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Beware! Magnum has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I don’t know if it’s just me (or a generational thing) but whenever I hear the word “Magnum” my thoughts automatically turn to Hawaiian shirts, mustaches, 80’s machismo, driving around in a Ferrari looking at bikini models, and Tom Selleck! It was of course the TV series where the actor became a household name, but it’s also the name of a new mid term program added to the MNO monitor’s Standard List. To be exact it’s not strictly speaking really a new program as such, the Magnum website has been online for about a year, but it’s recently (since September) underwent a complete and total redesign and now features completely new investment plans. With that in mind it seems the admin is now ready to start bringing the program to a wider audience of more serious investors, so let’s see what Magnum is all about and whether you think it might be worth a couple of bucks to add to your own portfolios.
Plans then are pretty simple. There are three to choose from, one of which is cheap and affordable, another which is aimed at the more serious bigger spending players, and a third which is to be honest well outside the spending limit of anyone I know. So to start with all you need is a $10 minimum. For this Magnum have a 30 business day term (six weeks), during which investors receive a daily interest payment from Monday to Friday. The rate is 5%, from which your principal is already included so don’t expect that to be returned in a separate payment. The total amount you should expect to earn then is 150%, from which 50% is the net profit. This applies to all deposits up to a maximum value of $9,999, so that’s pretty much everyone looking to join the program.

To put that into monetary terms then and see how a typical sample investment might look, let’s say you were to spend $100 in Magnum. For this the admin would repay you $5 every day for the following 30 business days. You would finish up with $150 in total, containing your own initial hundred plus the extra fifty as your net profit and reward for joining. The most important statistic here of course is always the break-even point. You earn back an amount equivalent to your deposit after 20 of the scheduled 30 payment days which is four weeks. After that you can’t possibly lose any money in Magnum and it’s all pure passive profit.

This continues for investments of $10,000 and upwards, with Magnum offering a better return if anyone is brave enough to risk that kind of money. The term is still 30 business days, however the offer improves to 6% interest per day, again with principal included. That comes to a grand total of 180% by the final payment, or your own money back plus 80% net profit. I guess this is purely academic or theoretical when it comes to amounts of money this size, but if you are interested then the plan has a break-even point of 17 days. Magnum have placed an upper limit of $50,000 on investments to this plan.

Things change direction somewhat for Magnum‘s third plan. To start with it’s going to set you back at least $100 as a minimum to join. And instead of daily interest payments, this time Magnum just offer one single payment on expiry of the term, which in this case runs for 7 calendar days, one week. And please note, I did specify calendar days for this plan, not business days like the previous options. Your principal and profit are all included together in the payment, coming to 111% in total. So we’ll say for the minimum $100 deposit Magnum are offering you back $111 as a payment. Clearly this, when you look at it on a profit per day basis, is nowhere near as good as the daily payment plan. On the other hand however it does have the added benefit of putting you into some (albeit smaller) profit in a faster period of time. So as you can see both plans have certain advantages and disadvantages over each other, it’s simply up to you to decide what your priorities are and how much of a risk you are willing to accept. Of course there is also nothing to say you can’t split your deposit between both of Magnum‘s plans if that’s what you prefer.

If you like the plans then the list of payment processors is the next thing you will probably want to know. At the time of writing it’s actually quite good, vastly improved since Magnum opened first. You can join Magnum using any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash and the recently added Payza if you prefer the more traditional style payment options, and BitCoin for a more modern digital e-currency. Payout requests, when made manually from inside your Magnum members account area, should then be processed instantly. Just log in, submit the request, and the money should be with you in under a minute. I suppose it’s that last most recent addition of Payza that’s going to grab the attention of most of the serious and bigger spending investors. Not a lot of HYIPs are accepting that at the moment due to them not exactly making things easy for the admins when it comes to scamming. But that’s what endears them to investors who are rightly more concerned about their own interests first and foremost. It’s a good move from the admin and shows professionalism I think and a willingness for Magnum to be treated as seriously as any of the biggest and best programs out there competing with them.

Moving on to the more technical side of the Magnum website now, the first thing I can tell you (as a lot of the more experienced investors will observe anyway) is that the script is from GoldCoders. I’ll just confirm that it’s under license from them, and has all the hallmark feature you might expect such as being easy to navigate and having a customer friendly interface. For a hosting provider the Magnum admin has opted for DDoSGuard, a fairly reputable and dependable name serving the HYIP industry, who are keeping the website on a dedicated and DDoS protected server. The Magnum domain name has been registered in advance for the next five years. I mention this not because I actually expect Magnum to run for that long, but rather because it often shows an admin who likes to plan ahead and intends running his program for as long as is realistically possible instead of just a fast scam. Of course a lot of other things need to fall into place and go his way too, but at least that’s his intention. For safer browsing and more secure transactions Magnum also feature an Extended Validation secure SSL encryption certificate from Comodo, so that should give a little extra peace of mind to most of you.

If you have any further questions for the Magnum admin or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then you have a couple of points of contact open to you. Mainly though this is going to be via e-mail, either directly to the address listed on the website or by filling out your details on the online customer support form and submitting on Magnum‘s contact page. A more recent development has been the introduction of a regional representative scheme, where regular investors are invited to get more involved with promotional and support work in exchange for better referral commission rates. Contact the admin if this is something you are interested in. a postal address is listed in the UK where Magnum is registered as a company, however I think most experienced HYIP players will know by now that this can be ignored and is simply used for registration purposes rather than where you would expect to find anyone connected with the program physically located.

As for a business plan, just in case anyone is interested, Magnum just give a very brief and vague few lines about buying shares in new companies. That’s supposed to somehow guarantee your money? Of course not, even if it were true I think regular HYIP players would still know that much can’t be possible, I just mention it for the newbies here. Magnum is just as high risk as anything else in the HYIP industry, so treat them accordingly. Set yourself a sensible and affordable spending limit that you can lose without any serious consequences and easily earn back from other income sources, and if joining Magnum at all then do so as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Just before the news then I would like to ask readers about their own first impressions of the program. Is Magnum something you would consider adding to your HYIP portfolios or do you think you’d rather pass on this one and wait for something else? It’s not just the initial results that are interesting, I think it might be good to look back on the poll in the coming weeks and months as we get a better feel for the direction Magnum takes and see how many people get it right or wrong. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Magnum?

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One more investment plan has become available today in Capitaller (reviewed here). This becomes the seventh plan and the shortest term, paying once on expiry a 1,070% return after a period of 10 business days, i.e. two calendar weeks. Here is the short notice on that posted on the Capitaller website today:

Paying 1070% in 10 trading days. Deposit minimum $500. It is a special VIP plan.

By the way, today saw an important milestone passed for Capitaller which the admin neglected to mention on his website. As of today, the program has been online for an impressive 100 days and since it was listed on MNO on day one, many of my readers have been greatly rewarded for joining there in the beginning and should have managed to complete the first investment cycle and received a 210% to 280% total return on the 3%-4% daily for 70 business days plans. What’s better – they didn’t even have to create an account before making a deposit in the daily paying plan starting from $5 via five payment systems including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, or AdvCash. Just sit back and relax while their daily return is sent directly to the same e-currency account they joined with with from Monday to Friday. Of course, in order to last for so long Capitaller had to create some bait investment plans to feed the smarter investors who joined the daily paying plans. Such plans that Capitaller adds from time to time currently include the following – 1177% after 15 business days, 1210% after 20 business days, 1457% after 35 business days, 1677% after 70 business days – and the most recent 1070% after 10 business days. I would strongly discourage investing into those plans, even though I know they are tempting. Listen to your common sense and always try to find the most sensible investment offers which you think you can genuinely profit from. So far I’m glad to report that Capitaller has been paying fine and I hope will continue, especially as at the moment it’s the only rival for the #1 position on the MNO monitor to Zinc7.


As the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States is still front page news in the world media, it’s understandable that Razzleton (reviewed here) is trying to exploit his image by featureing him prominently on the website homepage and advertising banners. Moreover, it was announced today that a lottery named after Mr. Trump will be held among investors with a $200+ active deposit in Razzleton. The rules of the lottery have been posted in the latest newsletter you can see below and the lucky winner announced on November, 18 will get an iPhone7 or its money equivalent. There are only 100 lottery tickets available up for grabs, so if you’re feeling lucky and believe that the next American President and the weather forecast will be a lucky charm please apply for a ticket on the website of Razzleton:

Donald Trump Lottery
Win an iPhone7 this Friday!
Terms of participation:
There are 100 tickets in the lottery (00-99).
1 ticket represents one active $200+ deposit*.
One person may hold up to 3 tickets. Your ticket number represents your position in the participants’ list.
You may win a new Apple iPhone 7 (we will send you an iPhone 7 or a cash amount equivalent to $650)
Prize draw procedure:
The lottery will take place at 05:00 PM GMT on 11/18/2016
To determine the winner, we will open the website and calculate the sum of the current temperatures (°F) in Singapore, Athens, Manila, Dubai, and Miami at 05:00 PM GMT on 11/18/2016. The number of the winning ticket will be the last two digits of that sum.
The winner’s number and login will be announced in our Skype and Telegram chatrooms.
Send in your applications to participate!
* If you already have an active $200+ deposit, you only need to apply for participation. If the deposit expires before the prize draw (11/18/2016, 05:00 PM GMT), you will need to specify the details of the current deposit now and create a new $200+ deposit after the current one expires.
Submit your application
You can apply for participation here. Applications will be added to the list in order of placement, after being reviewed by our managers. Your number in the list is your ticket number. Applications are accepted until 04:00 PM GMT on 11/18/2016 Participate

Despite Razzleton officially running since last December you should really treat it as a relatively new program, as it has been redesigned both externally and internally just recently and is now a well-crafted healthcare related website and a brand-new set of investment plans. It includes a few investment plans paying every calendar day with principal return on expiry – 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days – and a few other on expiry paying plans that I would not really recommend – 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days. Investments in Razzleton can start from as little as $10 via eight payment options, including PerfectMoney, Neteller, YandexMoney, Qiwi, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, and AdvCash.


Just recently I noticed that about a third of the MNO traffic is coming from Japan, if you believe what you see on Alexa. So, considering this general spike of interest from Japan towards the HYIP industry perhaps, it does make good sense that the next translation of the RightRise website be Japanese. This was just announced last night, joining English, German, and Vietnamese that can be easily accessed by changing the language tab in the top right-hand corner of the website. This news should definitely boost Japanese traffic to RightRise and might be another stepping stone on the path of the program to international recognition and success:

Japanese language
Japanese translation has been added.
We wish you a great income and a better mood!

If you read my original review of RightRise posted here, you might be aware of the policy of gradual expansion the admin follows since first coming online over three weeks ago. So not only more languages have been added over the course of the program’s lifetime, but also the payment processor available options have become wider and more appealing to a wider audience since the moment of RightRise‘s official launch. The current choice of payment methods which you can use to buy $30 worth shares to make 1% to 3% daily profits for an unlimited term includes the following options – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and most recently also LiteCoin. Most of the payment methods are accepted in different currencies (some include USD, EUR, and RUB) and all the withdrawal requests are generally processed instantly. As the admin clearly knows how to gradually expand and is very flexible in the payments he can assign to members’ account in daily profits I believe RightRise has a bright future ahead.


Just a couple of hours ago it became clear that Zinc7 had issues with Payza withdrawals that emerged last night and which the admin hoped to resolve by today. Alas, this hasn’t happened yet and, as seen in the latest update posted on the Zinc7 website, the program has to temporary stop processing withdrawals to Payza and return previously requested withdrawals to members balances. This way any affected members with Payza deposits will be able to withdraw to other payment processors, provided they are using any. You see, the script Zinc7 is running off only allows one pending request at a time, and since withdrawals to other payment processors are still processed instantly or within five minutes it’s important to cancel any pending requests to Payza until the situation with their security department highlighted in the latest newsletter is resolved to Payza’s satisfaction and withdrawals there can resume:

Payza Withdrawal on hold, wait for further updates
Hello Users,
Due to some security check that is practised by Payza Security Team our Merchant Business Account is on hold on temporary basis and once the check is clear by them, they will allow us to continue members payments. Only Payza Users will be affected in this meantime and we request you all to keep patience. We have canceled pending requests so users can withdraw other available balance from remaining processors – Regardless of this, all other payment processors are working intact with deposit/withdrawal functions. Please wait for further updates.
Confidence Built By Essentials, LLC
Zinc7 Team

As the admin of Zinc7 noted in the newsletter, all other deposits and withdrawals made via the other options – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash – stay the same and are unaffected. So, you can be sure that by investing in Zinc7‘s investment plans (whether it’s 7% for 22 business days or 110% after 7 calendar days) you will have a good experience and be paid instantly or very fast. While the temporary issue with Payza remains, affected members should wait patiently for a successful resolution. As we learnt from previous examples of such incidents with Payza it usually takes them just a couple of days to put things right. In any case, I’m sure an appropriate solution for all Payza investors in Zinc7 will be found and everybody will be satisfied, as the program is certainly too big now to be affected negatively by this small incident. I hope the admin of Zinc7 will keep doing a good job and will update me, like he did today in real-time, of the situation with Payza withdrawals, so my readers will be the first to know when and how this is going to be resolved. Stay tuned for more updates from still the #1 program on MNO Zinc7 (reviewed here)!


Two very different programs have been moved to Scam status on the MNO monitor over the last two days – ForexBrothers and OceanInnovations. Both of them scammed for different reasons, but I’m pleased that attentive readers who regularly view my blog can avoid further losses if they paid close attention. Please take this warning seriously – ForexBrothers and OceanInnovations will not pay you, so don’t even attempt to invest there if you don’t want to be scammed.

Looking at OceanInnovations the program stopped paying after 25 day, so only the first investors were able to get 50% back on their investment with the 2% daily forever plan. Six days ago when OceanInnovations was offline due to some technical issues they sent a weird update where advertising another program which I refused to name on my blog. Clearly this was either a donor for the main program, or to become a separate fast scam. Well, whatever the reason it was certainly up to no good and once the new short-term version collapsed, the main program would follow. That’s exactly how it happened and it took OceanInnovations just a few days after my warning to stop paying. As the program was not popular among my readers I guess the OceanInnovations admin tried to make a few bucks by launching a scam when he realized the major program was going nowhere.

ForexBrothers proved to be one of the most popular short-term programs of the year, and despite only being listed on MNO for 11 days it brought profits to the vast majority of people who joined the original (later discontinued) 0.63% for 240 hours plan. However, what I believe was vital to the program’s survival is the admin’s ability to frequently change the investment terms to suit his needs and keep paying to as many smaller investors as possible by exploiting people’s greed. Even after the complete overhaul of the investment plans and defying all expectations, the admin managed to pay for the next five days not only to everyone on the hourly plan, but also to those who in the 120% after 1 day plan. This certainly couldn’t last for long, and on the fifth day after the new plans were introduced it was time to pay the first investors who joined ForexBrothers‘ 250% after 5 days plan. No surprise the admin wasn’t able to do this, and move their deposits to the 30-day plan without asking. This obviously created an outraged response with many complaints, which nevertheless were largely ignored by their fellow investors as unproved and untrusted. ForexBrothers then kept paying instantly to other investors and yet again added even higher risk plans offering first 200%-500% after one day and then 120% after one hour. I tried my best to warn readers many times about this, but the instant processed payouts on the hourly and after one-day plans seem to have completely blinded some investors and clouded their judgment. The most daring ones kept jumping into the longer plans and actually throwing away large amounts of money, because the admin had absolutely neither the intention or the ability to pay them. Yet this marathon of hourly payouts was great and allowed many investors to come away with either 50% profit over ten days, or 120% profit after just one day, if they joined at a later stage. Now that ForexBrothers disabled instant withdrawals I believe that no one can deny that the admin did some very creative work and defied expectations. The results are positive, just not for all investors, but I hope many of my readers played it safe and made a profit.


Following the huge success of ForexBrothers I’ve been asking myself whether it was possible to make a popular program offering just hourly paying plans. Then I decided that it would be a perfect question for an opinion poll. So, the new question for the MNO TalkBack asks – Do you regularly invest in hourly paying HYIPs?
1) Yes, if I feel a program has potential.
2) In rare cases only, if it looks great.
3) No, I consider such programs unstable.

Remember that the voting will only take a few seconds and will be greatly appreciated. You can submit your vote on the MNO TalkBack page here and I’ll draw the results of the poll sometime next week.

For last week’s question I was curious to know how the MNO readers rank my monitor’s performance in terms of accuracy and speed in moving programs between statuses for more secure investment experience. The exact question was this – Are you satisfied with the accuracy of the MNO monitor? Over the last week there were a few cases when MNO was either the first or one of the first monitors to change the status of monitored programs, thus saving some investors’ money which is always been my priority when reporting scams, even faster than many regular investors become aware of them, either due to selective payouts or other negative feedback reports from my readers. And I can see it was really appreciated with almost 67% given by those who rate the accuracy of the MNO monitor very highly. 24% of the voters said the standard was acceptable compared to others, and only 9% expressed any dissatisfaction with the level of accuracy on the MNO monitor. Well, I also asked anyone with negative feedback to share their concerns and explain exactly what it is they don’t like. No surprise that no one actually replied to this, so I guess those votes are are from that group who hate MNO, yet can’t stop reading anyway. I can’t influence their negative opinions, nor do I care enough to try, but I do appreciate the 91% of my readers who reacted positively and rated my work as a monitor as “good” or “excellent”. Thumbs up, guys, and thanks for your active participation in the MNO TalkBack polls!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, Capitaller, TrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, SoftmeetBitEdelweiss5, RightRiseBeyondPetroleumRazzleton, YiwuWorld.
From MNO Standard list: PalUnionMagnum.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechHYIP-A, XaboDowerly, BigVenture5, Palmills.

That’s all the news for tonight I think. Stay tuned for more as by Friday I’ll have a detailed look at YiwuWorld which looks to be on the way to becoming a top performer in the industry. And of course, all the major events from the programs featured on the Premium and Standard Lists on the MNO monitor will be covered as well. Please vote in the latest opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page, share your views or ask me any questions via this contact form, subscribe to the daily news here, and follow MNO on Facebook and Twitter. The autumn HYIP season is still going strong and there will be much to discuss on Friday when I’ll be writing to you from Caribbean island of St. Lucia where I’m going to have a short winter vacation. Thanks for staying with MNO and see you all on Friday!

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