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19/07/2017. FxLTD Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! FxLTD has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! As I didn’t post yesterday I hope the week has been going well for you all so far, now that we are half way through it. Considering it’s mid July now and traditionally a slow enough time in the industry I’m actually a little bit surprised at how lively things can still get from time to time. Even today I have something new for you which some of you might be interested in, a program just added to the MNO Standard List yesterday after two days online. I’m kinda pleased to see MNO is still in such high demand despite the summer vacations, so keep reading through to the news section for an initial introduction on that. But before we move on to the main news stories for today I want to take a closer look at FxLTD. This is also a new addition to the MNO monitor, the Premium List this time and a short to medium term program, though wouldn’t really be a new program as such. In fact FxLTD has been operating since early last May of this year, though it wasn’t exactly on the radars for a lot of investors. In fact since the launch there’s been a lot of what in my opinion would be positive changes made by the FxLTD admin, so it really is a better looking program today than it was back then. Maybe then it’s time to bring FxLTD to a wider audience at last, we’ll see, so let’s talk about the investment plans and other main features and see if you like it or not.

First of all, the plans. And like I said FxLTD is a short to medium term program with plans of varying lengths and carrying different investment minimums. Some carry more of a risk than others as is normally the case in the HYIP industry, something all of us here already know, but the rewards can be pretty high as well if you can be tempted to take a gamble. And I imagine most of you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t enjoy a gamble so you might agree that FxLTD could well be worth a couple of dollars.

There’s four plans to choose from, all running for various terms with three of them making daily payments and one making a single payment on expiry. The first of these is called The Starter Package and runs for 15 calendar days. You can join it for a $5 minimum and for anything up to $300 can get a return of 1.6% interest back each day. This adds up to 24% in total. Your principal is then returned on expiry in a separate payment, leaving the extra 24% from your daily payments as your net profit for joining FxLTD.

For a larger investment between $301 and $1,000 FxLTD offer a return of 1.8% per calendar day. This is called The Professional Package. Apart from the rate increasing, the investment term gets longer as well with FxLTD holding on to your principal for a term running for 30 calendar days. Interest payments alone add up to 54%, which then becomes your net profit once FxLTD return your principal as promised.

There’s a slight discrepancy in the members account area for the third and final daily payments plan, as the minimum stated investment skips ahead to $1,501. It’s called The Ultimate Plan and for this amount, or anything up to a $3,000 maximum, the daily rate goes up to 2.2% interest per day. With the investment term itself also stretching to 50 calendar days, this plan is allowing you to earn a total return of 110% back on your investment. This then becomes your net profit after you reclaim your principal from FxLTD separately.

And lastly FxLTD have The Business Plan. It’s the shortest term option, running for 7 calendar days. The main difference however is that FxLTD only make one single payment on expiry of the term, and combine your interest and principal all in one. The minimum requirement for joining drops back considerably to a very affordable $50, and FxLTD have a maximum limit capped at $10,000. All deposits regardless of size are offered the same return of 110%, or your own money back plus 10% net profit on top.

The list of payment options is predictable enough with FxLTD sticking to the usual anonymous providers. PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash are there if you prefer the more conventional style third party payment handlers, and BitCoin for anyone who wants to take a more personal direct route with a digital e-currency. Payments are made manually but are usually quite fast. You just need to log into your FxLTD account and request the payout, but once done you should see the cash in your payment processor account within the 12 hours that the admin asks for.

As for the website’s design and security, FxLTD is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by a company called Psychz Networks. I can’t say this is a name I’ve come across in the HYIP industry before so can’t really comment on their dependability, though I guess it won’t take us long to find out. The FxLTD website is running off a script under license from GoldCoders which on the other hand we all know is always dependable and comes with their trademark customer friendly interface. The FxLTD website is also fully SSL encrypted with an Extended Validation certificate by Comodo in both public and members areas for safer browsing and more secure transactions.

If you need to contact the FxLTD admin with any further questions or account related issues then there are a couple of ways to go about it. Please note that it’s quite clearly stated that members are asked to make themselves familiar with the FAQ page where a lot of what the program is about and how it operates is explained. If you still need to get in touch you can do so by filling in your details on the support form provided on the contacts page and submitting it. Alternatively you can write directly to any of the e-mail addresses listed on the FxLTD contacts page. A postal address in the UK is probably best ignored, as it’s unlike to be any more than a virtual serviced office and not where you would find anyone connected with the running of FxLTD physically operating from.

As for any form of business backing the whole thing up, forget about it. The fact that a lot of the texts are just copy/pasted from older HYIPs and are written to substandard level of English says enough. Just for the record they say it’s ForEx trading. I have no idea how long it can run for but I can promise you one thing – FxLTD will definitely run as long as the admin takes in more money than he spends. So make yourself aware of the risks involved with playing the HYIP industry so of course if you do decide to go ahead and take a chance on FxLTD – and it’s at all times your money and your decision – then always do so within a sensible spending frame and with money that you can afford, and of course always try and diversify your portfolio.

Just before we leave FxLTD for today and move on to the news section I hope you won’t mind sharing your own thoughts on the program, if you have any, with your fellow MNO readers. Please give your own first impression of the program by answering the following opinion poll, which hopefully will show more interesting results later in the coming weeks as FxLTD as we see how the fortunes of the program rise or fall. So:

Will you make an active deposit in FxLTD?

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I guess we’ll start by introducing another BitCoin only program called Bit2Moon that joined the Standard List on MNO two days ago, while running for about four days in total. Although still quite new, it was already possible to profit for the first investors there. You see, the program works on the premise of indefinite returns of 0.1% which will be credited to your account on an hourly basis and made available for withdrawal once you reach the allowed minimum. Your withdrawal request will then be completed instantly and your profit sent to your BitCoin address. The 0.1% hourly makes it possible to generate 2.4% daily, 16.8% weekly, 72% monthly profit, and so on, for as long as Bit2Moon can stay online. However compared to similar perpetual style programs Bit2Moon has one very important advantage – investors may request their principal back at anytime for a 5% fee, meaning that you just need about 3 days to be able to leave the program and still be in profit. Plus, compounding is allowed which you can always change in your account area by sliding the bar at the percentage of compounding you want.

The Bit2Moon site is designed as you travel into space with all the quirky graphics and funny pictures. Nothing seriously overcomplicated though, even despite the program running off a totally custom-made script which the admin nevertheless has managed to make user-friendly and easy-to-follow. Once arriving at the Bit2Moon website be ready for a space odyssey of your own and press the big red Launch Button which will allow you to register a new account or sign-in to your existing one. Then it’s very easy to make your first investment – just send any amount via BTC with the minimum starting at only 0.001 BTC (which is slightly over $2 at current exchange rates), wait for the payment to be confirmed in Blockchain and activated in your Bit2Moon account and see your profit growing every hour by 0.1%. You can withdraw as soon as your account reaches a minimum 0.0001 BTC (about $0.20 now) and get paid instantly with the list of deposits and withdrawals available to view in real time on the Stats page.

Technically, Bit2Moon looks as good as anything else around at the moment. Secured by an SSL-certificate from Comodo and running off a totally custom-made script, it’s also hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by DDoSGuard. And despite being drawn in a cartoony style, Bit2Moon is even incorporated in the UK. This doesn’t resolve the issue of trust but at least gives the program the facade of respectability for newbies. Overall, I can conclude that Bit2Moon leaves a very positive first impression when you look at it closer and I sincerely hope that due to the project’s originality it will become a success. The admin seems to be taking it seriously enough and even had to issue an update when Bit2Moon experienced some technical issues during the first few days online. Now everything seems to be working smoothly so I’ll be doing a more detailed review on my blog by the end of this week. Stay tuned for that and meanwhile check out the first newsletters from the admin:

We have successfully launched!
Today enters history as the day we have successfully launched the project and began our journey to the MOON! This years record breaking jumps in the BitCoin price were just the start. Cryptocurrency currently is the most popular and profitable investment option. Our analysis shows that the net value of BitCoin and similar currencies will have a significant rise in the upcoming months. We have launched for this journey to the moon and offering you a chance to increase your coin collection along the way. Receive hourly profits from your investments or take advantage of our affiliate program (Co-Pilot). The opportunity is waiting for you to grab it. I would like to welcome everyone aboard the ship and wish us all a profitable journey.

We are back on the course!
Last 24+ hours in our journey have been very successful but big projects like this one can have a few bumps in the road. The one we where having was caused by our E-mail service provider. Our system could not send out new emails from around 13:50 until 20:20 UTC. Due to this technical issue newly registered members did not receive their welcome emails and most importantly functions of “Deposit release” and “Wallet address change” were not available (you could not receive the security confirmation email). I am very sorry for all the troubles caused by this issue and am happy to say that the problem has been permanently resolved. The hourly interest calculation system was not impacted and all payments were sent out as planed. We are back on the course. Enjoy your journey!


I believe the main proof of MNO’s superiority over other online resources is the fact that my readers are usually the first to be presented with many of the future leaders of the HYIP as happened with LaserOnline. The admin has chosen MNO as a platform to showcase his program first and although by now LaserOnline is on many other monitors it still worked out well for my readers. By today those of you who joined the 12% for 12 business days plan should have completed their first investment cycle. That’s a whopping 44% net profit in just two and a half weeks – a result that speaks louder than a thousands words and signals a potentially bright future for LaserOnline. Paving its was to the #1 position on the MNO monitor but not quite there yet, LaserOnline is nevertheless a clear winner when it comes to popularity among the MNO readers. 50% of my readers who participated in the poll posted in this article a few days ago named LaserOnline as their favourite program from the current Top Five, and what’s even more spectacular about that result is that it was asked before the completion of the first investment cycle – a result the admin of LaserOnline should be proud of. Of course, giving the credit of trust in advance is a tough ask and the program still has lots to prove in terms of becoming a major success in the industry, but the beginning was good and the first couple of weeks online have us all thinking about the arrival of a possible new giant that can make our fortunes turn and set the HYIP industry back on the right track.

Earlier today the admin of LaserOnline issued a newsletter outlining his vision of where his program stands after the first successful weeks online. He also pointed out some important information on the credit score system, customer support, and representative program. The information is worth noting, but I also get many questions from readers regarding how fast the withdrawals are processed by LaserOnline. So once again I would like you to read my full review published here that will answer all your questions. Basically, you make a withdrawal request and there is a countdown timer showing 48 hours. Once this timer reaches zero you get an automatic payment into your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, or Payza accounts. It can’t be any simpler than that, guys! By the way, the addition of Payza after a few days online was a matter of personal pride for the admin of LaserOnline who specifically mentioned it in the newsletter you can read in full below:

What a surprising event for all the crypto-currency fans worldwide! Slightly unexpected Bitcoin fall means “we gotta sell them all”! Or does it? What can we learn from such declines? The only one thing – when you see those changes at Bitcoin market it means that somebody decided to earn a serious buck. Or wait.. you thought it was a coincidence? Well, this is how “Pump & Dump” strategy works nowadays. Stealthy earners all know that nothing can be better than purchasing coins at the lowest price.
As you all can see, LaserOnline community is getting stronger, bigger, and of course much more technologically advanced every single day!
We are very pleased to announce that just within 20 days of LaserOnline Platform being online, there are more than 2145 users joined at the moment with staggering $400,000 funds deposited!
More than a hundred decisive investors every single day choose L.O.P as their capital management instrument… and of course, those numbers are just a start.
Our developer’s team made countless updates and improvements based on your impressive feedback amount. Keeping up to our 12 months plan (Detailed explanation here: we are here to provide you with some analysis or our latest achievements:
We’ve being able to successfully implement all the Credit Score features so every user can now see his/her CS score being regularly updated up to two times a week. Credit Score system aimed at the maximum security of our platform and it’s internal independence as well as future instruments integration (such as upcoming P2P cryptocurrency exchange and investment tokens) Learn more about it at our FAQ section.
FAQs page content was also significantly improved and expanded with more topics being covered as well as many other important questions carefully explained to you. Make sure to read them all at It is very important for all the users to understand basics at L.O.P for a better experience.
What can be better than PayPal? That’s right… which offers you direct Bitcoin refills. A trusted instrument preferred by millions of cryptocurrency users now available at LaserOnline. Make your first and not the last deposit at your personal account via Payza today!
LaserOnline LLC. management & development team can be very selective with choosing an official representatives for L.O.P, yet there is some progress…
See all of our active representatives at the official website’s section here
Become an official LaserOnline Platform representative now, show results & get 10%-5-1 affiliate program, find our more at our FAQ section (search for “representative”).
But enough about obvious, let’s cover all the important features which you’ll be able to see within just a few days.


Since the first day on MNO where the site was added straight after its official launch CastleInvestment has become quite a popular choice among online investors. Nobody is in the profit zone yet, but hopefully that should change soon, fingers crossed anyway. If you haven’t read my detailed review posted here, let me remind you that you have a choice of two investment plans – paying on a daily or an hourly basis. By joining from a $15 minimum you can earn 6% daily for 25 calendar days, yielding 50% net profit by the end. If you have at least $250 to spare then your options expand to include a second plan paying 0.5% hourly for the duration of 250 hours, or a bit more than 10 calendar days, bringing you 25% profit by the end of the term. CastleInvestment accepts all the usual HYIP payment handlers including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, and the best thing is that all the withdrawal requests are processed instantly and with no delays. The latest news from the program is the introduction of fully automated payouts. What does this mean exactly? It’s a very promising and welcome development that will I hope help bring CastleInvestment to another level. Basically it means that investors will no longer have to log into their account areas to request their interest payments, as they will now be paid directly to them without the need to ask. This will of course be particularly beneficial to those in the hourly plan, as you can’t reasonably be expected to make manual requests 24 times per day. In other news a Facebook group where you can share your opinions about the program with a link included in the latest email newsletter re-posted below:

Wonderful greetings to all; Thanks for choosing us !!
We are informing you that is Automatic Withdrawal has STARTED from now. So no need to click withdrawal button.
**NOTE:- Only Transfer earnings directly to the user’s E-currency Account.
Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
Like our Facebook Page:-
Join CFIL official Facebook Group & share your reviews:-
**If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us through livechat, facebook chat, skype chat or support mail..

Wonderful greetings to all; thanks for choosing us !!
Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
Like CFIL Facebook Page:-
Join CFIL Official Facebook Group & share your reviews:
**If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us through livechat, facebook chat, skype chat or support mail..


Ykke (reviewed here) is still more or less flying under the radar for the main players in the HYIP industry. That’s all about to change though if we believe what the admin says in his latest newsletter. With a simple concept of paying 3% daily for an open ended term with instant payouts to BitCoin ,the admin has developed a clever concept called the “Ykke IDEA”. And that is not just a word but rather a combination of the things that comprise Ykke which are Information, Design, Evolution, and Ambition. You see, the first letters of these words is actually IDEA. The admin has clearly gotten my attention when reading this and he has certainly got some great writing skills in explaining his vision for Ykke. As the program has been online for twelve days only we cannot really say that it’s going to be an imminent success as the first investors will only be in profit in another three weeks, but it’s good to know we might be withessing the start of something big if the admin’s proclaimed IDEA lives up to investors’ expectations. Meanwhile, enjoy the newsletter:

An ambitious evolution course
The idea of constant growth of the Ykke company lives in our hearts. Every day we strive to do more than yesterday. We, as a company, want to become better and more understandable for everyone. We want to break through and to become a company that will change the attitude of people to the crypto-currency.
In order to forward our message, we have developed an evolution plan. That’s why we have named it “Ykke IDEA”. Well-known truths are taken as a basis: Information, Design, Evolution, Ambitions.
You need to know more in order to understand which course Ykke holds. And then you can see with your own eyes how step by step we realize our plans.
Information is an important part of our world. The web site of the Ykke company is modern and concise. And we want to show off more numbers to the general public. What does it mean?
First of all, this is lively investments statistics. So, everyone can see that the company is growing, and investors get what they expect – stable and daily payments! On our web site, we will show the investments flows and the profits refund. Only numbers do matter!
On the company’s website, we will also display the chart of the profit markup on the investments in Ykke. We also plan to compare it with the bitcoin growth rate. This is the best demonstration of the things that we do for our investors – we earn on the exchange rate fluctuations more than the profit from simple storage of funds in bitcoin constitutes.
In this endless race for profit, those who have decided to join our company will absolutely win!
Design, as we see it, is a thing of great importance. It is like a masterpiece that can be perfected infinitely. And at the same time, this is a face of the Ykke company. Exactly this idea makes us constantly think about how to make the design of our web site even better. We plan to make improvements constantly, some of them you will be able to evaluate in the near future.
Evolution can only move us forward. We know and believe that it is necessary for us being a young and actively growing company.
Our goal is to enter international markets. This task is interesting, complex, and we are working on its implementation. We are preparing documents for company registration in the countries where Ykke services are in great demand. In parallel with the above mentioned, the company’s web site will get several localized versions. We want each investor visit our page and look through it in a language that is accessible to him/her.
Ambitions have nothing to do with insolence. We are sure in business that we have been doing well for several years. We gain profit and help our investors to do the same. Naturally, we want more and more people around the world know about us.
Very soon, we will start an active advertising campaign. We plan to spread information about the Ykke company among wide audience, including people who are now taking a cautious interest in online investment.
Investing in bitcoin and in Ykke company is the easiest way to get the infinite profit!


On Monday night ControlFinance gave investors cause for alarm when the usually instant payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, and AdvCash all went to pending status. I myself am always suspicious of such things which often indicate possible cashflow issues, so I was on alert and moved ControlFinance to Waiting status on the MNO monitor for a few hours. To my relief and satisfaction it seems that the issue with instant payouts was purely technical and temporary as explained below:

Scheduled maintenance and server upgrade
Recently, many of our customers have reported the slow functioning of the website. This is so because of increase in popularity and influx of advertising traffic. Our old server was not coping well with the load. So we decided to rent a new powerful server and tonight we will migrate the site to a new hardware. During the migration, we recommend that you refrain from carrying out any operations in your personal accounts. After the upgrade, performance will be greatly improved, and we will be able to accept thousands of new customers and make the site very comfortable for them to use.

Needless to say that after the specified time I was paid the pending withdrawal by the admin manually, and by yesterday everything seemed to be fixed. Anyway, ControlFinance (reviewed here) is paying well and instantly on request again with 1% to 1.5% fixed daily returns for an open ended term. No one knows if ControlFinance is capable of running long enough to make profits for even the first investors, but I guess time will tell. Among the latest news worth mentioning is another weekly trading report in PDF format which you can check out below:

New trade report
Hello. We posted Company’s weekly trade report covering the period from July 10, 2017, to July 16, 2017. You can have a look at it clicking on the following link:


The admin of CryptoSolutions whose program is scheduled to be reviewed on MNO on Friday recently announced the launch of a representative program. Anyone willing to participate for some additional benefits can apply, but at the same time the admin reminds you that any abuse will not be tolerated, as all members are allowed just one account in the program. The newsletter can be read below in full if interested:

The Representative Program has been started.
Dear visitors of the official website and clients of the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company.
We inform you that there has started the work our Representative Program which working you can examine, having followed to the a=cust&page=representatives link.
Now for the each client of the company open the new opportunities of an additional earnings and the career growing and we believe that each investor who seeks to improve own financial position will take advantages of the Representative Program.
To obtain the the Representative status, it’s enough to use the contact information, which is at the above-stated link.
We remind you what to use the Representative Program, as well as the Referral Program, can only investors, which are following our Terms of Service. In particular, following the rule of the accounts creation in our investment program.
CryptoSolutions PTY Limited prohibits users have more than one investment account. In case of violation of this rule, all accounts of that user will be deleted and all funds, which are on account balances of such accounts will be removed irretrievably.
Yours faithfully, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited team.

Although not yet reviewed CryptoSolutions has been online for over a year, mostly running as a “sleeper” with a redesign of the website and plans in the last couple of weeks. At the moment CryptoSolutions accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin starting from $10. You can choose between a daily plan paying 1.5% for 30-500 days, principal back on expiry, or some riskier on expiry plans – 111%-207% after 7 days, 125%-500% after 15 days, 1000% after 25 days, 155%-1100% after 30 days, 200%-2000% after 50 days, 300%-3000% after 75 days, 5000% after 100 days. Anyway, I’ll have a more detailed analysis of these and the other main features in the review on Friday. Stay tuned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: TrafficHeapLaserOnlineFexFund,
ControlFinanceAlpexTradeRolyInvestment, FxLTD.
From MNO Standard list: Ykke, CryptoSolutions, Bit2Moon (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic listCryptoGolden.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope at least something in there was useful to you, as it’s the main reason I’ve been running MNO for over ten years now. I have the most loyal readers and that’s unlikely to change, especially now that the HYIP industry is slowly moving forward. More and more promising programs appear every week, but only the best will choose MNO as an advertising platform. Make sure you’re aware of them and make no mistake – the best investment programs can always be found here, on the MNO monitor! I watch their performance very closely and always report immediately if I spot any issues, but if I overlook anything please do not hesitate to contact me directly via this page with any complaints. And of course, do not miss any new exciting money-making opportunities on MNO and check back often, follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe to get the daily news directly to your email address here. I’ll be back on Friday with a detailed review of CryptoSolutions and the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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