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Hello all, and welcome again to MNO. I’ll start by saying there was two reasons for not posting much this week. First of all, not much really happened over the last five days. Apart from NixMoney being added to TrustInvest and some other updates from Payza and SolidTrustPay I’ll cover in today’s news article there was nothing worth reporting. All the programs currently in the MNO Top Five Popular Programs list (click here to check that out) are still paying fine, and new programs are coming our way next week. One of them has already paid for Standard Listing on MNO and will be added to my monitor sometime next week, pending the approval of Payza funds. This is a new condition for listing which I will discuss later in the news today. The other reason for not posting is that the wider HYIP industry is still a bit slow at the moment, as investors seem to be enjoying the end of the summer vacation season before getting back to a regular routine in autumn. I myself am also enjoying a short holidays away from London on the island of Guernsey where I’ve been exploring the wild beaches, tranquil bays and picturesque harbours, island hopping around the northern coast of France for day trips, and spending my evenings with a bottle of wine or in the pool of the hotel I’m staying. I hope your summer holidays away from the HYIP industry are also going just as good. Tonight however, being Sunday, I’ve finally found the time to update you on the most important recent events in the HYIP world from the last five days. So let’s get started.


Have you ever heard of NixMoney? They’re just a name to me, I’ve heard of them, but not any real investors using them for investments. I’m certainly not going to try them myself, at least until I can see a wider demand for it from my readers and HYIP admins alike. Yet, for TrustInvest it seems to be worth the effort to start accepting NixMoney as their sixth payment method joining PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and YandexMoney. Here’s the short announcement made by the admin of TrustInvest on the website earlier this week on this:

Starting today, we are adding NIXmoney payment system. The minimum deposit amount is 25 USD, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 USD.

If you haven’t read my full and detailed review of TrustInvest which currently sits in the respectable #3 position on the MNO Top Five (click here to read the review and click here to check the Top Five list), I’ll remind you of a few things to remember before joining. The program accepts deposits starting from $25 and usually processes withdrawals instantly for smaller amounts, and within 48 hours manually for bigger ones. The best thing about TrustInvest is perhaps its enormous flexibility. You will keep earning 1% per day, which is automatically added to your deposit if unclaimed, for an indefinite period of time or until you decide to leave. You can pretty much use a TrustInvest account like a regular bank account by adding and withdrawing money from your deposit any time you like. There are no fees and no time restrictions in place like you might find in some competitors to TrustInvest. You might think that by allowing deposit withdrawals at anytime TrustInvest puts itself in quite a fragile and dangerous position, and any panic would lead to its collapse. However, by running for four and a half months now (and listed on MNO for about ten weeks) TrustInvest has proved everyone wrong and is still running on autopilot while constantly improving. Their real potential might not be seen until the autumn, when I hope that TrustInvest will be able to take off and show everyone how long and well such a perpetual program can run when conditions are just right.


After careful consideration and in the best interests of my readers, Ive made a few much needed amendments to how MNO will be accepting Payza funds from HYIP admins from now on. It’s no secret that HYIP admins will send fraudulent funds that might get reversed at a later time, and returned to the rightful owner. That reversal policy of Payza should be welcomed and applauded by regular HYIP investors, as in some cases they might get a refund from scam programs. From now on the rules of accepting Payza funds from HYIP admins on MNO have been changed to reflect my attitude to programs trying to launder criminal money. These new rules can be found here and they will be soon translated into Russian as well for Russian speaking customers. The basic change comes at the type of accounts Payza funds will now be accepted from which will be Business Verified with a fully approved payment button, i.e. having Payza‘s full approval for conducting this type of business and accepting deposits from investors. All funds paying for banners or advertising on MNO coming from personal accounts and accounts not connected to approved payment button on Payza will be refused and returned. There will be no exception from this for any program, so keep this in mind please. Another thing – the sender must cover transaction fees, and so take all personal risk if transactions are reversed. And finally, the most significant change for the HYIP admins willing to pay for listing of their programs on MNO via Payza would be a delay of their listing on my monitor for up to a week, pending Payza‘s successful approval of the transaction. It may take up to a week, so the HYIP admins not willing to wait for that long to be added to MNO have to use other payment processor methods, or not to be listed on MNO if they prefer to run fast scams, as nothing is going to happen for them until their Payza payment is fully approved. As you can see from these changes, honest Payza merchants and HYIP admins have nothing to worry about in bringing their programs to MNO using Payza funds, but this will stop admins with bad intentions coming here. I hope you find these changes helpful and will see a further improvement in the quality of programs on MNO this autumn. To find out more about the MNO advertising practices including prices and terms and conditions you can always check here.

More news from Payza sees the launch of their international pre-paid cards as re-posted below from Payza‘s official blog. I must add that my own card has been ordered already and shipped, so I’ll update you about how it works when I receive it. Meanwhile, you can check the possibility to order your own card in your account area with Payza (click “Wallet”, then “Prepaid cards”) for more info:

Payza Prepaid Card Broadens Its Horizons
This is a snippet from an article originally published on Paybefore. Read the full article here:
U.K.-based Payza announced Wednesday (Aug. 10) the international launch of its Payza Prepaid Card. The online payments technology platform provider launched the Mastercard-branded GPR prepaid card late last year in the U.S. and Canada as part of a test before taking the product globally, according to the company.
During the test, Payza, a 2013 Pay Award winner for Outstanding Newcomer, received feedback from cardholders who wanted to know how relatives and friends in other parts of the world could get the card so funds could be easily transferred between them, Firoz Patel, Payza global executive vice president, tells Paybefore. “Most prepaid card issuers concentrate more or less on one or two regions of the world and ignore the rest, and we saw that as a great opportunity” to launch internationally, he adds.
The chip-and-PIN enabled Payza Prepaid Card includes security and funds management features, including the ability for cardholders to log into their accounts online or from their smartphones to transfer funds to and from their Payza wallet account, transfer funds between Payza accounts, report suspicious activity, report and suspend a lost or stolen card and reset their card’s PIN. The card costs $19.95 and can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
Payza’s goal is to give its customers as much direct control over their accounts as possible, Patel says. “We’re trying to make it so they don’t ever have to call to speak to a live agent. (Customers) have full control over and access to their account,” he notes.

One more update from Payza maintains its respected position among HYIP investors due to convenient direct deposit and withdrawal methods, reasonable fees, and possible refunds from scams. Sometimes though the banking transactions do not go as planned so Payza published an article on their blog emphasizing the three major issues you might face – insufficient funds, closed or inactive bank accounts, or incorrectly provided bank information. Here’s an article on how to avoid these mistakes and help make your experience with Payza as smooth as possible:

How to Ensure Your Bank Transactions Go as Planned: 3 Easy to Avoid Problems
95% of bank transfer reversals are due to three reasons, causes that are easy to avoid.
Popular methods to transfer funds to-and-from your Payza account is by bank wires and bank transfers. On rare occasions–though still common enough–we are unable to complete a bank withdrawal or deposit request and must reverse a transaction. A reversed bank transaction is more than inconvenient: it can result in you paying a costly fee, similar to that of a bounced check. We want our customers to avoid unnecessary fees and ensure their bank transactions occur as planned. Find out the three main causes of bank transfer reversals and how you can avoid them.
1) Insufficient funds: This party needs more people
Payza can process a transaction only if you have sufficient funds in your bank account (for deposits to Payza) or your Payza account (for withdrawals to your bank). If your funds are insufficient at the time you make your transaction request, your transaction will “bounce”, as is the case when a customer attempts a debit or check payment that is greater than the funds they have in their checking account.
Since bank wires and transfers require, on average, two to four business days to complete, we noticed that some customers mistakenly think they can make a transaction request and then add funds the next day so that their account has a sufficient balance for the future transaction.
Before making a transaction request, be certain that you have enough money in the originating account when you make your request; this amount must include the cost of transaction fees. If we reversed a transaction due to insufficient funds, you may add funds now and repeat your transaction request.
2) Account closed: Ghosts are not the best banking partners
With time, comes change, and we noticed that some long-time Payza customers have bank accounts linked with Payza that, over time, were closed or are no longer in service–what we call a “ghost account”. It should come as no surprise that we must reverse a transaction linked to a ghost account.
In this situation, simply add another bank account to your Payza account and then repeat your transaction request. You may need to open a new account with your bank.
3) Incorrect banking information: Your money is stuck in transit
Financial transactions share similarities to making a phone call: in order to connect with the right person and transmit your message, you need to dial the exact phone number; otherwise, your phone call will connect with the wrong person or receive a “dead air” dial tone. Money transfers also use numbers to connect accounts and inform financial businesses how to send your money to the appropriate destination.
These numbers are complex, which makes entering them prone to error when setting up an account or requesting a money transfer. To elaborate, North America uses 9 digit Automated Clearing House [ACH] number, the International Bank Account Number [IBAN] is 34 digits long, and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication [SWIFT] number has eight or 11 digits.
A single error in the account number, transit number, or bank number in your file will reverse your bank transaction request. Not to worry, in this situation, your money is not lost, it is merely “stuck in transit” and Payza or your bank can retrieve them once we identify where they got stuck.
Before connecting your personal bank account to Payza or making your first bank transfer or wire transaction, we recommend that you contact your branch and have an employee provide you with your exact account information needed to make these specific financial transactions.
Note that occasionally these numbers may be different from the account numbers displayed on your checks or monthly bank statements.
Pay close attention to the SWIFT number you have on file; we reverse several bank transactions because we are missing the last three characters of the SWIFT code, which indicates the exact location of your branch.
Once you have the correct banking numbers on file for your Payza account and your bank account, we can ensure transferring money between Payza and your bank will happen with ease. If we reversed a transaction because of an error in your banking numbers, simply contact your bank to obtain the right numbers for your account and update this information for your Payza account.


Although it looks like SolidTrustPay is not really working with HYIPs anymore when the latest incident with BandeiraCorp made it zero programs on MNO accepting them, it’s still pretty much alive and I’ve no intention of dropping them. I believe that in the near future SolidTrustPay may well return to the HYIP world and we’ll see the best projects adding them. As for recent STP improvements, the most talked about is definitely the addition of another convenient withdrawal option that involves moving money from your STP account balance to your bank balance or even receiving it in cash in some countries, thanks to a brand-new withdrawal method introduced on the official STP blog a few days ago – Transpay wires. The beauty of this method is that it’s much cheaper than the traditional bank wires, yet available evento STP accounts that are not bank verified but still want the money sent to their bank account converted into their local currency. Another great thing is the speed of withdrawals with Transpay wires requiring only 4 to 24 hours to be processed and sent to the recipient for a $5 fixed fee + 1% percentage fee of the total amount. You only have to be a Standard STP verified member to transact 5,000 in either USD or EUR daily while Bank STP verified members will enjoy twice that amount. The whole process of withdrawing money via Transpay is explained in the latest STP official blog page as well as the five minute educational video uploaded to the MNOVision page which you can find here along with many other useful videos serving the HYIP community. Anyway, I’m glad that STP has expanded their withdrawal methods and hope to see more programs accepting SolidTrustPay coming to MNO, as there is definitely a demand from my readers. Below is the latest news on the Transpay wire withdrawal method from SolidTrustPay:

New Withdraw Method: Transpay Wire
We’re excited to announce a brand new wire withdraw method for you, one that’s cheaper than a traditional wire and faster than an ACH, Transpay Wire!
Click below for a step by step video walk-through of how to use this brand new feature or keep reading for a more detailed written explanation.
We’re working with our friends from Transpay to provide you with a wire withdrawal option that is cheaper and faster. You also do not need to be bank verified, as long as you’re Standard Verified you can use it!
Account Home Page
To use the new Transpay option, go to the withdrawal page using the ‘my money’ menu.
My Bank
From there click on ‘My Bank’. First thing to do is select the currency that is going to be withdrawn from your STP balance.
As of right now Transpay withdrawals are available only in USD or Euro. Later that withdrawal can be converted to almost any currency at the receiving location.
Transaction Selections
Choose Transpay withdrawal, you’ll notice the currencies available are noted beside the option. You can also see that it has a lower fee than SWIFT Bank wire and a faster processing time than the ACH withdrawal.
Next enter the following details for your transaction: Country, State/Province, City
Payment mode is where you’ll choose your bank deposit. Select what currency you want to receive the funds in then select your destination bank and fill out the details.
Enter the account number and your routing/transit number. These can be acquired from your bank and for many bank accounts can be found on your check.
Check Sample
Fill those in and select the ‘available provider’. The options available will depend on what country you are in and you will receive a notice about what the exchange rate will be.
Complete your transaction by entering your secondary password and you’re done!
We really hope you enjoy using our new withdraw method and that it makes your STP experience better!


Finally for today and for the weekend, I want to finish up with the last opinion polls that ran on the MNO TalkBack page over the last week and replace them with something new. The poll was made up of two questions and was partially inspired by HYIP websites adding professional translations into other languages apart from just English. What I wanted to know was basically what you thought of such sites, and whether these translations made any difference to you joining or not. So, the first question asked MNO readers:
What is your opinion of professionally translated multi-lingual HYIPs?

Opinions on their effectiveness were mixed, but for the most part I would say there are enough positive attitudes for multi-lingual HYIPs out there to make it worth the admins while continuing. In fact the single biggest number of voters, 47% of you, took the option that “they’re usually of higher quality and attract a bigger worldwide audience”. Well, certainly this can’t do anything to harm a program’s chances, provided it’s a professional translation and not something done by an online bot. 40% of readers were of the opinion “they are of no use as the majority of investors only need English anyway“. I can’t help but feel this may be more of a personal viewpoint from some readers who may not be looking at the bigger picture – that is to say sure, most investors do only need English, but why keep the HYIP industry as such an elitist “closed shop”? How is it ever going to grow unless it becomes more user friendly towards first time players not so fortunate to have become fluent enough in English to understand everything? The third option was a bit more cynical (not that I’m against that myself per se in this business from time to time!), with the remaining 13% of the votes going to the option “they add new languages for no other reason than to make headlines”. Well, considering HYIP admins are absolute champions at putting their personal financial interests above those of their members then OK, I’d have to agree there’s a debatable germ of truth in there somewhere!

The second question relating to multi-lingual HYIP websites concerned how they might, if at all, influence your decision to join. Opinions are again divided here, but still positive enough to encourage admins to recognize a sizable demand that will clearly make it worth their while to continue. The exact question asked was for readers to complete the following statement:
If an HYIP is available in my native language I will…

The number one reply with a clear majority of 54% of MNO readers said “English is enough for me personally”. This is a fair enough statement I guess, I mean it doesn’t say that others may have problems, but that wasn’t the question asked. English has always been enough for me too, and given that MNO has always been written in English it only stands to reason that most readers would feel the same. 15% of readers even say that “it will not affect my decision to invest or not”, so I guess some of you aren’t even interested in any translations, good or bad. Personally though I have to say the most interesting statistic, and the one HYIP admins should be most interested in is this – a significant and important minority of 31% said that if a HYIP is in their own native language they will “most likely deposit there”. I think that’s definitely too big a group of investors to just be ignored, especially these days with the industry a shadow of what it was just a couple of short years ago. The industry needs to evolve if it’s ever doing to grow again, and it’s things like this that are going to help that process along.

For the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll I want to ask about something that’s not just a widely debated matter in the HYIP industry, it’s also a frequent subject in the “mainstream media”. It’s BitCoin, the most widely used (though by no means only) electronic currency. Just type the very word “BitCoin” into the news or video search functions on Google and instead of shady underground forums you will find respected international news agencies and journalists, household names like Reuters, Bloomberg, the BBC, CNBC, and so on all with plenty of stories. I think we can conclude therefore that electronic money like BitCoin is here to stay. I don’t think it will ever replace hard cash anytime soon, but it’s not going away and like it or leave it you are going to have to accept it as part of modern life even if you don’t use it yourself.

Anyway, that got me thinking, at the time of writing there’s only one program on the MNO monitor which does not accept BitCoin. All the others are fine with it, and for some time back now almost every single new program coming my way has taken it as well. Safe to say then BitCoin has its place in the HYIP industry, but what about its other uses? What else do you do with BitCoin? A small but growing number of businesses globally are starting to accept BitCoin from their customers for over-the-counter purchases, and when it happens it makes the news. I remember not so long ago reading that a bar in New Zealand started taking BitCoin from its customers, which is OK but what really surprised me that I was reading this in a newspaper in London. Really? It was deemed enough of a news story that it be reported at the other side of the world. I’ve also seen bank style ATM cash dispensers in various European cities where people can withdraw directly from BitCoin to cash.

Obviously then people outside the HYIP industry are using BitCoin for quite a lot, but what about you guys? Today then I would like to pose the following question for MNO readers?

What do you use BitCoin for?

Possible answers are:
1) Exclusively for HYIPs.
2) Some HYIPs, I also speculate on exchange rates.
3) Everything, I also regularly purchase goods online.
4) I don’t or very rarely use BitCoin at all.

As is usually the case the poll will stay open for at least a week, maybe ten days, and long enough to give everyone who wants to vote plenty of time to do so. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and trouble to cast a vote, remember it’s 100% anonymous and literally only takes a second to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 132 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: BandeiraCorp, ArdexFundsTrustInvest, Capitaller.
From MNO Standard list: XCBForex.
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A.

That’s it for tonight, guys. I hope you are having a great summer. I’m expecting a new program to be added to MNO next week once their Payza payment has cleared. Stay tuned for that, keep voting in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at – or at the form on the MNO Contact page. Keep following MNO on Facebook and Twitter, and see you all next week, folks!

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