usually of higher quality and attract bigger worldwide audience
2) They add new languages for no other reason than to make headlines
3)They are of no use as the majority of investors only need English anyway

For the second question relating to that same subject I want to ask your personal opinion on how different language versions influence your decision to join a particular program:

If an HYIP is available in my native language I will…
1) Most likely deposit there
2) It will not affect my decision to invest or not
3) English is enough for me personally

Now that you have something to think about and vote for over the next few days, let’s have a look at the final results of the last poll that ran for the last week or so. I was curious to know just what percentage of my readers capitalize on the volatile exchange rates between BitCoins and traditional currencies, and the opportunities this gives you to earn by buying cheaply and selling expensively. The exact question was:
Do you use BitCoin to trade for profit like ForEx?

Out of the four possible answers one didn’t get any votes, so I’ll just omit it when checking the results. From the remaining three options the majority of readers – exactly 58% – said: “No, either I’m not interested or don’t like the risk”. Quite a conservative approach for HYIP players I think, but perhaps the only reasonable one if you don’t like risking money (as BitCoin prices can go either up and down and no one can predict the general trend anyway) or only use BitCoin as a tool of investing in HYIPs. An equal split of the vote – 21% each – went to two very different variants like “Yes, I do so regularly and make decent profits from it” and “I’d like to, but can’t afford the resources to make it profitable enough”. Two sides of the same coin, so to say. People who can allocate some resources to make profitable BitCoin trading happen just do so and make profits, and people who are cautious enough and do not like to keep any substantial amounts of money in totally anonymous BitCoin wallets (due to possible hacking and other online threats or just not willing to take risks) are just sitting on the sidelines watching. Well, from the final results of the poll it is seen that only a few people are currently involved in BitCoin trading. It’s totally OK though because this activity is certainly not for everyone, and you have to be more involved in the whole process and do it on a consistent basis allocating lots of time and financial resources for this type of trading to be a success, something not many of us have at our disposal.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorpTrustInvest, BitSolarBrifex, Capitaller.
From MNO Standard list: XCBForex.
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll be back with more over the weekend and might even have an updated Top Five Popular Programs article by then. I hope you are enjoying your summer break from HYIPs, taking advantage to enjoy the Olympics, but don’t forget to check out MNO from time to time as some of the truly big programs will certainly come our way soon. I wish you the best of luck with investments in the programs monitored by MNO, but please be reasonable with your expectations, assess all the possible risks, and only invest what you can afford to lose. See you all soon, guys!

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