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22/01/2017. Weollee Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Weollee has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! Hope the weekend went well for you all and you’re looking forward to the opportunities a new business week might bring our way. One such possible opportunity is a brand new open-ended term program called Weollee that I’m going to be looking into in more depth in today’s main article. It’s been an outstanding start to the year though, and even already just three weeks in to what I thought would be a good month anyway it turns out to be hands down the best January I can remember for many many years now in the HYIP industry. In fact I have what may well be another potential industry hit just added to my monitor today, a brand new program with a variety of term plans. More on that in the news section so keep reading, but first let’s concentrate on Weollee for now.

When I describe Weollee as an open-ended term program what I mean is that you can remain a member for as long as you like. You can leave after 24 hours, you can leave after a year, you can leave anytime you like, or you don’t have to leave at all. Weollee differs from typical “perpetual” programs which pay you for as long as they run but don’t allow you to leave. With Weollee they too pay you for as long as their program survives, except here you can make a full or partial re-claim of your principal at a time that best serves you. There are many other features that make Weollee a unique program with an individual identity all of its own too of course, so that’s what I want to do today, look at the program’s main features and see whether you guys think it might be a suitable addition to your own portfolios or not.
I suppose the first thing we need to make clear about Weollee is that it’s another in a short but growing and relatively well-known and successful line of HYI programs using the Telegram instant messaging system to manage itself. A lot of you will already know how this works, but a lot of you will not, so I think it’s worth giving some background information before we move on to the investment plans. If you’re new to Telegram then please note that the messenger is of course totally independent here and not directly connected with anything in the HYIP industry, it’s just being used by some programs. By using or downloading Telegram you are not downloading anything (software, etc) from a HYIP, no more than you would be by using Facebook or Whatsapp. So, when you visit the Weollee website for the first time you need to click the button marked “Mission Start”. This is what re-directs you to the Telegram site where you can activate and start interacting with the Weollee bot.

It also occurs to me that while Weollee is by no means the first Telegram based HYI program, it is I believe the first one ever with no expiry date that allows you to request your principal back in full instantly at any time and leave without any fees or notice. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this approach, because on one hand the flexibility is a major selling point for Weollee, there’s always the unknown factor as what happens if too many people all decide they wish to leave together at the same time, or at least a significantly higher number than join during the same period. To avoid a complete mass panic the admin should therefore have a decent cash reserve in place to avoid such a situation, so let’s hope he has the foresight to realize this.

To make an investment in Weollee then, you are going via the Telegram site, either the online app for a mobile device or the web version if you simply don’t want to download anything. In the menu you will see the fairly self explanatory “Make Investment” button. When you click this, you will next be prompted to select what payment processor you would like to use. After making your choice a number of blocks appear on the screen, with various amounts of money in them, i.e. $10, $50, $100, $500, and so on. Please note that these are merely suggestions, and you do not necessarily have to click on any of them. Just enter the amount you want to spend manually and proceed from there.

So if everything is clear about that and you’re OK to proceed, let’s take a look at the numbers. You will need a $10 minimum to join Weollee, and with no stated maximum are free to spend what ever amount of money you deem it acceptable to risk. In return for this you can claim back 1.5% interest every day, either for as long as the program survives or as long as you decide to remain a member.

There’s really not a great deal I can add at about the plan at this point, it might sound vague but it really is just a case of the individual investor filling in the blanks. The plan is what ever you want to make of it, and there are as many strategies as there are investors. It’s hard to give one single example, but let’s say you join Weollee with $100. You earn $1.50 per day back on this for however long you wish to leave it there. The lock-in period is 24 hours, also the length of time it takes for your first interest payment to be credited, so when the withdrawal button is activated you may now withdraw pretty much any amount you wish. You can just take your interest payment, allowing you to earn the same amount again the following day, you can make a partial withdrawal of your principal and continue earning 1.5% interest albeit on a smaller deposit, or you can claim back everything and leave Weollee completely with a small but fast profit. Personally as a monitor I have an obligation to keep some money in Weollee for as long as the program stays online, so that’s my strategy. The rest of you will have to decide what your own goals are from the program and plan accordingly.

There is, in a manner of speaking anyway, a second investment plan of sorts available in Weollee. It isn’t open to first time investors coming to the program looking to start with an investment there, but rather you must already have an existing active deposit in the original plan. If so, the so-called “turbo neurons” become available. This is simply an option to move your principal into a what looks a bit like a more traditional style HYIP plan. The lock-in period here is 10 calendar days during which you will not be allowed to withdraw anything. Weollee will credit your account with 2% interest per day, however it’s not just your principal that gets locked in, it’s your interest payments as well. That also means they are compounded, allowing them to add up to a bit more than the 20% you might expect by the end of the term, at which point Weollee will release everything. Generally that would just mean your money moving back to the regular daily payment plan, though in practice of course it’s really your decision on how you proceed at this point. It’s up to you if you want to try for another ten day lock-in, just withdraw your profits, move everything back to the perpetual plan, make a partial re-investment with the turbo neurons, etc etc. There’s no end to the possible options really.

As I explained above how to make a deposit in Weollee, let’s see now how to make a withdrawal. Again this is all done through your account in Telegram, not the Weollee website itself. From the menu there, just click the Withdrawal button. This gives you the list of payment options you currently have funds in that can be withdrawn, and the amount of money available in each. You will be given three options here. A template with pre-set figures (as you saw when making a deposit, just click on the box containing the amount you want), an option to simply manually type in the amount you would to withdraw, or else a button offering you to withdraw the entire amount held in Weollee, principal plus whatever interest payments you have allowed to accumulate there. So again you can just withdraw the interest, make a partial principal withdrawal but continue earning as a member of Weollee, or take everything and leave the program completely.

If you’d like to try your luck with Weollee and see what kind of a profit you can take from the program, then the next thing you should know about is what are your payment options. By current industry standards I guess it’s acceptable, with deposits being taken via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash if you prefer the more traditional payment handlers, and BitCoin for direct e-currency investments. One thing that might endear Weollee to a greater number of investors is the offer of instant withdrawals. Just log into your account as usual and submit a request for what ever amount you are looking to take back out of Weollee, and it should be with you in under a minute. BitCoin withdrawals will take a bit longer to show up of course, though Weollee themselves still process them instantly it’s just out of their hands that they take a while to find their way through the BitCoin network and into your wallet. Also don’t forget to specify your payment processor details on activating the Weollee bot, this is to make sure that they know exactly where to send your payment requests once you submit them. I know it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget, and then blame the admin for not knowing where he’s supposed to be sending the payments. So from inside your Telegram account on the menu you should select the “Settings” section. There you can add the details and account numbers of all the payment processors you think you might be using, as well as set the language to the option that suits you best (in this case English or Russian).

While it’s clear that Telegram if you look at it as an operating system is much more important to Weollee in practical terms, i.e. the whole financial management of the program and members accounts, don’t underestimate the actual Weollee website itself either. It might be secondary to Telegram when it comes to operations but it’s still important to have a good functioning and independent website for a program like this one, and in this case Weollee have done so excellently, creating something quite impressive. The need for a script in the traditional sense of course is removed, with all important operations going through the Telegram platform, though even still the Weollee website is very well constructed, user-friendly throughout, and just about any questions you might have about how it all works are explained. Technical and security features are equally impressive with no corners cut. Hosting is on a dedicated and protected server with the tech support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard who remain a well respected service provider in the HYIP industry. For an extra layer of site security there is an SSL encryption certificate by Comodo, and the Weollee domain name has been registered for ten years in advance which to me shows an admin who likes planning ahead.

If you happen to have any further questions about the program then the first thing I want to point out is that the Weollee bot is currently bi-lingual, so you can choose between English and Russian before getting started in the first place. If that doesn’t help you to understand everything, or you have any further questions or account related issues that need to be dealt with then the only real communication channel is going to be through the Telegram messaging system. Have a look at the Weollee FAQ page first of course, though to be honest this seems to deal a lot more with background information that’s not of much practical use to investors as opposed to any helpful advice or a step-by-step guide.

As for any alleged business activities supporting the program, this isn’t something I’d suggest you spend a great deal of time on. Weollee describes itself as a “neural network designed to make everyone on the Earth happy”. Experienced investors will know perfectly well to treat Weollee like any other regular HYIP. For anyone else new to the industry and tempted to search for some kind of meaning in something so vague and sketchy, don’t bother, all that’s going on here is that Weollee will continue making payouts as long as more more money is going into the program than is taken back out. Simple as that, just like every other HYIP So take account of the risks that go with investing, set yourself a sensible spending limit you can afford to lose and recoup easily from other sources, and if joining Weollee then use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio. In many ways it’s exactly what makes Weollee most appealing to a wider audience, i.e. the option to withdraw your principal any time after 24 hours, makes its greatest selling point its greatest liability in equal measure. What makes the program so extremely flexible is also what makes it unpredictable and volatile, for instance what happens if too many people decide to eave at the same time? On the other hand it only takes 24 hours to get in and out with a profit, so everything after that is just your own judgment call.

Just one final matter then before we move on to the news section, I hope readers won’t mind sharing their own thoughts on the program. Will the program be a hit or or is it just too volatile to be a longer term success do you think? Please vote in the following poll about Weollee which as always is completely anonymous. I think in the weeks and months to come it will give a more interesting picture about how many people made the correct judgment call about the program and its chances of success right from the start. So:

Will you make an active deposit in Weollee?

View Results

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I’ll start the news section with by introducing the newest addition to the MNO Premium List – a program called AutomatedEnergy. In this case I must say that the name really makes perfect sense, as it allegedly invests in power generating and offers fully automated payouts on investments starting from $10 ($100 for some plans), or even its equivalent in different currencies like Rubles and Bitcoin. And as the company’s registration address is in Moscow with certificates uploaded on the website, it explains why Rubles are accepted along with US Dollars and the site is translated into Russian as well. The fully automated payouts should be the main selling point of the program that makes payments every 24 hours to the same e-currency account you join with. Investment plans include 11% for 10 days, 5% for 30 days, and 4% for 90 days, principal included, with all plans in calendar days. Payment options in AutomatedEnergy include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and YandexMoney which should be more than enough to satisfy most people. Automated payments have been tested so I can confirm they work perfectly well so AutomatedEnergy is now on Paying Status on the MNO monitor. A more detailed review is going to be posted no later than Thursday. Technically speaking the website looks really well and is powered by a totally custom-made script, is hosted on a dedicated and protected server by GeniusGuard, and is standard SSL secured by Comodo. The admin is quite responsive and, in my opinion, knows what he’s doing having added his program to the Premium List on MNO just ten days after its official launch, meaning the very first investors on the shortest paying plan should be in profit by now.


Have you ever wanted to step into the world of parallel reality and see how a HYIP really works behind closed doors? Or at least to visualize of how the ideal HYIP office would look like if it ever existed? My regular readers might know how easy it is to register a company in the UK and how cheap and anonymous the whole process is. In fact as an experiment I tried it myself once and described the whole process in this article. Still, HYIP admins always want to show off something they do not represent – a true investment company. For that reason professional studios with actors are hired which creates reality in the eyes of some gullible people. I’m talking, of course, about the latest attempt by the admin of RightRise Ronald Allison to present a video of the company’s office in the UK and make people lose their heads and invest what they cannot afford to lose. Don’t get me wrong – such a move should be applauded for encouraging growth. RightRise have been paying 1% to 3% daily “forever” profits for over three months already. Payments are instant on $30 shares to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, BTC-E, YandexMoney, and NixMoney accounts. As with any other program in the HYIP industry, including the ever popular RightRise (reviewed here), nothing lasts forever so their admins should always work hard to ignite further interest and maintain a healthy cashflow in order to continue. The admin of RightRise has done everything he could so I can only praise his determination in constantly adding new languages and payment processors, and even such unorthodox and probably expensive methods like video presentations made by professional actors as updated below. The video can be watched on the RightRise website and on the MNOVision page where I asked my programmer to add it as soon as possible:

Video Tour
For a long time we are getting questions about our office. Very many people are wondering how it looks and why there are no pictures on the website. Well, to all who are interested – can now watch a video tour of our office, headed by our director, Ronald Allison.
We hope that the video tour fully satisfy the interests of everyone who, for one reason or another could not come in person to our office and see everything with his own eyes.
We wish you great success and big stable earnings with the Right Rise LTD.
Yours faithfully, RightRise team


As you might know from the Razzleton‘s advertising materials and banners they seem to be huge fans of the recently sworn in President of the United States Donald Trump who features prominently on many of them. They are actually so fond of Mr. Trump they offered a 5% deposit bonus investment which was available during the whole inauguration day of January 20, so if you had happened to invest on that day GMT time you would have been credited some extra money simply to mark the event. The 5% bonus which has now expired was available for all the deposits made in Razzleton‘s paying once on expiry 150% after 15 business days, 500% after 20 business days, 300% after 30 business days, 1500% after 40 business days, 1000% after 60 business days, 5000% after 90 business days or daily with principal included 2.1% for 15 days, 2.3% for 30 days, 2.9% for 55 days via all the various accepted payment methods including PerfectMoney, Neteller, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, NixMoney, YandexMoney, or Qiwi:

The bonus in honor of Donald Trump’s inauguration.
The world is in anticipation of the inauguration of the new US president Donald Trump, which is to be held on January 20th, 2017. Razzleton HealthCare Limited could not ignore this resounding event: on such an important day we offer you the opportunity to receive a 5%-bonus for making a deposit.
Our offer is only valid for a day: from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT. The bonus is given automatically after making the deposit. Even more extra money will be available to everyone!
President recommends Razzleton!

For those unable to take advantage, don’t despair as such things are a regular feature in the program. Another promotion like this or even better is probably just around the corner. I hope next time I’ll be able to report these promotions from Razzleton while they are actually still running and active, but as I post once every two days on the MNO blog due to my vacation in New Zealand then this one was a bit late. However for more information you can always check the News section of the program’s website. By the way, the latest exciting news from Razzleton (reviewed here) running successfully for over a year already, is an announcement of the ongoing development of Android and iOS apps that are currently in testing stages and will be available for mobile fans of Razzleton soon. I’m sure that once it’s done the company will have even more deposits, so once the apps are ready MNO readers will be the first to know. Meanwhile, read the latest update from Razzleton below:

Razzleton mobile app coming to your gadgets soon!
Razzleton HealthCare Limited keeps expanding the boundaries of the possible. To let all partners know the latest news, we have developed a handy mobile version of our platform for iOS and Android. Now you can quickly and easily keep track of all the updates on Razzleton from anywhere in the world.
At the moment our apps are in the final stage of development and testing. Follow our updates!
Razzleton – modern solutions for you!


If you’ve read the review of Xabo posted on MNO here, you’ll know about the program’s main features such as instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts. The only investment plan pays up to 5% daily until you reach a 150% return on your investment (which might be further sped up by a system of boosters). The two main updates that were posted on the Xabo blog over the last couple of weeks have been skipped from my news so I want to catch up with them now as they concern some pretty important topics. The first covers BitCoin as the program’s preferred currency to deal with and lists its main advantages for investors. Some of the peculiarities of the whole investment process via BitCoin with Xabo you might not be aware of are also discussed. The second update gives a detailed insight to the program’s extensive members’ support network which includes callback requests, online chat, FAQ, support form page, ticketing service, local chats including Telegram messaging services for members from different countries, and updates posted on the main social networks like Facebook and Twitter along with the program’s own news blog. Please read the following posts carefully and take full advantage of the investment offers from Xabo which has been one of the best programs of 2016 and keeps up the good work in 2017 as well:

As you might notice already, Xabo and Bitcoin are depressively in love in each other! We share a lot of things together, starting from technology and privacy up to profitability which some people consider as “impossible”. But yet – people use Bitcoins and Xabo keeps paying revenue to it’s investors.
In this article we want to highlight some of the important aspects which every investor should consider.
This is a very important key point. Once you invested your money in Xabo Platform, it will grow with a revenue rate up to 5% daily (with no holidays) but be sure to note that for all deposits made via Bitcoin calculated on an actual Bitcoin price which can change as we all know. Once Bitcoin price drops – it might temporarily affect on your active deposit and you’ll see its decrease (as well as daily paid revenue becomes slightly smaller) If Bitcoin rise (which we believe is an inevitability) your initial deposit grow bigger as well, where daily revenue can change and you’ll get paid more then usual.
Each satoshi (1 Satoshi is 1/100,000,000 of 1 BTC) is important. Xabo always pays to you an exact amount, so while making a deposit please make sure to send an exact sum being requested by the platform. If you send an incorrect sum you might have difficulties seeing your investment in your personal Xabo account.
Well, Xabo rocks when it’s time to show how fast money can be paid. We always pay instantly, although watchful financial moderators constantly analyze each request and make sure of it is legit and approved. No matter what country you are at, you can effortlessly earn and multiply your capital with us.
Well, we do rely on Blockchain itself. It is a technology with it’s own rules and sometimes it can be slow. Each investment in Xabo made via Bitcoin needs up to 3 confirmations by the network, sometimes it can take up to 3 hours. Eventually if you send your money to us from your personal account – you will see your investment shining and growing daily.
We hope that this article was useful.
Always stay happy and know – Xabo Logistics is your powerful financial success navigator!

Hello all Xabo Platform users!
Today we want to cover up some very important topics which are being related to the customer support team work and our daily assistance. In order to improve our service and keep you always up to date we provide a wide spectrum of support channels aimed at your security, satisfaction in all services we offer plus outstanding user experience.
Although you have many ways of contacting our Support Team, there is still a set of guidelines created for each user of Xabo Platform.
First of all we explain you how all the channels work and with what purpose each was created in a first place.
Xabo Platform offers 7 basic options to answer on all the questions which might come up during your investment process. Those are:
– Call Back request service
– Online Chat
– Frequently asked Questions
– Support form page
– Ticketing service
– Local chats and communities
– Social channels & News
This feature being provided for all the users who’s willing to have a full comprehensive consultation on all the questions regarding our company, Xabo Platform and investment process. If you want us to call you back, our assistants will do it no matter which location you are at. Simply go at and scroll homepage down where you can see “Request Freee Callback” Let us know your international phone number and we will reply you shortly.
Key points of your successful call back service usage
– Use a call back if you want to get a fee-less consultation time only. Please do not use this feature with any temporary technical problems. Our call back professionals are not able to proceed tickets and using call back as a “problem report” will never speed up the process. If you have any technical issue please login your personal account at Where you’ll find a support button (blue square life-buoy, on the right side of your screen)
– Provide only international number and try to keep your cellular device active at the exact time shown in your request. Note that during international calls technical or connection issues might occur, let our team handle it and you will get you back as soon as possible.
– Take your time. Our assistants work hard and help thousands of clients daily, it is normal to wait from 12 to 48 business hours before receiving a call back from us. Please keep calm and carry on…
Our online chat makes possible to have a live talk with our assistants at the time they are online. When you see an active chat window on the website – don’t hesitate, talk with us! We provide you with a complete feedback over your question.
Key points of effective & professional chatting
– Make it compact. Try to describe everything as detailed as possible. Being specific helps us to organize our work processes and best requests with amazing attitude being always helped out on the spot! Create a complete message with full description of your question and watch us typing you back at the speed light!
– Leave an offline message. Although it is not physically possible for us to stay online 24/7 at the website live chat, we can always receive your message and assist you once we came back online. We read all the requests and never miss any of them.
Did you know that 99% of your answers can be found in our FAQ section? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section to help you out when you have a question:
This page being created for all the guests and potential partners. If you are not an existing user of our Platform you still can easily reach us using Support Form
Make sure to pay attention at the left quick FAQ section as well. Answer might be somewhere nearby.
Key points of your amazing support form experience
– Select a particular request topic before sending your message. This will help us to prioritize your inquiry and forward it to the right department.
– Be very specific at your message. This is not an online service and best way to use it – writing everything you want to say in a single request. Help us reply you quickly with no delay by creating a compact beautiful text!
– Provide us with some data. Showing screenshots, files (via safe links) or other examples as well as related websites can also be effective for both parties.
If you are an existing user of Xabo and experience some difficulties or temporary technical issues please use only ticket form at your account. Your case will be linked to the profile so it can be easily fixed or answered by our technical specialists. It is the most effective way to solve any technical related issues which you might experience on the way.
Key factors to get a tremendously fast first emergency ticket respond
– Specifics at each step. Making your message complete and request clear from emotions or distracting factors will speed up the process. Examples and related links is a helpful instrument for our technical assistants. Remember, ticketing system is a direct request from from the user to our specialists. Doing it right we guarantee your satisfaction and resolving status of any matter.
– Keep up with our schedule. That is a tough work no wonder why our tech. guys and girls need some time to reply. Thanks to the automated system, notification will be received as soon as your question will be resolved. So give us some time to reply, knowing that 12-24 hours is a normal pace to proceed your request by our assistants.
Never duplicate your tickets because they simply go back in schedule and the whole waiting process will start again.
Being a human makes you want to get social with others. Thanks to our secure Telegram based community chats in each country you can always seek for help and talk directly with investors like you! Join your country chat today! Get your telegram now at
Key points to become a part of Xabo community
– Talk only at your native language at the chat which use it officially. English chat – english only. Brazil chat – Portuguese is a go. Japanese chat – guess what, beautiful ancient philosophic symbols can be seen there but nothing else and that is good. Respect culture of each person. Always remember – once somebody do something inappropriate (spamming, flooding, advertising of any kind) our watchful moderators team will “punish” that person with a penny. Yes, real penny.
– Become social! Chats made for instant communication and talking with others. Unite and explore amazing world of Bitcoin and worldwide shipping together!
– Having difficulties? Talk with our support privately at It might be challenging for our Support team to keep up with a chats due to the fact of many people being there, so make sure to provide full feedback only via the personal message in telegram to our assistance or other channels described earlier. Never duplicate your message because it can be considered as flooding and frankly makes our assistant’s job much harder. Kindly wait for the reply as long as it is necessary and only ask again if you did not get any feedback within 24 hours. By using a specific support channel we’ll likely reach you faster then a wind.
– Control your emotions. We all people with a right to become a little bit to happy, to stressful or to exited. But respectfully letting our support assistants doing their duty make everybody happy. Let’s keep it that way!
Join our official country Telegram chats here:
Be polite, remember that spamming is disrespectful and useless and we say it just in case, because we know you are the most amazing person with a good intend to earn, lead and be helpful to others!
Let’s face it, it is a face of our community. First impression never lie. Facebook group was made to show to the world all the tremendous power of cryptocurrency united together with trusted business processes of worldwide shipping. We work hard to make our brand trusted and respected all around the globe.
Follow Xabo to get all the recent updates and useful tips at:
Official Xabo Logistics Blog
Key factors to help us grow and spread the word!
– Facebook group or any other channel is not a ticketing system. It is only an informational resource, helpful for all the people came across and wanted to spread the sails of their investments. Kindly use Support channels provided earlier to help us reply you fast and assist in no time. You should not ask for technical help in the comment sections – it will not work. Moderators do their own job with zero interference of other teams.
– Share your success! Xabo is big, bigger than you might think, and sharing is carrying! You get your payments daily and we do deliver our service. It is a good time to simply say “thank you” to our team! This can motivate and empower us all towards new achievements!
This manual will definitely improve the overall quality of the Xabo Investment Platform. Professionally orientate your questions to the correct department and get an assistance shortly. Never use multiple channels for your question, it only jamming our team. At any case scenario remember – we are at your service and our duty is to help you on the way.
Share this information to all the team of yours, but most important – practice is.
Let’s get a smooth and profitable ride together!


It’s much easier to put the blame on others than to admit your own mistakes and take responsibilities for your actions in this industry. It appears the admin of IsafTech is one of these, as after struggling with hacking attempts he decided to accuse the program’s hosting provider BlockDos of being at fault, and stopped paying unexpectedly yesterday. This nonsense may have had some degree of credence were it not for the fact that deposits are still gladly accepted by IsafTech but withdrawals are not. So the program turned out to be a fast scam after less than three weeks with no one in profit. I only found out about the accusations by the admin on public forums and though my own website is hosted by BlockDos, as well as a couple of popular programs on the MNO monitor, I do not want to defend them as I don’t know the full truth about what happened to IsafTech. Although I cannot take the admin’s version seriously simply because he has no problems taking in new money, only in paying back what he owes. Being named the first epic fail of the year might not sound great for an admin who possibly hoped for better results, but an untested vulnerable script is what most likely went wrong here. Anyway, that’s just speculation as I don’t know the full story, but it sure looks like the admin failed to handle the situation properly either due to inexperience or just negligence. IsafTech has reached the point of no return, so is on Scam status on the MNO monitor due to unpaid withdrawals while deposits are still being accepted. Stay away and do not invest there any longer!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: SoftMining.
From MNO Premium listZinc7RightRise, RazzletonBandeiraCorpElizionAtomicBitcoinMexeer,
BeyondPetroleumXabo, SoftmeetBit, DateBitcoinWeolleeDowerlyLensenGroup, AutomatedEnergy (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a full review of a very promising newcomer to the MNO Standard List called PassiveLoan, exclusively monitored on my site for now with others adding it with their own money on seeing the potential. A spot for the MNO review has been already reserved on the PassiveLoan‘s feedback page. I must say that I’ve always been proud of presenting the hottest investment opportunities for my readers before anyone else, and hope that PassiveLoan will be another big hit. Daily news from the HYIP world will be at the centre of the next post on Tuesday too, so make sure you read, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe to the daily updates on this page to stay informed. This is certainly going to be huge a big year for good investment programs, as the activities in the first weeks of January are already stunning. Just imagine what could happen in February and the spring months! That’s why it’s of the utmost importance for every investor to follow MNO closely and be in the loop of what’s going on. Stay informed with MNO and see you all again on Tuesday!

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  • 16/05/2018. Tokenizer Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Hello everyone! I guess it's no secret to say the HYIP industry in general has been seeing some mediocre times in recent months, in fact it’s been that way constantly now since the very start of the year. It does seem however that there's been a marked and noticeable increase in activity this month,...
  • 13/05/2018. Impressio Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Hello everyone! I hope the weekend went well for you all. I'm currently spending my last night after an enjoyable stay in the ancient Georgian capital of Tblisi, and I must say my first ever visit was a memorable one. Next stop is the mountain spa town of Borjomi. It's a four hour train ride but at ...
  • 12/05/2018. Interview with the Admin of BitLandis : Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a good weekend so far wherever you are, maybe even getting into the Eurovision spirit if that's your thing. I'm going to take a break from the usual news updates tonight, I'm on vacation right now after all, but I still have something a little different for y...
  • 10/05/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry : Hi guys! I'm pleased to see you all back on the MNO blog – the only website dealing exclusively with top-notch investment programs with sizeable advertising budgets and run by experienced admins. And even though the listing prices on the MNO monitor have been temporarily reduced from May the 1st due...
  • 09/05/2018. Interview with the Admin of UltraFXLimited : Beware! UltraFXLimited has stopped paying! Do not invest there! Hi everyone, and especially a very happy “Den Pobedy” to everyone celebrating Victory Day in the countries where this is still a popular holiday! I'm going to take a short break from the usual news reporting today (don't worry, I'll ...
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