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Beware! MarsCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! After a busy weekend here on MNO with some new programs added (including the subject of today’s main article MarsCapital) the new business week has if anything been even more hectic. I have a couple of new names which you can already see for yourselves on the MNO monitor to introduce in today’s news section, but more about that in a moment. Let’s stick with MarsCapital for now as it’s a hugely promising new name itself. I’ll explain what it’s all about below and you can think it over as to whether you agree they might be a worthwhile addition to your portfolios or not.

You have four investment plans to chose from in MarsCapital which can be grouped into two categories. Those that run for 20 calendar days, and those running for 30 calendar days. All of them make daily interest payments to investors, and MarsCapital are including your principal as part of those payments. I’ll start with the shorter term plans. MarsCapital require a $10 minimum to join, and for anyone paying up to a $199 maximum limit the interest rate is 6.5% per day for the following 20 calendar days. That would allow you to finish the term with total earnings of 130%, out of which 30% is your net profit and 100% is your own money to begin with.

To give you a simple monetary example, we’ll say you invest $100 with MarsCapital in this plan. They then pay you back at a rate of $6.50 per day until you have received $130 in total from them 20 days later. You reach the break-even point when you receive an amount equivalent to your principal and therefore can’t possibly lose any of your own money on day 16.

The rest of MarsCapital‘s plans work more or less along the same lines, just the numbers change. For example, anyone looking to spend from $200 to a $5,000 maximum can also join for 20 calendar days. Except in return for the bigger deposit, the admin will entice you with a better interest rate. This now goes up to 7% per day, adding up to 140% by expiry. With MarsCapital counting your principal as part of this, that’s 40% net profit and a break-even point of 15 days.

For the next two plans MarsCapital lower their interest rates slightly, but lengthen the terms. That means that while getting lower payments you also get more of them, making these plans ultimately more profitable. It also takes slightly longer to break even so there’s that additional risk to consider too. Anyway, for a minimum deposit of $20 this time, your money goes into a plan for 30 calendar days. During this time MarsCapital should pay you back 5.5% interest per day on amounts up to a $999 maximum. Total payments come to 165% by the end, and as with all other plans MarsCapital count your principal as part of that. That leaves you therefore with a net profit of 65% and a break even point of 19 days.

And lastly for those who can afford a $1,000 minimum spend, MarsCapital are offering 6% interest per day, again for 30 calendar days. Ultimately this brings a return of 180%, and with your principal counted as part of that an 80% net profit. You should expect to reach the break even point for this one after 17 days. Maximum spending limit incidentally is capped at $10,000.

So, if you like any of the plans enough to join and keeping in mind there’s nothing to stop you from splitting your deposit between more than one if that’s what you really want, the next thing you need to know about are the payment options. MarsCapital are currently working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash for those who prefer the more traditional style processors, and BitCoin if you prefer using a more modern digital e-currency. Payments to members are made manually by the admin and need to be requested from inside your MarsCapital private account area. Once done, you are asked to allow anything up to a further 12 hours for all transactions to be completed. You can see all the latest stats on the most recent deposits and withdrawals moving in and out of the program on the MarsCapital website as well if you like.

If you would like to know a bit more on some of the technical aspects of the MarsCapital website, it ticks all the important boxes and is up to a more than acceptable standard. Design is important but ultimately counts for nothing unless it’s backed up with some good security, so MarsCapital starts with hosting on a dedicated server with the support and protection of GeniusGuard. A lot of you will I guess recognize the script, given its almost universal presence in the HYIP industry. It’s under license from GoldCoders and has all the hallmark user friendly features and easy to use interface you’ll have come to expect. For an extra layer of security the MarsCapital website has an Extended Validation SSL certificate by GeoTrust to allow safer browsing and more secure transactions. Something else worth pointing out is the domain name of MarsCapital. It’s been registered for four years. Now, anyone who knows anything about the HYIP industry will not expect such longevity, and it isn’t a difficult or expensive thing to keep a domain registered for that long, I just find it an encouraging sign when an admin has a clearer longer term view of his program and takes care of problems today in order not to have to do so tomorrow. It’s just one less issue that might crop up, and one less distracting problem for the program.

If there are any further questions you would like to put to the admin that you feel may not have been covered in this review or any account related issues that need to be settled then you have a couple of choices open to you. Either e-mail him directly at the listed address, or else fill in your details on the online customer support page and submit it through the website’s contact page. You might notice a postal address there too, though this can safely be dismissed as a virtual serviced workspace and not where anyone running MarsCapital would be physically located. It’s simply that as MarsCapital got registered as a company in the UK (another thing that’s neither difficult or expensive, by the way) the postal address comes with it. Much more useful anyway are the social media networking sites, where you can find MarsCapital with active profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

There’s not much else to be said really, except that I’m cautiously optimistic the program can be a hit. A lot of other things have to fall into place of course, but the groundwork is fairly solid and the start has been fine too. For now I can only confirm Paying Status on my monitor and see who else agrees. Just in case anyone is interested, the alleged business activities we are told MarsCapital are involved with to finance the payments to their members is ForEx trading (a decidedly un-Martian idea!). But as is always the case with HYI programs you will not be able to research and verify any of this yourself, nor should you ever think that even if something was true it necessarily has to be profitable. Even the best HYIP is still just a HYIP at the end of the day, and that means you need to be careful. Set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and easily earn back from other sources, and if joining MarsCapital at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you have given the matter any thought, and to be honest either to join or not join isn’t a difficult decision to come to, perhaps you won’t mind sharing your opinion of MarsCapital with other readers. Please take a second to vote in the following poll, which I hope will eventually show some interesting results if the program grows as big as its potential. It literally takes just a second to vote, and is 100% anonymous and untraceable. Thanks in advance to all who participate:

Will you make an active deposit in MarsCapital?

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I’ll start the news section by introducing a brand-new program called Daily314. It just launched today and MNO was honored to be the first official monitor where it’s on Premium Listing. Daily314, also known as DailyPI (pi being the mathematical term for the number 3.14) is a very fresh and original program both by design and features. Once you check it out you wouldn’t be able to forget it, as it’s a very different thing from everything you used to see in the HYIP industry. The only investment plan available from a $5 minimum via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash pays a 3.14% daily return for the duration of 50 calendar days, i.e. until you reach 157% on your investment. As there is no need to register in Daily314, you get paid automatically to the same e-currency account you joined with. As there is no account area on the Daily314 website, all you need to do is click the Start button on the main page, choose the payment processor you want to use, enter the desired amount and your email address, and click the Pay button. After making a deposit you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your deposit, and, the most important thing, your Investment ID using which you will need to track your investment on the website. To do so please click on Check your Investment button on the top right corner of Daily314 and enter your Investment ID. You will then be given the progress of your investment, the Daily PI you receive, and the time when you should expect your next payment. I have a very positive first impression of the site’s uncluttered design – even the allusions to a piece of pie, the number Pi, daily profits, and even ref comms counted in Pi’s. i.e. 3.14% look like a very smart move that allows Daily314 to be a very distinguished program. That is very important in the current HYIP climate which is full of dull and uninspiring clones running of the same or very similar layouts and using the same GoldCoders scripts. From this angle Daily314 is definitely looking like a winner. I can tell you that the admin is obviously from an experienced background and so has obviously taken care of security as well – the site is hosted on a dedicated DDoS protected server provided by an ever dependable DDoSGuard and the site is SSL-secured by Comodo which should come as standard for any site of this calibre. As I’ve received the first automatically paid referral commissions, I moved Daily314 to Paying status on the MNO monitor and scheduled a more detailed review for tomorrow. According to the high interest already shown by some readers I believe Daily314 stands a high chance to become a hot program very soon. Stay tuned for more information tomorrow!


Next is an already established program TrueBit that’s been added to the Premium List on MNO after about four weeks online. The main selling point for me personally when investing in TrueBit would be the acceptance of verifiable payment processors like Payza and OkPay along with the more traditional for the HYIP industry favorites like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash. TrueBit accepts deposits starting from a $10 minimum and regardless of the invested amount your investment will be subject to the same terms and conditions, which, I must add, shape quite an unorthodox investment offer. Combining the perpetual style of plans divided into several stages each of them offers different rates and different exit rules in case one wishes to leave early. Over the first period of 20 calendar days you won’t be allowed to leave, so we can call that the lock-in period. During this period, which is called Stage One on the TrueBit website you earn 2.4% interest daily. Starting from Stage Two which lasts from day 21 to day 40 of your conditional perpetual investment term your daily interest increases to 2.8% daily and allows an opportunity to release your initial principal and withdraw it with no fee. Stage Three lasting from day 41 to day 60 of your investment term will bring you an even higher daily rate of 3.2%, followed by Stage Four from day 61 to day 80 with another increase in interest to 3.6%, while the last Stage Five that starts on day 81 of your investment with TrueBit will bring you the highest possible 4% daily profit which you will collect on a permanent basis, i.e. until you wish to take your principal and leave. Remember though that partial principal withdrawal is not possible, so were you choose to take it, you have to take it all and you start any new deposit from Stage One once again. The whole structure of the investment plan allows investors to be very flexible starting from day 21 and leave at any time. At the same time encouraging them to stay by offering higher daily interest looks a sound and well thought-out offer which already proved successful, as TrueBit returned the first deposits already to the first investors and is now in the course of expanding its advertising campaign by taking the most expensive listing anywhere in the HYIP industry. I will, of course, explain the plan in more detail in the upcoming review of TrueBit within the next few days time, so stay tuned for that. Just one more thing regarding interest withdrawals – withdrawal requests are processed by the admin manually and the waiting time should not exceed 24 hours.

Judging by the website’s appearances there was a lot of time and effort put into making TrueBit. The site is running off a licensed H-Script, although it’s pretty much modified to the admin’s requirements and is almost unrecognizable – something that always should be appreciated by investors. The hosting provider DDoS-Guard keeps the website on a dedicated server protected from DDoS attacks, while the Extended Validation (Green Bar) SSL certificate from Comodo secures the transactions and the domain name registered for three years in advance adds to the positive impression on site’s setup. It’s a UK registered company, well explained FAQ, social networking pages, responsive support, and the recently added regional representative scheme available on the TrueBit website – everything that makes it look like a solid investment opportunity created to run for a long time. Whether it actually happens remains to be seen, but the website looks very good and has all the necessary features and lots of payment options that should appeal to a wider investment circle and help it succeed. The first welcome message from TrueBit and further information on the regional representative program containing the link to its terms and conditions for those interested are re-posted below for your reference with the more detailed information to follow in the upcoming review on MNO not to be missed:

Grand opening
We are proud to welcome all of you on TrueBit. After months of preparations and many hours of hard work, we are proud to present the launch of our website. TrueBit is HFT trading firm, focused solely on Bitcoin Trading on several of the largest USD – BTC exchanges in the world. Unlike any other companies, we are committed to conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way and we are passionate about our customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community within which we work.
We hope you enjoy investing with us and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Regional Representatives
We have great news for all our members – we are started selecting regional representatives. As a Regional Representative, your 1st level referral commission would increase to 10%. More details about our Regional Representatives program can be found on this page: https://truebit.biz/regional


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerArdexFundsBandeiraCorpEdelweiss5, MarsCapital, Daily314 (the first payments received), TrueBit (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard listPalUnion, MacroBanking, OceanInnovations.
From MNO Basic list: HYIP-A, Dowerly.

That’s it for today, guys. I can see that all the programs are performing well on the MNO monitor and none lost their Paying status, but for the very best programs at the moment you can always check the latest article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO series posted here. Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow you can expect another introduction of a BitCoin only program whose admin already paid for Standard Listing on my monitor. I’m just waiting on a reply about the investment plans, as they are not very clear to me and I don’t want to add it to my monitor yet if some information is doubtful. Anyway, I hope this happens later today so I can introduce it for you tomorrow, plus the review of Daily314 and any other news from the other monitored programs. Please keep voting on the MNO TalkBack page regarding your attitude to perpetual paying programs here, as the final results will be drawn by the end of this week (for now I can see such programs are seen in a positive light by a majority of my readers). If you don’t want to miss anything interesting or any other additions to my blog, please check out the MNO monitor often, follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter, or – even better – subscribe to the daily news by entering your email address on this page. Remember also that I always try to respond to your emails within 24 hours, so if you have any questions regarding the programs monitored on MNO or, if you’re an HYIP admin, and want to have your program listed on MNO, please do not hesitate to write me a couple of lines on the MNO Contact Page or directly at abramsonp@gmail.com If you’re my direct referral in the program I will be also able to intervene whatever issues you have with the HYIP admin of a monitored program – a service exclusively available to my downlines only! Whether you’re one of them or not, thanks for reading MNO and have a successful and profitable week ahead, and see you all again tomorrow!

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