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03/08/2017. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog. I have another news update on all the biggest programs anywhere in the HYIP industry. Before that I just want to say a few words about BandeiraCorp as it’ss been a mystery why no one was able to access their accounts over the last couple of days. Only last night investors rejoiced when they managed to login and request their withdrawals but it remains unknown whether they’re going to be paid or not. Well, as I said already in the last Top Five article, any program that creates another sister program after being online for about two years is up to no good and the current suspicious actions of the BandeiraCorp‘s admin might mark the beginning of the end for another giant of the HYIP industry. Anyway, I will certainly keep an eye on things with BandeiraCorp and meanwhile will display Waiting Status for the program until all the latest technical issues have been fixed, whether they were genuine or artificially created to coincide with BitCoin fork that happened on August 1st.

By the way, that BitCoin split event has certainly dominated the HYIP industry headlines over the last few days, and many HYIP admins took a very serious approach to account safety by disabling BitCoin deposits and withdrawals over the time of the fork. Fortunately the doom and gloom predictions didn’t materialise with the current price of BitCoin more or less stable. Let’s leave the topic now as its better suited for more specialized crypto-currency trading websites. MNO is here to report the news from the best and programs in the HYIP industry so today I have the latest from Respectativa, CastleInvestment, ControlFinance, CryptoSolutions, RolyInvestment, and Ykke. The most exciting news though is for fans of the Payza payment processor which I will share with you at the end of today’s update, so keep reading for that.


The admin of CastleInvestment has always been very active when it comes to updating members and solving any issues in real time so I guess that might be one of the reasons why the program has become so popular among my readers lately. Of course words are not enough and a good HYIP admin needs to prove his program is worthy by action, and in that sense CastleInvestment (reviewed here) has done well. After twenty days online and on MNO there have been two completed cycles on the shortest of the two hourly investment plans paying 0.1% for 250 hours while those in the daily plan should also be in profit with 6% for 25 days returns. The instant payouts to all accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and most recently, LiteCoin – have also helped, and I hope that the admin is also working on the further implementation of Payza. In any case, even in less than three weeks online CastleInvestment has found a lot of fans who are now enjoying their profits thanks to their smart decision to join. Below I will re-post the latest four emails from the admin of CastleInvestment over the last three days which mostly dealt with the temporary BitCoin suspension of withdrawals (now already back to normal) and the addition of the new crypto-currency LiteCoin:

Greetings to all; we appreciate you for choosing us.
As per our earlier Email, We have stopped both DEPOSIT and WITHDRAWAL for BTC of the potential fork in the chain. We will re-enable it once the network stabilizes likely August 1st or early August 2nd.
But other processors will work as usual with automatic payments.
Please do not panic all is well and keep working as usual.
Thank you for understanding and please inform your team as well.

Wonderful greetings to all; Thanks for choosing us !!
Happy new month !!
Today is a New Month, New beginning, New Mindset, New Focus, New Start, New Intentions, New Results
**Please do not forget to give your feedback. Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
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Greetings to all; we appreciate you for choosing us.
Kindly We are informing you that now we accept LITECOIN directly and you can also automatic withdraw from LITECOIN. HAPPY EARNING.
If you don’t have money to deposit? No problem, We will cover you. Share your referral link to potential investors, friends and family to earn solid 6% referral commission.
**Please do not forget to give your feedback. Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
Like CFIL Facebook Page:-
Join CFIL official Facebook Group & share your reviews:-
**If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us through livechat, facebook chat, skype chat or support mail.

Greetings to all; we appreciate you for choosing us.
Kindly We are informing you that our BITCOIN services has now started. Now you can INVEST with us and can also WITHDRAW your funds. HAPPY EARNING.
One more thing from the first day, Our members are getting AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWALS without any problem.
**Please do not forget to give your feedback.
Your feedback is very important for us !!
**Please share your experience with everyone and post your payments proofs in social media like Facebook groups and Twitters..!!
Like CFIL Facebook Page:-
Join CFIL official Facebook Group & share your reviews:-
**If you have any questions or issues, then you can contact us through livechat, facebook chat, skype chat or support mail.


There were some turbulent days for ControlFinance as well. On Tuesday following the announcement of the BitCoin fork the admin decided it was best to suspend providing instant withdrawals to BitCoin. However since it was possible to exchange between all the accepted e-currencies – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin – then even those who deposited via BitCoin shouldn’t have had any issues when getting paid to other payment processors. Still, the admin did make some people worry when all instant withdrawals were suspended to other processors as well. I even suspected a possible scam and moved ControlFinance to Waiting status on the MNO monitor after pointless attempts to get a response from the hapless and incompetent online chat support. The admin of ControlFinance only replied to my email on the following day and explained that all the withdrawals were manually processed on that day while by now they had been fully resumed and are instant again. Apart from that small hiccup everything seems to be running smooth with ControlFinance (reviewed here) paying investors from 1% to 1.5% per day with no expiry date. The admin says his program is on the verge of a new stage of development, so some exciting news is to be announced soon. Meanwhile, you can study the latest trading report from ControlFinance in PDF format and also enjoy two more levels of its expanded affiliate program that now goes seven tiers deep:

New trade report
Hello. We posted Company’s weekly trade report covering the period from July 24, 2017, to July 30, 2017. You can have a look at it clicking on the following link:

Affiliate Program Expansion to 7 Tiers
We are pleased to announce the long-awaited expansion of our affiliate program. Now it includes 7 tiers. For the 6th and the 7th tiers the remuneration will equal 1% and 0.5% of invited referrals’ deposits, correspondingly. We’ve planned making Litecoin cryptocurrency available for current business week. The work is in hand. Thank you for being with us!

Attention: We will be suspending bitcoin withdrawal till August 2.
Bitcoin withdrawal will be restored once the network has stabilized. We expect good news from the cryptocurrency market and high volatility, which will enable us generate excellent profit.


The admin of RolyInvestment has finally broken his silence and promised investors that after the recent uncertainty surrounding BitCoin the program is ready to get back to normal. It won’t happen until tomorrow though as during the suspension of BitCoin services RolyInvestment which works exclusively with BitCoins was not able to carry out any operations at all. As accounts are credited for members of RolyInvestment three times a week – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (click here to read more on the investment plan in the review), the unplanned disruption will hopefully not get too much negative publicity. The program has otherwise been an excellent performer so far with always instant withdrawals. Here’s the latest official news from RolyInvestment:

RolyInvestment – News – Segwit Completed
Dear investors, partners and friends
We are pleased to inform you that all preparations have been completed.
All functions are enabled again.
Investments and disbursements can be repurchased immediately.
Yield distributions will continue as usual from Friday.
Thank you for your understanding.


There seemed to be an almost palpable feeling of paranoia gripping some people in the HYIP industry, almost expecting some sort of financial apocalypse on August 1st when BitCoin was being re-organised. The sky didn’t fall in the end, but it didn’t stop some programs from “hedging their bets” as they say, trying to insure themselves against what was basically an unknown quantity. Better be safe than sorry, because “I don’t know” is simply not an acceptable answer when you are dealing with other people’s money. It was probably the correct if ultimately unnecessary decision then by the admin of Respectativa to temporarily suspend BitCoin operations while people figured out what was going on. BitCoin of course is just one of the currencies used by Respectativa who were originally reviewed on MNO here, they also accept a raft of others. Most notably Payza which the admin already had in place when the program launched, showing himself to be an experienced professional in his field. You may also use PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and EthereumClassic. Investment plans in Respectativa are in many ways a throwback to better times all round in the HYIP industry, offering classic style favourites like 10% to 11% per day for 12 days, or 112% to 115% on expiry of a 7 day term. The program has been growing at a brisk pace so it was imperative that the admin not allow anything to get in the way of this. With that in mind the first newsletter below announced the brief cessation of BitCoin related transactions until the situation became clear. Thankfully disruption was kept to a minimum, and as of the second news update Respectativa announced there was no cause for alarm, BitCoin transactions were back in full swing once more. You can read both newsletters from the Respectativa admin below:

Important Notice – Bitcoin worldwide services temporarily suspended.
Dear Investors,
Due to upcoming BitCoin fork and potential worldwide network disruption and instability, we are suspending all BTC deposits and withdrawals at 14:00 PM GMT+1 August 1st. These measures were taken to provide safety of your deposits and withdrawals. This will affect ONLY Bitcoin transaction and all other payment processors will continue as usual.
We hope that BitCoin transactions will resume as soon as possible. An estimated time varies between August 1 -4, but it can take longer depending on how the bitcoin network handles the fork.
For more information about BitCoin network issues you can read by following the links below:
If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Thank you for being a part of Respectativa and have a blissful day ahead!
Sincerely, Respectativa Team

Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals resumed and available again!
Dear Investors,
We are glad to inform you that our Bitcoin gateway Coinpayments has resumed all bitcoin operations after btc fork process. You can now deposit and withdraw your funds.
All withdrawals have been paid fast as usual.
Sincerely, Respectativa Team


If you just read the above piece on Respectativa then there’s really no need to repeat it all over again, basically the same situation has just occurred with CryptoSolutions as well. The admin here again took the precautionary step of removing BitCoin from the list of payment methods while things were still unclear. Investments made through any of the other payment processors used by CryptoSolutions, namely PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. The list of investment plans is far more extensive, including 1.5% for 30-500 days (principal back), 111%-207% after 7 days, 125%-500% after 15 days, 1000% after 25 days, 155%-1100% after 30 days, 200%-2000% after 50 days, 300%-3000% after 75 days, 5000% after 100 days, though the ones I’d actually suggest you join is a whole lot shorter! You can read more about that in the detailed review of CryptoSolutions first published on MNO here. Meanwhile you can see the two updates from the CryptoSolutions admin below, the first one outlining the temporary removal of BitCoin from their list of payment methods, and the second announcing the resumption:

Bitcoin Fork – July 31st – August 1st Some information about investing and withdrawals at using the Bitcoin network
Dear customers of our investment program and users of our system too.
We have start the suspending all Bitcoin transactions at 11:59 PM EST on July 31st. This will include any deposits, withdrawals via our website, API and mobile app. This will be a system wide suspension of bitcoin in our system. To try to prevent any misplaced/lost coins, any pending bitcoin withdrawals or conversions will be cancelled around the time of suspension.
Bitcoin transactions on our system will hopefully resume August 1st or 2nd depending on how long it takes the Bitcoin network to stabilize. This is only an estimated time. It may be longer depending on how the bitcoin network handles the fork.
Please note, that any deposits that you make during the time of suspension can not be guaranteed. If you have any reoccurring deposits, make sure you disable them for the time being. We make our best effort to ensure the reliability and safety of our services however we can not be held liable for deposits sent during the fork which can result in lost coins. Please DO NOT make investment via Bitcoin network until service is fully resumed.
Watch for our updates.
Build your future by CryptoSolutions

The Bitcoin network has been restored
Dear visitors and investors of the the CryptoSolutions PTY Limited company investment program.
We inform you that Bitcoin network continues its to work in the normal mode.
From this point all temporary restrictions, which have been introduced yesterday, are cancelled and our program continues to use BTC in full.
Yours faithfully, CryptoSolutions PTY Limited team.
Build your future by CryptoSolutions


One program spreading its wings and trying to reach a wider audience now is Ykke (reviewed here). In light of recent events in the BitCoin arena this is probably good timing for them, given that BitCoin is their only accepted payment method and as is common knowledge now a lot of people had some uncertainty about. Ykke was first reviewed on MNO and I believe is day 27 online for them. This is significant because the only investment plan on offer there pays 3% per day for an open-ended term, i.e. Ykke should continue paying you indefinitely for as long as they manage to stay online. So it’s still going to be at least another week until even the very first investors are in profit with them, something I will definitely report on here if and when it happens. Anyway, as the timing is right for Ykke to start a mass audience the admin has had a professional translation of the entire website into Russian which has just launched. Customer support will also be available in Russian, which is I feel a far more important move than simply translating the website. Actually reading through the new version myself I found the line “we tried to translate every single word as accurately as possible” somewhat amusing, as the standard of Russian turns out to be flawless and a lot higher than the admin’s own use of English! Hopefully it proves a worthwhile move for Ykke, it certainly won’t hurt the program that’s for sure, and helps open up a much wider market for them. News of the new Russian language website and support network is included in the newsletter below:

Russian version
Ykke starts international integration. The first step is to enter countries where people speak Russian or know and able to understand it. We expect to gain a large number of customers in these countries and continue to expand our influence further to the east.
While working at the localization of the Ykke website, we tried to translate every single word as accurately as possible. Every customer of Ykke should understand which services he/she exactly receives and how to use them correctly. Our goal is simplicity and convenience! We even went to extra mile! We have selected and prepared customer support team, which will respond and help in any difficult situation. Now this service is available in Russian!
Make your profit easily! Get more together with Ykke!


I said this on MNO a very long time ago, it only surprised me that it took this long to happen, but BitCoin and digital e-currencies in general are very much the future of the HYIP industry. Their impact has been enormous and they are quite clearly here to stay. I mean I can’t say for sure that it will always be BitCoin as the dominant force, anything could happen that, but I’m pretty sure that if one crypto-currency declined then another will ultimately take its place. The more conventional style dollar based third-party payment handlers need to either face up to this undeniable fact that anyone can plainly see unfolding before their eyes and adapt, or else see their business dwindle and become obsolete. Simple as that. One payment processor, and as far as I can see the only payment processor taking this seriously in any shape or form is Payza. They have long been a favourite of HYIP investors for a variety of reasons which are well-documented elsewhere on the pages of this blog. The ease of which you can bypass expensive third-party exchangers by moving money directly in and out of Payza using your own bank account, credit card, etc. quickly and cheaply is a major selling point, as is the option to raise a dispute with them in the event of a scam and challenge for a possible refund. One area of Payza‘s business that has seen some major expansion and led to them gaining a lot of ground on the competition is their embrace of BitCoin. Regular readers might know that one of my own favourite things about Payza is the availability (to purchase) of their own branded debit card. I bought one a couple of years back, and it’s proved essential. You can simply transfer money online from your Payza account to the debit card, and proceed to withdraw it as cash from any ATM worldwide, or use it for over the counter transactions in local shops and stores. Quite handy when you travel as much as I do, and you can continue spending the profits you make from HYIPs anywhere in the world. Payza have been allowing internal BitCoin exchanges for their customers for some time now, so that was always a good option for investors looking to turn BitCoin into real physical hard cash. The latest development however now allows you to load BitCoin directly to your Payza debit card instantly, and start spending any time any place in literally a matter of seconds. Just to remind you, currently TrafficHeap (reviewed here), LaserOnline (reviewed here), and Respectativa (reviewed here) from the MNO monitor are using Payza. It comes as no surprise then that all three programs are some of the biggest and best around at the moment, at least partially due to this fact. News on the feature that allows Payza account holders to load BitCoin funds instantly on to their debit cards is reposted from the official Payza news blog below:

Instant Bitcoin to Payza Card Loads Now Available
We think that Bitcoin and the Payza Card are a perfect match, so we decided to make them even better together. Payza is therefore proud to present another new feature related by Bitcoin, a feature that combines Bitcoin and the Payza Card – Bitcoin to Payza Card Loads.
This new feature lets you convert the Bitcoin that’s already in your Payza account into US Dollars and add those funds onto your Payza Card in seconds. This feature applies to the Bitcoin being held in your Payza account already, if you have another Bitcoin wallet, you can transfer those Bitcoin into your Payza account and then instantly load your Payza Card.
It is very easy to load funds onto your Payza Card – simply create a Withdraw Funds transaction in your Payza account and select the Payza Card as your withdrawal method. With our new feature Bitcoin to Payza Card Loads you can even load your Payza Card with Bitcoin. To do this you must simply create a withdraw funds transaction in your Payza account and select the Payza Card as your withdrawal method. Then when selecting the balance, choose “Bitcoin”. This will automatically exchange your Bitcoin to US Dollars and load your Payza Card with the exchanged amount.
Loading Funds From a Bitcoin Balance to Your Payza Card
1. In your Payza account, click “Withdraw Funds” in the top menu, then select “Payza Prepaid Card”.
2. Select Bitcoin as the currency balance and enter the amount.
3. Review the details and click “Withdraw” to confirm your transaction.
In most cases, loading your Payza Card with Bitcoin will be instant, however, there will be some exceptions. All Payza withdrawals can potentially trigger a general delay which can take up to 3 business days, but, in the majority of cases, loading your Payza Card using your Bitcoin balance will be instant.
The Payza Card is $19.95 US to order, including shipping and handling. Currently, this charge must be paid from your Payza balance, but our team is working to provide an option to pay for the card using Bitcoin or Credit Card as well.
With a Payza Card, you can make purchases almost anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted, including online, in-store and at most ATMs. Shipping takes 1-3 weeks to members in North America, or 4-8 weeks worldwide. Order the Payza Card directly in your account. Under the “Wallet” tab, look for “Prepaid Cards” to order your own card. Please note that your Payza account must be verified before you can order your Payza Card. Check out our full guide about the Payza Card here.
For more information and to stay up to date with the latest Payza news, be sure to subscribe to the Payza Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: TrafficHeapLaserOnline, FatFunds,
CastleInvestmentFxLTD, AurumBankCryptoSolutions,
From MNO Standard list: RespectativaYkke.
From MNO Basic list: CorePlus, CryptoCenterChainGroupService (the first payments received).

That’s all for today, guys. Stay tuned, as a new Premium listed program is going to be added to MNO in the next couple of days. Payment has been received but is pending Payza approval at the moment so once that’s done I’ll give you the details. All important news such as possible monitoring status changes are also announced on the MNO channels on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. So do yourself a favour and join one of them that suits you best to always be in the loop. It’s even better to subscribe to the daily news from MNO by submitting and confirming your email address using the form on this page and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me here. I hope to be back sometime over the weekend, if I have something to tell you, but for now enjoy your earnings from the most profitable HYIPs you can find on MNO, while I’ll be enjoying my vacation in Germany by swimming in the many lakes while exploring the Black Forest. See you soon, guys, and remember that MNO is For Money Lovers!

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