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Hello everyone and welcome again to MNO – the highest priced HYIP blog and monitor with the clear aim to weed out obvious scams and concentrate efforts on the promotion of only the biggest and the best in the industry. I’m continuing my summer vacation in Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, and am pleasently surprised by the amount of wide open green spaces and majestic buildings alike on this city on the banks of great river Rhine. I’m staying in Bonn until Monday when I’m heading towards Freiburg where I’m going to spend the whole week exploring the Black Forest. Maybe even taste the famous Black Forest cake as well.

The situation in the HYIP industry over the last few days has generally remained positive with the exception of the unexpected collapse of one of the leading programs FexFund of which I will tell you about in a moment. I even have a promising new program to introduce from the Standard List which joined MNO immediately after the official launch and which I’m cautiously optimistic about. It’s called Respectativa which I’ll start with in a moment. Those who have not read my previous article on the Top Five Popular Programs on MNO please take a look here and vote for your favourite program if you haven’t done so yet. I must say that it’s no surprise to see LaserOnline getting 90% of the vote so far. If you think other program deserves your support please have your say and also vote in this week’s poll on the MNO TalkBack page where only a quarter of my readers believe that the situation in the HYIP industry over the last few weeks stalled or got worse, while 75% are feeling positive and believe things are improving. Well, it might be true for those profiting from the guidance of my blog while they would have been losing their money if they unwisely followed monitors with more cheap scams onboard. That is the power of MNO – the blog and monitoring for the most elite programs in the HYIP industry now established over ten years ago!


Respectativa was added to the Standard List on MNO last night immediately after its official launch. I must admit I was pretty excited when I saw the program which oozes quality and experience from the admin’s part in the past. I was especially impressed by the wide choice of payment processor in Respectativa. Not only do they work with such anonymous payment processors as PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, but they also take popular digital currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic. But the cherry on top is undoubtedly Payza which is not very common when it comes to HYIPs, but is always a welcome sign for experienced investors and usually attracts more attention right from the start. The investment offers in Respectativa seem to be designed to help the program last and maintain slow and steady growth over a long period of time. They are not very much profitable, especially when you consider you have to pay a 2% withdrawal fee which is automatically deducted from every single request you make, but might nevertheless be sustainable for the long term. The minimum to invest in either of the plans starts from $10 and you will get a fixed daily return or once off payout on expiry depending on the amount you’re ready to put in Respectativa. The daily paying plan will credit your account with 10% to 11% daily over the period of 12 calendar days with a possible return of 120% to 132%, as your principal is included in the daily returns. There is another plan that pays 112% to 115% on expiry of a 7 calendar day term. You need to sign in and withdraw from your account in Respectativa in order to be paid within the promised 24-hour timeframe. As I received the first withdrawals already I must admit that they were processed much faster than that, but don’t take it for granted as it might change as Respectativa grows. The design of the site looks OK with all the necessary information provided in clear and concise form and all possible questions answered. It runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, the domain is registered for five years in advance, the site is secured by EV SSL (Green Bar) by GeoTrust, and is protected from possible malicious attacks by DDoSGuard who keep the site on a dedicated server. As you can clearly see, the admin of Respectativa didn’t cut any corners when it came to building a safe and secure website that might also become a future hit with investors and is potentially capable of sustaining multiple investment cycles, provided of course he has good intentions. If you want to learn more of Respectativa, its investment plans, and other main features please check out my blog on Monday for a detailed review. I will leave you with the welcome message from the admin where he introduces Respectativa in his own words and gives a glimpse of what his program is doing, how it was developed, and what should be expected from it in the future:

Greetings and welcome to Respectativa!
The team at Respectativa is highly excited to introduce the official launch of our website to worldwide audience! Our staff, business, investment solutions, affiliate program; all you’re going to explore in a while.
However before that let’s give you our short introduction: first and foremost, Respectativa is not your regular come-and-go investment company, which makes fake claims and lastly upsets you, leaving with partial or complete loss on investments.
We’ve been working hard for years to build a strong and stable business model which delivers more than its capability; and with time, results have proved that our methods are effective. The team at Respectativa keeps working day-and-night in fields of: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks and Shares, Real Estate and Startups, developing new policies to provide a secure and stable business platform to our clients. Our professionals create opportunities on behalf of our clients to make more money on their investments, while keeping minimum risks.
In simple words, Respectativa‘s business principles, operations and achievements are unparalleled!
From providing extremely lucrative investment options to offering a wide range of payment systems, Respectativa has it all of exclusive standard. Our company’s website is hosted on a fully managed dedicated server, with DoS protection from DDoS-Guard, industry’s leading protection provider against DoS and similar attacks. As an extra layer of security we’ve installed GeoTrust’s extended SSL to encrypt all data being transferred between our server and users.
Moreover, at Respectativa you get an unmatched level of ultra-friendly and helpful customer support. Our top-notch customer support is available for your assistance 24/7, whenever you require.
We believe that every individual can generate respectable income right today, using our proven methods. So why not become a part of our money making community?
Once again, we’d like to welcome you on the official website launch of Respectativa, and eagerly hope to see you as our esteemed partner.
Sincerely, Respectativa Team


Despite the hiccups every successful website has to go through at some point the admin of CastleInvestment always keeps his promises to investors by paying instantly and automatically to their PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts. If you read my review of CastleInvestment posted here you’ll know that the program offers two investment plans – 6% for 25 calendar days with $15 minimum to deposit and 0.1% hourly for 250 hours for larger investors starting from $250 minimum. Being online for fifteen days now and on Premium Listing on MNO since day one CastleInvestment has managed to survive the full cycle bringing the hourly plan investors 25% net profit and is on the verge of making even more for those who joined the daily paying plan. Of course, the admin must earn the investors’ confidence by surpassing this result with the daily paying plans before gaining recognition, though at the moment he’s obviously taking credit for the fifth position on the MNO Top Five list (read the latest article on that here) following the untimely demise of FexFund. I must say that he has been doing fine now when it comes to providing decent support for CastleInvestment‘s members and just earlier today I was pleased to see how speedy the temporary issue with payouts to PerfectMoney to me and a referral was resolved. I was paid within literally seconds after contacting the Live Chat support. The admin has also been active when it comes to warning investors about the upcoming downtime on the server as he specifically contacted me before his hosting provider’s maintenance break which lasted for about eight hours and issued a timely update of the site coming back online after that. Here it is just for your information:

Wonderful Greetings to all; we appreciate you for choosing us.
We are informing you that is DDOS-GUARD data has been moved all network equipment from the Serverius data center to Equinix AM3.
Now site is up and working fine, Thank you for your patience !!
Hope you will trust on CFIL.
If you don’t have money to deposit? No problem, We will cover you. Share your referral link to potential investors, friends and family to earn solid 6% referral commission.
Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
Like CFIL Facebook Page:- https://www.facebook.com/CastleFinancialInvestment
Join CFIL official Facebook Group & share your reviews:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/castlefinancial/
**If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us through livechat, facebook chat, skype chat or support mail.


It’s fair to say about every long-lasting program in the HYIP industry that all good things eventually come to an end, and that is especially true when we talk about such an amazing performer as FexFund. The program which was initially not taken seriously by many experienced investors eventually picked up steam and become one of the highlights of the summer lasting almost three months. The admin was an utmost professional in this business and wisely navigated FexFund through all the barriers that stood in the way of success. FexFund seemed almost unsinkable with many investors having enormous faith in the admin’s abilities to maintain payments for months to come, judging by all his previous amazing track record. That’s why it came as a complete shock to many when yesterday morning it was officially announced by the admin George on the website that the project had to close down. The decision was obviously not taken lightly and George ended it all in an honourable fashion by disabling new deposits as soon as payments stopped instead of keeping it open for days like so many nowadays scammers do. You might remember that in the previous updates from the admin of FexFund he made allegations against a BitCoin wallet Coinpayments about missing funds which forced him to use the services of another wallet called BTC-E. Unfortunately the timing could not have been worse, as the site ceased operations a few days back when it became a public knowledge that one of the owners of BTC-E was arrested in Greece and has already indicted in a money laundering charge for the astronomical amount of $4 billion worth of digital currencies. Of course, the rightful owners who kept their money in BTC-E will be the ones who suffer, as happened a few years back when the owners of LibertyReserve were arrested and its site was seized by US authorities. At the moment it looks that chances are slim to none for BTC-E to resume. Unfortunately it seems like the admin of FexFund and all those who didn’t yet manage to reach the profit zone in the program will be the ones who lose. I’m enormously saddened by this sudden collapse and would like to congratulate George on a job well done which led to many people gaining decent profits from FexFund and commend him on his honesty by closing his site properly without scamming and providing us with a detailed explanation of what happened to his program. I hope he returns with a new project on MNO soon, as this one was truly brilliant and it’s a pity it had to end like this:

Dear Investors
Unfortunately, the latest BTC-E exchange collapse had an enormous impact on our site. Recently we were spreading our portfolio between different trades, and we put about 80% of our resources on BTC-E exchange. We also did take a huge hit by getting scammed by coinpayments.net while they closed our wallet without any notification, holding investor’s money. This night we just run out of the money… I’ve cashed out all the money from the markets (whatever was left) to cover all withdrawals, but demands were much higher than deposits coming in. And we have no money in the markets so we cannot make any profit now. We are sorry, but in this situation, we cannot do anything else but terminate FexFund. We understand that this leaves some investors on loss, which couldn’t get their ROI and we are sorry for that. But we were HYIP site after all, and our ToS was clear enough about the risk: “Each user must be aware that any investment in the Company carries an investment risk.” Congratulations for those which made three full 30-day cycles getting large income. We are very disappointed that our history ends like that, but we got the lesson out of it, and I hope we will meet in some future when BTC settles down, and markets will be much more stable.
With respect George Soleos CEO of FexFund.


I believe it’s a very good sign that Payza has finally started getting long overdue recognition among HYIP admins who are using them more frequently now. Out of the currently seventeen monitored programs six are accepting Payza, including even two out of the Basic listed ones. Those that occupy higher positions in the Top Five Popular Programs list (read the latest article on that here) include the most favoured among my readers LaserOnline (reviewed here), the longest-running BandeiraCorp (reviewed here) and the #1 highest ranked advertising program TrafficHeap (reviewed here). They’re joined by the brand new addition to the Standard List on MNO Respectativa (to be reviewed on Monday) that has been already seen a lot of interest from my readers due to the acceptance of Payza. Why is it so important to have Payza onboard for the HYIP admins? Because it shows they don’t just think about self interest, they are also capable of verifying Payza accounts and adding its payment button for the convenience of the larger investors, especially from the North American and European countries. Why is having Payza onboard of a HYIP beneficial for an online investor who has a verified account with them? It’s because of the higher level of protection when it comes to HYIP investments as with Payza there is a much higher chance to be paid for longer than to any other payment processor even in the case of a fast scam, and even then you are able to file a dispute and have your money back, at least partially, provided there are some funds left in the scammer’s account. Because of reversible payments Payza has been very well known among the HYIP investors, but the direct funding and withdrawal methods via BitCoin, bank accounts, and credit cards without the need for third-party exchangers (I would especially recommend getting Payza‘s own pre-paid card sent to your home address for a small fee) also made it a one of a kind payment processor. Payza has been active when it comes to posting interesting articles on their official news blog, and not only directly connected to their own development. Out of the latest posts on the blog is an article giving tips to anyone new to online affiliate marketing. I’m sure we’re all here to make money from HYIPs, but why not increase your profits by advertising your affiliate links and getting lucrative referral commissions out of it as well. Remember also the affiliate program in Payza where you can create a free account here to start earning some commissions for attracting others:

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Internet marketing is an umbrella term that includes many technologies, tactics, channels, and revenue streams. There is no shortage of ways to utilize internet marketing to your advantage and it would be impossible to cover every effective strategy in the always-evolving online landscape. Today, we’re going to turn our focus to affiliate marketing – one of the most misunderstood forms of internet marketing.
Too much is made of the internet “moving at the speed of light.” Anyone researching internet marketing is bound to find one warning repeated over and over again: the internet moves so quickly that in order to be successful you must be one step ahead of the latest tools and best practices. It’s true that being an early adopter can help you become very successful in the short term, but it’s also highly risky. It’s much more rewarding in the long-term to provide a product that is consistent, stable and practical. In other words: slow and steady wins the race.
This is especially true when it comes to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the cornerstones of internet marketing and it is largely built on trust. The best affiliate marketers are seen as authorities within their niche.
As a whole, affiliate marketing is an enormous network which helps businesses reach their target audiences and points consumers to the products that best suit their needs. In this regard, affiliate marketing has a lot in common with, and is closely linked to, search engine optimization (SEO).
Simply put, affiliate marketing involves two parties: the business and the affiliate. The business is selling some kind of product and the affiliate is promoting that product. It’s a form of commission-based salesmanship, with the affiliate rewarded based on their performance. Every time the affiliate helps to generate a sale, the business pays them a share of the sale. This graphic explains the relationship between Brands, Affiliates, and Ad Platforms.
While ad platforms used to play a very large role in affiliate marketing, more and more affiliates are finding ways to earn commissions that bypass these platforms altogether.
One way for affiliates to promote products is by creating a customer-facing service, for example a blog that reviews books, a series of videos explaining how to build furniture, or a website documenting the latest fashion trends. In the first example, the affiliate can provide links to buy the books from Amazon, in the second, the affiliate can provide a list of all the tools used in the video and link to buy them from Home Depot, and in the third, the affiliate can direct people to Revolve. Each of these companies has a healthy affiliate program and there are many other programs and networks to choose from.
The key to success in affiliate marketing is to provide an organic and high-value context in which to drive traffic to your partner(s) – consumers aren’t going to follow a link unless you give them a good reason to. First, you need to attract people to your site, which is going to require good SEO in order to rank higher in Google. Then, you need high quality content to keep people reading and keep them coming back. The more value and usefulness your content offers to your readers, the more business you’ll generate.
Affiliate Marketing Facts
1. Affiliate marketing is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing
Affiliate marketing is a broad network used by every major online retailer. It’s a widely accepted form of digital marketing and a huge part of any retailer’s consumer outreach strategy. Affiliates act as an arms-length sales and marketing force, organically directing consumers to the products they want and need, and helping businesses to grow their customer-base.
2. Affiliates DO sell a product
Affiliates are more than just a part of a business’ sales funnel – they provide a very valuable product of their own: good content. Affiliates are thought leaders and tastemakers that answer the questions consumers are actually asking. Whether customers want to know more about a specific product, want to keep up with the latest trends, or are getting into a new hobby, affiliate marketers are often the people they turn to for more information. The most successful affiliates are the ones who offer the most valuable (and most well-written) information to consumers in their niche.
3. You CAN make money
Many people portray affiliate marketing as passive income, but that’s a little misleading. Starting an affiliate marketing site takes a lot of work – don’t expect there to be anything “passive” about it during your first six months. Affiliate marketing, like SEO, is built on trust. It takes time for consumers to trust you as a resource and it takes time for Google to trust you. Generate good content and network with other sites in your niche for at least six months before you expect to see a significant return on investment. Be patient: by your second year you could be making $10,000/month.
4. You DON’T have to focus on a specific niche
What holds many people back is a desire to do something totally unique, waiting to find that hyper-specific niche that will make them one-of-a-kind. But there are two problems with this: first, for a very specific niche, you have to truly be an expert to regularly produce good content; and second, if nobody’s done it before, there’s a good chance that’s because there’s no money in it. By choosing a broad niche (such as fashion or home renovation), you can target a wider audience and tap into a wealth of existing information and resources.
Anyone can be an affiliate. If you already have a blog or website (and lack the time or the ability to create a whole site dedicated to affiliate marketing) you can still work with businesses in your industry by linking to products that you use yourself or that you think your visitors would enjoy, or just by including a banner ad on your homepage.
Did you know that Payza has its own Referral Program? Test out your affiliate marketing skills by helping people sign up for their free Payza Account. Once they reach a certain amount of transactions, you’ll earn $5 USD for your first 10 referrals, and $10 USD for every referral after that!
Join the millions of businesses and individuals around the world that use affiliate marketing to supplement your income, and if you have any questions about getting started, ask us in the comments below.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: TrafficHeapLaserOnline, FatFunds,
ControlFinanceFxLTDAlpexTrade, RolyInvestment.
From MNO Standard list: YkkeRespectativa (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: CryptoGoldenCorePlus (the first payments received), CryptoCenter (the first payments received).

That’s it for tonight, guys. Enjoy the weekend and hope you all profit tremendously from this high-end online investment opportunities you can find on the MNO blog. I’ll be back on Monday when I’ll be posting from Freiburg, Germany with a detailed review of a very promising new program on MNO called Respectativa and of course all the latest updates from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. In order not to miss anything important please stay with MNO by following me on Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram, or subscribe to the Daily News by entering and confirming your email address here. Talk to you all on Monday and remember that MNO is For Money Lovers!

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