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03/10/2017. LigaTraders Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry

Beware! LigaTraders has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! It’s been a super busy start to the business week on MNO for news stories, with most of the listed programs having some kind of update to be reported on. I’ll get to all that very soon in the second half of today’s article, so keep reading for more info on all of that. I want to start things off however with a look at a program called LigaTraders which is a recent addition to the MNO monitor‘s Standard List. It’s more of a medium to long term program that’s been online for just under three weeks now. That’s still been long enough for the first investors who took a chance on joining LigaTraders right from the beginning to be in profit already, as I can see the first reports of this coming to light now. An encouraging start to say the least, so let’s see what LigaTraders are offering and whether you want them in your portfolio.

To start with you have four investment plans to choose from in LigaTraders. They all run for different terms and cost different minimums to join, but generally speaking the program is affordable to most readers I think and has something suitable for every budget. These are in turn split into two groups – plans that return your principal on expiry, and plans that include it in the payments. You can find a handy sliding style calculator in your LigaTraders members area as well that will indicate how various different investments could work out for you in monetary terms, giving such info as expected daily returns, total returns by the expiry date, and so on.

The first option is called The Start Plan and it runs for 15 calendar days. LigaTraders require a minimum spend of $10 if you want to join, while the maximum limit is capped at a relatively small $88. While the term is running you earn a very modest 1% interest on your money per day. This adds up to 15% in total, at which point should become your net profit once your principal is then added to it.

Plan number two, called The Lite Plan, runs for 30 calendar days. It will set you back at least a $30 minimum if you want to participate, with LigaTraders offering an improved interest rate of 1.3% per day here. By the final day of the term therefore your payments should add up to 39% in total, which can only be considered your net profit once the LigaTraders admin returns your principal as promised. The maximum amount you are allowed to invest in this one is $888.

Things then change direction somewhat with the two longer term options, continuing with The Medium Plan. The price of an entry level investment goes up to $50 (still not unreasonable) and the term stretches to 45 calendar days. What differs here though is that LigaTraders are now offering much improved interest rates, but take into account that these will now start including your principal without the admin returning it in a separate payment. This time for example the rate is 3.88% per day. That adds up to a grand total of 174.6%, or your own money back with a break even point of 26 days plus a 74.6% net profit as your reward for joining LigaTraders. The maximum limit for one single deposit to this plan is $8,888.

The final option on the list is The Large Plan. LigaTraders have a minimum investment of $70 required to join. If it’s OK with you then you can expect a daily interest payment of 3.66%. Not as much as the previous plan as I’m sure you’ll notice, but the thing is that the term is longer and therefore contains a lot more payments. It runs for 60 calendar days. In total then LigaTraders should pay you back a total of 219.6% on your investment. Your principal is counted as part of that so the break even point is after 28 days and your net profit is 119.6%. The maximum limit per deposit stays at $8,888.

If any of those plans appeal to you enough to make you want to part company with your money, then the next thing we should look at are your payment options. Fairly predictable, but still, probably enough to satisfy most people looking to join LigaTraders. If you favour the more conventional style third party payment options then LigaTraders work with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. Alternatively if you prefer the more direct approach and want to use your own digital e-currency then BitCoin is available too. Generally speaking payments should be made instantly, just log in to your LigaTraders account and submit the withdrawal request, and the money should be with you in under a minute (though subject to the usual confirmations if using BitCoin). If however the circumstances dictate the situation and manual payments need to be enabled you would be asked to allow up to 48 hours for the admin to complete the transaction.

Moving on to the more technical aspects of the LigaTraders website such as design and security, et cetera, everything is up to quite a high standard. No more than the minimum one is entitled to expect I suppose if you are going to trust them with your money. For a hosting provider the LigaTraders admin has opted for DDoSGuard who are keeping the site on a dedicated server with their support and protection. The program is running off a licensed H-Script. Granted H-Script wouldn’t be as popular a name as GoldCoders but in my book they’re every bit as good, even if a lot of folks don’t recognize their work at first. For an added layer of protection the LigaTraders website has a superior Green Bar extended validation SSL encryption certificate from GeoTrust to allow for safer browsing and more secure transactions. To help make the program more appealing to an international audience the LigaTraders website has been translated – quite professionally I might add – into Russian and Vietnamese which join the default English version.

If you have any further need to contact the admin with any questions or account related issues in LigaTraders you need to have dealt with then you have a couple of different channels you can go through. Naturally though your first stop needs to be the FAQ section which you need to read through thoroughly before proceeding. You can then write directly to the LigaTraders admin at the e-mail address listed on the contacts page. Or if you prefer you can fill in your details on the online support form and submit it through the contacts page. Aside from that fans of social media networks will be able to connect with LigaTraders courtesy of their profiles on VK and Facebook, with Live Support available through Telegram. With the LigaTraders website being multilingual by the way, it should be noted that Telegram chats are available in both Russian and English, something that will be hugely beneficial to their chances of longer term success. Incidentally, you might notice a postal address in the UK where LigaTraders have a company registration. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it though, it’s unlikely to be anywhere even remotely close to where they physically operate from.

For the record the alleged source of LigaTraders profits is, we are told, participating in the sale of “financial instruments, such as corporate shares, indices, futures, options, and world currency pairs on the main stock markets.” Something we hear just about every day in the HYIP industry, and still a claim that LigaTraders members will not be able to verify for themselves anyway. So as always it’s best take the advice of experienced HYIP players and ignore these things when deciding how much to invest. That means establish a sensible spending limit and stay well within a budget you can comfortably afford to lose and easily earn back from another income stream. And if you do decide to join LigaTraders then try and keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, before we move on to the news then I’ll just finish by asking if you guys have any strong feelings either way about LigaTraders, whether for or against the program. Please take a moment to vote in the following poll and share your thoughts with your fellow readers. It’s completely anonymous, and will show some interesting results once we see what direction the program eventually goes in, and how many people were right or wrong in their initial assessment. So:

Will you make an active deposit in LigaTraders?

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LaserOnline remarkably still remains on the top of the pile in the HYIP industry and is in its fourth month online marking a tremendously successful run that began on July 1st when the program first came to MNO. LaserOnline surely deserves every praise from satisfied investors, thousands of whom have managed to profit nicely from the program’s only investment plan paying 12% for 12 business days (Monday to Friday) and thus giving everyone ample opportunity to clear a 44% net profit in their e-wallets. By the way, you don’t need to break a bank on order to start investing with LaserOnline as investments are usually accepted from as low as $5 via a wide variety of payment methods including both traditional payment methods as Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, and such popular digital crypto-currencies like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, and BitCoinCash. The payout order is kind of weird though compared to other programs in the HYIP industry so if you haven’t read my review of LaserOnline posted here I’d like to remind you that it’s the countdown timer that matters here. On requesting a withdrawal in your account you will be given anything from 24 to 48 hours (depending on the size of the payout) and the custom-made script will pay you automatically once the countdown timer reaches zero (just don’t forget to add a possible 48 hours extra as no payouts are made on Saturdays and Sundays).

Obviously people’s experience of making a profit with LaserOnline has inspired many to share their stories of success and there are over two and a half thousand examples available online. In one of the latest updates LaserOnline shared on their official Facebook page the team encourages everyone who succeeded with the program already to place more video testimonials online and get a cash prize for their efforts. It’s that easy, so take your camera and start shooting. In another update also re-posted below it was announced a professionally translated Vietnamese version of the website is the very first of a string of languages that are planned for the near future. This development is definitely a step in the right direction. By doing so one by one LaserOnline will gradually conquer still untouched markets and cater not only to the English speaking audiences, but become a truly international HYIP star. The program is already by far the best I’ve seen in the HYIP industry in the last six months and I hope it will continue that way for many more weeks and months to come. Below is the latest news from LaserOnline:

(2/24 Languages added)
B2, Language & Localization in Action!
Remember our 12/12 Development 12 months check list?
Do check it out here
Uniting people and bringing the financial independence back to you, will always remain as our community?s main agenda. We strive to create a strong movement over an idea of stability & personal prosperity fully based on a time-proven business instrument and effective profit generating solutions.
Additional localization of all L.O.P?s pages and features. (Italiano, Malay, Russian, French, Hindi, Japanese, German, Portuguese and, more language packs in progress)
Stay tuned for more,
Get started with LaserOnline today!
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section:
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at:
Encrypted chat with investors powered by:

Congratulations! We already have more than 2500+ success stories written by our participants so far!
Write us your own success story! Make it available to the public today! But that’s not all…What’s more? Obviously we exceedingly put stock in trust and straightforwardness so there’s a perfect run, No Pre-Moderation Involved!
Create your own video testimonial & receive a guaranteed cash gift at your e-wallet right now!
Become an active part of Laser Community development!
Read clients stories or see customers feedback at the homepage
Get started with LaserOnline today!
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Out of the new programs on MNO readers certainly seem to like Earnestic the most. With good management there’s no reason the program can’t challenge for one of the top spots themselves soon. Of course, we can only judge Earnestic on its performance as the program needs to prove its worth by completing at least its first cycle paying 6% to 8% over a period of 24 calendar days. Earnestic though is still very new, and it was listed on MNO only a few days ago immediately on its launch with a full review coming on Thursday. What I like about Earnestic so far is that the admin is listening to members’ suggestions and tries his best to make the program more convenient to use. For instance, over the last couple of days one more useful feature was announced and one improvement was made in the script. Now a member can make a deposit without the conversion of BTC to USD, although with the previously available conversion feature still available if needed. Now the payment options of investing with Earnestic will include BitCoin with conversion to USD and without such conversion, also Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and LiteCoin. The minimum starts from $5, so there is no excuse for not trying them out at the moment. Note that the withdrawal schedule will be different for each category of investors, but usually it will take a full 24 hours or 12 hours to be paid automatically while instant withdrawals are available for large investors only. The payment schedule will be discussed in more detail in the upcoming review of Earnestic on MNO, but one important adjustment was made in the number of withdrawal requests you can submit 24 or 12 hours (depending on the size of deposited amount). Before today you were allowed to request only one withdrawal in total over the 24- or 12-hour timeframe, now one withdrawal is allowed per payment processor, which will be especially handy if you wish to keep more than one active deposit in Earnestic via different payment options, but would not like to limit yourself to one withdrawal per 24 or 12 hours. Here are the latest news from Earnestic on that:

New Feature: Deposit & Get Paid in Bitcoins (no USD conversion)
There is a new feature available to all Earnestic members! From now on you can decide to make Your Investments in Bitcoin BTC and keep the balance (and get paid) in Bitcoin BTC instead of converting it to USD. This feature is simple to use, simply go to the Invest Now! area inside your member’s area and enter the USD amount you’d like to invest (necessary for our system to decide the daily percentage amount) and select: “Bitcoin BTC (Amount stays in BTC! Enter USD amount, but the amount pays in BTC daily)”. After clicking the Make an Investment button you will be given the Bitcoin address and the amount to pay in Bitcoins. After making a payment and completing the deposit, you will be paid (6-7-8%) every day according to the bitcoin amount you’ve paid.
Thank you for being a valued member of Earnestic! We are happy to keep you updated of the news and features we are adding to our website!

Withdrawal Quantity Limits Removed!
Lots of our Valued Customers had requested us to remove the daily limits on the quantity (number of) withdrawals, and now we have listened and acted! From now on, You can request an unlimited number of withdrawals, even if you are a Lite or Medium investor with Earnestic! This means, if you have deposited by multiple payment processors, you will be able to request withdrawals to each of them every day! Withdrawals are still paid automatically at 24 hours after request for Lite and at 12 hours after request for Medium investors, and of course Instantly for investors of over $5,000.
We hope this modification makes it more easier and comfortable to use Earnestic for Your Investment needs! Thank you for being a valued member of Earnestic! We are happy to keep you updated of the news and features we are adding to our website!


As you might know from the review of OscarBit posted here, it works off the concept of accepting deposits via multiple payment processors, subsequently converting them to BitCoin, and then paying to members to BitCoin only. Depending on the invested amount you will then get paid from 5% to 10% over a 30-day term, however, you will see your available balance growing in your account area by the second and you will be able to request your withdrawal once your balance reaches at least 0.0005 BTC. You should then expect then to be paid to your BitCoin address instantly. Until recently OscarBit accepted deposits via BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash – all to be automatically converted to BTC even before making an investment. Yesterday though it was announced that one can make investments via two more crypto-currencies – BitcoinCash and Zcash. And to encourage investors to reinvest from their available balances instead of actually withdrawing and reinvesting again, the admin of OscarBit offered a perfect solution that suits everyone. So, anyone looking to reinvest from the balance will be awarded with the random bonuses that can reach up to 100% of the reinvested amount and whose value you won’t know until you make the reinvestment. Sounds good, right? And I believe this new feature and many more others can be implemented soon due to OscarBit running off a totally custom-made script which is always a welcome sign of an experienced admin at the wheel. As OscarBit has been running for two weeks now, I believe some of the investors have reached the profit zone already, and hope in another two weeks we’ll see the first investors actually completing the full 30 day cycle with the programs. Fingers crossed anyway! Below are the latest updates:

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that new investment opportunities for BitcoinCash and Zcash are available from today. OscarBit never stops at what has been achieved and is constantly moving forward in its quest to make our product better for you. Be aware of all our news – sign up to our Twitter and Facebook.

Friends, are you ready for new surprises? As we have noticed a number of users of the project miss the opportunity to multiply their profits. Especially for you we are introducing a new bonus program. Now each user can get up to 100% of the invested amount from the balance. The program works in an automatic mode and to get the bonus it is necessary to make some steps:
1) Enter the “Invest” section,
2) Enter the desired amount,
3) Choose “Invest from balance”
4) Press “Invest” button,
5) At the opened window in a random order you will get a bonus which will instantly be credited to your account.
Everything is very simple and profitable. It’s time to take advantage of the opportunity to double your deposit. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this program is valid only for re-investment from the balance. Investments from the wallets are accepted in the regular mode and don’t participate in this program. Also we made an open statistic of all bonuses. You can see bonuses which obtained by our users by yourself. OscarBit is profitable cloud mining accessible to everyone.


Carismo (reviewed here) is a bright example of the growing trend in programs working exclusively with BitCoins. Unlike many of its rivals though Carismo offers an unheard of level of flexibility and more control over financial planning and investment goals. With Carismo you get paid by the hour and the rate might be as high as 0.16% which comes to about 3.8% on a daily basis. The level is fluctuating, but not to a huge extent, so you can be sure that even by paying a 5% deposit withdrawal fee which is automatically deducted if you wish to release your principal you can still be in profit in just two days time. Although who can tell you when to deposit and when to withdraw? With no withdrawal fees on the earned interest and instant payouts to BitCoin you may feel much more in control of your finances compared to many other programs around. Although note that in order to stop some members abusing the referral system Carismo is now applying a 24-hour hold on all the new deposits, so they cannot be withdrawn during this time. However, this change is really negligible, as no real investor would do so to be at a loss, as you start profiting only from day two, considering Carismo is charging 5% on the principal release. In the latest newsletter from the program issued last night, the admin talked about this new anti-fraud feature, along with the new levels of affiliate rewards available now for Carismo‘s official representatives, and the Chinese language version the site has been recently translated into. Read more on all of that below:

Representative rewards (v1)
Today we have a few updates for you. If you have any questions about them feel free to contact us any time.
Representative rewards
Starting from now our official representatives will unlock 3 additional referral layers and receive commissions from LAYER 4 = (1.0%), LAYER 5 = (0.5%), LAYER 6 = (0.3%). This feature has been one of the top requested and finally we have the first version up and running. More improvements to our referral system are planned so stay tuned.
Language updates
Chinese language has been added to our website!
As always, keep in mind that there might be small spelling errors and/or missing translations. If you encounter any problems or have a better (more precise) translation be sure to contact us. More translations are on the way and we will keep you updated when they are completed.
Security updates
Security has always been our top priority and with the recent wave of malicious attempts to abuse our program we have added a few little changes. Last week we noticed an increase number of multi-level referral commission fraud and to counter this action we have added a 24 hour release lock to first deposit. What does it mean? If you have just created your account and made your first deposit you will have to wait 24 hours before you will be able to request initial deposit release. If more then 24 hours have passed after the creation of your first deposit, nothing will change for you. You will be able to release all your future deposits at any time. Why? This is done to identify and stop users who create multiple accounts and abuse our referral program. These malicious users are a threat to our project and unlawfully receive funds from our user capital.


The admin of Bitcoin5 actually didn’t give any new information in the latest newsletter issued today, but rather shared some imminent plans for the development for his project. The newsletters soon are going to be more regular and to be issued every Sunday, so to keep everyone’s updated on Bitcoin5‘s progress. From my review of the program posted here you are probably aware of the fact that it’s only accepting BitCoin from members while offering a single investment offer for the duration of 20 calendar days. During that period you will be paid from 1% to 5% gradually increasing daily interest with your principal to be released and available for withdrawal after 20 days making it possible for you to enjoy over 54% pure profit on your deposit by the end of the term. The latest newsletter from Bitcoin5 featuring some plans for the future can be found below:

I’d like to thank all the participants who make money with us. We are glad to welcome all new users from different countries around the world. Today I’d like to tell everyone about the upcoming series of improvements and new features of our platform.
I’d like to thank all the participants who make money with us. We are glad to welcome all new users from different countries around the world. Today I’d like to tell everyone about the upcoming series of improvements and new features of our platform.
As you may have noticed, recently we updated the website and added Russian version.
During the last two months that we have been making payouts to the participants, many users opt for making repeat investments and recommend the project to friends.
The numbers of our participants and partners are growing !
Over the next week we are going to:
– update the Promo Materials section;
– add Vietnamese version of the website;
Starting next week, every Sunday we will publish the project’s statistics, weekly reports, project’s news, and the detail of upcoming website improvements.
Best regards, Bitcoin5 Technical Administrator


It appears that only yesterday did the admin of AltradeGlobalCoin realize that the review of his program had been published on the MNO blog last week. So, the link to the review was shared to all the members of his program in a separate newsletter where he also encouraged everyone to vote for AltradeGlobalCoin on various HYIP monitors and actively participate in the program’s Facebook page and group. If you haven’t read my review of AltradeGlobalCoin posted here, I’ll just remind you that the program pays instantly on all the accepted payment processors, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin. You can choose to invest among the three available investment plans – 6% for 22 business days, 7% for 22 business days, or 0.35% hourly for 360 hours with those who have chosen the hourly paying plan having reached the break-even point already as AltradeGlobalCoin has been running for about two weeks now:

We are happy to inform you that (MNO) has reviewed our program, it’s a one of the most Trusted and Popular Online BLOG of Investors.
Click on the link given below & give your votes :-
Check the monitors status also:-
Please spread the news about ALTRADEGLOBALCOIN LTD (AGCL).
And do not forget to join our Official Facebook Group. Your feedback is very important for us so please share your feedback on our FACEBOOK Group.
Join (AGCL) Facebook Group:-
Like (AGCL) Facebook Page:-
We’re always there for you if you need any help or assistance.
Thank You For Choosing Us.


Just on Sunday I published the full review of Biostry and the admin liked it so much he has decided to issue a special newsletter containing a link to it which can be read here. I must say that Biostry is a really simple and uncomplicated program when we talk about its investment offer which pays 2.8% fixed daily return on business days only over an unlimited term, i.e. while the program still exists. It will take you some time before you reach the break-even point, but all withdrawals to BitCoin, PerfectMoney, and AdvCash should be processed instantly which should somehow sweeten the deal for those prepared to invest in Biostry. I truly appreciate the admin for sharing the link to the MNO review as it will benefit lots of people for sure, and you can see the whole newsletter below:

MNO Blog Reviews BIOSTRY And You Would Not Want To MISS This !!!
Dear Partners/Investors,
We’re happy to inform you that MNO Blogs, one of the most Trusted and Popular Online Investor has reviewed our Program.
This is what MNO Blog has to say about BIOSTRY
You’d not want to miss THIS !!!
Thanks. Biotechnology Research & Development LTD


The latest news from FatFunds posted on their blog doesn’t inspire much confidence and indicates that perhaps this may be the last week we still see payouts on the 2.1% for 100 business days being processed to members’ PerfectMoney, Payeer, NixMoney, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts. The end is certainly just around the corner as even this giant paying for almost seven months now is not invincible and prone to eventual decline and collapse. I must say that the admin of FatFunds is very inventive when it comes to excuses for not paying members who had no prior experience in HYIPs and had the poor judgement to invest in one of the paying on expiry plans offered by the program – 885% after 5 business days, 977% after 7 business days, 1010% after 10 business days, 1125% after 15 business days, 1277% after 25 business days, 1378% after 50 business days, 1577% after 100 business days. He has now created a queue in the script that is saying to investors to be patient, not to panic, and wait for their turn in order to be paid on the ridiculously high priced on expiry plans, as he allegedly had to get more money from exchangers in order to pay to everyone. Well, we have all been here and done that and should be perfectly aware of what that’s actually supposed to mean!

I myself warned on MNO many times about the dangers of investing in payment on expiry plans, but many times the warning falls on deaf ears and people stop listening when someone promises tons of money in very short periods of time. That is exactly the tactics used by the admin of FatFunds to ensure the long life of the program and paying on the daily plans for an extended period of time while using the money invested into the on expiry plans as a trap to finance the payouts to those in the more reasonable daily paying plan. In any case, let’s enjoy the last few payments from FatFunds and I look forward to monitor this admin’s future programs on MNO. Despite of the current Paying status for FatFunds on the MNO monitor due to no complaints received from my referrals yet please be aware of the coming collapse and do not invest there. This huge warning becomes very clear again with this latest message from the admin:

Special offer for large investors
Dear friends!
Our project is ready to offer special terms and a delicious interest rate for large investors who want to earn even more and on a permanent basis!
The offer is relevant for investors who are willing to make an investment over $10,000 / 5 BTC.
The offer is limited and will be available for the first 250 investors.
Upon the expiration, it will be announced.
Are you ready to change your life for the better?
Contact the manager and ask for details of our unique special offers!


AurumBank that has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today worked exactly at the same premise as the now crumbling FatFunds. There were three perfectly paying plans paying 0.8% for 260 business days, 1.1% for 110 business days, and 1.25% for 85 business days with a bunch of paying once on expiry plans where no one was ever to be paid from. It was clearly indicated in my review of AurumBank posted about five months ago where you should invest if you wanted to go with the program’s offer, and what to avoid. And again, as with FatFunds, many people were not listening or simply ignored my advice just to pay the high price after all. Take that guy who contacted me today and complained about not getting paid for over a week now. He was owed over $8K and I don’t quite get what he was thinking of when invested in the plan he has invested with. Such too-good-to-be-true offers were not working, are not working, and won’t work for regular HYIP investors, and just a way to finance the daily paying plans. Anyway, if we judge the program’s performance on the daily paying plan only, then AurumBank didn’t work too badly at all, and people from that plan managed to get to profits and even fully completed one cycle. For now you might still getting paid if you’re on those plans with AurumBank, but believe me it’s not going to keep going for long, now that the program has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor. Avoid at all costs!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: ChainGroupServiceCoinreum.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineRespectativa, FatFunds, CarismoOscarBitAltradeGlobalCoinAlpexTradeBitcoin5, Earnestic, Biostry, FCTAcademy, BlockchainAlliance.
From MNO Standard list: LigaTraders.
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectBitcoinInvestClubWideConstruction.

That’s it for today, guys. I will hope to talk to you again on Thursday when I plan to publish the full review of the very popular newcomer to the MNO Premium list Earnestic. I’ll also have all the news updates and might even introduce some new programs, so stay tuned for that. In order not to miss anything important and receive all the major updates in real time please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and subscribe to the daily news and reviewed to be delivered to your email address from here. I’ll be pleased to answer all your questions regarding the programs monitored on MNO, so if you have some then drop me a couple of lines from this form or contact me directly at I am also always here to serve my direct referrals in any program, so if you are one of them and have any issues please contact me and I will do my best to have them resolved for you. Remember the power of MNO – the most expensive and most efficient investment online resource. So come back soon if you like earning money, as MNO is For Money Lovers!

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