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27/10/2016. TrueBit Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! TrueBit has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everybody! I know I’m just repeating myself by saying this at the start, but nothing has happened to change it – this really is a very busy week on MNO, and as well as the new programs to tell you about there’s always the regular news updates as well to get through. More about that in the news section, for now I want to focus on TrueBit. This is not exactly a brand new program as such, truth is they’ve been online for about four weeks or so by now, it’s just a new addition to the MNO monitor. It’s another perpetual, no expiry style program that is very unconventional in its organization but in a good way I think. TrueBit offers a good deal of flexibility compared to much of the competition as I shall try to explain, and with the first investors now in profit I guess the admin is looking to expand and reach a wider market. So let’s get started and see if you like them or not.

The main differences between TrueBit and other perpetual style programs would be first of all they do allow you the option to leave after a lock-in period, and also that they reward you for longer term loyalty from investors by paying better rates to those who stay with them. In other words you can leave if you want to, but if you don’t they will improve the initial interest rate. And if you stay even longer, they will keep increasing it.
Here’s how it works. First of all you will need a $10 minimum to join TrueBit. There’s a $50,000 maximum, and all deposits are subject to the same terms and conditions regardless of size, effectively meaning there’s only one plan as such. There is no fixed expiry date on your investment, so TrueBit will pay you either for as long as you wish to remain a member, or the program collapses. The only catch if you want to call it that is that you must remain a member of TrueBit for at least 5 calendar days. They will not return your principal any faster than that, but they will be paying you daily interest. Once the first 5 days have passed you can decide to leave any time you like and withdraw your principal. After that period you can make adjustments to your principal, not just “take it or leave it”. You can add a little extra money if you like how things are going, or you can just make a partial withdrawal if something happens that means you need some of the money back but don’t necessarily want to leave the program.

Once you have joined the program and made an active deposit, your “investment term” is then divided into four stages. Whether or not you choose to remain a member for all four stages is another matter entirely, you are only obligated to remain for the first one, but I will explain them all for you here anyway. Stage One is the first 20 calendar days. During this time TrueBit will pay you 2.4% interest per day. That adds up to 48% in total. So if you were to let’s say invest $100, the minimum expectation would be that TrueBit pays you back $2.40 per day until you have $48 back from them.

At that point you need to decide whether you are happy with that, satisfied with the performance of TrueBit in general and their future prospects, and decide when or if you would like to leave. I can’t really give you any further examples of how much you can earn after that, there are as many possible strategies as there are investors. Your aim might be to reach a certain financial target, double your money for example, maybe you have a certain date in mind instead like Christmas, or maybe you will want out after the first 20 days are up. You can also stay for how ever long the program manages to survive.

So, I’ll continue based on the assumption that you wish to remain a member of TrueBit. Your investment enters Stage Two on day 21 and continues until day 40, though you are perfectly free to leave at any point during this. The rate goes up to 2.8% per calendar day. Your earnings will depend on how long you stay, so do your own calculations. With the 56% possible net return at the end of this stage you will have reached the break-even point on your investment.

Stage Three is to me by far the most interesting period. You see, if you have already completed Stages One and Two, your earning will just have become slightly bigger than your initial principal. If you leave now you double your money which is nice, but on the other hand if you stay then everything you get from this point on is pure passive income at no further personal risk to you whatsoever. It’s a 100% win/win situation and you can’t really make a bad choice no matter what you do next. Anyway, this period lasts from day 41 to day 60 and TrueBit pay an even higher daily rate of 3.2%.

This is then naturally followed by Stage Four which goes from day 61 to day 80. We see another increase in interest rates from TrueBit to 3.6% per day during this period, though again there is nothing to stop you from pulling out anytime you wish.

Finally Stage Five starts on day 81 of your investment with TrueBit. This bring the highest possible rate of 4% in daily interest which you will collect on a permanent basis, i.e. until you wish to take your principal and leave or the program finishes.

When it comes to payment options, one advantage that TrueBit holds over the competition is that the choice is better than average. The usual HYIP industry favorites such as PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash are listed for those who prefer the traditional style processors, and BitCoin if you want a digital e-currency. Nothing new there but TrueBit also include two verifiable payment handlers in Payza and OkPay. This doesn’t guarantee the safety of the program by itself of course, it’s just that given the trouble Payza and OkPay make admins go through before allowing them a proper payment button means that almost no one will bother adding them if the intention is for a deliberate fast scam. This definitely isn’t the case with TrueBit anyway since the first members who asked for their deposits back will have gotten them by now. Payment requests are done manually by the admin and so need to be made from inside your private members account area. Once done you are asked to allow a further 24 hours for all transactions to be processed.

Incidentally, once you are in your account area you will see a button marked “withdraw principal”. This is inactive and doesn’t actually do anything. Except once you move your cursor over it you will see the message “will be available in X number of days” appearing, counting backwards from the 5 day minimum lock-in that TrueBit require of you. Another thing is that if you do ask for your principal back, you have to take it all. There is no way you will be allowed to take just half of it back and continue earning at the best available rate, you will need to go back and re-invest in TrueBit yourself and start the same cycle all over again from day one.

A lot of you, even the more experienced or regular players, may not recognize the script at first glance, even though it’s reasonably popular in the HYIP industry. It’s under license from H-Script but has been modified almost beyond recognition to suit the unique requirements for TrueBit. It’s still easy enough as a user to find your way around the site and doesn’t have anything difficult of confusing. For a hosting provider the TrueBit website is being kept on a dedicated server with the technical support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard. An extra layer of security is provided by the Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo to allow safer browsing and more secure transactions.

For any further questions you might have for the TrueBit admin that you think weren’t explained here or any account related issues there’s a couple of channels you can go through. The first stop is the FAQ page of course, and you might be able to avoid wasting any time by reading through that first as it’s very well explained and better than average. You might be able to get anything else done in real time as the TrueBit website comes with a built-in Live Chat widget. This isn’t a 24 hour service but check it anyway before composing any lengthy e-mails. Likewise there’s a phone number available for telephone support if you want to speak with someone personally, but again this is for office hours only and you may or may not have anyone pick up and answer you. For e-mail support you can write directly to the admin at the address listed on the contacts page, or else by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it. The only thing you can safely ignore will be the postal address listed in the UK. These things are quite easy to acquire and just for company registration purposes, not where you would find anyone connected with TrueBit physically working from. In addition to all of that you now have a regional representative scheme in place, where, in exchange for an improved rate of referral commissions, other investors take on the role of support operators. If this is something of interest to you then contact the TrueBit admin for any more information. And lastly as is almost universal these days you will be able to find TrueBit on the main social media networking sites, namely Twitter and Facebook.

Allowing investors the flexibility to leave but rewarding them to stay could very well prove a crucial factor in determining the real long term success of TrueBit as a program. You see, a lot of the time what worries people the most in programs like this is the thought “what if everyone leaves at the same time?”. In this case the question now becomes “why would anyone want to leave at all?”. Eventually of course the inevitable will happen, I’m just hopeful that with more predictability over the cash flow, i.e. the admin has a better idea from one day to the next how much needs to be paid out, we might see a better run.

For the record I’ll just briefly mention that as a business model TrueBit claim to be involved with BitCoin trading. Make what you want out of that, experienced readers will all ignore it anyway, but for the sake of newbies you need to remember that even if such a thing was true there’s still no guarantee that it necessarily has to be profitable all the time. With that in mind you need to treat TrueBit as you would anything else in the HYIP industry – cautiously. Set yourself a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose and easily earn back from other sources, and if joining the program at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

I hope that now before we move on to the news section that you won’t mind taking a moment to vote in the following poll about TrueBit. As with all questions, it’s 100% anonymous and untraceable, and literally just takes a split second to vote. I think it will be interesting to look back on the results in the future, and show how many people made good and bad calls on the program.

Will you make an active deposit in TrueBit?

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Only nine days online – this was the horrible result for MarsCapital which became a scam yesterday. With the maximum daily interest of 7% hardly anyone who joined the program even on day one could have been even remotely close to the break-even point. What went wrong? Nobody knows, as the interest in investing there was relatively high, the plans were popular, payments were processed fast, and nothing indicated the admin was out for a quick scam. I don’t think it was planned from the beginning, but perhaps some technical issues were to blame for the premature collapse of MarsCapital. Really, why would any admin remove his entire website completely (which happened yesterday) instead of keeping it up and continue collecting new deposits from people? No one in their right mind would do so, and especially it’s true when we think of the HYIP admins in general – usually people known for a complete and utter lack of morals and principles and concerned exclusively with their own wealth. And in this case we see that the MarsCapital website simply disappeared and was completely erased with only the empty index page now visible. Of course, I can only speculate on that, as the admin himself never replied to my email sent yesterday after I saw the website was gone. The only assumption I find viable would be some serious technical problems they were unable to solve, perhaps even getting hacked. We’ll probably never know for sure what really happened to MarsCapital, but at the moment those who had the misfortune to join should simply accept their losses and move on in hope that many other perfectly working projects will keep working run and bring them profits eventually.


Payza remains the perfect example of a payment processor serving the HYIP industry and yet totally legitimate at its core with a KYC policy fully implemented and now actively expanding in different markets. Payza is very popular among the regular HYIP investors due to its multiple and direct funding and withdrawal methods including bank accounts, credit cards and their own pre-paid cards, and even BitCoin. Their dispute policies are in some cases enough to get some money back from scamming programs. Nevertheless, we don’t have many programs that accept Payza from investors, and among the 16 currently listed on MNO only three – Zinc7, BandeiraCorp, and the above reviewed TrueBit – do so. Many investors believe that only experienced admins would take the trouble and quite a lengthy and complicated process of having a business account verified and approved by Payza which is currently the only way when they can totally automate the movement of funds in their programs. For regular investors though setting up and verifying a Payza account for personal use has been much less of a hassle and everything should be done and ready to go within a couple of business days. There is also Live Chat customer support available during business hours (in Canada) from Monday to Friday that you can use if you have any further questions regarding your account setup or any features you have a question about. In the case of Payza, however, that shouldn’t be necessary as the support section of it website is full of helpful information literally giving you everything from A to Z on every single feature. From time to time on the official Payza blog you can find more helpful articles, with the latest dedicated to setting up personal accounts. You can read it below which is followed by a piece on one of the countries Payza is targeting for expansion – Turkey:

New to Payza? Set Up Your Personal Account Using Our Helpful Guide
The Payza Personal Setup Guide helps you get your account ready to send and receive money, and shop online.
From credit card payments to Bitcoin exchanges, Payza provides all of our Personal Account customers with a wide range of online financial services. Whether you want to send money online to friends and family, or make purchases from a growing number of online merchants, knowing how best to use all of our payment services can be challenging, especially for new members that just signed up for their first Payza account. To help our new members, we developed a handy online guide with tips to set up your Payza Personal Account as quickly as possible.
You can find the Payza Personal Setup Guide here and refer back to it whenever you need. The guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions to assist you throughout the setup process. Here are the topics covered by our guide:
(If you’re a merchant or business, we also have a Payza Merchant Setup Guide specific to your needs).
We’ve organized all this information into easy to navigate sections, which will help you when submitting customer support inquiries. If you have any difficulty in the set-up process, simply indicate the section in the guide you are experiencing difficulties with when you submit a customer support ticket.
By following this guide, your will be able to make online payments and receive remittances in no time. Don’t forget, if you run into any issues along the way, our dedicated customer support team is there to help customers like you – remember to select the best department related to your problem (see tip #1) when submitting a ticket on our Support Page.
Do you have suggestions to help improve the Payza Merchant Setup Guide? Let us know in the comments section below.

Country Spotlight: Understanding Consumers and Cross-Border E-Commerce in Turkey
Turkey has always been a beacon of commerce. Today, Turkey’s B2C e-commerce market is the second largest in Eastern Europe, the internet penetration rate is the 7th highest in the world and total e-commerce revenues, already over $5 billion USD in 2016, are growing at a rate of 13.7% per year.
One of Turkey’s success stories is that Demet Mutlu, the founder of Trendyol, an online fashion retailer which since its inception in 2010 has become one of the country’s leading e-commerce operations, accounting for 2% of Turkey’s total e-commerce revenues in 2015. And this potential has not been lost on foreign investors either – China has taken a shine to Turkey, signing a deal on e-commerce bi-lateral trade at the G20 summit in Turkey last November, at a time when many cross-border players have been keeping their distance amidst domestic turmoil.
Turkey holds a lot of promise for international retailers. With Europe’s youngest median age and an increasingly technologically literate population, the e-commerce sector is expected to grow by 107 percent and smartphone penetration by 124.4 percent in 2017. For those of you thinking about taking part in this growth, we’re going to take a closer look at e-commerce in Turkey and how you can benefit from it.
Unless otherwise noted, figures in this article are sourced from:
The Paypers, Ecommerce News Europe
Turkish Consumers
– Internet users: 37 million
– Online shoppers: 10 million
– E-commerce sales: TRY 35 billion (EUR 12.5 billion)
– Mobile shoppers: 4 million
– M-commerce sales: TRY 2.1 billion (EUR 750 million)
– E-commerce annual growth rate: 13.7%
Turkey has one of the fastest growing e-commerce sectors in the world, thanks to four driving factors: high credit card penetration, the popularity of social networks (Turkey has the fourth-largest Facebook population in the world), the maturity of the country’s physical infrastructure and, most importantly, the high level of mobile payment penetration. In Turkey’s payment landscape, mobile is seen as a major channel for online retail and customer interaction and Turkey is the leading European country in terms of mobile banking adoption, with 49% of internet users banking on their phones.
Turkey’s e-commerce market is still dominated by items whose quality and content are easy to assess, such as books and media products, indicating a relatively low level of consumer confidence. On the other hand, nearly one in every four Turkish people above the age of 14 have participated in e-commerce, almost half of them purchasing clothes and sporting goods. Other leading product categories include consumer electronics and home furnishings.
Along with local fashion giant Trendyol, another of the country’s leading e-commerce operations is Markafoni, which represents the Turkish trend towards private shopping. Investors, both local and foreign, have taken a strong interest in this new local shopping habit, where consumers purchase a membership for an e-commerce site which gives them exclusive access to that store.
One attractive feature of Turkey for cross-border retailers is the high popularity and penetration of credit cards. Accounting for 90% of all e-commerce transactions, credit cards are overwhelmingly the most popular method of online payment, with the small remainder shared by cash-on-delivery, e-wallets and bank transfers.
Drivers and Barriers
Driver: Mature Delivery Infrastructure
Another attractive quality of Turkey’s e-commerce market is the country’s highly mature fulfillment infrastructure. Nearly the entire population has access to door-to-door delivery, which makes it easy for international merchants to make sure their products are received in a timely manner.
Barrier: Domestic Instability
Political unrest in Turkey has caused consumer confidence to plummet, though it has been rising since hitting a six and a half year low last September. Sudden changes to the socio-political climate in Turkey and neighboring states could have unexpected effects on the e-commerce landscape.
Driver: Demand for Niche Products
Many large and small firms closed down in 2015, unable to secure cash-flow, leaving Turkey’s e-commerce market de-saturated. As consumer confidence recovers, so does the demand for niche, long tail products. Early stage start-ups meeting local demands such as online furniture seller Vivense and real-estate marketplace Tapu have seen success by focusing on specific needs.
Barrier: Large Incumbents
The flip side of this de-saturation is that the large private marketplaces such as Markafoni and Hepsiburada have cornered more of the market, leaving little room for more large-scale retailers. The fat head (large incumbents) and the long tail (artisanal shops) will thrive, but there’s little room for anything in between.
Turkish E-Commerce Facts
– The second-fastest growing e-commerce market in Eastern Europe (13.7% CAGR).
– The world’s 7th-largest internet penetration rate with Europe’s youngest median age.
– A very mature physical delivery infrastructure and a low returns rate for cross-border purchases.
– Credit cards are the preferred method of online payment, account for 90% of the total.
– The most popular product categories by volume are clothes, sporting goods, electronics, household items and travel arrangements, but there is also a high demand for long tail artisanal products.
– A special license is required to import mobile phones into Turkey; certain cosmetic products, including perfumes, powders, and toiletries, are on the Turkish no-import list.
Turkey is a powerful commercial hub with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. Particularly compared to its nearest neighbors in South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Turkey has a very attractive foundation for cross-border e-commerce retailers, high internet and mobile penetration, widespread acceptance of credit cards and a mature physical infrastructure. Both for the sheer size and growth potential of the market and for the strategic advantage of establishing operations there, Turkey has earned its reputation as a wise investment and one of the most promising emerging e-commerce markets in the world.
Expanding into a new international market is a risky venture but a very rewarding one if done right. For the latest information about how you can build and maintain a strong e-commerce enterprise and keep it compatible with legislation and buying habits at home and abroad, subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest industry news.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerArdexFundsBandeiraCorpEdelweiss5, Daily314, TrueBit, RightRise.
From MNO Standard list: PalUnionMacroBanking, OceanInnovations.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, Dowerly, Xabo (the first instant payments received).

That’s all for today, guys. I hope there was something helpful in there for you and you found what you’re looking for. In any case, all the reviews can be found on the MNO monitoring page under each program’s tab for future reference (remember that only Premium and Standard listed programs qualify for a review on the MNO blog). The only programs I haven’t had time to review yet from the list are RightRise and BusinezBit. I think I’ll have a better look at BusinezBit on Saturday while more information on RightRise will follow on Monday. Of course, we can have new additions in between which you shouldn’t miss, so check out my monitor and ShoutBox often, as these things are always announced there first. And as the HYIP industry are getting hotter with every day now, I believe it possible that more new launches are likely. So stay tuned for more of the biggest programs in the HYIP industry, and I’ll see you all on Saturday, guys!

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