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Beware! GMTForex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend is going well so far for you all. I have a few news stories to catch up with this evening, but the main topic if discussion today is a recently (meaning mid October) launched program called GMTForex. It’s not exactly a new name on the MNO monitor as I’m sure many will notice, in fact there are several newer programs that were reviewed first. So why the delay you might ask? Well, GMTForex is a very complicated program it has to be said, difficult to work with and navigate. But mostly because they only make one payment per week to the members and even that can take some time to process after the request. But anyway, what’s life without a little variety, so some of you might like something like GMTForex in your portfolios. I’ll go through everything here and try an describe everything in simple terms as best I’m able, and you can see for yourselves what you make of it all. If however this all seems a bit much for you, perhaps a bit overwhelming, then keep reading until the news section. I have no less than three brand new programs to introduce to you this evening, all of them on the MNO Premium List and all with something I think might appeal to you.

OK, so the first thing you will need when you join GMTForex is to fund your account. You are then presented with two groups of plans. You decide which one is best suited to your needs, and redirect your money from your account area to an actual active investment. Your money does nothing except just sit there as long as you leave it in the account, so be sure to choose a plan before you fund the and then transfer it to an investment as soon as possible. Not that there’s any great urgency mind, GMTForex will only pay you once per week anyway but still, there’s no reason to delay. Your account will be credited with various amounts per business day, Monday to Friday, but you cannot make daily withdrawals. This is only allowed on Friday, so be sure you do not miss your chance to do so. If you forget or somehow don’t get online for any reason, tough luck, you’re going to have to wait another week to make a second try.
The first group of plans have no expiry date, so once you join you remain a member for how ever long GMTForex remains online. But rather than express the possible earnings in terms as percentages like regular HYIPs do, GMTForex just put a dollar amount on it. The second group, or PAMM plans, are a bit more traditional in HYIP terms though still not so straight forward. Rather than operate for a fixed term length they are more target based, i.e. you can earn a different amount every day, but will continue to be paid for how ever many days and weeks it takes you to reach that goal.

As these are the easier and by far the more affordable option, therefore likely to be the more popular, that’s where I’m going to start. You can join for as little as $10. Anything from this up to $100 gets you into The PAMM 100 Plan. Basically there are two rates of interest – one is fixed at 1% and the other is floating. The two are multiplied by each other to give the final rate you are paid. This accumulates by the day but you can only withdraw once per week. This continues for how ever long it takes you to reach 140% back on your investment, principal included.

If you spend between $101 and $1,000 you are in The PAMM 1000 Plan. It works the same way, except the fixed rate that gets multiplied by the variable rate goes up to 1.05%. This continues until you reach 150% on your investment. Again GMTForex count your principal as part of that.

Bigger spending players who wish to invest between $1,001 and $5,000 with GMTForex then you have The PAMM 5000 Plan. Your guaranteed fixed minimum interest rate is increased to 1.1% per day, multiplied by whatever the variable rate of the day is. This continues for how ever long it takes you to earn back 160% on your deposit, principal included.

And lastly for this group The PAMM 10,000 Plan is for investments between $5,001 and a $10,000 maximum. A variable interest rate is multiplied by a fixed rate of 1.2% until GMTForex pay you back 170% of your investment, from which your principal in included.

The second group of plans, called Packages, have no expiry date. They make variable daily payments though again you may only withdraw them once per week. The most affordable option is called The Standard Package. It will cost you $150 to join, and in return GMTForex repay you between $1.40 and $2.20 per business day. Final earnings are unpredictable and will only depend on how long GMTForex survives. The more important statistic at this point is how long will it take you to break even and earn back your initial deposit before there is no further risk to yourself. Mathematically this should be from 69 to 108 business days (around 14 to 22 weeks), however with withdrawals only allowed once per week and then taking some time to process you should make allowances and add a little extra.

For a $450 investment you can join The Classic Package. GMTForex pay you a variable return which can be as low as $4.30 per business day or as much as $6.60. This builds up during the week until you can make your one allowed weekly withdrawal. Payments continue indefinitely while GMTForex are still online, and allow you to break even somewhere within roughly the same period as the first Standard Package.

The remaining packages work the very same, although as they are starting to get away from the financial reach of most investors I’ll just briefly run through the numbers and you can check your GMTForex members area if you want more info. You will need anything from $900 to as much as $28,800 to join any of the remaining packages. As with most HYIPs the more you spend the more you are offered by the admin. Looking through the numbers however I don’t see any significant improvements in the time it takes you to break even in any of them. They’re not all exactly identical of course, but not good enough to justify the extra expense. But just to be clear, GMTForex continue to pay a variable amount of money to your account on each business day, they then allow you to make one withdrawal per week every Friday.

So, if all that makes sense and you see a plan you like enough to join then let’s see what your payment options are. If you still prefer the more conventional style third party payment handlers then GMTForex are working with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash. If you prefer the more direct route of using your own digital e-currency then as you might expect, given that it’s almost universal in the HYIP industry now, then GMTForex are also working with BitCoin. As for the withdrawal requests they are processed once weekly and can be requested once you have a $10 minimum credited to your available balance. All withdrawals are subject to a 3% fee and should be processed within a 5 business day maximum timeframe. So for every $10 you are asking for you can expect to receive $9.70.

But what about the actual withdrawal process itself, as in how to turn your earnings from numbers on a screen into spendable cash in your pocket? This is perhaps the single most important aspect to any program, but unfortunately in the case of GMTForex it’s also the most problematic. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to figure it out myself without the admin’s help. I’ll explain it here as he did to me (though he even needed to use screenshots for me!). The problem here is that I don’t see a huge number of investors having the time or patience to put up with such dilemmas when almost every other program out there makes it easy for you.

From inside your GMTForex account area, start the process off by clicking the “Finance” tab. Then click on the “PAMM” tab. There you will find the amount of money you have available for withdrawal. Click on that to bring it to “Get profit”. At this point you will need to enter your “financial password” which you will have set up yourself on creating you account with GMTForex. Once the available amount is moved to your income account you can withdraw it, again being prompted for your “financial password” to complete your withdrawal request. I hope I’ve at least helped to make that sound easy, though when you get to the members area navigating your way through what I’ve just described is not so obvious.

Moving on to some of the more technical aspects of the GMTForex website now, the program is running off a custom made script. It all looks quite slick and professional, though to be honest as an online HYIP none of this really makes GMTForex any easier to work on or navigate for regular members who just want to invest and earn. For an extra layer of security the website is SSL-secured by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. As for a hosting provider, the GMTForex website is being kept on a dedicated server with tech support and protection from malicious attacks provided by DDoSGuard. The website has a domain registered for two years in advance and has a certificate of incorporation as a company in the UK. Though I’m sure experienced HYIP players know the true value of these things, they might help bringing in the newbies. Other documents you should take a look at on the GMTForex website include a PDF-presentation for a better understanding of the investment offers, plus, similar to what you might see on many genuine trading company websites, there’s a Risk Disclosure and Member Agreement which you should consent to. To open the program up to a wider international market GMTForex is also translated into three other languages, in this case in addition to the default English version you can choose between Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish if you’re more fluent in any of those.

Any further questions for the admin (trust me, you’ll have plenty!) or account related issues can be submitted through the online e-mail support form. Fill in your username, your e-mail address, your question, and submit. Alternatively you can just e-mail the GMTForex admin directly at the address listed. Start by reading the FAQ section very carefully first though, it might be more helpful. Also there’s a postal address in the UK though as always this is not to be taken too seriously, being more likely a virtual serviced workspace used for registration purposes only.

For the record the claim is made that the alleged business activities behind GMTForex originate from ForEx trading. Just to be clear, even if that were true it’s still not necessarily guaranteed to be profitable. There’s as much money lost in that business as there is won. As every effort seems to have been made to distance the GMTForex website from the HYIP industry and the appearance of being a HYIP, it might be misleading for some folks a bit less experienced here. Let there be no misunderstanding – GMTForex is most definitely an online HYIP, and don’t go treating it as anything else. As always remember to stay well under a spending limit you can afford to lose, and if joining GMTForex at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

To be honest given the extremely complicated nature of the program by HYIP standards is not going to endear GMTForex to very many people, if any. But that’s just my own thought. How about the rest of you? What do you think of the program? Is it something you want to take part in or would you rather pass this one up? Please take a moment to vote in the following poll, which as always is completely anonymous. So:

Will you make an active deposit in GMTForex?

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The first program I would like to introduce on MNO today is a brand new one called CryptoSolution that joined the Premium listing on MNO on Thursday night immediately on its official launch. I believe CryptoSolution is currently being monitored exclusively on MNO with a couple of other monitors adding it of their own accord so it might be a good tactic on the admin’s side to maintain slow and steady growth. After all, we all know that LaserOnline started their advertising strategy exactly the same way and has now turned into something truly spectacular. Whether the same is going to happen with CryptoSolution remains to be seen, but the program is certainly aiming at this with quite moderate returns to its investors and working exclusively with crypto-currencies and totally refusing the standard dollar based HYIP payment processors. Although if you’re a fan of crypto-currencies you will certainly be spoiled for choice with no less than 12 (!) methods of payment accepted by CryptoSolution. These are BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Zcash, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, BitConnect, DogeCoin, Dash, Monero, Ripple, and Lisk. Note that after investing your account in CryptoSolution will be credited automatically now while withdrawal requests being processed manually within 24 hours. The investment plans on offer in CryptoSolution will give you from 4% to 5% over a period of 30 calendar days with your account being credited with profits every 24 hours and with 26% to 29% credited on a weekly basis for 5 weeks. In all the plans the initial investment is included in profit, so you can possibly get from 20% to 50% profit on daily plans and from 30% to 45% on the weekly plans. I will be discussing all the investment plans offered by CryptoSolution in more detail in the upcoming review to be posted on the MNO blog on Tuesday. However, even now when investing please be aware that many of the investment offers overlap, so be careful when choosing the right plan for your money.

As far as I can see, CryptoSolution runs off a custom-made script very similar to that offered by GoldCoders, so you shouldn’t really have any difficulties when browsing your account, making deposits, or requesting withdrawals. The site is SSL-secured by Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated and protected server by SolidHost, so everything is good when it comes to security. There is an active Live Chat, representative program, and the crypto-currency news page in which CryptoSolution is closely involved with judging by their trading claims. Well, at least it’s probable judging by the amount of crypto-currencies they deal with. The first welcome message on their launch is re-posted below and stay tuned for more info on CryptoSolution in the upcoming review on MNO:

We are happy to announce opening of CryptoSolution LTD!
CryptoSolution LTD – team of professional traders, but with one big plus!
Many continue to trade manually, to wait, to suffer and be nervous to buy a particular currency or to sell? We have found a solution for this tasks. Our team has developed a unique trading bot!
It is designed to run on Neural computers, its task includes all tasks a regular trader on the exchange of currencies.
He is able to learn and trade with each time getting better and better, it calculates the best trading algorithms!
But we always monitor his actions and make sure that it is unnecessary for our help, you only need to update the software.
No longer have to waste your precious time, let it work for you. We have done all that you would relax and enjoy life!


Can an investment program be something more than just a HYIP and also include its own crypto-currency, P2P exchange service, trading and mining services? The next addition to the MNO Premium list – a program called Octoin – claims to be all of that. The Octoin website looks a work of art compared to so many other standard HYIPs, but at the same time the overload of information and various charts all over the place makes it difficult to navigate for investors used to dealing with much simpler programs. With Octoin you can choose an investment plan on the Trading tab with the term varied between 30 to 150 calendar days, principal back on expiry and an optional insurance of the exchange rate. As far as I can see for now, the daily return on your investment will be around the 1% mark, but it’s variable, so you don’t really know just how much profit you will get. In Octoin you can also buy and sell their own crypto-currency OctoinCoin via the so-called P2P interface where you can trade with others. You can also mine Ethereum and Zcash in the special tab Mining by leasing miners. There are literally so many features on the website that I’m still getting discovering many of them, but I will try my best to explain the basics of depositing and withdrawing in the upcoming review of Octoin by Thursday. Actually, many things have to be covered in the review including the addition of payment processor wallets to your Octoin account area where you can invest using PerfectMoney, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Zcash. The Octoin site is hosted on a dedicated and DDoS protected server by CloudFlare and is fully SSL-secured by a superior Green Bar from Comodo. The site is available in several different languages, and the whole setup screams a huge budget spent on creating a visually stunning masterpiece. There is simply no space here to cover everything to make sense of the investment process in Octoin. However, there is a friendly and efficient Live chat which you should be able to use if you have any questions before the full review on MNO is published. So far just admire this beautifully crafted website and I can just tell you that it’s worth looking at, but it might take a while to understand everything. It’s a good thing though, as I believe that the HYIP industry is really missing such complex (in good sense of the word) programs like Octoin that combine aspects of the thriving crypto-currency markets. Just one thing to know about the withdrawals from Octoin before we move on – they are processed within 72 hours, you need to have at least $10 to make a request, and there are some withdrawal fees in place for some. Stay tuned for more coming soon!


And finally, the third program I want to introduce on my blog today is called FatherBest. You might have noticed the connection with the recent name from the Basic List on the MNO monitor a couple of weeks ago and gave some fast investors a chance to earn up to a 40% profit. I can confirm that FatherBest is run by the same admin as he has contacted me for advertising from the same Telegram account, but this time around he has decided to go higher and purchased Premium listing on MNO within the first 24 hours of launching his new program. As per my understanding, in order to make the things run smoothly in the longer-term and slow down the growth to make it more sustainable it was decided that FatherBest will be first working exclusively with crypto-currencies, like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Dash, and Ethereum. They are all currently accepted by FatherBest for investments with the more traditional currencies like PerfectMoney to be added at a later date. As with his previous program the admin of FatherBest is using the same custom-made script where you will literally see your account balance growing every second, in front of your eyes, with withdrawals processed instantly on request. The investment plan is though totally different and depending on the amount you invest you can get from 125% to 135% over a 4 day period of time, including your principal. At least, that is how it’s explained on the website, but I believe that it’s not exactly true, as your initial investment is returned on expiry and so you will earn from 25% to 35% profit over the 4 day term. That’s from 6.25% to 8.75% daily, but as your account gets credited every second, you can withdraw as many times as you like, provided you reach the minimum required by the script to withdraw. After a period of four days you can withdraw your principal so only then consider your 25% to 35% as profit.

As for the technical side of things FatherBest is a multi-lingual site available in both English and Russian, it’s hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by Freenet Group, and is SSL-secured by Comodo. Since the program is brand new it remains to be seen if any investors are going to be in profit, as I find the strategy of deliberately putting off some investors who lost money in the previous program run by the same admin quite questionable, to say the least. We’ll see very soon how things work out and I’ll a more detailed review of FatherBest in about a week from now, when we’ll see if it’s working out or not. In any case, it will be interesting for me to see whether FatherBest succeeds, judging by the controversy surrounding it. Stay tuned for more!


For a program working exclusively with BitCoin deposits and withdrawals, it’s crucial that transactions made in Bitcy are confirmed in the Blockchain network without delay to maintain the interrupted work of the website. Unfortunately sometimes it’s out of the admin’s hands to speed up the process and the program might suffer a lack of deposits and cashflow issues in the long-term. Only professional admins running programs with a very high level of deposits can handle these issues properly. I believe that the admin of Bitcy might just be one of a handful of such talented admins capable of providing an uninterrupted run and delivering profits to its members without excuses. I must admit that my own withdrawals from Bitcy have been unconfirmed in Blockchain for over two days sometimes, but I do always receive them eventually, and the Live Support does really explain how the BitCoin network works and why sometimes the Bitcy clients must wait just a bit longer to actually see the funds in their wallets. Kudos to the admin who took the time and effort to explain the whole process and the reasons for possible Blockchain delays in a separate Facebook post which can be found below:

Delays with Blockchain – sorry for temporary inconvenience
In the last few days Bitcy’s support service has been receiving rare requests about the absence of information on transactions in the blockchain system. In fact, all your funds are saved and this situation with delays is temporary and is caused by the rapid increase in the number of transfer requests.
Why is this happening?
At the moment there is a limit in blockchain – up to 2500 operations per second. When this indicator is reached, some requests can be shown as a nonexistent identifier. Incorrect display of the data is only due to the overload in the system. There is no need to worry: we guarantee that all requests will be processed in the order of submission and the funds will be transferred in the required amount.
Bitcy Limited uses multi-address management and performs distributed transfers on the basis of the website In this system all operations are performed instantly. Thus, if you encounter an error check the status of your request on the site Your funds will be transferred as soon as possible.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Our team is already working on eliminating this error and in the nearest future the problem will be solved. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
Sincerely, Bitcy Limited

In yet another post from Bitcy there was a link given to the program’s short video presentation which I also asked my programmer to embed on the MNOVision page. This is a one-minute long introduction to Bitcy where you will be given a good general idea of what you’re dealing with, and it can be used as a brief explanation of the program’s features for people with a shorter than average attention span. In the graphic form perhaps it will be better to get more people interested in investing and take Bitcy to new heights. Here is the update on that:

Bitcy’s video presentation – let’s get to know each other better!
We bring to your attention a new video about Bitcy Limited. After just a minute of watching you will learn a lot of interesting things about us. Investment plans, platform advantages, the most effective methods of earning and other useful information – all this is included in our video presentation. You can find it at:
Be sure to check out our new video and show it to your friends. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about us and an effective tool for attracting new partners in the referral program.
Become even closer to us and get extra income.
Enjoy watching!

If you haven’t read my full review of the program posted here, I should remind you that Bitcy only accepts investments via BitCoin and withdrawals are usually processed within 72 hours (most probably adjusted given the current BitCoin delays, as the payments are usually sent to members accounts within 12 hours or so). The Bitcy investment plans include offers split into two categories – paying daily or hourly with principal returned on expiry and paying only once on expiry. The first category of plan includes the following offers – 2.3% for 15 days, 2.6% for 25 days, 0.13% for 1440 hours, while the second category includes 155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, or 7000% after 100 business days. Of course, be sensible and ready for increased risks if joining the on expiry plans, as regardless of how good Bitcy is it still remains a HYIP with all the usual pros and cons.


I’m very pleased for all the investors of Raizex who managed to spot this promising program that came to be listed on MNO on day one and joined its 5% for 30 days plan with per second accruals. They’ve now completed the first investment cycle and taken a 50% profit on their investments made via PerfectMoney, Payza, AdvCash, Payeer, or BitCoin. If they invested in the 110% after 10 days plan it was also possible to get in profits, as now that Raizex has been online for a whole month it was possible to complete three full investment cycles on this short-term plan as well. By the way, if you’re a fan of other crypto-currencies like LiteCoin and Ethereum you should wait for a bit longer, as the admin of Raizex promised to add these pretty soon. How long it will take is difficult to say, but I hope it’s not just an empty promise to attract more investors before closing. I’ll keep you updated as to when/if it happens and for now congratulations if you made a profit. The latest updates from Raizex (reviewed here) are below:

Great news!
We are happy to congratulate our first investors with the completion of the deposit term RZX-5.
Our present success is due to all who supported us at the beginning of our journey, as well as those who are just starting their acquaintance with us!
Our team works hard for the safety of your funds and the security of internal operations.
We are rapidly developing a product line and improving the quality of our services !
Best regards, Raizex LTD

Good news for crypto currency users!
Dear investors, we are pleased to make a small but still pleasant announcement about payment systems that will soon be available in the investment platform Raizex! Very soon you will be available payment systems ethereum and litecoin. if you have any questions or wishes, we are always ready to listen and help you.
Best regards, Raizex LTD


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupService.
From MNO Premium list: LaserOnlineCoinreum, BitcyBiostryTerminalSkyNetBitosy,  AlpexTrade, GMTForex, FatherBest (the first instant payments received), Octoin (the first payment received), CryptoSolution (the first payment received).
From MNO Standard list: Raizex, LifeBitTradexTop.
From MNO Basic list: InvestellectHouseHash.

That’s it for today, guys. I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of a very popular program using the ever popular 12% for 12 days plan Bitosy. Not to miss anything important please remember to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, and subscribe to the regular daily news to be delivered to your email regularly here. I’m always ready to answer your questions regarding the monitored programs, so contact me here, ask live on Telegram @mnoblog, or post on the MNO ShoutBox if you have anything important to say. Tomorrow the MNO TalkBack poll results are going to be drawn and a new question posted, so please vote here if you haven’t done so yet. Thanks for reading and have a nice weekend! MNO – For Money Lovers!

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