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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog where even on Sunday I try to give you the honest and full picture of life in the HYIP industry at the moment. My blog is only dealing with top-notch programs run mostly by experienced admins that have a high advertising and operating budgets to allow them to run their programs through the hard times and navigate skilfully when many others fail. Of course, sometimes there can be just too many obstacles in the way of success and not every HYIP can reach the top. Those who do however will enjoy thousands of happy members who might deposit hundreds of thousands of dollars between them.

At the moment the HYIP industry is probably at its most challenging time when the current leader LaserOnline might be about to falter. The title is there for the taking by any program prepared to work for it. I’m sure that you are able to find a candidate from among those listed on the MNO monitor already or will be able to find it in the near future if it hasn’t launched yet. If we believe the final results of the poll that ran over the last week many of my readers believe that LaserOnline has already reached saturation point and is in its final days. There are many factors to support such a pessimistic point of view which I will go through later in the news section today. I’ll also have another question to vote on in the MNO TalkBack page, the latest updates from Payza, and some of the programs listed on the MNO monitor. I will start though by introducing two programs added to the MNO monitor‘s Premium and Standard Lists over the last couple of days – Cryptoosa and TradexTop.


Starting with Cryptoosa then we can’t really call it a new program on MNO. It was added first to the Basic List and only five days later decided to upgrade to the Premium List. So Cryptoosa will now be reviewed on my blog on Tuesday when I’ll be looking at its main features and will tell you about it in more detail. So far I can only say that my own experience with Cryptoosa has been very positive, with all withdrawals processed instantly to Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, while BitCoin withdrawals are still processed manually within 24 hours. As happens with many programs on MNO accepting Payza Cryptoosa was welcomed very warmly by my readers who invested quite significant amount already and are getting paid on its only plan paying 11% to 14% over a 12-calendar day term. The daily interest is fixed and determined by your principal which can start from as low as $5. The principal is already included in the daily earnings in Cryptoosa, so that gives you a chance to earn from 32% to 68% net profit on your investment by the end of the term. The program is running off a licensed GoldCoders script so there shouldn’t be any difficulties when operating your account. The site is SSL-protected by CloudFlare which is also responsible for Cryptoosa‘s hosting and DDoS protection and apparently is doing its job well, as no significant downtime has been observed so far. Over the last week on MNO there was a couple of updates posted by the admin. The first was on absorbing the fee for withdrawals to BitCoin which should be taken favourably by investors, while a second more recent one warned of a copycat website which must be avoided if you don’t want to have your money stolen. Here they are for your information, and I’ll be back with a more detailed look at Cryptoosa next week:

Bitcoin withdrawals are now FREE
Due to many requests we have decided to remove the bitcoin withdrawal fees. What does this mean?
This means from now on Cryptoosa will pay the required bitcoin transaction fees instead of the users.
To prevent paying fees for small transactions (which would cost more in fees than the actual transfer itself), we have set the minimum Bitcoin withdrawals to $1.00.
Thank you for using Cryptoosa and we wish all of our members happy earnings!

Fake Website Warning!
Warning! There is a FAKE website on the internet trying to steal customer funds or passwords! They have copied our website content, also our name! It is (cryptoosa.ltd). We are NOT affiliated with that website, nor we can compensate for any losses or hacking attempts caused by using that website!
Please be careful to only access Cryptoosa at https://cryptoosa.com and nowhere else!
Thank you!


The second program TradexTop whose admin purchased Standard listing on MNO last night is brand new. My monitor was added right on the program’s official launch. TradexTop has a wide variety of investment plans which can be divided into two categories – paying per calendar day with principal back on expiry and paying once on expiry, principal included. The first category is less risky but with smaller profits, while the second group offers higher returns at a significantly higher risk. It’s up to you what to choose, I’ll go through them all for you in detail in the upcoming review of TradexTop next Thursday. For now though you can choose among the following daily paying plans – 2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days (all returning principals on expiry) – and paying once on expiry 150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, and 300% after 30 days. There is a different minimum applied for investing in different plans, but you the shortest investment plan starts with an affordable $10.

Note that TradexTop is running off a totally custom-made unique script, which you will definitely see how convenient it is after signing-up and browsing your account area. Don’t forget to add the wallet numbers in the Wallets section (for that purpose use your own PIN-code which you set yourself on the signup page as an extra security feature), as payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, NixMoney, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin are usually processed instantly. Payouts to Ethereum, Zcash, BitcoinCash, and Dash are done manually and it might take you up to 24 hours to have your withdrawal request processed by the admin. As you can see TradexTop is utilizing lots of payment options which include four traditional HYIP-serving currencies and no less than seven digital cryptocurrencies. That alone might attract a much wider audience to TradexTop and will hopefully make it last longer. Apart from the welcome custom script and instant withdrawals to numerous e-currencies, I like the fact that the site has already got its own quality video presentation that can be also viewed on the MNOVision page. There are various points of contact available including the Live chat support that will help you solve your issues in real-time, UK certificate of incorporation, and its own representative program. Security has been taken by the admin of TradexTop seriously as well with the site being fully protected by an SSL-certificate by Comodo with hosting and DDoS protection by DDoSGuard. My first impressions of TradexTop have been very positive so far, but of course time will tell whether the program is going to be profitable for investors. As usual, only invest what you can afford to lose and read a more detailed review of TradexTop on the MNO blog in a few days. Below you will find the welcome message from the admin on his program’s official launched last night:

Platform Launch
Dear friends!
Welcome to TradexTop – undoubtedly, an innovative platform for secure and profitable online investments now available to every user. You do not have to be a financial expert or have a professional education to start earning – we will take care of your financial well-being.
TradexTop was founded by highly qualified financial experts whose experience in the field of investment management has made it possible to choose the only proper development strategy. Even two years ago, we were able to reasonably calculate the most promising vectors of Internet investments by focusing the team’s efforts to work with cryptocurrencies and ICO.
While our competitors went the path of the least resistance, we opened up new opportunities and, carefully analyzing the results achieved, excluded potential financial risks in this market segment. And, thanks to this and due view to the future of the economy, at the moment we are one of the leaders in the field of trade at cryptocurrency and ICO exchanges.
TradexTop has entered the world of financial trust management to make Internet investments really profitable and affordable for everyone. Free investments with TradexTop – priceless!


Biostry (reviewed here) has so far not been a popular choice among the MNO readers and I think I know why. Over the first four weeks on the Premium List the admin has not really improved his program much, but only made things worse by introducing a new investment plan paying 2.4% for 5 business days with the principal back on expiry. It made many experienced investors suspicious as to the admin’s intentions. That new plan actually made the original one from which no one had profited yet and which pays you 2.8% per business day “forever” totally obsolete. Besides, the 3% withdrawal fee automatically deducted from each withdrawal will further eat into the possible 12% profit that might be obtained by the first investors over the next week, provides the program is still with us by then. On the bright side though are the withdrawals from Biostry are still processed instantly to BitCoin, PerfectMoney, and AdvCash payment processors.

The recent most ludicrous thing about Biostry came from the admin himself in the latest newsletter where he actually took the credit for the recent BitCoin price hike which passed the $6K mark yesterday. Here I should remind you that when dealing with Biostry the main currency of the account is BitCoin and even deposits made via PerfectMoney and AdvCash are calculated in BitCoins. So the admin claims that by investing in Biostry you will make 2.4% to 2.8% daily plus BitCoin value increase which makes little sense to me. When investing in HYIPs you always take a high degree of risk and can lose your BitCoins in many cases, which would never happen if you have them just rest in your wallet and grow in value with time. That’s why the argument of better investing in Biostry compared to having money safely stored in BitCoin wallets sounds either poorly judged or deliberately misleading, or maybe both. Anyway, have a look below for a better idea of what I’m talking about:

Congratulations! You Made Extra Cash With Biostry !!!
Dear Partner/Investor,
Bitcoin has hit the All Time High crossing $5900 and is now $6000+ and with that you have made Extra Cash with Biostry.
Wondering how?
It’s because we’re dealing with Bitcoins as our Primary Currency, so the Higher the value goes, the More Money you MAKE.
Therefore if you have any Bitcoin sitting in your Bitcoin Wallet, feel free to invest it in Biostry and Earn 2.4% OR 2.8% + The Increment in Bitcoin Value itself.
Also feel free to send us any suggestions or feedbacks, we’d love to hear back from you.
Thanks, Alfie Barnett. Director & CEO


There was a short announcement in the News section of the LifeBit website posted where the admin wanted to mark the introduction of his program to a wider audience since he joined the Standard List on MNO a few days ago:

We want to say thank you for 200 members on our platform! This was in a short period of time, even when we had no advertising at all. On the 21. October we will officially start advertising our company to the public community. Stay tuned!

If you haven’t read the detailed review of LifeBit posted on MNO here then I’ll just remind you in a nutshell what it’s all about. You may join LifeBit only with BitCoin starting with 0.001 BTC and withdrawals are always instant which some of you might like. LifeBit will pay you from 1.5% to 7% fixed daily interest (depending on the invested amount) for how ever long it’s going to run. Note that once in your principal is locked for the full duration of program’s lifespan and won’t be returned.


With BitCoin well on its way to becoming the dominant force in the HYIP industry, indeed some might say it’s already there and merely consolidating its position now, it looks as if the only other traditional payment handler showing any interest in this is Payza. They seem to be the most BitCoin friendly processor and have made the most possible effort to integrate BitCoin into Payza operations. It’s really no wonder then that whenever we see a brand new program opening up that accepts Payza, nine times out of ten it’s an almost certainty to reach one of the top spots on the MNO monitor as decided by its popularity among my readers. They have a wealth of deposit and withdrawal options that don’t involve BitCoin of course, including directly in and out of your bank, credit or debit card, and of course their own branded pre-loaded debit card that can be used worldwide where ever the MasterCard logo is displayed. I have one myself and can vouch for it, I’ve used it in several different countries. And of course given the restrictions that Payza place on HYIP admins and the strict verification process these tend to be the last ones to scam. It’s difficult for admins to steal money while maintaining anonymity there, and of course investors always have the right to file a dispute if they are scammed. It doesn’t guarantee a full refund, but based on what they are able to freeze and recover from the scamming program’s account it does give a little extra peace of mind.

Anyway, in the news from Payza they have announced a major expansion of their affiliate scheme in the form of a global ISO program, or Independent Sales Organisation. This may not be for everyone, I don’t know about individual HYIP investors, it’s more of an organised business opportunity to share in Payza‘s expansion if you are capable of promoting them to their target business audience. Full details are included in the newsletter below which I am sharing from the official Payza news blog:

Payza Launches Global ISO Program
The Payza Referral Program is already a great way to earn money by telling people about Payza, but if you know merchants and businesses who may be able to benefit from our services there’s now a way to earn even more!
With so much more than just credit card processing, Payza is a great all-in-one online payment solution or a fantastic add-on to a merchant’s existing payment options. Payza offers Bitcoin payment processing and e-wallet payments on top of specialty local options.
To help spread the word about our services, Payza is introducing a new global ISO program to let independent sales representatives and organizations in over 190 countries earn lucrative commissions by promoting Payza’s services to online businesses. This is a great way to earn money while increasing Payza’s adoption among online merchants. If you’re a Payza member, that means you’ll also be getting more merchants that accept Payza e-wallet payments, giving you more options for your Payza funds!
What is an ISO?
An ISO, or Independent Sales Organization, promotes merchant services on behalf of payment processors such as Payza. ISOs operate under strict conditions so this task is not for everybody, but if you are well-organized, responsible, and have a friendly and outgoing personality, this may be a great opportunity for you.
Existing ISOs are encouraged to take part in Payza’s new global ISO program. For details on how to get started, contact our Business Development Team by sending an email to iso@payza.com.
What are the terms of the Payza ISO Agreement?
If you would like to promote Payza’s merchant services, you must complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and an ISO Agreement. This means that you are bound not to disclose the proprietary information you learn about our services. When promoting Payza, you are prohibited from misrepresenting or making false claims about Payza’s services.
Payza accepts a wide range of merchants from a vast amount of countries worldwide, but there are still some restrictions on which businesses that can use our services. Be sure to read the Payza Reference Center for details about these restrictions: Acceptable Use and Activities Not Allowed.
Payza provides a wide range of resources to help our members use their Payza account to the fullest, however ISOs are responsible for on-boarding merchants and assisting with basic integration if they wish to receive a full share of commissions.
How do I get started?
Becoming a Payza ISO is easy. Once you complete the necessary paperwork, you can begin promoting Payza’s services immediately. Simply contact iso@payza.com to request the NDA and Payza ISO Agreement, and return those documents when completed.
We suggest that you sign up for your own Payza account and have it verified to receive your commissions with the shortest possible delay.
Once the ISO documentation has been completed and your Payza account has been set up, you’re ready to start finding clients. Payza has marketing resources available upon request to help you let your contacts know what makes Payza the right partner for their online payment processing needs.
If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new Payza ISO Program, we look forward to hearing your comments.


To finish things up for today I guess it’s time to look at the results of the last opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page. The topic of the latest question was on how readers see the future prospects of LaserOnline. There can be no real argument if I said it’s been the biggest online HYIP in the industry for several months now, probably competing with Zinc7 as the biggest of the year I would say and it’s still only October. There’s also no point in disputing the program has to come to an eventual conclusion. That’s not a negative comment, just a statement of fact, like death and taxes as they say, it’s inevitable. Every program has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and LaserOnline is no exception. No one can say for sure when the end will come, but come it most certainly will. There will always be some degree of speculation around any HYIP, that’s only natural, but the question about LaserOnline becomes a lot more pertinent in light of some recent dubious goings-on there. The question posed to MNO readers asked simply “how much longer do you think LaserOnline will continue?” Well, in a question where there are no wrong answers as such, it was an eye-opener and perhaps a warning in itself that so many readers are now feeling huge concern about the program and expecting very little from LaserOnline going forward. By far the single most prevalent feeling among readers now is overwhelmingly negative. Some 40% of you expressed the opinion “it’s living out its last days”.

Why so? Well, I can’t exactly speak for those who vote one way or another, it’s 100% confidential anyway, but a number of readers were quick enough to contact me privately after the poll had already started to express their concern. For one thing MNO is known to be the single biggest referrer in LaserOnline, with more cash deposits going through my downline than any other monitor, even some combinations of monitors. At it now approaches $300,000 it seems the most bizarrely misinformed business decision to abandon your advertising campaign there. I mean $300K is a serious chunk of change to get back on what was in comparison a relatively small expense. LaserOnline would still have been a success I’m pretty sure, but nowhere even approaching the level achieved if not for the admin’s original advertising strategy. It seems a questionable policy then to drop this campaign that has brought such good fortune to the program at precisely the moment when LaserOnline needs it the most.

Another somewhat questionable development has been the overnight appearance of fake accounts in the website displaying vastly inflated figures. Non existent promoters with non existent downlines which weren’t there at all a week ago suddenly claim millions of dollars. It seems more attention is being paid to fictional promoters than the real ones, and that isn’t going to take LaserOnline anywhere except maybe backwards.

As a monitor however I’m afraid the most worrying thing about LaserOnline for me personally is an unresolved payment issue with one of my referrals in the program. I’m not at liberty to say much here because it’s a private matter concerning the investor, I can only tell you that I’ve accessed his account to personally verify the complaint and can confirm it involves non payment of a significant amount of money that’s above what the average player would spend. As it’s a Sunday and no payments are made anyway I’ve decided to allow a period of grace for the LaserOnline admin to resolve this and avoid any damage to the program’s reputation. But don’t be surprised if it escalates by the conclusion of business on Monday.

At the other extreme 24% of voters to the polar opposite view, saying they believe LaserOnline will still be with us in 2018. Is that what people mean by the expression blue sky thinking? Or just wishful thinking, what ever, but your optimism is commendable. I know we’d all definitely like LaserOnline to be with us in 2018, whether it happens or not is another matter. 19% say they believe the program can last until the end of the year, while 17% say they think LaserOnline probably has just one good 12 day cycle left in them. One way or another someone has to be right, time will tell who.

Let’s move on now to the next question for a new opinion poll. Again I want to keep it topical and focus on an issue that’s making plenty of headlines these days, not just in the HYIP industry but in the mainstream financial media as well – the soaring cost of BitCoin. Obviously I’m only interested in the effect this is going to have on HYIPs for the purpose of the poll. The number of BitCoin only programs on the net has grown a lot in the last year, and even programs that allow multiple payment options find BitCoin being the dominant currency of choice among modern investors. Six years after BitCoin first achieved parity with the US dollar, i.e. the exchange rate was $1 to 1BTC, the price has now reached $6,000 for 1 BTC for the first time.

Clearly this has had an impact on the HYIP industry, right? I mean if the actual purchasing power of your principal investment is going up faster than the rate of interest you are getting paid by the admin, then it’s obvious the cash reserves of the HYIP in question must also be improving, and independently of any new investments being made.

My question for readers to think about therefore is this:

How much of an impact has the rising value of BitCoin had on the growth of the HYIP industry?

Possible answers include the following:

A) It’s had a major impact
B) It’s just one of many important factors
C) The impact is minor or negligible

Thanks as always in advance to everyone who votes. The poll will remain open for around the next week or so, at least plenty of time for everyone who wants to vote to do so. The poll can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and remember at all times the opinion polls are 100% anonymous and untraceable. Thanks again for participating.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineCoinreumMedusaCapital, Cryptoosa, AlpexTradeBiostryAlpexTradeBitcy.
From MNO Standard list: Raizex, LifeBitTradexTop (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectDobroFatherTraderBankSupercharged (the first payments received).

That’s all the news for this Sunday evening, guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope to see you again on Tuesday when I am going to review Cryptoosa and plus all the latest news you need to know from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry right now. If you wish to stay updated in real-time and get notifications on all the important blog articles, HYIP additions, and timely warnings please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. You can also subscribe to the daily email updates on this page or contact me anytime via this form to receive a speedy response to all your questions and assistance which I can provide to my downlines. Please be more active on the MNO ShoutBox and have your opinions heard, support your favourite programs by submitting payment proofs on the MNO monitor, and vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page. Remember to read MNO to succeed in the HYIP industry and make great profits as my site is only For Money Lovers!

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