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09/09/2016. Interview with the Admin of FxInc


Beware! FxInc has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everybody! Finishing up the business week this Friday I have an interview with one of the most talked about shorter term HYIPs in recent weeks which is of course FxInc. There’s an interesting story behind the program as it’s “officially” actually been online since April but has been kept very much off the radar before now. It’s not such an unusual tactic, establishing a solid history you can track on forums before finally opening the program up to the wider HYIP community with a proper promotional campaign. It’s just something you normally see with programs offering longer term plans rather than the hourly payments that FxInc specialize in and have become synonymous with.

There’s a bit more to FxInc than just hourly payments, they have quite a selection of investment plans in fact including 0.09% for 360 hours, 0.1% for 768 hours, 0.12% for 1488 hours (principal back), 107%-110% after 7 days, 125% after 10 days, 340% after 18 days, 200% after 30 days, 500% after 60 days, and 1800% after 110 days. A mixed bag to be sure, however this list has recently been complimented by the addition of a more conventional, and I think for many investors a more attractive, plan offering 7% for 20 days. Investments to FxInc can be made using PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin.

Anyway, before we hear from the admin I just want to clarify one other thing about FxInc. It has, when its promotion and advertising campaign got started, been completely reorganized and redesigned. A lot of improvements were made, one of which was the introduction of instant payouts. Originally this interview was conducted just before that event, and the review has been edited to reflect this. So if you like what the admin has to say and would like some further information on FxInc then you can read a detailed report on everything here:
1) Hi Mark, please introduce yourself to the readers of MNO. What is your role in the day to day running of FxInc? Do you have any other people working on the project?

Hi Paul, my name is Mark Anthony and I’m basically from London. I’m the one who manages all the support requests submitted to our website and forward the concerns to the relevant department. I’m also the admin of this project. We have some small departments that are working on site which are listed below:

– Technical Department (2 members to make sure everything on site goes as planned)
– Deposit and Withdrawal department (2 members to validate the deposits and process withdrawals)
– Support Department (myself, doing Live Chat & Support support)
– Facebook & Twitter (1 member) So we are basically a 6 member team right now but we plan to expand our team in near future.

2) What are the investment plans offered by FxInc? What is the minimum to invest in them? What has been the preferred plan among the members of the program so far.

There are multiple hourly and daily plans available on site but most popular plans among investors are 107-110% after 7 days and 125% after 10 days. We have 25% of investment in these plans.

Both have different deposit limited 107-110% plan have 9999$ max deposit but 125% plan have max deposit of 1000$ to help us improve sustainability of site.

3) What are the payment processors currently accepted by FxInc? What’s been the most popular with members so far? I believe you are in the process of adding AdvCash, how is that progressing? Do you have any special plans to introduce other payment options in the future?

We accept BitCoin, PerfectMoney and Payeer for now. AdvCash will be added in just a few days. BitCoin is the most popular among all payment processors.We plan to add SolidTrustPay and Payza but they require some extra time, verifications and guarantees before they can accept our site. We are in contact with them and will get things done in the near future hopefully.

4) I said in my review that I didn’t like the lack of instant payouts. The reason is I think it makes the hourly payment plans less attractive if you have to wait longer than an hour to be paid. How do you respond?

The response is simple, go talk to our investors! Our payout time is 12 to 24 hours but mostly our payouts are made within minutes and often in hours. We have two members dedicated to withdrawals and deposits and they try to complete transactions before an hour. But we still have many requests from our investors about instant withdrawals so we will start instant payouts within the next few hours after checking all important files and security. But please note if we feel we are not secure with instant withdrawals then we will return to manual again.

5) How long does it usually take you to process pending withdrawals? Do you have any schedule and frequency you aim for in making payments?

We will start instant withdrawals within the next few hours but if due to any technical reason withdrawals cannot be processed instantly then it will still be done between a matter of minutes to a couple of hours. It will never be longer than 24 hours.

6) What script is your program running off and what influenced your decision in choosing this particular script? How beneficial is it to both you as an admin and also to FxInc investors?

We are using GoldCoders script right now. The simple reason for choosing this script is that it’s easy to use and easy to handle and we plan to stick with this script for some time. Many investors already know the script so it’s easy for them to use too.

7) What type of security does FxInc have in place to prevent malicious attacks that can be launched by your competitors at any time?

We are on a DDoS protected dedicated server by BlockDos to prevent DDoS attacks and we have AVG checking out for any threat to our site (malware etc). This runs on an hourly basis.

8) What is the best way to contact you personally if members have any problems that need your attention or just any general enquiries investors have before joining? Can you also tell us about the recent addition of Live Chat? I see the widget installed but I don’t see any working hours posted. If an investor wants Live Chat support what is the best time to find it online?

Best way to contact me is through the support request. I check the support requests almost four to five times a day so this is a good approach. Live Chat is intended to be 14-18 hours a day with some exceptions so an investor can almost reach us anytime.

9) Can you share any stats from FxInc‘s time online with us? How many deposits do you have and do they consistently exceed withdrawals? How was the growth so far and member’s general feedback?

FxInc is online for 140 days now. We have almost $120,000 purely in investor deposits. In the timespan of 140 days we have never experienced withdrawals exceeding deposits as we have regular and trusting investors.

10) Tell us more about the advertising strategy of FxInc. Why did you start out so deliberately low key before the re-organization? Why did you feel a re-design was necessary, and why at this exact time? What improvements have been made to the new FxInc compared to the old version?

As I said we are online 140 days now. Before the relaunch of the website it was quite similar as we had some trusted monitors with us and many investors. We were constantly receiving requests from our investors to revamp the brand to so they can get their friends inside our program as our design was simpler and we had limited monitors. Investors are the key to our program so we decided to give something back to them by revamping our brand and starting a massive advertising which includes some big monitors like yours and banner ads on MMG, MMG, TG, AHM and banners from monitors. So in this way investors can invite their friends and family and bring them to our site easily.

11) What plans for the future do you have for FxInc? Where do you see your program in a few weeks or months from now?

We have constant plans for FxInc. We will constantly add more advertising, more investment plans, more securities, and more rewards for our investors.

12) Finally I would just like to give you an opportunity to say anything else you like that you think wasn’t covered in this interview that you think readers should know. Also please feel free to comment on the MNO review of FxInc. If there is anything there you feel unfair, mistaken, or in any way need of clarification then let us know.

The reader should know that it’s not only the design which makes a site better. We believe providing a quality service is what matters and that is what we are doing for the last 140 days.

Thanks for reading and safe investing to all.

A big thanks to Mark too for answering my questions and I hope the interview was useful for both members with active deposits in the program and those who are still considering an investment in FxInc. I could leave it at that, but I thought it would be better to include the latest two newsletters sent from FxInc from the last 24 hours which will be a good supplement to the interview. The first newsletter announced the addition of a new daily plan paying 7% for 20 days on deposits starting from $50, as well as sharing some stats featuring the success story of the program for the first 140 days online. The second news sees the admin sharing the link to his program’s review (edited in accordance with the latest changes) on the MNO blog. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to Mark for doing that and hope that the interview on MNO will also be sent in a future newsletter from FxInc. Both newsletters in their entirety are included below:

FxInc – Premium Plan 7% Daily For 20 Days (Total ROI 140%)
We feel happy to announce that we added a Premium Plan, Premium Plan detail is below:
Premium Plan: 7% Daily For 20 Days 140% Total ROI
Minimum Deposit $50 – Maximum Deposit $10000
Withdrawals INSTANT.
Guaranteed Profits:
As forex trading, stock exchange, and gold exchange etc activity often involves certain risks of all investments made by FxInc LTD clients are 100% insured thanks to the deposits insuring system. We provide this unique opportunity to keep their investments safe.
We are already paying from previous 140 days, And already more than 5000 active investors are earning daily profits with us.
We give guarantee of profits because our all funds insured, Insurance up to $200000. So there is no chance of loss. In case of loss insurance company will pay the amount of investors. All members deposit insured automatically.
If due to any reason we do not earn good profits then we will stop attracting new investments and refund the money to investors. Such refund was made in 2015 when we was working offline within one country only and 5 months ago we start to serve investors worldwide.
At that time i cannot see any chance of loss for FxInc LTD company. We still have many great ideas that we would like to implement as soon as possible. Look forward to our next report and continue earning money with the help of our company!
Let me know if you have any other question.
Regards Mark Anthony, Chief Executive Officers FxInc

FxInc – MNO Review
Our review was published on MNO. It will help you to understand our website, plans and about our company work etc.
We already answered of Paul Abramson interview questions which will publish on MNO today.
The Link of review is below:
Let me know if you have any other question.
Regards Mark Anthony, Chief Executive Officers FxInc

That’s it for tonight, guys. No bad news for today and all of the programs listed on the MNO monitor are still paying fine without any issues. I believe that makes a clear statement that we’re at the beginning of the new autumn HYIP season which can bring us much more exciting high-budget investment opportunities most of which will find their way to MNO as the only blog and monitor designed exclusively to accommodate elite HYIPs and bring together experienced admins and investors.

Enjoy the weekend and make good use of your free time. Remember to research all the best investment opportunities available on the MNO monitor and pick the best options for you, as the HYIP industry is slowly getting back to its feet this month. Perhaps the new industry leader which was the main subject of this article (one of the interesting articles on the subject of HYIPs you can find on the MNO Info Center) is already among us, who knows? By the way, the poll currently running on the MNO TalkBack page is aimed at finding out your opinion on whether the next big thing is already with us, so take a few seconds and vote here or just see the results of how others voted. The poll will run for another few days so to allow everyone to express their opinion with the final results coming sometime next week.

I’ll have another update over the weekend if there’s anything worth I may even have an updated list of the current Top Five Popular Programs on MNO which has changed significantly since the last version. Stay tuned for more news, subscribe to have the MNO blog updates delivered directly to your email address here, and remember to follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter where the links to most important articles on the blog are regularly shared. See you soon, folks!

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