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Beware! TripleTheDaxx has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! To finish off the business week on MNO, I want to take a more detailed look at a brand new program I know many many people are going to be intrigued by. It’s called TripleTheDaxx and truth be told it’s easy to see why it would get people talking (if not actually joining). My own first impressions were quite positive I must admit, but like most things in the HYIP industry at the moment it’s more about potential than results. I’ve also got a number of news stories for you that I’m sure you might be interested in hearing about as well as another brand new program I want to introduce so there’s plenty to talk about tonight. That will all be in the second half as usual, but for now let’s stick to TripleTheDaxx and see what has so many experienced investors sitting up and paying attention. And of course see if it’s suitable to what you might be looking to add to your own portfolio at the moment.

Before we go any further with TripleTheDaxx we need to get something very clear. As most of you will be aware there are a huge number of digital e-currencies around these days. BitCoin of course is almost a mainstream household name at this point, though there are of course a huge number of others, so called alt-coins as they are known, such as LiteCoin, Ethereum, and so on. Well, one such currency is called DaxxCoin which was only launched for the first time in the summer. Now, I’m not trying to imply there’s any direct connection between the two (I wouldn’t know) but as a program TripleTheDaxx identifies itself very closely with DaxxCoin.

In order to start investing with TripleTheDaxx then members are going to need two things. First of all a LiteCoin wallet, which is currently the only currency accepted by the program. That’s why I am going to describe the TripleTheDaxx investment plans using LiteCoin. BitCoin has also been added but if you are using it to invest it will still be converted into LiteCoin, and so LiteCoin is just the easier option to stick with. The other thing you will need is a wallet in this DaxxCoin currency. Investments are only accepted in LiteCoin and BitCoin you see, while earnings going back to members are only made in DaxxCoin. There’s no obligation on you to keep this DaxxCoin of course, you may exchange it back to LiteCoin or BitCoin using a third party exchanger.
There’s a very short and simple “how to” guide on the TripleTheDaxx website you can see for yourself where the entire process is explained in points. In a nutshell, it’s this – a) register an account with the program and select an investment plan, b) open an account with DaxxCoin and submit your wallet number in your TripleTheDaxx members account area, c) open an account with Cryptopia. This last one is the name of the exchanger that will allow you to move money in and out of DaxxCoin if you do not wish to keep it there.

If that’s OK with you then and everything is clear about what’s required of you joining the program, let’s look at what TripleTheDaxx are offering in terms of an actual investment plan. Basically there’s just one plan, though this in turn is divided into three subsections depending on how much money you are prepared to invest. The minimum is quite high, well above the industry average in fact, with 3 LTC being the entry level for what’s called The Double Plan. At current exchange rates that’s $150 so it’s serious players only here I think. The investment term runs for 150 calendar days, during which TripleTheDaxx offer daily interest payments. The rate is fixed and will be based on how much you invest. For most readers that will be 1.33% per day, as that is what TripleTheDaxx are offering on all investments up to 30 LTC (which is $1,500). By the end of the term that should add up to 199.5% in total. With TripleTheDaxx including your principal as part of the payments, it’s your own money back plus 99.5% net profit. As close to double your money as makes no difference. You should reach the break-even point on day 76, half way through the term, after which it becomes impossible for you to possibly lose money.

If there are any bigger spending players looking to invest more substantial amounts of money, then TripleTheDaxx continue with The Racer Plan. It’s still a 150 calendar day term length, except now investments need to be between 31 LTC and 60 LTC. In return TripleTheDaxx are offering members a daily interest payment of 1.66%. This eventually adds up to 249%, with your principal included, so it’s 149% clear profit. You should reach the break-even point on day 61, and everything after that is passive income.

And finally for the most serious gamblers among you reading this TripleTheDaxx have The Triple Plan. This will set you back at least 61 LTC to join so obviously it’s not for everyone, but let’s just look at the numbers anyway if for no other reason than information. For the duration of 150 calendar days TripleTheDaxx offer 2% interest per day. This comes to 300% by the expiry of the term, from which once again TripleTheDaxx include your principal with that so it’s your own money back plus 200% net profit. There’s an upper limit of 600 LTC.

As for payment options, that’s been covered already I think. At the time of writing you are going to need both LiteCoin (or BitCoin) and DaxxCoin to operate TripleTheDaxx successfully, with your preferred method of how you turn e-currency payments into hard currency cash in your pocket being up to you. Payments are made manually by the admin and will need to be requested from inside your TripleTheDaxx members account area. Once done you will be asked to allow a further 24 to 72 hour maximum processing time in order for all transactions to be completed.

On the more technical, design, and security side of things I can see TripleTheDaxx are running off a totally unique and custom-made script, so straight away I would say that the admin is no first timer and knows exactly what he’s doing. The website itself is well built and well organized, but the script does make things a little tricky to navigate in places until you get used to it. For an added layer of protection the TripleTheDaxx website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The website is hosted on a dedicated server and protected from DDoS attacks by HandyNetworks. Apart from the default English language version by the way TripleTheDaxx is also available in Russian, German, and Italian so you can easily switch to one of those if you are more fluent. It should also help open the program up to a wider audience.

If you have any further questions for the admin or account related issues then currently the best (actually the only) means for members to get in touch is either to fill out their details on the online customer support form and submit it via the contacts page or else just e-mail the admin directly at the listed address. There’s a postal address there too, though as usual that’s probably best ignored as something used for registration purposes and not where anyone connected with operating TripleTheDaxx if physically working from.

There’s no doubt that TripleTheDaxx is one of the most interesting and unique projects I’ve seen launched in quite some time now, and even though there’s a lot of factors outside the admin’s control that will determine its eventual success I think there’s just way too much time, hard work, and expense gone into it to be an intentional fast scam. Exactly what they claim as the business activities backing it all up is allegedly based around the trading and speculation of digital e-currencies. I suspect experienced players couldn’t be bothered looking into this in too much detail anyway, knowing what their expectations are in the HYIP industry anyway. And if the TripleTheDaxx admin prefers to distance himself from that industry then that’s his own business, but that’s how MNO readers will approach his program anyway whether he likes it or not. Not exactly a new concept in the HYIP industry of course, the choice to believe it or not is yours, or to accept that it can only deliver profit without any risk. Even if it were true I think the fact the value of the currency you invest with TripleTheDaxx can (and will) rise and fall on the exchange markets throughout the 150 day term is by itself a risk. But to be fair I think that’s really what’s at the core of TripleTheDaxx anyway, speculating that the same thing will happen the value of DaxxCoin as happened to BitCoin, i.e. it could absolutely soar in value and make some very wealthy people out of those who made a very small investment. Well, I suppose it is possible, we know that for a fact because we’ve already seen it happen to BitCoin, Ethereum, and many others. So it seems to be a case of “getting in on the ground floor” as the saying goes, and hoping that history repeats itself with DaxxCoin before the currency becomes widely known. The intent therefore being to buy it while it’s cheap, store it, and wait (hope) for the value to go through the roof.

As always then I would like to remind potential members to stay within an affordable spending limits, though on the other hand I think this is one of the very few programs I’ve ever monitored where that’s probably a given, and almost goes without saying. The fact that TripleTheDaxx is aimed at the slightly wealthier, more experienced players means I hope that most of the people getting involved will be more informed as to what they are really getting involved with, and know how to behave. So spend according to what you can afford to lose rather than what you dream of earning, and if you join TripleTheDaxx then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So what does everyone think of all that? Is TripleTheDaxx something you feel ready for or will it remain on the fringes of the HYIP industry. The long term success of the project depends on one simple thing – how many of you guys are prepared to join. Please answer the following question, and hopefully it will be a good indicator of how many of you had the correct gut instinct about the program:

Will you make an active deposit in TripleTheDaxx?

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I will start with the introduction of a new program called Earnestic that joined the Premium List on MNO immediately after coming online earlier today. There are two things that I particularly liked about the program straight away – it’s running off a custom-made script and is accepting deposits via Payza right from the start. Both things always tell me about the overall quality of the program and professionalism of the admin behind it. So, hope Earnestic will not let us down and stay afloat for a long time to come.

The program is offering three investment plans paying a fixed 6% to 8% daily return for a term of 24 calendar days. Thus, by joining and investing in Earnestic via Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, or LiteCoin (investments are accepted from a $5 minimum) you could earn from 44% to 92% pure profit by the end of the term. Interestingly the script Earnestic is running off is constructed exactly in a way to encourage larger deposits not only with higher daily returns, but also with withdrawal processing time. Although all the withdrawals are processed in automated mode, for instance the delay time for investors with smaller investments is 24 hours, while for larger investors withdrawals would be processed instantly, and so on. I will explain everything about this great feature in the upcoming review of Earnestic next week. For now you need to know that the site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from CloudFlare and is SSL-secured. A UK incorporation certificate will be displayed on the site within the next few days as well, according to the admin. I believe that as Earnestic is a brand new program various language versions and social network accounts are also in the pipeline, and I believe that by the time it’s reviewed (most likely next Thursday) everything is going to be finished to the first class standard that is suited to the Premium List on the MNO monitor. Stay tuned for that and best of luck with your investments in Earnestic, guys!


With no less than ten different currencies available for investing in LaserOnline it’s no wonder that the newest feature announced in the previous newsletter and activated just yesterday will make many people jump with joy. Now when choosing the Balance Converter option when logged in to your LaserOnline account you are able to exchange currencies for up to a 10% fee depending on the direction (along with Payza‘s rules exchanges to and from Payza are not allowed). All other currencies accepted by LaserOnline – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, BitCoinCash, Dash, LiteCoin, and Ethereum – can be exchanged internally once you reach $5 on any of them. That feature comes especially handy if we consider that with LaserOnline one can only have three pending withdrawal requests at a time and it may take up to 48 hours to process one of them. With a Balance Converter you may save on time and have less withdrawal requests in your LaserOnline account which means to be paid faster than before. For me personally it was always a nuisance to make so many withdrawal requests, so I certainly welcome this new feature and of course am looking forward to many more pleasant surprises to come our way from the hard-working team behind the wonderful LaserOnline. By the way, on Sunday LaserOnline (reviewed here) will be celebrating three months online, as it was exactly on the first day of July it was officially launched and listed on MNO. Since then the program has made lots of money for its lucky investors who are still enjoying 12% for 12 business day returns on the $5+ deposits. LaserOnline is going on when many other programs are failing to achieve even close to that spectacular result, something that is firmly putting the program on course for the best HYIP of 2017. Fingers crossed there will be more months to celebrate for LaserOnline and below you will find the details on the Balance Converter feature:

Balance Converter is a handy investment tool for optimizing your available balance data. With this feature, you can convert any available balance of your personal account and transfer it from a particular payment processor to a chosen one.
For instance: If you have 65% of your A.B.(Available balance) at Bitcoin, 10% A.B at Ethereum and 25% at Litecoin, you can instantly convert all those balances, let?s say, into Bitcoin only with a goal to create a single withdrawal of all the revenue at once.
Go your profile, use this new functionality by clicking at BALANCE CONVERTER located at the Private Plan section


I am still planning to review Biostry on my blog by Sunday, but it looks that even without this the program is doing extremely well with rapid growth reported by the admin in the latest newsletter issued earlier today. Apparently, after the first two weeks Biostry has reached nearly $30K in overall deposits which was definitely assisted by the recent addition of PerfectMoney and AdvCash which join the original BitCoin. In any case, the script will count your money in BTC as it’s the main currency with the minimum you can invest in Biostry in order to earn 2.8% fixed return on every business day for an unlimited term is 0.001 BTC. The program refuses to stay still despite its decent level of growth and the admin has already announced the addition of Payeer is now in the pipeline, along with some improvements in customer support which is already quite good in my opinion and even features Live Chat for a speedy response to your requests. Anyway, it’s good to see Biostry is developing nicely and I hope to have a more detailed look at it on Sunday. Stay tuned for that, guys, and check out the latest update from the program below:

Biostry Growing Rapidly ($29,660 USD Deposited In 2 Weeks Only)
Dear Partners/Investors,
I’d like to start by thanking you all for being a part of Biostry family.
Our constant efforts, conviction and hard work means nothing without your support and participation.
We’re striving hard to take this system to the next level in terms of it’s services, operations and functionalities.
As you can see in the screenshot below that we’re growing rapidly and it won’t be too long when we will emerge as one of the top notch Online Businesses.
We also would like to inform you that we have upgraded our servers so that you don’t have any sort of inconvenience while navigating our website. Along with this we’re also about to extend our Biostry Customer Service & Support (BCSS) Team to make our Support System much more Efficient and Quick.
What’s Next – We will soon integrate Payeer Processor into our system as well.
PLEASE NOTE – While making a deposits through Bitcoins, please make sure that you send the EXACT amount which our system tells you, nothing more or less than that. Some of our members are sending incorrect amounts which is why the deposits are not getting updated on your backoffice. Anyways, we’re always there for you if you need any help or assistance.
Thanks. Biotechnology Research & Development LTD


Carismo (reviewed here) has added Spanish language version of the website today after the previously available English, Russian, German, and Vietnamese translations. After five weeks online and the first week on MNO Carismo remains like a hot choice program for many investors who prefer to be more flexible with their choices. You see, with Carismo you have an opportunity to request your principal back at any time for a 5% withdrawal fee and get paid instantly to your BitCoin wallet which is the only currency at the moment the program is working with. Your account is credited on an hourly basis with approximately 0.16% or close to it and about 3.75% daily profits, which is enough to put you in profit after just two days which will be even higher if you enable compounding in your Carismo account. Of course, with a program of this type with indefinite returns like Carismo it’s very important to grow constantly, so now with the addition of a Spanish language version below it should cater well to the lucrative and vast international Spanish speaking population:

Spanish language has been added!
¡Viva Carismo! We have added Spanish translation to our website.
As always, keep in mind that there might be small spelling errors and/or missing translations. If you encounter any problems or have a better (more precise) translation be sure to contact us. More translations are on the way and we will keep you updated when they are completed.


The admin of LigaTraders whose program is going to be reviewed on the MNO blog in a few days has shared some good news. The third language version has recently become available and that is Vietnamese. I guess no one can deny that for steady development a HYIP should look for expanding on international markets and the Russian speaking market which LigaTraders was already available in before, and now Vietnamese should help. That is especially important now that LigaTraders has been online for over two weeks meaning that the very first investors in the shortest plan should have received their principals back and perhaps are now thinking of reinvesting. I remind you that LigaTraders offers two categories of investment plans – paying the principal back on expiry (1% for 15 days and 1.3% for 30 days) and including principal in payments (3.88% for 45 days and 3.66% for 60 days). Instant payments are made to all the processors accepted by LigaTraders – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin – something that many investors would like to see in a program like this. The latest newsletter from LigaTraders can be found below:

Good news from LigaTraders LTD!
Dear investors and partners! We are glad to inform you that due to the increased interest in the project, investors and partners from Vietnam, the site is now available in Vietnamese and we are starting development in this country.
Also work is underway to translate into other languages.
Independence, Freedom, Happiness with LigaTraders.
Follow the news of the project!


It appears that the admin of RolyInvestment had no idea how to handle his own script and the program looks a total mess now with no deposits displaying in members’ accounts and no interest credited earlier today. With no response from their Live Chat either I believe that RolyInvestment is on the verge of collapse, so I had no other choice but to move it to Problem status on the MNO monitor. I think I was right then when warning my readers a couple of days ago on the blog against making any additional deposits in RolyInvestment because of the erratic behaviour of the admin. Actually, I’m quite pleased that not many of my readers saw any potential in RolyInvestment and over its three months on MNO only two made a deposit there. Well, as it was said many times already I believe that MNO readers are the smartest HYIP players and they realized that with such low interest the chances of reaching the profit zone with RolyInvestment were minimal. The overall result for the program is horrendous as after four months online no one saw a profit and the admin is the only person running away with the money. What a shame and waste of time for RolyInvestment – nothing else to say! Do not invest there, guys!


If we look at the two current best performing programs on the MNO Premium list – LaserOnline (reviewed here) and Respectativa (reviewed here) we see they have one thing in common. They and Earnestic are all accepting Payza. It’s a proven fact that programs that come online already having Payza on board and accept deposits from members via the approved payment button tend to last longer. That is a clear sign of the admin’s professionalism and caring not only about his own pocket, but about the convenience of his program’s investors. There is so many good things coming from Payza for the average HYIP investor that I will just mention a few that will definitely make you to consider using them for investments if you are not doing so yet – the option to file a dispute and get full or partial refund on your investment in case of a scam, the possibility to move money easily between Payza, BitCoin, and dozens of other altcoins, including withdrawals to your bank account or Payza branded debit card which you can order by post, if you’re a verified member, etc. This payment processor is now perhaps the most crypto-currency embracing provider and that means it looks to the future and is getting ready for the new financial order that’s beeg in development over the last couple of years.

I could go on and on about Payza for ages, but believe me you won’t regret if you open an account HERE and verify it to take advantage of all its available features. By the way, the list is constantly growing and among the latest ones is the possibility to fund your Payza account via Flexepin. The latest blog article on that is re-posted below, followed by an interesting post on the Venezuelan economy and the growing role of BitCoin in it:

Payza Introduces the Flexepin Deposit Feature
Payza always works hard to provide the best access possible for e-commerce and online money transfers to all our members, all over the world. Today we are proud to present yet another deposit feature available for our Payza members: Add Funds by Flexepin. This feature is available everywhere and carries a 3-6% fee, depending on the chosen currency.
“A Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher is a prepaid voucher that lets you top-up your accounts to make secure, hassle-free online payments. Because Flexepin are prepaid, the risk of having your identity and banking information exposed online is eliminated. This makes it safer than conventional online payment methods. You can purchase Flexepin Cash Top-Up Vouchers at a variety of locations globally, in various currencies and pre-determined amounts.” (Source: Flexepin)
The Flexepin Deposit Feature is the fourth new funding option that Payza has introduced this year, the previous ones being the Add Funds by Boleto feature in February, the Add Funds by Oxxo feature in April, and the Add Funds by Paysafecard feature in April.
Add Funds by Flexepin – How it works
To load your Payza e-wallet using the Flexepin deposit feature is easy and the transaction is processed instantly, which means that your money is available to be sent or spent as soon as the transaction is completed.
Here’s how it works:
1. Purchase your cash top-up voucher from a Flexepin Outlet.
2. In your Payza Account, click “Add Funds” in the top menu.
3. Select “Flexepin”.
4. Select the balance in which you want to make the deposit.
5. Enter the 16-digit PIN number from your Flexepin voucher, then click “Next”.
6. Enter your Payza Transaction PIN to confirm the transaction.
Once the transaction is completed, your funds will be credited to your Payza balance and ready to use.

Fear and Mining in Venezuela: Citizens Turn to Bitcoin to Survive
The current situation in Venezuela is far from ideal. Economic uncertainty and political turmoil have led to protests. Many citizens can no longer afford food, medicine, and other basic goods.
Unemployment in Venezuela is expected to hit 25% by the end of the year. The Bolivar’s value is gradually becoming null as yearly inflation rate soars over 1600%. Carts full of notes are hauled into stores as the largest bill denomination gradually increases. Thankfully, an orange sun has risen over the country and was promptly adopted by many citizens: Bitcoin.
What makes Venezuela different?
Venezuela is a unique case. Despite its many economic troubles, electricity is nearly free, thanks to government subsidies. With the country’s instability coinciding with a spectacular boom in the cryptocurrency market, it’s no surprise that many Venezuelans have become Bitcoin miners in an effort to support their families. Bitcoin mining can generate up to $500 US a month, a sum large enough to feed a family of four and purchase vital goods like diapers.
Sadly, despite the absence of laws and regulations banning digital currencies, individuals are still getting arrested by law enforcement on spurious consumption charges. To circumvent these charges, some miners have opted to switch from Bitcoin to Ethereum and Zcash, two currencies that are easier to mine, but also easier to disguise. Regular desktop computers fitted with high-performance graphic cards can be used instead of dedicated mining machines for these cryptocurrencies.
By the people, for the people
Some investors, regulators and bankers still fail to see the value of Bitcoin and a blockchain – that is, a constantly updated and audited public ledger that contains the proof of cryptocurrency transactions. Nevertheless, the Venezuelan phenomenon comes as a strong confirmation of the original goal of Bitcoin: the ability to hold and transact currency without having to rely on trust in third parties.
Bitcoin’s use in Venezuela doesn’t stop at mining. Because of its anonymity, Bitcoin can be sent by anyone who wants to help Venezuelans in need. The digital currency can then be used to pay online retailers such as Amazon or other companies that deliver badly needed items to Venezuela.
Cryptocurrencies are seen as the superior choice by many tech-savvy citizens, not only because of the ability to mine some of them, but also because of decentralization: no single entity can control its value. This aspect makes them tools that are, in theory, perfectly reactive to the forces of the market, without any possibility of intervention from the government to manipulate price and availability.
Payza is closely following the development of Bitcoin and altcoins, and is committed to supporting all of the currencies and cryptocurrencies you are using. By using the Payza platform, you can buy, store, and sell Bitcoin and over 50 different altcoins right inside your Payza account. Are you interested in buying or selling Bitcoin? Check out our guide here: Buying and Selling Bitcoin.
For the latest updates and industry insights about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, be sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ChainGroupServiceCoinreum.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativa, AurumBankFatFunds, CarismoOscarBitAltradeGlobalCoinAlpexTradeBitcoin5, Biostry.
From MNO Standard list: LigaTraders.
From MNO Basic list: BitcoinInvestClubWideConstruction.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoy reading MNO and follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter to get live updates of the new additions to my monitor and timely scam warnings, but if you wish to get the full blog updates directly to your email address there is no better way to do so than to subscribe here. I am always looking forward to your questions and suggestions sent to my email address via this form or submitted on the MNO ShoutBox. Also, remember that there is still time until Sunday to cast a vote in the latest poll regarding your attitude towards investing in HYIPs via BitCoin, so please vote here if you haven’t done so! I’ll have a detailed look at Biostry on Sunday plus all the latest news and updates from the HYIP industry and its brightest programs, so keep an eye on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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