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Hello everyone! It’s been a busy finish to the business week by most standards, and while it’s not been 100% positive it’s still been a more that successful week overall. It’s not been an overnight process getting where we are today in the industry, the recovery has been long and sometimes will have tested the patience of even the most diehard HYIP enthusiasts (even me on occasion). It’s probably at its strongest point now than at anytime in the last six months because of a few of the biggest most elite programs that have made sure the smartest investors – the ones reading MNO – are always be in profit provided they in turn know how to play the industry to their own personal advantage. And what better way to learn that then on the pages of the MNO blog? After all, you don’t think I’ve managed to earn a full time living from this for over ten years now without getting things right most of the time, do you?

The HYIP industry has always based on some fairly simple principles, and is sometimes a lot easier to understand than many people new to it realise. For example, only the strongest survive. People are ready to keep faith in the strongest programs because they are getting paid for many weeks and are in profit. Industry leaders such as LaserOnline or TrafficHeap set the example, and then it’s up to newer contenders like Ykke to follow that example and deliver on the early promise they showed when launching. The latest updates from these programs will be the main focus of today’s news article, as well as news from the Payza payment processor, and the unfortunate collapse of NewTechRoad. Despite the obvious disappointment with this final point it has to be said the program was still profitable for some savvy investors, though I doubt that’s of much comfort to anyone who lost. Anyway, let’s get started and see what’s been going on in the industry over the last couple of days.


People will always have conflicting opinions on what is what in the HYIP industry, but one fact is almost universally agreed upon today – LaserOnline is the current industry leader. You basically fall into one of two groups of people. The first are the investors making plenty of money from LaserOnline, in some cases an absolute bundle as the plan paying 12% interest for 12 business days is at the end of cycle number four. The other group are the ones who just sit there complaining while watching the rest of us make money, but don’t worry, we don’t really care about them, lol!

As for anyone else who hasn’t heard of LaserOnline, they’re probably not involved with the HYIP industry and won’t be interested in this. But it does occur to me that as LaserOnline continues to cement its position as the number one program in the HYIP industry, a growing number of its members are new to the world of online HYIPs or even coming to it for the very first time. With that in mind there’s probably a number of wider concepts that they may not quite understand about the workings of the program which the admin has set about trying to address. I myself would suggest you start with the detailed review of LaserOnline that explains everything in easily readable terms on the MNO blog first published here.

Of the numerous payment options in use by LaserOnline, the more traditional style handlers include Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash all for a $5 minimum. These are all simple enough. It’s when we arrive at digital deposits, mostly BitCoin obviously but with Ethereum catching up and several other alternatives listed, that some folks a bit new to all of this start to get confused. The most common question faced here is by BitCoin users who don’t quite understand why after they make a deposit in LaserOnline it doesn’t show up instantly in their account area. It’s quite understandable why this would cause some concern for newbies, after all, dollar deposits via the likes of PerfectMoney are always displayed instantly, so why not BitCoin? It’s a perfectly valid question, but also one with a perfectly valid answer that requires some prior knowledge of how BitCoin and its wallets really operate. I think the admin of LaserOnline has done a reasonable of explaining this in his newsletter which I’m reposting below. As this is clearly something that occupies far too much of his time in having to explain over and over again, I would strongly urge you to pay close attention. The earlier newsletter also re-posted below is more focused on the business concept behind the program. As this has less practical use for your investment I don’t mean to deliberately gloss over it, but honestly it’s probably not something that most experienced HYIP investors such as those reading MNO will care for. It’s still an interesting read though, so I’ll include it anyway:

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading. Operators of Ponzi schemes can be either individuals or corporations and grab the attention of new investors by offering guaranteed short-term returns that are either abnormally high or unusually consistent.
Unlike any type of Ponzi-scheme or cash-gifting platform, here at LaserOnline LLC. do our business with real companies and enterprises when by successfully implementing short term high-return strategy (look for Crypto-Capital at our FAQ) into the long-term laser-based products logistics business, L.O.P. became of the strongest leaders in the online investment market. Discover more about our long term strategy, at
From the logical question can be: “Why didn’t your platform provide its users a different, more “stable” low-profit investment plan?”
The reason is simple. It’s not a secret that nowadays online Investment market became quite saturated with high yield return offers. These days you cannot surprise experienced investors with even 70% monthly return, when even simple Bitcoin, Ethereum cryptocurrency passive speculation can bring you such profits in no time. We believe that this age has brought us so many effective instruments, and their tremendous potential should be united together with a stable and time-proven niche. You always should be skeptical of new offers yet with an open mind to analyze your surroundings and market changes. In fact, same rule can be applied to LaserOnline when under stagnation and unwillingness to accept positive changes we simply have a risk to be ignored as a high return investment platform. We offer the highest return within the shortest time possible as our major competitive mechanism. With zero cost to overall marketing plan’s stability, all achieved with a help of extra features and instruments integrated into the platform itself we can tell you with confidence that you’ll likely find no other lucrative option like this.
Are there any guarantees or assurances of my principal?
Technically saying every experienced investor should know that 100% assurance cannot be provided at any business aimed at the significant return to its customers. Purchasing “digital funds” at LaserOnline Platform with a goal to increase its value over time can and should be considered as a risky opportunity with a possibility to never receive your principal back.
However, LaserOnline has developed a unique multi-level insuring system where 12% of all deposited funds are transferred to LaserOnline LLC fully operated and controlled Bitcoin Security Fund. This amount is deducted automatically from our profits and does not affect profits of our investors.
In addition to that, over the past 10 years of our “offline” business we were able to generate extended capital resources & in a conjunction with early (2011-2014 year) cryptocurrency** low-gap purchases coupled by constant trading & exchange, we now can present so-called “crypto-capital” where its passive growth can sustain our user’s digital funds long-term returns and stability provided by 12/12 business plan. This is very important to note that our results of a holistic approach to an executive time planning at modern innovations implementation can and should be used as an instrument of your own wealth and those people who have not been granted with an access of big industries orientated niche business. By joining large scale reselling & logistics model with rapid cryptocurrency’s development we’ve managed to establish a sustainable backup which can effectively cover potential vulnerability of a small yet very marginal cryptocurrency speculation by the size of its USD to BTC equivalent. Down bellow, you can explore a detailed scheme of Laser’s Online 12/12 plan financial pillars.
Get started with Laser today!
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Get in touch with our Support or your local communities:

Hello, to all the Laser Fans around the globe!
Give us a chance to share you some intriguing enlightening on the BitCoin transaction and process, that will really give you some more top to bottom comprehension information as it has been the hot topics frequently asked question from the LaserOnline (L.O) Platform users.
Why hasn’t my transaction confirmed yet?
Every bitcoin transaction that’s sent flows into what’s called the mempool (short for memory pool) before it can be confirmed by miners. When there’s a dramatic spike in transaction activity, the mempool can become congested because so many transactions are waiting to be included in the next block. Bitcoin users across the network may notice their transactions sit as unconfirmed or pending for a longer period of time, and we understand this can cause users to be concerned about the status of their funds but this is normal with everyone with those using crypto currencies in this digital era. You can always check backlog here at as this will provide you an idea how many of unconfirmed transactions are pending over the globe!
In most cases, your transactions will eventually confirm. It may just take longer than usual to do so and, apart from this SegWit also will be officially accepted after 1074 blocks, which is approximately within 10 days! After this there will be 8000 transactions in each block (instead of 2000 as we speak now) which will help all the bitcoin users around the globe in network to transact faster than ever before.
We have been doing our part very precisely to always match our L.O.P high standards at all times. In simple form, once the amount gets debited from our wallets (payouts are processed) thereafter the “Confirming or not confirming” is not a part of our process, as it is completely dependable on the network speed/miners block speed & various factors technically. Whether it is you or LaserOnline platform itself, we can be either sending/receiving. Nowadays, even paying high fee to a transaction makes no sense, example if you paid $4 fees on a $100 transaction or $0.20 fees for same sum via bitcoin makes no sense due to currently less block capabilities in the network until the SegWit is activated officially soon. What we can highly suggest you is to keep patience at most times, it is always proven to be the best remedy for any situation like these.
We’ll be continuing to share informative contents as these news block will become the learning curve for many laser fans! So make sure to follow all our official social media channels and, our telegram groups.
Pedal to the metal with LaserOnline Investment Platform!
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TrafficHeap (reviewed here) remains one of the most popular programs among readers, firmly planted in the #2 position on the MNO Premium Listing and behind only the undisputed leader LaserOnline. And for good reason I might add. First, TrafficHeap offers the opportunity to buy ad tokens not only via traditional HYIP payment gateways like PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin, but also pay for them with Payza and even PayPal. One ad token costs $50 and in exchange you get some credits to spend on some advertising packages. Profits are at at variable rates daily depending on the site’s advertising sales on any given day (you can check out the latest daily rates on the “Our News” section on the TrafficHeap website). You will keep earning each day until you make 130% back on your ad token which then expires. Although you will also be credited another 50% of your deposited amount, this is only available for purchasing other ad tokens, thus enabling you to earn even more on your investment. TrafficHeap has been developing very gradually now and even on its fourth month online any reported improvements are quite scarce and the admin posts updates only occasionally. But it’s the stable and timely payouts that matter, right? Anyway, the latest newsletter from TrafficHeap issued a couple of days ago for an outlook at all the latest improvements you need to be aware of:

TrafficHeap Recent Improvements
In this issue:
– Buy Visitors instead of Days
– Buying Affiliates feature Temporary Suspended
– New Memberships are Coming
Buy Visitors instead of Days
Because of Peak and off-Peak times in summer, we have decided to make a small adjustment to our Products Line. From now on, you can use the AdPacks to buy an exact number of visitors instead of the random visitors delivered each day. By delivering a fixed number of visitors you can be sure an exact amount of people will see your website! We will include your website inside our rotator until you receive the amount of visitors ordered!
You will receive 50,000 Visitors to your website per the $50 AdPack! This is makes 1 visitor cost only $0.001!
We will soon return the Daily Rotator Spot back to our Product Line, with an updated pricing.
All ads activated before this newsletter are left untouched (expires by Duration, not by number of visitors). All tokens bought prior to this newsletter and not yet activated for Ads will now activate the 50,000 visitor / token pack.
Buying Affiliates feature Temporary Suspended
We are working on advancing our membership program and due to this reason we have temporarily suspended buying affiliates feature. You don’t have to worry about this though, this step is only temporary! Affiliate sales will return with our membership program soon!
More updates will be announced soon!
New Memberships are Coming
Everyone wants to be appreciated. We are almost ready with our membership program and will introduce multiple type of memberships, with advantages like priority or instant withdrawals, multiple streams of income, affiliate advantages and a lot of more!
TrafficHeap Advertising Limited (UK, Company number 10761962)


If we talk about BitCoin only programs then you might know Ykke (reviewed here) is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing HYIPs on the market now. Six weeks online and listed on MNO from day one the program has certainly made many of the first investors happy, as they’ve reached the profit zone on its one and only 3% daily “forever” investment plan which also makes instant payments. Over the last three days Ykke has issued no less than three updates in hope of reaching a growing market. Subjects covered are quite varied and include updates on successful BitCoin trading efforts by their team (totally unverifiable, of course!), a UK company incorporation and opening an office in London’s Soho (believe me, I live in London and these offices are all virtual and not occupied by the businesses using the address), and the translation of the Ykke website into Vietnamese which make it a truly multi-lingual site (as the Russian version was added earlier):

New heights in trading
The rapid bitcoin growth rate during this and last weekends has pleased investors as much as possible. The predominance of the bullish trend, the stockjobbing of the main crypto-currency and the moments of the explosive growth gave an excellent opportunity to make profit.
By August 14, bitcoin has predictably increased the interest in itself. There were moments when our traders opened short positions, in order to make even more profit on the rate corrections. Basically, this period was marked by “buy” deals in quiet expectation of bitcoin price rise.
Today we have something to show and even to show off. Excellent entry points and successful trading!

London SOHO
The name of Ykke becomes more and more popular every day. Not a giant company yet, but we have already made a giant leap forward!
The 9th of August is a remarkable date for us. That is the date when Ykke Corp UK Limited has been officially registered at the very heart of the British capital within walking distance from a fashionable district of London SOHO.
Our company is turning its ideas into reality step by step. We are going to open our representative offices all over the world and to make our services more clear and affordable.
Our office is located in London, Bedford road, 22. The number of registration certificate – 10906424.

Coming to Asia
Offering own services in Asian countries for the Ykke Company is one of the priority directions.
The first eastern country for which the localized version of the site is prepared is Vietnam. You should know that citizens of this overcrowded country are showing a keen interest in Ykke Company just right now. It’s even more than interest. The first investors from Vietnam have already placed their deposits at Ykke and trusted us the management.
Within the framework of the Ykke IDEA global development concept, our company strives to speak with all customers in their own language! That’s why today we are presenting the company’s website for Vietnam.


If you haven’t got an account in Payza yet you should absolutely do so by clicking here. Here is why! First of all, Payza is accepted by the best programs listed on MNO, like LaserOnline (reviewed here), TrafficHeap (reviewed here), BandeiraCorp (reviewed here), Respectativa (reviewed here), and a couple of others from the Basic List. Secondly, with Payza you have a chance to claim a refund from scammed programs by filing a dispute in case a merchant is not responding to your claims. Finally, Payza also offers a very wide selection of funding and withdrawal methods including direct bank wires, transfers, credits card payments. But most importantly, BitCoin and many other altcoins are currently incorporated into Payza and verified members are allowed to make exchanges of funds inside their Payza account and even request instant withdrawals to a Payza debit card from BitCoin (verified members may purchase such a card from their account and have it delivered straight to home address). If that’s not enough and you wish to read about more of advantages Payza for personal and business account holders please read the article below, followed by some excerpts and a link to a recent interview with Payza CEO Firoz Patel by a popular online business news website:

Use Payza for Your Bitcoin and Fiat Currency Payment and Payout Needs
As a leading online payments technology company, Payza’s highly secure platform provides businesses and consumers with convenient and flexible solutions for sending and receiving payments worldwide. With full Bitcoin services that function alongside our fiat services, Payza is now a complete online payments solution that lets merchants accept payments and make payouts in both fiat currencies and Bitcoin.
This means that Payza doesn’t only work with fiat currencies, but is also a full-service cryptocurrency processor as well. Merchants that have a Payza account and want to work with Bitcoin don’t need to use one provider for fiat payments and another for Bitcoin, they have everything they need with a single Payza account!
Payza gives you the flexibility of working with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Here are some of the many services Payza offers to our Business members:
– Flexible payment and payout options: Accept payments and make payouts in Bitcoin and traditional currencies. Payza business members can make payouts in Bitcoin to other Payza members or to external Bitcoin wallets. When receiving payments and making payouts in Bitcoin, you can take advantage of Payza’s lower fees, starting at just 1.2% for accepting Bitcoin payments. If you make Bitcoin payouts, your recipients will enjoy low fees as well, either 1.2% for receiving Bitcoin to their Payza account, or 0.001 BTC for receiving Bitcoin to an external wallet.
– Powerful APIs: The Payza SendMoney API is a simple interface that allows you to complete a payment without logging in to your Payza account. The Bitcoin SendMoney API takes this one step further – it lets users send bitcoins from your Payza account directly to an external Bitcoin address. These APIs are great for merchants who want to further automate their payout system. For even more automation, the MassPay API allows you to send a batch of payments without having to create and upload a CSV file to your Payza account.
– Shopping Cart integration and other checkout options: As a leading online payment option, Payza integrates easily with many online shopping carts such as Magento and PrestaShop. If you aren’t using one of these shopping carts, Payza provides merchants with two standalone checkout modules for their online stores, Standard Checkout and In-Page Checkout.
– Payroll solutions: Many businesses today are turning to payroll cards when paying their employees. This method is especially convenient for companies with employees spread out over several countries. Payroll cards are reloadable prepaid cards onto which an employer loads a worker’s earnings. With Payza, you can use the Payza Card as a payroll card solution.
Merchants are already taking advantage of Payza’s Bitcoin services. These merchants love that they can use Payza when working with both Bitcoin and fiat currency. They also love how Bitcoin transactions through Payza are instant, secure, and simple. On top of all that, the fees are low too — a total win!
Sign up for your Payza Business Account today and be sure to check out the Merchant Setup Guide if you need some guidance.
Want to learn more about what Bitcoin services Payza offers to merchants? Contact our Business Development Team:

Payza CEO Firoz Patel Interviewed by Let’s Talk Payments
Firoz Patel, CEO of Payza, was recently interviewed by industry publication Let’s Talk Payments for their MEDICI now! Startup Stories series. Find the full story here: MEDICI now! The Payza Story
In the exclusive interview, Patel discussed his personal history and the story of how Payza came to be from its predecessor, AlertPay:
“My FinTech journey began in 2005 when I founded AlertPay Inc., which became a globally recognized solution for online payments.”
Payza’s CEO covered a wide range of topics during the interview, speaking about what Payza’s services seek to accomplish, and the people Payza serves:
“Anyone who wants to make an online transaction is a potential Payza customer, but people who have limited access to traditional payment options have the most to gain from our services.”
Patel also answered the question: “If you could change one thing that financial services people do incorrectly, what would that be?”
Read his answer to this question along with the full interview on the Let’s Talk Payments website: MEDICI now! The Payza Story


I firmly believe that NewTechRoad was a well-thought out and designed program whose admin had better intentions and ambitions. Unfortunately for him though the tough competition with other bigger competing programs like LaserOnline and Respectativa didn’t leave much room. The program collapsed yesterday, after just seventeen days online when the usually instant payouts came to a halt. As the admin failed to respond to my emails and expressed no intention to resume payouts I initially moved NewTechRoad to Problem status on the MNO monitor, subsequently demoting it to Scam status where it sits at the moment. As often happens with principal-back-anytime programs like this, NewTechRoad collapsed suddenly and perhaps unexpectedly for some when I guess more money was being requested than could be paid. Even the five day lock-in rule didn’t do much to stop hit-n-runners from reclaiming their deposits and it appears that the loyalty based increasing interest rates didn’t help either. Anyway, it’s a lesson learnt for a HYIP admin who will hopefully will deliver a better program next time. I cannot say that NewTechRoad was a total failure either, as the program managed to bring profits to quite a lot of members who were sensible enough not to wait for the full 30-day cycle to finish. I hope the majority of the MNO readers were among the lucky ones, but even if you lost money in NewTechRoad don’t despair and try other more profitable ventures listed on MNO including the Top Five Popular Programs article (posted here). Meanwhile please refrain from investing in NewTechRoad which is a proven scam and move on for your chance to profit from other programs!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 60 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: CryptoSolutions.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineTrafficHeapFatFunds, BandeiraCorp, RespectativaAurumBankControlFinanceRolyInvestment, ChainGroupService,  AlpexTrade.
From MNO Standard list: Ykke.
From MNO Basic listCryptoCenterCryptoMaster.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and return refreshed and rejuvenated ready for new HYIP-related adventures on Monday when the MNO blog will be back with more news, and who knows, maybe even an exciting new listing entry. What I love most in the HYIP industry is that you never know what is around the corner and you should always expect the unexpected, which might be quite thrilling at times. Whatever comes our way in the future might be worth looking forward to and MNO will certainly be here to report on it.

Meanwhile, please keep voting for what in your opinion might be the biggest BitCoin rival in the near future here, as the final results are going to be drawn on Monday. To stay updated remember to always follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter as it’s there where the latest news is posted first, and subscribe to the daily newsletter from MNO if you want to see the full articles posted on the blog delivered to your mailbox (click here to subscribe). Thanks as always for reading, see you all on Monday, and remember that MNO is For Money Lovers!

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