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Beware! OrigamiCapital has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi everyone! I hope your all keeping well after the weekend and looking forward to some new opportunities. I must say it was quite a weird and surreal start to the business week here in London, just barely on the fringes of hurricane “Ophelia” which has crossed the Atlantic there was no rain but it was enough to whip up a bizarre red cloud over the entire city. Everything had a strange orange glow to it, like a Martian landscape you expect in sci-fi movies. I wonder is it an omen for our fortunes, good or bad, for the rest of the year? Anyway, after some disappointments yesterday, unfortunately always inevitable in the HYIP industry, we get off to a bright start to the new business week with a new program added to Premium listing which will be introduced on my blog in the news section shortly. If there’s one thing we can depend on here is that new opportunities are never far away from old ones, so first it’s the turn of OrigamiCapital, another brand new mid to long term program that joined the MNO Standard List shortly after it opened.
You have three investment plans to choose from in OrigamiCapital, running for various length terms. Some are more expensive than others but generally speaking nothing too outrageous by industry standards. The first and most affordable is called The Cardboard Plan which will set you back $10 if you wish to join. The running time is 30 calendar days. During that time OrigamiCapital will pay a daily interest payment of 4.44%. This adds up to 133.2% by the final day, which includes your principal. That means you reach the break even point 23 days into the term and cannot possibly lose any money after that, and finish with 33.2% net profit. You are free to invest anything up to a $500 maximum per deposit in this plan, so it’s suitable for low to mid level players.

For a slightly larger opening deposit of $50 you can join OrigamiCapital‘s Paper Plan. The term runs for 45 calendar days during which members are offered a daily interest rate of 3.88%. Granted a bit less than the first plan which makes it longer to break even (26 days) but ultimately more profitable due to there being more payouts. So it’s a higher risk, but if it works out you could finish up with a 174.6% return. Again OrigamiCapital include your principal there, so you get your own money back plus an extra 74.6% profit. The maximum spending limit on this plan is capped at $3,000 by the way.

And lastly we come to The Plastic Plan. A bit more steep but by no means unworkable, OrigamiCapital ask for a $100 minimum as an entry level investment this time. The term stretches to 60 calendar days, while the daily interest rate is cut back to 3.33% per day. So again the risk is higher due to a longer break even point (34 days) though ultimately if successful it’s also the most profitable. You complete the term with 199.8% return on your investment, from which OrigamiCapital include your principal so it’s 99.8% net profit. Almost double your money back. The maximum limit for one single deposit here is capped at $5,000, relatively conservative for an online HYIP though of course there’s nothing to stop you from having more than one deposit at a time.

Just before I move on to the payment options, I think I should say a few words about how you actually go about making an investment with OrigamiCapital, assuming you like any of the plans enough to join that is. It’s just because the program runs off H-script so some of you might not be too familiar with them and there is one peculiarity you should be aware of. So first of all you add funds to your account. You will see it in your available balance but still not active. To actually make a deposit in the plan of choice then click on the “My Investments” tab and then proceed to “Open a deposit”. You will be then be presented with your three choices – all crediting your account at a specified time on calendar days.

Other than that I think the only thing left to tell you about the investment side of the program is the payment options. Currently OrigamiCapital accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash for those who favour the more conventional third party payment handlers, and BitCoin if you are taking a more direct route by investing with your own digital crypto-currency. Whichever method you prefer, withdrawals still have to be requested from your account in OrigamiCapital. These will then be paid manually by the admin who asks you to allow him a maximum 24 hour timeframe to complete all transactions. One extra feature I did quite like by the way was the built-in calculator. Sure, I know a lot of HYIPs have something like this for you to use as a guide to see how much you can earn, but with OrigamiCapital you can use it in Dollars or BitCoin which will be helpful to a lot more of you than usual.

So what of some of the more technical and security aspects of the OrigamiCapital website? Hosting is on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by DDoSGuard. The OrigamiCapital admin has also taken the trouble to install SSL encryption with a superior Green Bar Extended Validation certificate from GeoTrust for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The script is under licence from H-Script which I believe I already mentioned above, generally more popular among Russian speaking admins due to being from a Russian service provider.

Contact with the admin if you have any further questions of your own to put to him or have any account related issues and be done directly via a series of e-mail addresses provided depending on what your issue is. OrigamiCapital also list a postal address in the UK where the program has been registered as a company. Due to rather lax UK laws of course this is an easy thing to do and open to anyone whether they live in the country or not. After all, “registering a company” is simply a registering on a list of names, it’s not a licence to offer or sell financial services, so as most experienced players know you can just ignore this. More useful by some distance is the list of social media profiles, some of which may offer Live Chat options. You can find OrigamiCapital on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, Skype, and VK. The website is also bilingual and is available in both Russian and English. There’s nothing to say support is offered in Russian, most HYIPs prefer to conduct all business in English anyway regardless of the admin’s real first language, but I suspect they’ll probably understand.

Overall it’s an interesting if somewhat traditional style program, despite the texts relating to any business activities being almost non-existent. I’d be a bit more enthusiastic about the fact that OrigamiCapital combines sustainability with profitability, something that is crucial to the success of any HYIP. Having said that, you all know by now the main rule of never spending a cent more than you’re comfortable losing and to keep any one new program you do join as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

So, what does everyone else think? If you have given any thought to OrigamiCapital and whether or not you would like to join it or not then I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow MNO readers by voting in the following opinion poll. As always it’s completely anonymous and untraceable, and will only take literally a second of your time. The results are never exactly final as such, but will give an interesting picture of what investors do and don’t like about HYIPs and also tell admins what standards you expect from a program before you join. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in OrigamiCapital?

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I’ll start today’s news by introducing a new program on my Premium listing called Bitcy which was added to the MNO monitor just last night. I have not received a payment from them yet, but it’s been requested and should be processed within a few hours as per the program’s terms. I hope it’s not going to take the full 72 hours which is reserved by Bitcy‘s admin as the maximum withdrawal processing time, and I will be able to review the program on my blog on Wednesday as scheduled. In any case, the first thing to know about Bitcy is that it works exclusively with BitCoin, so if that’s a problem you may wish to skip it. And if you only like to join brand-new programs you might not like the fact that Bitcy has been online for nearly three weeks already before coming to MNO. However I believe this time might have been required to prove to investors that the admin is ambitious and brought the first investors a profit from its shortest 2.3% for 15 calendar days plan. The first principals were released a few days ago leaving them with a 34.5% net profit. I must add that although deposits are accepted starting from 0.005 BTC the exchange rate for deposits/withdrawals is actually tied to USD at a constant rate with $4,000. That I guess is convenient for the admin, but not for some members who may find it questionable why program working exclusively with BitCoin still converts it to USD and not even according to the real market value.

Let’s talk more about the investment plans now which are available from higher investment minimums and offer 2.6% for 25 days and 0.13% for 1440 hours (or 3.12% for 60 days if you prefer). The direction suddenly changes for other offers which pays on expiry of the term calculated in business days. I believe most of these plans offering 155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days should be avoided as they either offer ridiculously high and unsustainable returns, ask for huge minimum investments, or both. Anyway, experienced HYIP investors will know of the vastly increased risks when investing in such plans, so I will say more in the upcoming review of Bitcy. The site is powered off a licensed GoldCoders script, is SSL-encrypted with an EV (Green Bar) certificate from GeoTrust, and hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by CloudFlare. I guess we should also mention the company’s UK certificate of incorporation, and active presence on the main social networks including Facebook where updates on the site’s latest developments are regularly posted. Among some interesting new features include a so-called Bounty program where members of Bitcy can earn extra rewards by sharing positive experiences about the program with others. A step-by-step guide you can use to make a deposit in Bitcy, plus another guide to registering and account there if you don’t wish to wait for the upcoming MNO review are included below:

How to start earning with Bitcy?
Bitcy Limited is engaged in the creation of a unique multicurrency platform, which will ensure rapid and safe management of any monetary arrays. Invest your funds in the development of the platform and get the right to share the profits of a promising British company. Making a contribution now, you secure your future!
Joining us in five steps
To start cooperation with us, you need to create a personal account. The whole procedure will take you a few minutes.
1. Start the registration. At the top right of the screen, click on “Register”. The registration form will open. After having filled in the data, make sure that they are correct before sending.
2. Login info. Enter the data to manage your account. Think of a unique login, a strong password and a secret question that will enable you to restore access to your account in case of loss. The answer must be known only to you.
3. Personal info. Provide your personal information for contact with you: your full first and last names and e-mail. Please note that the data must be reliable. The information received by us is completely confidential and is not transferable to third parties.
4. Payment info. Enter the address of your wallet from which you prefer to create deposits and withdraw funds, if you have any. This field is not mandatory for registration (you can fill it in later).
5. Completion of the registration. Check the box next to “I agree with Terms and Conditions”. To complete the registration, click “REGISTER NOW!”.
Congratulations, now you have your personal account! A simple and intuitively understandable interface will enable you to easily manage your balance. Become an active partner of the company and secure stable passive income for several years!

Creating a deposit in a few clicks
Bitcy Limited offers a modern way of passive income. Creating a deposit is the only action you are to make. After investing funds, you will only have to get profit.
How to create a deposit: five easy steps
1. Sign in to your account. Enter your login and password to access your account. If you are on the site for the first time, go through a simple registration procedure: https://bitcy.biz/?a=signup. It will take a few minutes.
2. Create a deposit. Click on “MAKE A DEPOSIT” and you’ll see a list of available plans with the percentage of profit.
3. Choose a plan. Choose among eight plans the most profitable in your opinion. They are designed in such a way that everyone will find something suitable.
4. Mention the amount. In the bottom field enter the amount of the deposit (from 0.005 BTC to 25 BTC, depending on the selected plan). You can enter it manually or choose among the recommended ones.
5. Make a payment. Click on “INVEST” and the system will generate a unique address for funds transfer. Send the money and wait. The deposit will be created automatically after three confirmations of your transaction in the blockchain system.
After the successful creation of the deposit, the profit will be accrued to your balance according to the rules, depending on the chosen investment plan. Change your life for the better with Bitcy Limited!

Share your experience of cooperation with #Bitcy and earn #Bitcoin
Bitcy offers all its partners to participate in our #Bounty program.
Earn your original capital for investment without investing your #moneyand time. Today, anyone can receive a reward by making targeted actions on popular resources. Make your reposts, put our logo on the avatar and share your experience of cooperation with friends. Do these simple tasks and earn an income. It is thanks to you that Bitcy is rapidly gaining popularity in social networks.
You can find out the details of the program by the link: https://goo.gl/z8bfzW


LaserOnline (reviewed here) remains the biggest program in the HYIP industry and now that their main rival – Respectativa – is no more (read about that in more detail in the end of the news section), it might be just the right time to keep expanding. Anyway, the preliminary results of the poll running this week on the MNO TalkBack page (you can click here if you haven’t voted yet) show the overall unwaning confidence into the program’s abilities to continue delivering good results and paying investors on the 12% for 12 business days plan to their Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, and BitcoinCash accounts for a long time. At the moment of writing this about 60% of the MNO readers believe LaserOnline will last at least until the end of 2017 or even stay online and paying beyond and step into 2018 unscathed. Only 40% overall support a more cautious point of view and think the program either will only be able to complete one investment cycle or even lives its last days at the moment.

Yes, that is true that the growth that LaserOnline has been experiencing since the program’s official launch on the first of July has been enormous with seemingly everyone in the HYIP industry to be familiar with the program, has invested in it, or just thinking and intending to do so in the neat future. But has there some room for expansion left? The recent decision of LaserOnline to drop its banner advertising on MNO (its latest banner will expire by the end of this business week) might not seem to be too logical to comprehend, but I hope that it’s only just because its growth might be more active outside of the HYIP industry yet. Anyway, whatever is going on with LaserOnline at the moment the figures shared in the latest Facebook posts by its administration are staggering, as 51,000 members around the world have been registered their accounts in LaserOnline in less that four months time and over 5,000 success stories have been shared with many more members having scooped very decent profits by participating and investing in LaserOnline. Below you will find the numbers which might be unbelievable at first sight, but not so if you consider that only the MNO downline has so far invested a staggering $230,000+ into the program:

CROSSED 51,000 LASER FOCUSED USERS WORLDWIDE! (more than Danville, Illinois total population!)
Here at
LaserOnline Platform, you have a Bright Future with No Compromise! You can’t go wrong doing what’s right, so become a part of LaserOnline (focused) member today. Prepare for an amazing time with a College of Global Expansion, together with LaserOnline!
Pedal to the metal with LaserOnline Investment Platform!
Get more Sign Ups by becoming an official L.O.P representative today! Learn more at https://laser.online/representatives
Get started with LaserOnline today! https://laser.online/start
Having questions or doubts? Visit our extensive FAQ section: https://laser.online/faq
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at: https://t.me/joinchat/GmaHBUR0GwaF7xlQYYP9zQ

Pat on the back! 5000+ success stories written & published by our energetic LaserOnline Fans which is visible at the homepage and, they are adding up new success stories daily as always. Haven’t you already published yet? Write us your own success story! Make it available to the public today! (Use a Desktop Version, and login)
But that’s not all…What’s more? Obviously we exceedingly put stock in trust and straightforwardness so there’s a perfect run, No Pre-Moderation Involved!
Keep Coffee in one hand, Confidence in the other! Here at LaserOnline Platform, you have a Bright Future with No Compromise! You can’t go wrong doing what’s right, become a part of LaserOnline (focused) member today and, an active part of LaserOnline Community development!
Read clients stories or see customers feedback at the homepage https://laser.online/
Get started with LaserOnline today! https://laser.online/start, https://laser.online/faq
Join TELEGRAM WORLDWIDE community at: https://t.me/joinchat/GmaHBUR0GwaF7xlQYYP9zQ
Encrypted chat with investors powered by: www.telegram.org


The admin of GideConsulting which is still flying under the radar for many investors due to its relatively unappealing investment plans and limited choice of payment options (only crypto-currencies BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum) has recently decided to up its game and made some big changes to their plans. So if you read my original review of GideConsulting posted here you should certainly give it a second read as it’s been edited to reflect a totally different set of investment plans which start from only $20 and $100 respectively. The first option pays 11% for a 10 business day term (principal included) and the second makes a higher overall return of 140% paid once on expiry of a 30 business day term (i.e. six calendar weeks).

Moreover, to step up its advertising campaign on MNO even further the admin has pre-paid for the top big banner across all the pages on MNO (currently occupied by LaserOnline) and a Sticky listing on my monitor for one full month. The new campaign gets underway on 28/10. As for the LaserOnline‘s top banner its expiry date is currently 21/10 after which the banner is taken for one week by the admin of a still unknown program that is going to be added to MNO within the next few days, so stay tuned for that, guys, and expect more pleasant surprises from GideConsulting as well in the near future. I will keep you updated on all developments on the MNO blog!


In accordance to their practice of providing investors with more transparency on their investment activities the administration of the yet-to-be-reviewed ResonanceCapital issued another trading report yesterday. It shows the company’s results over the first business week of October and allegedly explains how such high profits can be paid on a long-term basis. Since I haven’t posted the review of ResonanceCapital yet and am only expecting to do so by the end of the week when my first profits are credited to my account, let me briefly mention the investment plans. In a nutshell, you can join from a $10 minimum using five payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, and BitCoin. Then your account will be credited at the end of every business week with profits of 28% for 4 weeks, 6%-6.2% for 24 weeks, or 3.3%-6% for 48 weeks. Note that the initial principal is already included and so won’t be returned on expiry. As the profits offered by ResonanceCapital are quite low compared to the majority of more popular HYIPs it will certainly take the program some time to win mainstream approval, so we will see what future holds for them in the coming weeks and months. The latest trading report can be read below:

Hello, dear customers of ResonanceCapital.
Our financial department prepared a trading report for the first week of October (10.02.17-10.08.17) and proceeded to prepare a trading report for the second week of October.
Trading report for the first week of October (02-08 October) in PDF format:
Forex https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/rcglp/tinymce/Forex_ENG-1507994627239.pdf
IPO Market https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/rcglp/tinymce/IPO_ENG-1507994634036.pdf
Penny Stocks https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/rcglp/tinymce/Penny_ENG-1507994638892.pdf
Stock and futures market https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/rcglp/tinymce/Stock_ENG-1507994734125.pdf
Cryptocurrency https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/rcglp/tinymce/%D0%A1rypto_ENG-1507994749271.pdf
Since October, the ratio of investment in financial instruments has changed. We decided to focus on the crypto currency, as this is where the best risk-to-profit ratio is. 70% of the capital was invested in the crypto currency. In remaining instruments are invested at 5%, but at the same time the risks for one deal are increased, therefore the profit in percent here is higher than on the crypto currency, but still the bulk of the profit is brought by the crypto currency.
Dear customers of ResonanceCapital, follow our news and share information with your investors.
Yours Faithfully, ResonanceCapital


It looks like the admin of Biostry had nothing new to report as he rehashed a previous update on the addition on a new investment plan. I’ve reported it on my blog as well, but for the sake of those who somehow missed it here it is. The new plan will pay you 2.4% for 5 business days, so you finish with a 12% profit in just one week. I have to remind you however that as even the deposits made in Biostry via Payeer and AdvCash will still be converted to BitCoin, and with its highly volatile rates it’s also possible to lose money in a week despite getting paid what you are owed. I believe overall the new investment plan was treated with suspicion signalling potential cashflow issues. Anyway, confidence in Biostry remains low among MNO readers with only a handful joining. And I don’t think the situation will improve anytime soon, unless the admin makes an effort to expand his advertising campaign. Competition in the HYIP industry is fierce so in order to compete with the likes of LaserOnline you will need more reshuffling your plans. We will wait and see on how the situation develops over the coming weeks with Biostry (reviewed here):

Now Earn 2.4% Daily For 7 Days + Principal Return
Dear Partners/Investors,
We have recently launched a New Investment Contract.
Below are the details of it.
Name: Pharmaceutical Repackaging Contract, 2.4% Daily For 7 Days, Minimum: 0.01BTC, Earnings: Mon – Fri, Withdrawals: Instantly 24/7, Principal Returned
Also if you have any suggestions or feedbacks, please free to send that to us.
Thanks. Alfie Barnett. Director & CEO


Bitcoin5 (reviewed here) also seems to have failed to impress readers, as very few people expressed any interest. Perhaps due to an overcomplicated investment offer that credits your account with gradually increasing daily rates starting from 1% on day one up to 5% on day twenty plus your principal to give just over 54% profit. Maybe it was due to limited choice of payment processors, as Bitcoin5 originally only used BitCoin with Payeer added last week when the first investment cycle finished. In any case, as for now Bitcoin5 is doing quite well and the admin seems to be ready for further expansion by adding PerfectMoney as a third payment processor. A Spanish translation makes it a truly international website, joining Russian, Polish, and Vietnamese. Perhaps that will all lead to more interest in Bitcoin5 that has been on Paying status with for thirty days now. The latest weekly newsletter from the program which also shares the latest stats can be found below:

Dear Bitcoin5 users
– Operating for: 72 days
– Users: 2470 (+513)
– Invested: 29.006(+10.213712) BTC | 4970 USD
– Paid out: 7.965(+3.392663) BTC | 100 USD
As you may have noticed, our website has been continuously updated, and new functionality added.
– We are going to connect the Perfect money payment system
– The interface will be also available in Spanish.
Keep track of the project’s news on our Telegram channel https://t.me/bitcoin5io, which already has more than 450 subscribers!
Thank you for your business!
Best regards, Bitcoin5 Technical Administrator


No doubt the one single issue affecting the greatest number of HYIP investors in recent days was the sad, unfortunate, yet ultimately inevitable collapse of Respectativa. Though not quite reaching the dizzying heights of LaserOnline, Respectativa was nevertheless the main contender to the biggest program in the industry and a very worthy competitor at that. Yes, obviously we all would have liked to see them continue a bit longer, but hey, what they achieved was admirable to say the least and far beyond average expectations. Given that the program started back in July but had plans that lasted just 7 and 12 days each, the fact that we are still talking about them in mid October is admirable. With all due respect and sympathy to anyone who lost money in Respectativa of course, I know full well that hearing about the profits of others is cold comfort to the ones who joined only in the final days and suffered a loss.

So, where did it all go wrong? Without sounding like I’m taking the admin’s side over regular investors, to his credit he was extremely communicative with me at all times, gave every possible assistance to the MNO downline, and in the end satisfied me that he didn’t deliberately set out to scam but other circumstances got in the way. Regular readers will know I’ve often said in the past that the admin’s good intentions are only one factor in the success of a good HYIP. Some things are under his control, unfortunately too many other things are not. Problems started with e-currency payments. The admin’s hope, and I think reasonably so, was that this should take no more than 24 hours. The problem here is that there’s just too many other people involved in the chain. Not just the admin himself but also the CoinPayments payment handler and the script (in Respectativa‘s case this was GoldCoders), all of whom failed to provide an acceptable service.

Again, I don’t want to sound as if I’m somehow predisposed to take the admin’s side in every argument or believe every story he tells me at face value, but with some further digging it’s easy to see the guy has a genuine point. I mean as the admin sure, ultimately he’s the one who decides on things like script, payment handlers, and everything else, but when providers let you down unexpectedly it’s only you the investor who suffers.

So when the CoinPayments interface first failed to deal with the Respectativa traffic and the 24 hour payments, the admin tried to handle all transactions manually. A commendable effort was made, but with over 5,000 demanding investors and only 24 hours in a day (and even I need five to sleep!) this was a losing battle. Coupled with GoldCoder’s casual attitude, though to be fair I don’t know what difference they would make anyway after CoinPayments suddenly got a lot more hostile, things were going south fast.

CoinPayments themselves eventually started freezing Respectativa accounts and blocking funds. To me the one single thing that I find most egregious in all of this is the reason they stated. According to CoinPayments, they decided to block Respectativa, hence blocking them from actually paying regular members who might actually need that money, because, and this is a direct quote, “we do not tolerate ponzi schemes”. Well, let that be an eye-opening message to all HYIP admins, HYIP investors, monitors, and anyone who has ever earned a cent from the HYIP industry. CoinPayments, who work and profit from arguably the biggest online Ponzi scheme in internet history, i.e. BitCoin, can take anyone else’s money for doing exactly what they do. The mind boggles!

Other more minor (in the sense they might have been more manageable) issues also came into play, including hosting issues with DDoSGuard. But it really looks like the program was too big and had too many problems all at the same time in order to deal with efficiently. It’s sort of like what they call “the law of diminishing returns”, the more people who get involved in a program the harder it gets to keep everyone calm.

But that’s it! Privately the admin even suggested to me that he felt he could have kept Respectativa going until mid December, but too many other things were outside his control. I sincerely hope this was a valuable lesson learned for him and his next program comes back even stronger, better prepared, and above all more informed of the others you are forced to deal with.

To close to subject of Respectativa once and for all I would just like to say a personal word of thanks and appreciation to the admin on behalf of me and something he did for the MNO downline. Without any obligation to do so, when the first problems appeared and it became clear the program was about to collapse, he promised to give preferential treatment to members who joined under MNO. I don’t know if this makes it any easier for you, but problems were reported in the program several days ago. It was only on Sunday however that members in the MNO downline were affected. That means that MNO investors should have earned an extra 36% more than anyone not in my downline. I think this is really significant, maybe not quite enough to push absolutely everyone all the way in to the profit zone, but it will at least have shielded anyone not in profit from the worst possible loss. Anyway, I tried my best, at least I got something back for my downline which all other monitors failed to do, and I hope it helped. My only obligation is to my downline, they are the ones who support the work of MNO, not the admins and not those who join under other links, so I am pleased that I was able to make a contribution. I will always endeavour to do so as long as MNO is online, and if you only ever believe one single thing you hear in the HYIP industry then let it be that. The MNO downlines are the only thing that matter to MNO. Anything else, I’m not interested, contact your your preferred monitors and see what their attitude is towards you.


Payza remains the payment processor of choice for many HYIP investors due to its multiple funding and withdrawal methods for verified members, including a very close connection to BitCoin and other popular altcoins which has been fully implemented in their internal operations now. And now you can also benefit from the lower deposit transfer fees if you live in any of the EuroZone countries. You only pay one euro to add funds to your Payza account if sending less than 200 euros, and it’s totally free for larger amounts. The good news has been shared recently on Payza‘s official blog which you can see along with step-by-step instructions on how to add funds via bank transfer below:

Payza Lowers Euro Bank Transfer Deposit Fee
Payza always strives to offer the best services and lowest fees for our members, which is why last week we lowered our Bitcoin transaction fees and this week we are lowering our Euro bank transfer deposit fee! It is now even more affordable to add Euros by bank transfer to your Payza account.
The fee to add Euros by bank transfer to your Payza e-Wallet has dropped from €2.50 to €1.00 for deposits under €200. Bank transfer deposits over €200 are still free!
Anyone with a bank account from a SEPA country (Single Euro Payments Area) can take advantage of the lower fee. We’ve also made it very easy to add funds to your Payza account by bank transfer from a SEPA bank account because you don’t need to connect your bank account to your Payza account first.
How to Add Funds by Bank Transfer
1. In your Payza account, click “Add Funds” in the top menu.
2. Select “Bank Account”.
3. Select the originating country of your bank account, your currency, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Click “Next”.
4. If you are asked to complete “Phone Validation” to validate your identity, follow the steps on the screen to receive your confirmation code by voice call or SMS and enter it into your account.
5. Review the details of your deposit, enter your Transaction PIN, then click “Add Funds”.
Once you have completed these steps, you’ll be presented with instructions to give to your bank in order to complete the deposit. You can complete the deposit in person, by phone, or online, depending on the services your bank offers.
An Add Funds by Bank Transfer transaction takes 3 to 6 business days to complete from the time the funds are transferred by your bank. For more information about adding funds to your Payza account by bank transfer, or for any other questions you have about Payza, be sure to check out our helpful Reference Center which is full of articles to help you get the most out of your Payza account.
For all the latest Payza news and updates, be sure to subscribe to the Payza blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listCoinreumChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnline, OscarBitBitcoin5, MedusaCapitalBiostry.
From MNO Standard list: Raizex, OrigamiCapital (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectBitcoinInvestClubRacerForex, DobroFather (the first instant payments received), Cryptoosa (the first instant payment received).

Before I finish I want to issue a brief warning about OscarBit whose admin seems to be behaving pretty erratically lately. I’ve already changed the status of the program between Paying, Waiting, and Problem countless times over the last week or so due to constantly delayed payouts. This time though the situation is aggravated as I’ve received a couple of complaints from my referrals there with three pending withdrawals each. I cannot ignore this and am making every effort to get an explanation and a resolution, including moving OscarBit to Waiting status on the MNO monitor. Please note that if the issue is not resolved by tomorrow then OscarBit will be moved to Problem and then Scam Status on my monitor. I’ll keep you updated on this and all the other monitored programs on the MNO ShoutBox, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can always contact me if you have any questions using this form or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Thanks a lot for reading and also for voting on the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page. Make sure you come back on Wednesday to read more on Bitcy plus all the latest news from the HYIP industry. Stay tuned and see you soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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