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Beware! RolyInvestment has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I know it’s Tuesday but as the first new post of the business week I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend. There could possibly be some exciting times ahead in the HYIP industry as a bit later on in the news section I’ll be introducing a brand new program which I believe might be from a former industry giant and an admin who knows how to deliver great things. Fingers crossed anyway, we’ll see what happens. There’s a couple of other interesting news reports from some of the other programs already listed on the MNO monitor, so keep reading for more info if you have investments there. Where I want to start however is with RolyInvestment. That’s the name of a long term BitCoin only HYIP that first launched back in May but is only beginning to get a bit more active in terms of promotion and advertising now. So let’s see exactly what what RolyInvestment is all about and whether you think it’s worth a shot.

The first thing I want to say about RolyInvestment is that it’s not as complicated as you might think at first glance. You see, the plans don’t really work the way they are described on the website’s investment page. RolyInvestment have three long term investment plans that all run for a full calendar year, except the way they’ve chosen to describe them gives the impression that you would only get one interest payment per month. That’s not exactly what happens. Sure, they tell you correctly how much interest you will earn in a month, but in fact the actual payments themselves are made a lot more frequently. Smaller increments made three times per week to be exact. I’ll explain this in more detail as we go.
So, what about the investment plans? I should start by saying that at the time of writing RolyInvestment works exclusively with BitCoin. The admin has hinted that he will expand this list to include the likes of LiteCoin and Ethereum at some point in the near future, but there is nothing to suggest the more conventional style third-party payment processors handling hard currency (Payza, PerfectMoney, etc) will ever be added. BitCoin and other crypto-currencies are really where the long term future of the HYIP industry lies anyway, so anyone who doesn’t like the fact that they can’t spend dollars with RolyInvestment had better start getting used to the idea. Anyway, it’s for that reason that I’m going to describe the plans in RolyInvestment using BTC only. There’s no point in using dollars, all the figures would be obsolete by the next day, but if it makes things easier for you to understand I recommend preev.com to check what the exchange rates between BitCoin and the US dollar are in real time.

The first of RolyInvestment‘s three investment options is called The Standard Plan. You will need a minimum of 0.01BTC to join. As I’m writing this that comes to close enough to $25, which may or may not be the same by the time you are reading it. The term runs for 365 days, so a full calendar year. So far so good, but this is where things get a bit tricky. RolyInvestment say you can earn between 21% and 25% profit per month on your principal. Fine, this much is true. But it’s not how they pay you. What you actually receive is a smaller variable interest rate that floats between 1.5% and 1.79%. This payment is made to you three times per week, specifically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Over the course of a full calendar month then these payments would eventually add up to something between 21% and 25%. It then takes you from four to five months to break-even (earn back an amount equivalent to what you invested, therefore making it impossible to lose money), and complete the term with something between 252% and 300% interest plus 80% of your principal returned on expiry. The upper limit for joining this plan is 0.99BTC.

This is followed by The Exclusive Plan. Costing a minimum of 1BTC to join, this is already for the bigger spending players and even at that probably closer to the upper limits for many. The actual mechanics of the plan are the same, running for 365 calendar days and RolyInvestment advertising a variable monthly return of between 26% and 29%. Individual payments however are much smaller than that, floating between 1.86% and 2.07%. They are again paid out three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and simply accumulate to between 26% and 29% by the end of each month. By the time the term eventually comes to an end you should finish up with a total return somewhere from 312% to 348% back on your initial deposit. RolyInvestment then promise to return 80% of your principal on top of this. The maximum limit for deposits is 4.9BTC.

And lastly with an opening deposit of 5BTC required, RolyInvestment offer The Roly Plan. For a 365 day term, investors are offered three times weekly variable interest payments between 2.29% and 2.5%. As before these are made at the same time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This should bring in from 32% to 35% per month (as RolyInvestment prefer to advertise it) and from 384% to 420% for the full length term. On top of that RolyInvestment then offer back 80% of your initial deposit.

Just one other brief point I want to make about the investment plans, RolyInvestment have a curiously odd feature called insurance that is set to 5% on default on all new deposits. This is basically a 5% tax on your principal that you voluntarily surrender to the admin. Ostensibly the reason for this is that it somehow protects you from “negative trading” results. Yes, I know, experienced readers will already be sniggering to themselves at the naïvety of whoever actually believes such fairytales in the HYIP industry. When a program scams as they all do in the end, no such thing is going to protect your money. So if like myself you don’t believe in the existence of such things and don’t want to make a bigger donation to the admin’s personal fortune than you already are, simply disable it in your account. Just remember that it’s already set to 5% by default when you join, so it does require that you take some action to disable it first.

You already know what the payment options are, but just for the record let me underline it for you – at this point in time RolyInvestment are working exclusively with Bitcoin. Your three times weekly payments are credited to your account at the same time, 00:00 GMT, and can then be requested by members from inside your RolyInvestment account area. Once the request has been submitted, the payment should then be “instant” (insofar as such a thing is possible with BitCoin). Incidentally, when you join RolyInvestment and make a deposit to the BitCoin address displayed in your account area, you should allow up to 72 hours for your investment to be credited. It doesn’t necessarily have to take that long, my own deposit was added pretty fast, just keep in mind that it basically comes down to the congestion on the BitCoin network at the time and isn’t always something the admin is able to do anything about.

On the more technical side of things, a few changes have been made since the program’s initial launch but it is now hosted on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by CloudFlare. For an added layer of security RolyInvestment is protected with a secure SSL connection to provide for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The program is also running off a unique custom made script developed specially for the program. The website itself looks really well-prepared and translated into many languages already (I can’t vouch for all of them, but the Russian version is definitely professionally translated). For more visual information an introductory video is available which you can also view on the MNOVision page, though I would say it’s a lot more promotional than educational.

If there are any further questions for the RolyInvestment admin then you have a couple of channels open to you. There’s a built-in Live Chat widget at the bottom of the screen you can use if an operator is online at the same time as you. Otherwise you can email the admin directly at the listed address. You can safely ignore the postal address as we all know by now these things are generally virtual serviced work spaces used for registration purposes and not where you would find anyone connected with running the program physically located. It does however come with a telephone number so feel free to try it out if you expect someone may answer. There are also profiles for RolyInvestment on some of the main social media sites including Facebook and YouTube. Users of Telegram will also be able to find RolyInvestment there too.

As a final word, if I’m to be completely honest here it’s hard to be positive about the RolyInvestment business model as it stands. Maybe for the admin, but not from the investor’s point of view. The thing is that by only working with BitCoin and by paying out such low interest rates where it takes forever just to break-even, the volatility of BitCoin exchange rates is being ignored. The fact of the matter is that by simply leaving your money sit in your BitCoin wallet and not investing at all you could still make a better profit than what RolyInvestment are offering, and a lot faster too. It’s entirely possible that this is how the RolyInvestment admin is generating the money to pay investors plus keeping a tidy profit for himself, it’s just that the financing and the risk is taken 100% by the program’s members. So with that in mind, remember that no business, online or otherwise, can fully guarantee the safety of your money. Think of it as a form of high risk gambling, stay well within a sensible spending limit you can comfortably afford to lose and recoup from other income sources, and if joining RolyInvestment at all then keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

But that’s just me. What do the rest of you guys think, since after all it’s your money at play here and not mine. Do you like RolyInvestment enough to actually join? Just before we move on to the news then, if you have given any thought to the matter then I hope you won’t mind sharing how you feel with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final, but will give an insight to admins about what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and how many of you make a good decision as we learn more about how the program performs. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in RolyInvestment?

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If you have been looking for a potentially big hit of this summer then look no further than LaserOnline. It was listed (coincidentally or not!) exactly on the ten year anniversary of my blog, though a bit later in the day after I’d already posted. The admin has decided to use MNO as the very first monitoring service and my readers were the very first ones exposed to LaserOnline, as the highest level of experience and expertise the MNO monitor can provide should be appreciated and its much better advertising results compared to cheaper blogs and monitors. I must say that I did need some time to look through the program’s main features, but as I have direct contact with the admin it was easier for me to figure out the details. I’ll be sharing them with you in the upcoming review of LaserOnline on Friday. Today is just an introduction though many of you will think it familiar in terms of design and script. And their sense of deja-vu might be right, as many of us will suspect the admin of the best program of the last year on MNO Zinc7 at the helm of LaserOnline as well.

This time though the investment plan is totally different with only one offer of 12% paid over a period of 12 business days (Monday to Friday) with a potential return of 144% by the end of the term. This time Payza is not accepted by LaserOnline just yet, but might be in the future, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin all accepted immediately. Deposits can start from $5 and withdrawals will be credited to your LaserOnline account on every business day. The time of withdrawal processing as well as its daily limitations are determined by a credit score assigned to each member that can be improved with time. The lowest on default credit score will allow you to be paid up to $500 daily within 48 business hours. Higher credit scores allow larger withdrawals made with shorter waiting times. There will be no such thing as instant payouts though, as everything will be verified manually for security reasons. My first payouts have been paid within the promised 48 hours, and you can actually see a countdown timer next to each request telling you when to expect it. Actually, there is a lot of things on the website that showed quite a high level of security. It always pleases me and every experienced HYIP investor to see an admin take great precaution in assuring his program can run for a long time without any significant issues. The script is totally custom made, further secured by a secondary four digit PIN required to process the main operations, so please memorize it. The domain name is registered for three years in advance, and there are also two mirror websites available that are redirecting to the main domain, but in the future can be used if the main site gets into any trouble. That’s highly unlikely though, because as I mentioned earlier already LaserOnline enjoys the highest level of security imaginable with hosting on a dedicated server by CloudFlare and additional protection provided by BlockDos, and a Comodo EV SSL certificate for safer transactions. There’s an 80’s style synthesizer theme tune playing on the background that can be muted anytime, the various stats showing the huge interest in LaserOnline starting from its first days online, and the registration in the US state of Delaware. Lots of other features as well but with a lack of time today I will look through everything in the upcoming review. What I like about the program and can tell you with certainty is that the admin has a long term vision and a clear development plan for the next 12 months. Does it mean that we can be sure 100% that LaserOnline will bring profits to everyone who invests now? Of course not, as in this case all the risks can be considered and all the usual levels of caution should be exercised as well – it’s the HYIP world we’re dealing with after all. However compared to 99% of other programs running at the moment I guess no one can deny that LaserOnline looks much better and is way ahead of the competition. In fact it looks to me like the next leader of the HYIP industry, we’ll find out soon enough. For now I would like you to read the important 12-month plan of LaserOnline‘s future development plus the newsletter of the program’s official launch. One other thing you may find useful in addition to this by the way is a highly professional video which is on the LaserOnline website, but can also be watched on the MNOVision page here. Expectations among the first investors of LaserOnline are high, and I truly hope they will be fully justified by this experienced admin who certainly knows how to deliver fantastic results:

It’s being over 12 months since the first stage of the platform’s development.
Our team worked very hard to provide you – users and partners, with top quality service right from the beginning. And today we are very pleased to announce to all the Laser fans that very first live version of the web-based Digital Funds Investment platform operated by LaserOnline LLC, is finally ready to accept clients from around the globe!
After many years in business, we’ve created a marketing solution destine to bring back your financial prosperity. With time-prooven laser-based products logistics business and limitless cryptocurrency opportunities, we are here to offer you this instrument laser-focused at your success.
We have designed our financial plan with the number 12 in its core, Twelve is the number of what is completed, which forms a whole, a perfect and harmonious unit.
12/12 plan was invented to return a steady daily interest of exactly 12% on principal (deposit), and last 12 business days. Interest will be auto-credited into your account balance every business day (Monday to Friday) until your principal has expired after 12 business days. Upon expiry, the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.
With an exceptional wave of modern society IT achievements, blockchain technology evolves and being already implemented at many businesses worldwide. It’s not a secret that both parties, from the customer seeking for privacy and reliability, to the company aimed at maximum user’s protection, it’s niche market stability – everybody needs powerful, time-proven instrument. Here at LaserOnline Platform, we work alongside the modern future proved technologies in conjunction with stable laser-based products reselling business.
We use Cryptocurrency, as the only true Everest of people’s financial prosperity of today and future tomorrow.
The mutually beneficial partnership starts from a direct appreciation of your partner’s work in a first place. At LaserOnline LLC. we’ve developed a unique affiliate program which can bring stable, long-term income to everyone, from exacting marketing professional to a simple user strives to spread the word about his decisiveness. By sharing an idea of Laser Platform’s opportunities with your friends and colleagues, offering them trusted way to safely grow their capital, you can start building your team right now and receive commissions from all the network. This New Era of online earnings brought us tremendous opportunities to live your life free and become truly independent.
Highest quality service and constant innovation will bring the power to our community!
Yes, we understand that there is a long way to run as well as trust and reputation can be built only on strong values with non-stop improvements, yet with a true passion for performing, we are here to bring you something worth working with and maybe even sharing to others.
You can be the judge of the quality of our efforts, let’s build a stronger foundation for your bright future with no compromises!
Get started with Laser today! https://laser.online/start
Find LaserOnline at social media: https://www.facebook.com/LaserOnlineLLC https://twitter.com/LaserOnlineLLC
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section: https://laser.online/faq

At LaserOnline we believe in the power of the schedule combined with an effective planning. Although our company?s “to-do list” is implemented in an adaptive manner. There is no coincidence or unexpected downgrades still we work flexible enough to allow ourselves to follow a stable future-proofed course within all the logical limits of an online investment market.
In order to show you all the possibilities which are all coming to you at LaserOnline Platform, we will present our vision for the next 12 months period. There is no reason to display much longer term plans due to it?s constantly changing pace of implementation, however, LaserOnline LLC?s method cannot be calculated by time or fashion when at the end our very first goal is to provide you with outstanding service for years to come.
We can sub-divide this 12 months plan* into 5 main categories.
*In it very important to note that all the key categories and their sub-tasks can be implemented randomly and do not display any timeframes in particular.
A. Technical updates & Refinements (1st-2nd month)
B. Community & Social Features (3rd-4th month)
C. Legal & Financial Development (5th-7th month)
D. Global Expansion & Extensive promotion (8th-9th month)
E. Platform Based Services & Instruments (10th-12th month)
A. Technical updates & Refinements
We understand that something can and should be improved as soon as you open your Personal Account Secure Area. Ready to hear your opinion we will work with all the feedback you provide us. From today we see the following key needs looking forward to be completed or improved:
A.1. Additional profile management & settings features.
Direct Upline partner edit feature, Additional security settings, Location Awareness.

A2. (MFA) Multi-factor authentication.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of computer access control in which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting several separate pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism.
A3. Payment Schedule & Combiner features finalization.
To learn more visit https://laser.online/faq
A4. Complete Platform?s Mobile Version.
Native (not an automatically adaptive) version of all the necessary pages available on all modern devices. Comes with Secure Area, Informational Pages and etc.)
B. Community & Social Features
Uniting people and bringing the financial independence back to you, will always remain as our community?s main agenda. We strive to create a strong movement over an idea of stability & personal prosperity fully based on a time-proven business instrument and effective profit generating solutions.
B1. Radio LaserOnline
Cryptocurrency & Financial Security orientated Informational Instrument available for all LaserOnline Platform users. Amazing tracks, energetic narrators and lifted mood guaranteed.
B2. Language & Localization
Additional localization of all L.O.P?s pages and features. (Bahasa, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese language versions all come in a first priority)
B3. Improved chat & local communities navigation.
Laser newcomers should receive a warm welcome from all the official Representatives as well as an opportunity to effortlessly navigate between local communities from their country or region.
B4. Vacancies & Career Opportunities section
Decisive users can become a part of continuously growing LaserOnline community and receive a suitable reward for their efforts on a regular basis. (Customer Support Assistants, Web-Developers, Designers, Motion-Video, Translation Services)
B5. Gifts & Promotions Section.
Automatically updated area available for L.O.P users only will display all the recent promotions, leaderboard & potential rewards for community social activity.
C. Legal & Financial Development
It is very important to provide as much information as possible yet keep company?s most valuable business secrets and tactics unreachable to competitors or attackers.
C1. Extended Legal Information Page & Transparent company taxation details.
All the necessary company documents, certificates of good standing and paid tax history for better transparency between the user and a company.
C2. Live Transactions Page.
All the Platform?s operations (including user?s transactions, system?s transfers, spendings & exchange) can be visible to all L.O.P users at any time with a direct verification link or batch data.
C3. Bitcoin Secure Fund Verification micro-transaction feature.
Each investment can be backed up with a micro-transaction comes straight from one of the LaserOnline LLC?s official BSF addresses. Trusted legal proof of a particular BSF address attachment can be displayed at your investment certificate.
C4. Physical Copy of your Investment Certificate.
Optional worldwide UPS, Fedex shipping of your investor?s / leader?s documents package (administration signed, hot sealed with officially limited company watermarks).
D. Global Expansion & Extensive promotion
Nothing can be more effective and right than real social impact when it?s not about money or personal wealth but something bigger than yourself. Simple people around you who?s, if united together, can make extraordinary positive changes in our world.
D1. Offline Promotion Package & Merchandise Store
D2. Optional “Trust Holder” representative user status. Direct management of your team?s investments for better Platform?s fund’s decentralization.
D3. Global Cryptocurrency Educational Conferences aimed at developing countries & communities.
E. Platform Based Services & Instruments (Business Markets)
By providing more opportunities to established group of like-minders driven by the power of success we demand to build up a strong foundation of technological advancement & technology which is not only can advance corporations but make us stronger, much more capable as a society.
E1. Direct P2P (no third party) Cryptocurrency Exchange Services. (telegram.org based application and web-version)
E2. “Laser Broker” Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.
E3. “Laser Lending”. Credit Score based free digital funds landing service.
E4. Logistics Business Markets Expansion* (Silicon, Medical Supply, Rare Metals & Electronic Components) 12/12 Business Plan Integration.
*Right now we are not only working with Laser Based Product Reselling & Logistics but in search for additional niches and markets which can be used as a potential profit generation instrument based on the successful 12/12 Crowd-Investing plan available at L.O.P. However, a much more detailed analysis is needed in order to effectively start further marketing research & business plan development. Despite that LaserOnline LLC. is permanently focused at exploring new horizons. Isn?t it how we discovered our current effective path at the end?
Find LaserOnline at social media: https://www.facebook.com/LaserOnlineLLC https://twitter.com/LaserOnlineLLC
Having questions or doubts?
Visit our extensive FAQ section: https://laser.online/faq


The admin of ControlFinance continues his attempts to present his program as a real investment project with a sustainable income source apart from the incoming deposits. And if you can make some sense out of these cryptocurrency pair exchange charts then you are more than welcome to believe this fairytale, otherwise if you prefer the harsh reality you can dismiss this report as absolutely unnecessary:

New trade report
Hello. We posted Company’s weekly trade report covering the period from June 26, 2017, to July 02, 2017. You can have a look at it clicking on the following link: https://control-finance.com/report/Trade_report_6.pdf

Posting these reports can though prove absolutely essential for making money off the newbies in the HYIP industry unaware of MNO or other credible sources and firmly believe you just need to find the right programs and get rich with it with next to no risk. The premise that ControlFinance is working off is to build this kind of trust and ensure a constant inflow of new funds into the program by the time of paying the first profits to its investors. With ControlFinance which was first reviewed on MNO here investors can rely on getting their accounts credited with 1% to 1.5% daily interest for the unlimited term, but cannot actually withdraw their initial investment which is locked “forever”. As ControlFinance has been online for less than six weeks now, even the first investors are still to reach the profit zone. However, no one is complaining as all the withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin have been processed instantly so far. And what’s more? You can even exchange your profits to a different currency from the one you joined with. Fingers crossed ControlFinance will survive this summer and we will see the first investors in profit by the autumn.


Unfortunately, I was right about moving UnityReserve to Waiting status last time I posted three days ago, and hope it saved some people money if they intended to invest there. Overall though UnityReserve was not bad at all, and with over two months online and the fully completed first investment cycle it has managed to bring up to 160% return on deposits of those who invested over its first week online and on MNO. UnityReserve got to reach such a level of success on my monitor that it ended being on the #1 position on the Premium List over its final weeks online, and certainly surpassed my and many other people’s expectations. I believe that the admin had a plan in mind to expand UnityReserve once the right time came along, but after adding a few more payment processors and a Russian translation something happened to put a stop to this. Maybe it was due to large deposits that the admin thought was enough for his personal goal from his venture, or even the opposite – not many people were quite inclined to invest even in a program that showed its resilience over the last couple of months. Nobody will know the real reason behind the closure of UnityReserve except the admin, everything else is speculation. In any case, I’m pleased that UnityReserve has managed to show more than a decent result running for a full cycle when so many others fail to put even the first investors in profit (you can find hordes of them on the cheaper monitors). MNO will stick with its policies of restricting fast scammers from coming to be listed here by maintaining prohibitively high listing prices, and the recent examples of programs like LaserOnline shows that I’m on the right path here. It’s quite possible the summer won’t be so bad, after all, if you stick with MNO of course.


The recent decision by Payza to work with most popular so-called altcoins as BitCoin alternatives with potential to grow was met with great enthusiasm. Payza has become a the first crypto-currency friendly provider to tap into this potential. Those of you interested in making profits by buying and selling crypto-currencies should really open a free account with Payza and verify it to take advantage of the great opportunities that comes with it. And if you order a Payza pre-paid card by post you will be able to move your funds to the card which you can use at any ATM for withdrawals and any POS for purchases either online or offline. I myself have it and I must say it’s a very convenient tool to use when working with HYIPs as well. Although at the moment only two programs from the Premium List on MNO work with PayzaBandeiraCorp (reviewed here) and TrafficHeap (reviewed here) – there is certainly a huge demand for it from investors. You may have noticed that the newest program on MNO LaserOnline also has a currently inactive button for Payza deposits, so I believe that the admin is hoping to get approved by them soon as I’m sure he knows his program will be taken a lot more seriously. In any case, the Payza decision to start working with altcoins is making headlines because it’s quite a new feature. I believe that in just a couple of years the presence of altcoins on the crypto-currency market will outperform that of Bitcoin and what seems new today will be common practice then:

Payza’s Altcoin News Generates Headlines
Payza’s latest news regarding the expansion of our cryptocurrency services has not gone by unnoticed by the media. Here are some articles about Payza and our latest altcoins news:
Finance Magnates covers Payza’s latest cryptocurrency news
Back in 2014, Payza began supporting Bitcoin payments and purchases, and has been called a “Bitcoin-friendly payment processor”. In June this year, Payza added 50 different Bitcoin alternatives to its Cryptocurrency Exchange. “Payza has completed the loop, now allowing its verified users, through their e-wallets, to exchange their holdings of Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and other cryptocurrencies into US dollars which can subsequently be loaded onto their prepaid cards.”
Last month, Payza announced their full Bitcoin support, which means that members can now buy and sell Bitcoin within their Payza account, merchants can accept Bitcoin as payment, and it is also possible for Payza members to hold Bitcoin within their e-wallets. Now members can do even more with Payza and cryptocurrency – they have the “option of having their fiat withdrawn into altcoins” and this feature also lets Payza members load their Payza Cards directly from Bitcoin or altcoin exchanges.
The full article from Finance Magnates can be found on their website: Payza Adds 50 Bitcoin Alternatives to its Cryptocurrency Exchange
The Paypers presents Payza’s new cryptocurrency exchange
Payza has expanded its Cryptocurrency Exchange, which means that Payza members now can deposit over 50 cryptocurrencies into their accounts. This means that members can sell Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and many other cryptocurrencies in their Payza account and thereby receive US dollar directly in their e-wallets. This money can then be “loaded to their Payza Cards or withdrawn at an ATM”.
The full article from The Paypers can be found on their website: Payza cryptocurrency exchange accepts Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin
PaymentsSource covers Payza’s most recent currency exchange addition
Payza is embracing the rise of new cryptocurrencies by opening its own exchange to more than 50 Bitcoin alternatives.” After announcing its full Bitcoin support last month, Payza now also lets its members sell and exchange many other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin for US dollars, including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and many more.
The full article from PaymentsSource can be found on their website: Payza’s virtual currency exchange adds dozens of Bitcoin alternatives (subscription needed)
Crowdfund Insider observes Payza’s cryptocurrency exchange expansion
In June, Payza announced an expansion of its cryptocurrency exchange to include the “most popular Bitcoin alternatives”. Verified Payza members can now sell Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Zcash and dozens of other cryptocurrencies to Payza, to thereafter be exchanged to US dollars in their e-wallets. These altcoins can in turn be loaded onto a Payza Card.
“Giving our members the option to sell altcoins to Payza is one more step in the direction of complete Bitcoin and altcoin support within the Payza platform, and another step closer to developing a robust and inclusive global payments system”, says Payza CEO Firoz Patel.
The full article from Crowdfund Insider can be found on their website: Payza Adds New Cryptocurrencies to Exchange, Including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash & Monero
Dash Force News highlights Payza’s big cryptocurrency announcement
Payza’s latest announcement regarding its integration of 50 additional cryptocurrencies into its platform means that the global payment processor and service has added support for dozens of the top cryptocurrencies. This allows Payza members to easily exchange most digital currencies for their local fiat currencies and these can in turn be loaded onto supported cards. “In the future, Payza plans to make this exchange go both ways, allowing customers to buy other cryptocurrencies as well”.
According to the article, Payza’s latest expansion of its cryptocurrency exchange comes as “Bitcoin’s dominance over the cryptoverse continues to slip” and “companies seeking to stay with the times are integrating other tokens into their business models”.
The full article from Dash Force News can be found on their website: Payza Integrates 50 New Cryptocurrencies, Including Dash
CryptoNinjas observes Payza’s addition of popular altcoins to its e-wallet
Payza recently announced full Bitcoin support and now the global online payment platform has “announced that members can now use select altcoins as an e-wallet funding method”. Payza members in most countries can now sell dozens of cryptocurrencies to Payza, including Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Zcash. Payza members that have a Payza Card can also use funds added by altcoins to load their cards, which gives them “an easy way to turn altcoins into US Dollars that can be spent online, in-stores, or withdrawn from most ATMs.”
Payza has even more plans – in the future, Payza members will be able to also buy altcoins from Payza. There are also plans to make it possible to load the Payza Card with funds from Bitcoin or altcoin exchanges, all in one simple step. “This new feature will bypass the need to first send those funds to a Payza Account, and then load them onto the card.”
The full article from CryptoNinjas can be found on their website: Payza adds list of popular altcoins as e-wallet funding method
Blockchain Technology News comments on Payza’s latest expansion
Payza has expanded its cryptocurrency exchange to “include a range of popular Bitcoin alternatives”, which means that Payza members can sell these to Payza and have them converted to US dollars directly in their e-wallets. Once converted, these funds can be loaded onto a Payza Card. “The company is selling this process as the simplest way to utilise their cryptocurrencies in the wider economy.”
The full article from Blockchain Technology News can be found on their website: Payza expands Cryptocurrency Exchange


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: TrafficHeapFexFund,
BandeiraCorpFatFundsAurumBank, Bitcoin456, AlpexTradeRolyInvestment, LaserOnline (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: ControlFinance.
From MNO Basic list: BitXxa, CryptoGolden, Investellect.

That is all the news I had for you for today, guys. I will be back on Friday with more news plus a detailed look at the new but already extremely popular LaserOnline. Don’t miss it, as it will have all the information you need before joining. And of course, keep an eye on any new additions and possible status changes for the programs from the MNO monitor. The best way to stay updated and not to miss anything important is to subscribe to the daily news here, or follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, or Facebook. And thanks a lot for those of you who have already voted in the celebratory poll dedicated to MNO’s ten year anniversary and for the kind words you have expressed. The final results of the poll will be given in the next post on Friday, but already I’m pleased so many of you have known MNO since it first started that proves I have lots of loyal readers who simply must be enjoying a good degree of success to have been here so long. I have a feeling that this summer in the HYIP industry will be hot and full of events, so stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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