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Hi, guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog. Still waiting on the interview with the Mexeer admin that was promised earlier. The program itself is really original and it was already reviewed on the MNO blog here, but I would really like to hear from the admin of Mexeer himself on all the unique features including the recently opened exchanger service. Well, I hope to see it sometime next week, as the admin told me he was very busy recently, but promised to work on the answers and send it back soon, so fingers crossed for that.

Another reason for not posting earlier this weekend is the general lack of news. None of the programs covered on the blog was affected by the autumn blues and so far everything of Premium and Standard listing on the monitor is still paying fine. Lots of stability is probably the most influential landmark this autumn and I hope things go just as smoothly for December as well. If you’re looking for the best of the best you can click here and check out the latest article on the most stable and most popular programs currently listed on MNO from the Top Five series.

I hope that you’re doing well this weekend, guys, as on a personal note today is my last day of a short vacation in the wonderful tropical island of St. Lucia, and with over twenty degrees in temperature difference with London I’m certainly not looking forward to the flight back tomorrow. On a brighter side though, I’ve already got something else in the pipeline, this time to Iceland for the other extreme where I’m going to spend a week in December to truly appreciate winter. So, all the peace and quiet in the HYIP industry overall definitely helps me to unwind and relax in the sun, but I will be more refreshed and better able to serve the HYIP community in the upcoming winter months which traditionally mark a slow-down. I hope though that it won’t affect negatively the current programs and, moreover, from my many years of experience I can tell you that many new great programs usually launch deliberately within the slow festive season with a clear intention to fully show their potential in the 2017. So keep a close eye on the new programs coming to the MNO next week, and perhaps you’ll find another future leader among them. Anyway, I feel very optimistic regarding the new winter season, guys, but what about you?

Before the news please take a look at the question and vote. Results of the current poll running on the MNO TalkBack page will be also drawn after the news section, so keep reading for more.

Do you think December will be better or worse than the autumn?

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Quite a controversial new set of investment plans was added to Magnum – a former “sleeper” program that was just joined the Standard listing on MNO in its new incarnation two weeks ago and was already reviewed here. The newly added plans include 125% after 10 days for investments in the range of $500 to $2,000 and the even higher 150% after 10 days for investments from $5,000 to $7,500 (note the gap between them) and, according to the admin, the offer will be limited to 100 deposits in each. Whether such plans are to be avoided or not is only up to you, and I guess at least one of them being quite reasonable, 125% after 10 days, looks no less achievable than the older 117% after 7 days plan or 111% after 7 days plan. The other new one promises 150% after 10 calendar days seems to less sustainable with significantly lesser chance to profit, as it requires the minimum of $5K to invest, but since Magnum does work with Payza, as well as more traditional HYIP-related payment processors like PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash, and does process withdrawals instantly, it will probably find some takers. The admin of Magnum perhaps sees the opportunity to market such high on expiry plans to larger investors in order to maintain a healthy cashflow required to pay members who picked the daily paying plans that offer 5% to 6% daily rates of interest for 30 business days (Monday to Friday only, unlike the once on expiry paying plans counted in calendar days). It would be a mistake not to see that Magnum might possibly have cashflow issues at the moment, or the admin just foresees them in the near future, if he doesn’t attract larger investors able to sponsor payouts to smaller ones over the next couple of weeks. Anyway, the second addition of new investment plans in Magnum over the last couple of weeks indicates some possible problems which are not immediately obvious, as withdrawals are still being processed promptly and instantly as they should. In any case, everything will be clear next week and we will see if Magnum can continue as it claims for more than a year online:

Upcoming 400 Days Celebration
Dear Readers
Great news for everyone! It’s been more than 390 days since you’ve been walking the road of success. Hopefully, you’re as excited as we are! As usual, to celebrate our achievements; we always present an opportunity to earn a little extra with us. For this period the opportunity is presented in the form of a “125% after 10 calendar days and 150% after 10 calendar days” – it’s genuine opportunity for anyone to have such loyal investor base as we do. However, bear in mind that offer is valid for 1st 100 Investors, in order to stay within the budget.
Below are the Highlights so far:
– As a team, we decided to keep a tradition of representing fresh investment opportunities to our investors with a New and attractive packages.
The new packages offers 150% after 10 calendar days and 125% after 10 calendar days.
These Investment packages are limited.
Available for Only 1st 100 Investors.
Thank you for spending time in reading this short newsletter. All is well and should remain well.
Thank you for being part of our company.
Magnum Opus Investment Ltd


RightRise has added yet another crypto-currency today which will be even less popular that the already available options BitCoin and LiteCoin. I have to wonder what the real reason for this is, as I have no idea if the vast majority of readers even heard of DogeCoin. Anyway, here we are and the admin announced it today:

We are adding another payment system, which was chosen among dozens of others.
This time we decided to add DogeCoin, because in our opinion it is the third most popular cryptographic currency. The new currency will be displayed in abbreviated as DOGE.
We wish you success and prosperity! Sincerely yours, RightRise team.

Although investors of RightRise should definitely appreciate the admin’s attempts to offer more payment options and therefore cater to a wider audience, I still believe that, for instance, Payza is on top of many potential investors wishlists and are far more widespread than this crypto-currency. I hope though that the admin will work on that and we will see a genuinely popular currency like Payza added soon too. For now, if you’re not a huge fan of BitCoin or similar crypto-currencies, you can always go in favor of PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, or NixMoney when joining RightRise. Share prices start at $30 with 1% to 3% daily income on that for an unlimited term which can also be further improved by a system of boosters. If that sound a bit complicated but you’re nevertheless inspired to find out more about RightRise and its unique features you can always do so by referring to the full review of the program published here.


I’m pleased that the admin of SoftmeetBit seems to have been addressed the frequent issues faced by his site recently by being inaccessible for prolonged periods of time, which even prompted me to change the status of the program to Waiting. Apparently the protection that used to be provided by DDoSCure was not sufficient enough to stand up to attacks, so the admin decided to go with the time-proven provider CloudFlare as posted in a very short message in the news section of his website a couple of days ago:

Dear investors
We’ve UPGRADED our server and DDoS protection system.

SoftmeetBit (reviewed here) which has been monitored by MNO for about four weeks and despite a lack of obvious popularity has proved to be quite a success with at least one shortest 15-day investment cycle completed twice. The full list of plans in SoftmeetBit include 1.2%-1.5% for 15 days, 1.8% for 30 days, and 2% for 45 days. The shortest investment plan starts from a $7 minimum accepted via BitCoin or PerfectMoney and the minimum increases for longer-term plans. The complex plans will actually be counted in calendar days, but will pay you on business days only, so for the 15-day plan you will only get 11 payouts Monday to Friday until expiry when your principal is returned. These might not appeal to everyone, but overall the admin has proved more than capable of managing the program and running it properly by improving it as the time passes. The latest security upgrade is perhaps the best proof of this.


The last item up for discussion in this final news update for the weekend is the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. I think enough people have voted by now and the figures don’t look as if they are going to change significantly by keeping the poll open for another couple of days, and since it’s the weekend anyway and there hasn’t been much else of note I thought I may as well go ahead and draw the results. The topic was something that had arisen in the HYIP industry, actually something that’s never really been that far from the news looking back over the years, which is the so called “sleeper” programs. I suppose it’s worth just giving a little bit of background info as to what exactly that term means in the HYIP industry, even though I’m sure that longer term readers and experienced players will know well what it means already.

A sleeper is basically a program that is deliberately kept away from public view, despite being online and a functioning website. There will be no advertising, no active pursuit of investors, and at most just one or two low key monitors with minimal deposits to be served. If any investors happen to stumble across the program by accident, it’s not even clear if some of them would even accept you if you tried make a deposit there. The logic behind this is that maybe a year later, often running other active programs while just sitting on the sleeper, the admin then decides the market is right to start promoting it properly now. Maybe the plans he wants to offer simply weren’t popular at the time – short, mid, and longer term sometimes do collectively dominate the industry after all, not always but often enough, and he is waiting for his personal preference to become trendy again. Other times professional repeat admins know in their own heads that they are always going to run a new program as soon as their current one collapses, so maybe this can be a good way of doing all the organizational work far in advance. Other admins just want to create the impression of a long running successful business with a “proven track record of long term payments” (this is why I said one or two low key monitors are added, to support this huge claim for a cheap price). The two best examples of programs using this tactic currently listed on MNO include Razzleton (reviewed here) who you can technically trace back to December 2015 even though they are only on MNO just over two weeks, and Magnum (reviewed here) online even longer since November 2015 but listed on MNO exactly two weeks as of today.

Usually when the admin is ready to bring the sleeper into the mainstream HYIP industry he will do so with a complete re-design and with a completely different set of now attractive plans. Then all of a sudden this professionally built great looking website springs to everyone’s attention with fantastic investment plans and a long term proven record of payments. So, what do readers make of it all? I knew this has always been a popular tactic among HYIP admins, perhaps less noticeably so these days than in previous years, but are the investors still as interested in them as before? The exact question you were asked then was:
Do you like “sleepers” compared to brand new programs when investing?

To my surprise a lot more readers turned out to be more positive that I would have guessed, with 43% of you voting “Yes, I like “sleepers” as the admins are definitely looking for long-term results”. 29% of the voters took a more pragmatic view, saying instead that “Sometimes, only if they re-launch with a professional design and better plans”. In third position with 19% of the vote are the readers who take a more uniformly negative attitude to the whole concept of sleepers, voting “No, I prefer brand-new programs, as I believe I stand a better chance to profit”. The remaining 9% of you are not impressed either way, taking all programs on an individual basis by voting “Don’t care, I never take this factor into consideration when joining”.

For the next TalkBack opinion poll I want to ask something which is admittedly very loosely tied in with the coming holiday season. I know I know, we are still in November so no one wants to talk about Christmas, but it’s less than four weeks away and like it or not it’s going to have an impact on everyone’s portfolios. I know that some people are expanding their investments around this time in the hope of making the extra money they need to get through the next couple of weeks, whereas other folks are scaling things back, even if for very similar reasons, thinking they don’t really have the extra cash to spare needed to join more HYIPs. I’m not really asking about your personal philosophy for this time of the year now, or what strategy you have in place until we seen in January 2017. So for now I simply want to ask about the size of your portfolios. The exact question I want to ask MNO readers is this:
As of today, how many HYIPs do you have an active deposit in?

Possible answers include:
Zero to five.
Six to ten.
Eleven to twenty.
More than that.

As always thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote, not that it really takes a lot of either, guys. Your contribution is always greatly appreciated and remember that voting only takes literally a couple of seconds, how ever fast it takes you to make up your mind, and is completely anonymous and untraceable. I hope to leave the poll up and running until most likely next weekend when we will already be into December which will give everyone who wants to vote a reasonable opportunity to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Zinc7, CapitallerTrueBitArdexFundsBandeiraCorp, Edelweiss5, SoftmeetBitRightRiseBeyondPetroleumRazzleton, Mexeer.
From MNO Standard list: Magnum.
From MNO Basic list: EarnTechXaboHYIP-A, Dowerly, Palmills.

That’s all for today’s news updates, guys. Thanks a lot for reading MNO and see you back in the next business week which will hopefully be more active in the good sense of the term. Meanwhile, I urge you to always check the status of the program on the MNO monitor you consider joining on my monitor and make sure it has Paying status. You know that my site is almost always the first to change statuses if programs get into trouble, as I always keep myself in the loop and my readers sometimes really help me with that. So, if you have any questions to me please forward them via this contact form, or post on the ShoutBox where questions and discussions of the listed programs are always welcome. And please vote in both polls I have made for you or to check the results of them to see what your fellow investors think. The results of the main poll on the MNO TalkBack page will be drawn sometime next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you back on the MNO blog very soon!

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