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Beware! BusinezBit has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I you’re all having a nice weekend so far. I’m just using to catch up on some extra work on MNO because well, the HYIP industry never takes a day off. I have a couple of news stories to catch up on tonight, including a rare update from industry leader Zinc7 that was published too late to be included in my blog post. The main item for today though is BusinezBit, which is a new program added to the MNO monitor’s Standard List earlier in the week. I don’t mind telling you though, I have some mixed feelings about this, largely because of conflicting information on different pages of the BusinezBit website that the admin has failed to correct. I can tell you now that if you visit the public area of BusinezBit and look at their investment plans, the descriptions of them are completely wrong. You have to open an account and see the members area for an accurate and proper description, which I will give you below.

Because BusinezBit only deals with BitCoin and not Dollars that’s how I will describe the investment plans. Just as a reference point I can tell you that the exchange rate at the time I am writing this is $1 to 0.00142 BTC while 1BTC is worth around $706. This will change of course and will move up and down throughout the lifetime of BusinezBit so make sure and check it yourself before making any investments.
Let’s look at the numbers then. First of all BusinezBit offer three hugely diverse investment plans, but if I’m honest I can only say I’d bother with the first one myself. I’ll describe them all for you anyway, and you can make up your own mind. The minimum requirement for joining varies but is only 0.001BTC for first of the three plans.

The first option is a perpetual plan, that is to say it has no expiry date and will continue paying you for how ever long BusinezBit manages to stay online. The make hourly payments of 0.06% interest on your principal. There is a minimum lock-in period of 24 hours on your principal, so once that expires you can either take it back and leave BusinezBit completely, or else stick around for a bit longer and see how things go. The least profit you can walk away with therefore is 1.44% (24 payments of 0.06%), and after that you are free to leave anytime you please, or stay for as long as you think BusinezBit can continue paying. Remember that you have an option to withdraw just a part of your deposit and continue collecting hourly interest on the remaining part, as long as it stays within the allowed minimum.

Your next choice is also a perpetual plan, so no expiry date and BusinezBit will continue making payments for as long as they survive. The min/max levels for investments are between 0.01BTC and 50BTC. Interest payments are still made hourly, but double to 0.12%. That would earn you 2.88% in interest over the course of 24 hours, twice as much as the first plan but at no extra cost. So what’s the problem I hear you ask? It’s that BusinezBit do not allow any principal withdrawal at any time. Once you are in this plan, you stay there. 2.88% per day is pretty good, but only if we were looking at it as part of a fixed long term plan. It takes you 35 days to break-even you see, but when you put that alongside another plan in the same program where people can pull out their principals any time after 24 hours it just makes things way too unpredictable. I’m not saying the plan can’t be sustainable, it can, and many other programs have done it in the past, I just don’t think you can run the two of them together at the same time.

The third plan does have a fixed expiry date. It can be joined for anything between 0.1 BTC and 20BTC and it runs for 30 calendar days. BusinezBit offer one single payment on expiry of 150%. This includes your own principal so it’s your own money back plus 50% net profit for yourself. My own opinion of this plan number three is much the same as plan number two, except it has even less to sell it. There’s nothing wrong with it by itself, but it’s the presence of the first plan that makes the others largely unworkable. Anyway, 30 days in the HYIP industry is a very long time for your money to be sitting in someone else’s pocket without earning anything for you, while you just sit there hoping nothing goes wrong.

Incidentally, there is a series of so called “booster” payments available if you are not withdrawing and keeping a certain minimum on your balance at all time. I’m not going into too much detail on them here because it involves you leaving over $7,000 in your BusinezBit account to qualify, and that can’t possibly be recommended. If you want more info anyway then you’ll see the exact rates on the BusinezBit website.

One thing bound to curb the appeal of BusinezBit to a lot of potential investors is going to be the choice (or lack thereof) of payment options. The program is working exclusively with BitCoin, so if you do not have a wallet there or for whatever reasons just don’t like it then that counts you out of BusinezBit completely. On the plus side however your payouts should all be instant. You will still need to log into your BusinezBit members account area to place the request, but once done you should have the money in under a minute. Just one thing I think will be useful to know before joining is that your withdrawal should be at least 0.001 BTC (about $0.60 to $0.70 at the current exchange rate) in order to be processed instantly. Lower withdrawals are allowed by the script but they won’t be processed, so keep this in mind. Fortunately you can cancel them and make another withdrawal when you eventually have enough money in the account to do so.

On the technical side of things BusinezBit begins to look a bit more like a typical online HYIP. In fact the design is actually quite good, it’s just a pity this has been wasted on something so poorly explained and badly written. The BusinezBit website has a Chinese version as well, so maybe that makes more sense than the English one. The script is under license from GoldCoders with the only serious modification being made to accommodate the admin’s wish to operate entirely in BitCoins rather than US Dollars as seen in most other programs. Apart from that it’s very simple to figure out just about everything, as being from GoldCoders anyway it’s always user friendly and easy to navigate. The hosting provider is DDoSCure, not a new name to the HYIP industry but by no means a common one, and they are keeping BusinezBit on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from DDoS attacks. And for an added layer of security there’s an SSL encryption certificate from Comodo in place for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you have any further questions for the admin (and I wish you better luck in getting them answered than I had) or any account related issues in BusinezBit then the main point of contact is by e-mail. Either mail him directly at the address listed, or else fill out your details in the online customer support page and submit that through the contacts page instead. Buttons that indicate Facebook and Skype are not active, just static and do not lead you anywhere, despite the fact that a Facebook profile has been set up. You can find an active link elsewhere. BusinezBit have a regional representative scheme where regular investors act as promoters in return for better referral commission rates, though you’ll need to have at least 0.5BTC invested before you can be offered a position.

A couple of muddled words are all that alludes to any sort of legit business activity, in this case the trading of BitCoin against paper currency. Not that many readers here are likely to believe it or anything, and know better than to pay it much heed. I just repeat it for those who are new to the HYIP industry to remember that any alleged business that you see included in any HYIP and not just BusinezBit is to be taken with a large pinch of salt. Don’t look for guarantees where they shouldn’t be offered, and be realistic in your expectations. That means staying well under a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose, and if you are joining BusinezBit at all then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you have given any serious thought to the matter then, I hope you won’t mind sharing your opinion of BusinezBit with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following poll. It will literally only take a second of your time and is 100% anonymous and untraceable. The intention is only to look back in the future after we know what kind of program BusinezBit develops into and see how many people made good and bad judgment calls. Will you avoid a fast scam or will miss a great opportunity, time will tell, but what’s your first reaction? So:

Will you make an active deposit in BusinezBit?

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Over the first seven weeks on MNO Zinc7 has been nothing but perfection, with flawless almost instant payouts made to all the five payment processors accepted by the program – Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, lucrative investment plans with a tried and tested model which include 7% for 22 business days and 110% after 7 calendar days, a secure custom made script and top notch security of the website in operation, and superior customer support which recently saw the addition of the Live chat where you can resolve your account issues in real time, subject to its availability. Long gone are the days when the program was slammed by critics, especially in its first days online, for being a copycat of other successful projects from the past – people who are now either silent from fear of being ridiculed for their spectacularly mistaken opinions or have just simply joined the program themselves so not to be miss a great money making opportunity like Zinc7. Those who criticized the program for being an impersonator of RapidIncome‘s admin should be really ashamed now, as Zinc7 has already outperformed its supposed original and is still doing great work paying investors lightening fast and expanding its online presence by purchasing more monitors and advertising spots. It shouldn’t be a surprise for you therefore to see Zinc7 sitting on the very top of the Premium List on MNO with the admin having also purchased a big banner spot on my blog for two months in advance. Everything indicates that Zinc7 is here for the long term and that its admin is a hugely experienced player.

The admin of Zinc7 isn’t know for being very talkative, but it’s OK in my view, as investors mostly need action rather than talk, and the superb performance of Zinc7 speaks a thousands of words. Just a couple of days ago I saw the first lengthy update on the website that was posted mostly to clarify some points which the customer support might be getting overwhelmed with, especially as the program’s popularity is on a sharp rise. The last newsletter from Zinc7 which you can find on the program’s website addressed subjects like the correct format for entering payment processor details in the account, timeframe for customer support requests, safety of your account and importance of the PIN set up by you, among other topics. The admin also noted that a translation to five different languages is currently in the works and will be ready soon. All the important information you need to know about Zinc7 can be read in the detailed review posted on the MNO blog here, but also I would like you to pay special attention to some important points from the newsletter below which you should read carefully and in its entirety to better understand the whole process of working with Zinc7:

Important topics being covered
Hello dear participants of Zinc7 Digital Funds Investment Platform!
With a continuous growth in various countries we’ve received many feedback requests. This article will cover all the important information which we think should be known by every investor of our program.
• Importance of setting up correct payment processor details.
While placing payment processor details, you must be careful and, with different payment processor as different details required. Such as Payza (Email), PM (U1234567), Payeer (P1234566), AdvCash (U12345323454444) & Bitcoin (1srASJhshH32434hJSUSjj2aw30012) as examples are required to be saved into your profile for perfect and seamless withdrawals.
• Client Support Requests
Each Support request will take 24-48 business hours to be replied back, and one should not spam his request or be worried before the given timeframe mentioned. Once you contacted our support team, your question will be answered as soon as possible. Be sure to visit our FAQ page https://zinc7.cc/faq where all the frequently asked question being fully covered.
• Security and Safety of your account
Your PIN is very important, during the process of registering an account, make sure that you remember your PIN. This protection code can not be easily restored and if you forget this code all your account data can be lost. The only way to restore this PIN is to follow long process of your ID verification and complete account history lookup.
Keep Zinc7 accounts safe using strong password that does not have obvious symbols or have any similarities with any other password used before on other websites. Keep lengthy passwords and always write down your login data physically. Don’t share your PIN/Password with anybody (not even with Zinc7 officials)
• Upline Partner Change
Please make sure to use a direct affiliate link of your upline partner (U.P). Your U.P. nickname will be set automatically and can be seen during the registration process. Your U.P. cannot be changed although it is possible to set by request made to our customer support team.
• Payouts and withdrawal requests
All payout can take from 24 hours to up to 48 business hours, we strive to pay each payout as seamless can, but one should keep patience in this meantime. If you have any difficulties proceeding your withdrawal request, you can contact our support team and create a ticket but only after the time regalement provided earlier.
• Website Localization
We’ve received so many requests from investors around the globe to provide users with native Zinc7 website localizations. We are delighted to announce that complete package of 5 new natively translated website language versions will come up very soon.
Thanks a lot for your constant support
Providing Confidence Built By Essentials


As you might know from previous updates on the offline expansion of Edelweiss5, the company is famous for opening its offices in physical locations in different cities. And though Edelweiss5 is allegedly incorporated in Germany it seems to have a much tighter connection to Ukraine where most of the action happens. The latest one in this list was Dnepropetrovsk (which I heard is now officially renamed Dnipro) where the presentation is scheduled to be held next Saturday and where everyone is invited to attend according to the following update from Edelweiss5:

Company presentation in Dnepropetrovsk
Ladies and Gentlemen, we invite you to the presentation of our company in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with a great history – Dnepropetrovsk. You will learn a lot of useful and important information about the company. There is discussion of the implementation of new markets, refreshments. Visiting the presentation, you get a chance to participate in the raffle of valuable prizes from the company, the main of which – the newest iPhone 7. The event will be held November 5, 1400 at “Park Hotel” 49027, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, st. Voroshilov 21 D

I’ve already posted quite a lot of information on Edelweiss5 in the review which you can read here and even interviewed the admin of the program here. However, if you don’t want to the details and just want the basics, Edelweiss5 is currently working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, YandexMoney, Qiwi, AdvCash, and even bank wires. The only investment plan is available from a minimum of $50 and it pays 1% on business days (this rate may change from time to time) and a 0.5% fixed return on weekends. The best thing about the payments some Edelweiss5‘s members might like the most is that, although you have an account area in the program, you don’t need to request any withdrawals, as they get sent directly to the same e-currency account you joined with. As the process is fully automated you should expect your payouts to be transferred to you daily over a term of 365 days, i.e. the full calendar year. So far, despite being on Paying status with MNO for over two months, that’s still not enough for investors to reach the profit zone, so only time will tell how Edelweiss5 will perform in the long run.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerArdexFundsBandeiraCorpEdelweiss5, TrueBitDaily314, RightRise.
From MNO Standard list: PalUnion, BusinezBitOceanInnovations.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, Dowerly, Xabo.

That’s it for today, guys. I’m very pleased to see that all sixteen programs from the MNO monitor are performing well and paying on time. One program in particular – Daily314 – is getting more popular every day, the admin recently started adding more monitors to his list and requested an interview on MNO which I have sent to him already and hope to have his answers sometime next week. As the admin is an experienced guy in this field I hope his interview will be curious for both active investors and those still sitting on the fence. By the way, the admin is still working on some improvements for his website and just recently Daily314 has two more language versions added – Spanish and French. I suspect it won’t be the last improvement either. Remember that to find out more information on Daily314 you can always click here and read my detailed review of the program, and wait for the interview soon. Meanwhile there’s only two days left to vote in this week’s poll on the MNO TalkBack page about perpetual programs. The final results will be drawn on Monday when I’m also going to ask you a new question. Also on Monday you can expect a full review of RightRise plus any other news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. I wish you all a very pleasant weekend ahead and see you all Monday!

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