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29/09/2016. Top Five Popular Programs on MNO and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello, guys, and welcome back to the MNO blog. The HYIP industry seems to be going from strength to strength and is in its prime coming in to late September. Of course, some quick scams are impossible to ignore and continue to target and flood cheap HYIP monitors and blogs this month. As usual MNO seems to have escaped this unfortunate fate but then you don’t find me endorsing or promoting such programs. With very few exceptions those who followed MNO this year have been largely unscathed and many made profits from the programs monitored on my site. Exceptions happen from time to time of course, they have to when we’re talking about what basically amounts to gambling. But MNO has never seen anywhere even close to the frequency and sheer volume of low grade scams that dominate so many other monitors these days. Although such programs as RapidIncome spoil the general picture a bit, others hugely compensated by paying flawlessly and for a long time. And as a couple of programs left us over the last couple of weeks I believe it’s high time now to have a closer look at the latest Top Five Popular Programs list on the MNO monitor.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of ranking programs on the MNO monitor I remind you that in order to qualify a program should first be on either Sticky, Premium, or Standard listing on MNO. Then the programs compete with each other to get into the Top Five list which is determined by the total combined percentage of profits (returns on my own investments plus referral commissions) and the program with the higher percentage takes the higher position. That’s how it works, guys, pretty simple, right? So without further ado let’s start with naming our Top Five leaders as of today, and remember that after the article you will find a poll where you can vote for your favorite program of the day.

#1 – ArdexFunds (click here to read the full review) No Change
Total return – 218.6%.
Type of listing – Premium (#1 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Paying for 303 days
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – variable returns for 15-230 business days, principal back.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, RedoPay.
What you need to know:
Withdrawals are usually processed instantly to all payment processors (if for some reason they go to pending status please allow 16 hours to be paid manually). Profits are accrued to your account Tuesday to Saturday for the previous trading day with the exception of the extra bank holidays announced on the site. Remember to switch off the compounding rate for your deposit in order to be able to make daily withdrawals.
Why you might want to invest:
What can I say about ArdexFunds, guys? Well, the program has been a revelation since it has started back in 2015 and the admin certainly knows how to handle things in order to run for the longest possible period of time. Although the daily interest might not be the biggest it’s hugely compensated for by the overall stability of the project and professionalism of the team behind it. You can be sure that the admin of ArdexFunds will do everything possible to keep his program on Paying status and will take any appropriate measures to do so, including extra holidays during a slowdown in cashflow during the quieter seasons in the HYIP industry. Nothing else to add, but hope that ArdexFunds will be with us in 2017 and beyond.

#2LaraWithMe (click here to read the full review) Up One Place
Total return – 193%.
Type of listing – Sticky (until 20/10/2016).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Scam
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 3% daily forever.
Payment processors accepted: Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash.
What you need to know:
You cannot withdraw your principal at any time, so it will take you 34 days to reach the profit zone. Withdrawals are usually processed instantly and you can withdraw to any payment processor (even if it’s not the one you originally joined with!). You will have to install the Telegram messenger program or create a profile on the web version of Telegram in order to make any deposits and withdrawals. Telegram is the only way to operate if you want to invest, but with more and more programs continuing the trend you might see a pattern soon, so better get used to this novelty now before it’s everywhere.
Why you might want to invest:
LaraWithMe has the highest advertising budget I have seen this year. With so many banner spots already purchased on MNO, recently the admin has decided to extend them for another month, bought some additional spots, and even upgraded to Premium and then Sticky listing for a month. Due to LaraWithMe‘s undisputed leadership of the HYIP industry MNO has started a series of weekly articles where I try to cover all the many updates from the program. Recently LaraWithMe celebrated 100 days online and is currently on its successful fourth month with millions of dollars invested, tens of thousands of investors already in profit, and the new Jet Black plan launched (paying 1% daily forever with principal back anytime) aimed at larger investors ready to spend $50K and more. As LaraWithMe is growing and paying to everyone any such large deposits will increase the probability of paying longer to existing investors. One thing is for sure – LaraWithMe is officially the biggest program of the year already. The admin knows what he’s doing and is ready to splash big money for the most efficient advertising of his program. I have very little doubt that the next Top Five will see LaraWithMe sitting in the top position, as such tremendous success is still attracting lots of new deposits while the first people who invested under me are already in good profit.

#3BandeiraCorp (click here to read the full review) Down one place
Total return – 191.16%.
Type of listing – Premium (#2 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Paying for 201 days
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 1% to 4% variable daily until you reach 150% on your investment.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payza, Neteller, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash.
What you need to know:
Withdrawals are processed manually within a 48 hour maximum. Note that 1% is the guaranteed daily minimum you will get on your investment, while the maximum is determined by the size of your deposit – refer to the review on MNO for more details.
Why you might want to invest:
BandeiraCorp has slipped into the third place overall for now, however payments from the program are still flawless and the performance is superb. Maybe BandeiraCorp has a hard time appealing to new investors that might consider the program now in its seventh month online might be too old already. But who knows? BandeiraCorp will be able to surprise us all again and see in 2017. Anyway, smooth payments with absolutely no problems might be appealing to the people who tired of fast scams and looking to try something different.

#4 Capitaller (click here to read the full review) No Change
Total return – 171.78%.
Type of listing – Premium (#3 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Paying for 52 days
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 3%-4% for 70 business days, 1677% after 70 business days.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, NixMoney.
What you need to know:
There is no account area and once invested you never need to make a request. You will be paid automatically to the same e-currency you joined with every business day, Monday to Friday. Please only invest in the daily paying plans and avoid the ridiculously priced once on expiry option.
Why you might want to invest:
Not much has changed in Capitaller either. The program pays like clockwork with the first investors already in profit, despite the first 70-business day cycle not being completed yet. The admin started a couple of contests already for members who actively support Capitaller by posting their payment proofs and payment screenshots on various forums, and the winners should be announced shortly. Apart from that, there isn’t much to add, and Capitaller has become a really respectable program and a force to be reckoned with. So if you want something where you don’t need to worry about requesting payouts you can try Capitaller, as once invested you just get paid automatically with no trouble.

#5  Zinc7 (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 130.8%.
Type of listing – Premium (#4 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Paying for 18 days
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 7% for 30 days (interest credited on business days only), 110% after 7 days.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payza, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash.
What you need to know: 
Although withdrawals are promised to be done within 48 business hours, in reality I’ve never waited much longer than five minutes for a payment so I assume they are automated rather than manual. Don’t take it for granted though, this might change at any time as the withdrawal rules are clearly stated on the website. Remember that on the daily paying plan you will have your account credited on every business day (Monday to Friday), but the whole investment term is counted in calendar days, just like the second on expiry paying plan – refer to my review for more details.
Why you might want to invest:
Ironically Zinc7 has took the fifth position from another program run by the same administration behind the famous C7 programs. Few believed that Zinc7 was going to overtake RapidIncome, but that’s exactly what happened. Now the speculations are running high as to who the admin of Zinc7 might be and what plans he has to reduce hit-n-runners and maintain gradual growth for his program. Well, we should hope that Zinc7 has a good advertising strategy in mind, as the program started about three weeks ago with exclusive listing on MNO and only a few days ago the admin went further and upgraded to the Premium List while also purchasing some extra monitors. But even now we can see that Zinc7 is under the radar, and that is despite the very first investors from the weekly paying plan are already in profit. With many self appointed “experts” again being exposed as clueless self serving shills hoping for a fast scam because the admin wasn’t pandering to them, who knows what other surprises Zinc7 has up its sleeve? Anyway, I’ll watch the further development of the program closely on the MNO blog and believe Zinc7 has a very good chance to get to a higher position with the right management and the same sensible advertising strategy it has at the moment.

Now that you saw the places and numbers for all the programs forming the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO current list I’m sure you have your own favourites to share your opinion with other readers. Below is a poll with five options to choose from. The last poll LaraWithMe got the first spot with an incredible 70% of the votes, so let’s see whether it’s can repeat that success once more. Thanks in advance for your votes, guys, and remember always be cautious and check out the status of the program on the MNO monitor. Even the best programs in the HYIP industry don’t last forever and you wouldn’t want to invest in any program with problems, so be sensible and I wish you the best of luck with your investments in all programs.

What Is Your Favorite Program From The MNO Top Five?

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There’s simply no disputing certain facts no matter which way you want to look at them. Every opinion poll I have run on the MNO blog (well, ok, there was only two of them but still) has shown LaraWithMe to be the clear favorite among my readers and the one most of you regard as being the closest possible thing to an industry leader right now. The program got off to a fairly low key start about three months ago, with I’m guessing a lot of casual HYIP visitors not quite understanding what the whole thing was about at first. Just as well then that MNO was on hand to explain everything in plain and simple terms that anyone could understand in the review first published here. The thing is that LaraWithMe is quite unlike any other program you will have seen before, as it’s based on another relatively new instant messaging platform called Telegram. This involves potential investors either downloading the Telegram app, or else using the web version. You’ll need your mobile/cell phone to receive a unique PIN code, thus giving you a strong level of protection from hackers. Incidentally, anyone concerned about sharing personal information needn’t worry. LaraWithMe have no direct connection with Telegram and are merely using their services the same as you might with let’s say Skype or Whatsapp.

Anyway, the one single investment plan offered by LaraWithMe is quite simple. You need a $15 minimum to join, and after that you receive a 3% interest payment every day. There is no expiry date on the plan and no principal returned, meaning once you join you stay a member of the program permanently and keep receiving the 3% interest for as long as the program stays in operation. You can join using PerfectMoney, Payza, Payeer, BitCoin, or AdvCash. There seems to be little doubt as to the financial health of LaraWithMe however with (according to themselves) some $20 million having been invested in the last three months. I myself would not be in any position to promise you that figure is accurate, but I don’t really doubt that financially speaking things are definitely going well for them. In fact just recently the admin made public the details of a BitCoin account which anyone can inspect containing $1 million earmarked for prize money and bonuses for the best supporters of the program. You can read the latest results from LaraWithMe in the update posted below. Is this really the future direction of the HYIP industry? You be the judge of that but a lot of people seem to welcome the idea:

Those ground shaking results. Those tremendous achievements in a shortest period of time…
Today we hit our $20M mark invested in just over 3 months of our work with over 70K active users worldwide.
Some people keep talking. They can keep guessing. We see them make bad predictions, spreading rumors, seeking for the routed apple every single day…
But for some reason those predictions just never happening.
Because the truth is always simple.
This instrument was never created for “earning” money for the creators themselves.
It was designed to make this world better. That’s it.
People always scared of something they don’t understand. We don’t blame them.
So, are you keep guessing? Or you brave enough to step into the new Era?
We were always here waiting for you. We are – LARA.


Perhaps a slow burner in the HYIP industry until now, there’s still no denying that Edelweiss5 have been one of the most original programs in recent times. Largely down to the clever way they’ve been marketing themselves, and the investment plan is fairly solid as well. And when I say “solid” what I really mean is “sensible”, with Edelweiss5 offering investors something that can realistically be achieved, sustained, and put a lot of people into profit rather than just offering ridiculous rates that can’t be supported in the long term. Just to give you a recap, Edelweiss5 has an investment term of 365 calendar days, so a full year. During that time you receive a daily interest payment. Over the weekend that payment is fixed at 0.5% for Saturday and Sunday. For the rest of the week the payment will be different for everyone, but is can be up to 1% and is determined on the day you join. So for example, if you join Edelweiss5 on a day when the offer is let’s say 0.9%, then you are going to receive 0.9% in interest every business day for the following year. Wait another day and that rate might be marginally higher or lower, but generally it’s not worth waiting around to take a chance on because the difference will only be a couple of cents in the daily payments made to most investors at best. Deposits start from $50 and can be made through PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash.

Among the ways Edelweiss5 is using to promote themselves as a company (perhaps even target “offline” investors not usually as familiar with the HYIP industry as MNO readers) is a chain of offices open across various cities, mainly Ukraine but also Germany, Turkey, and now Russia. I myself don’t know anyone who’s ever seen the inside of one of these alleged offices, but the videos are posted for all to see and the addresses are published on the Edelweiss5 website, so if you happen to be close to any of them feel free to investigate. The latest of these is mentioned in one of the following news updates from Edelweiss5 where a representative will be available to meet the public in the city of Pskov in Russia. If geography isn’t your strong point that’s not too far from the borders with the Baltic republics of Latvia and Estonia. This isn’t a permanent fixture by the way, the representative in question had previously made himself available in a temporary office in Moscow, will soon be available in a public meeting room in a hotel in Pskov for three days, and will later be moving on to Saint Petersburg where I imagine there will be a similar arrangement.

Something perhaps more interesting to investors from further afield than Russia is the Edelweiss5 website becoming available in Chinese. Personally my own knowledge of the Chinese language begins and ends with the menu in my local takeaway, so why should I be excited about this? Because to mark the event of making the website so much more accessible to such a massive audience the Edelweiss5 admin has decided to declare “China Week”. The celebration here is that for a full week new investors will be able to avail of the maximum 1% per business day interest rate, so if you join during China week your investment will be locked in to the maximum possible rate for the following year. There’s no guarantee you will be able to avail of this offer again once the week has passed, with the rate returning to more or less “pot luck”, being decided on a day-to-day basis. Also the month of October sees some fairly generous bonuses made available, however as these really only apply to seriously big money I’ll let you read the details for yourself below if interested.

Just one other thing before I finish with Edelweiss5 for today. The admin has finished with the interview I sent him for MNO, so once I get done with the proof reading and editing (as I do for non native English speaking admins) I’ll be publishing it on my blog. That will probably be Saturday I hope, so if you like the look of Edelweiss5 and would like to hear more direct from the admin, then make sure and tune in later for that. Meanwhile by the way make sure to read up on the detailed review of the program first published here to get more familiar with it. I think you might like it if you give it a chance. Below you will find all the latest news from Edelweiss5:

Dear user!
As previously have reported, our site has been fully translated into Chinese. This includes the company’s entry into this great country. In honor of this important event, we declare a China week and offer an opportunity to invest under 1% of the profit during the whole week.
Sincerely, The Edelweiss5.

Attention! The October campaign with the best offers!
We continue to provide our investors and partners campaigns with nice prizes. Starting from October 1 until the end of the month on a turnover of $10,000, all investors will receive a deposit of $200 and on a turnover of $20,000, will receive a deposit of $500. Finally, a super prize! Make turnover in the amount of $30,000 and be among the lucky ones who will receive from our company brand new iPhone7! The winners will be the only people who have reached the turnover during October, early achievement will not be taken into consideration.

Meet our representative in Pskov!
Our employee continues its mission to the cities of Russia, providing the ability to meet all of you and to ask any questions on the project and solve any problem. Within 3 days our representative will be in Pskov, the hotel Dvor Podznoeva, located at the address: Pskov, Nekrasov street, 3. Make an appointment or ask questions to our representative you can on the phone: +7 (965) 203-62-09. Also inform you that the mission of our employee does not end with this. After Pskov he will be in St. Petersburg. The residents of this great city can now communicate with him and arrange a meeting.


Payza remains one of the most favored means to spend and receive money for serious HYIP industry players, and considering some of the services they provide it’s not difficult to see why. Regular readers here will have seen me mention the Payza debit card for instance which I received myself in the post, delivered to my house earlier in the summer. This allows you to load funds in your Payza account directly on to the card and start spending. Either withdraw in cash from any ATM serving MasterCard (almost universal in every corner of the globe by now) or else use it for regular over the counter transactions in any shop or business. If however you still favor sending money directly to your own bank account instead then that’s always an option too. Whatever’s most convenient for you. With that in mind Payza have issued the following detailed yet simple guide to using bank transactions. Have a read through it first, and then if you would prefer you can watch a video of the whole process where you can actually watch what happens and how to use it. You can watch this on the Payza website, however if you are already reading MNO then you can also watch it on my site as well. The Payza bank transfer guide has been embedded on the MNOVision page along with numerous other useful and interesting videos related to HYIPs and payment processors, and you can watch it here:

Make Your First Bank Wire and Transfer Withdrawal: Check Out This All-In-One Guide
Step-by-step video and text guide to help you make your first bank transactions.
We at Payza are on a roll promoting bank account transactions. Our recent blog posts offered tips on how to ensure your bank transactions go as planned and explained how you can use bank transfers and wires to reduce—sometime avoid altogether–transaction fees. Here we provide an all-in-one guide on how to make your first bank wire and bank transfer to withdraw funds from your Payza account.
Before getting started
– Check whether bank transfers and wires are withdrawal options in your country by visiting our Local Payment Options page.
– If you plan to make withdrawals using bank wires and bank transfers, you will need to connect a bank account to your Payza account for both options, even if you use the same bank account to make wires and transfers.
– To be clear: When you connect a bank account for bank wires, you must connect the same bank account again for bank transfers; you will then have both withdrawal options using the same bank account.
– Payza will need to confirm your bank account information if you connect a bank account for bank transfers; we ask that you submit a recent bank statement. We do not need this information for bank wires.
How to connect your bank account with Payza
To connect and confirm your bank account, you will need a personal check or bank statement so that your banking information is on hand. You must upload a recent bank statement at the last step when setting up an account for bank transfers.
Here are the setup steps:
1. Log in to your Payza account.
2. Click on Wallet in the left column in green (under your Payza avatar picture). and then click Bank Accounts.
3. Click “Add a Bank Account“.
4. Select the country where your bank account is located.
5. For bank wires: Select “Withdraw funds in EUR, GBP or USD” and choose the preferred currency for your withdrawal; For bank transfers, select “Withdraw funds in local currency”.
6. Enter your bank account information then click “Next” (depending on your country, we will request banking numbers such as “Routing number”, “SWIFT”, or “IBAN”).
7. Review your bank account details, agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click “Add Bank Account“.
8. For bank transfers: Upload a recent bank statement that’s less than 6 months old; it can be a .pdf or .jpeg file that’s under 10Mb.
Here is additional information you might find helpful:
– Where do I get a bank statement to set up my account for bank transfers?
– Download last month’s bank statement from your online banking profile.
– What if I can’t upload my file because it’s too big.
– Try compressing it using Adobe (Windows) or Preview (Mac); do NOT compress the file using online software (never share your banking info online); here’s a how to guide for compressing files at home.
– Why does Payza need my bank statement when setting up bank transfers?
– To ensure your money is safe, we use this statement to conduct security checks.
– Do you have more information on adding bank accounts for international members?
– Yes we do; see this blog article.
How to make your first bank wire to withdraw funds from Payza
To make a bank wire withdrawal, you will need to create a bank wire transaction with Payza.
Follow these simple steps:
1. Log in to your Payza account.
2. Click on “Withdraw Funds” then “Bank Wire“.
3. Select your Payza balance and Bank Account.
4. Enter your Bank Information, Amount and Details (Optional), then click “Next”.
5. Review your withdrawal information; is all the information correct?
6. Review and Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
7. Enter your “Transaction Pin” then click “Withdraw”.
The status of your transaction is now “Pending”. In two to four business days, we will send your money to your bank and the status of your transaction will change to “Completed”. Your bank may take an additional two to four business days to deposit your money into your account.
* If you do not receive your funds within eight business days from the date of your transaction request, please submit a customer support ticket.
How to make your first bank transfer to withdraw funds from Payza
Once you connect your bank account, making a bank transfer is as simple as writing a check. Simply follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Payza account.
2. Click the Withdraw Funds tab in the middle of the top menu in green.
3. Select Bank Transfer.
4. Select your Payza balance and Bank Account.
5. Enter the amount of money you will transfer, then
6. Review your withdrawal details; is all the information correct?
7. Enter your Transaction Pin then click
That’s all it takes and we will transfer your money in three to five business days. Be advised, your bank may take an additional two to four business days to deposit your money into your account.
*If you do not receive your funds within eight business days from the date of your transaction request, please submit a customer support ticket.
Common questions we receive from customers
– Why do bank wire and transfer transactions require days to complete?
– We must contact your bank, get your money, then establish a secure pathway to transfer your money.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky listLaraWithMe.
From MNO Premium list: ArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, CapitallerZinc7Edelweiss5, EmpireAdvertisement.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-AEarnTechDowerly.

That’s all for tonight, guys. With the HYIP industry so strong and stable now I doubt very much I’ll need to post more news before Monday. If something extraordinary worth your attention happens though you’ll be the first to know, as I’ll post it on the MNO ShoutBox and update the status of any program if needed / list a new program. Make sure that you subscribe to the MNO Daily News by clicking here and follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter not to miss anything important. However don’t go away for long, as I’ll still be back on Saturday with the interview with the admin of Edelweiss5. You might find it interesting to hear from the admin of this unique investment opportunity. Be sure you bookmark the MNO site and check it more often, as perhaps we’ll see new promising additions in the next business week. And remember to vote in the poll on the MNO TalkBack page which this time is dedicated to participating in the upcoming contest in LaraWithMe featuring an incredible one million dollars in prize money. I’ll certainly report on that when it happens, so stay tuned for that and any other updates only on the MNO blog!

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