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14/11/2017. Ellir Review and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Beware! Ellir has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hi all! Well it’s been a strange start to the business week in the HYIP industry, with the closure of perhaps one of the biggest programs of the year so far being met with so many new opportunities rushing in to fill the void. I’m surprised to be saying this but I’ve got no less than three new additions to the MNO Premium List to introduce today, mainly because as of mid November the HYIP industry often tends to be winding down for the year, without much going on of note between now and Christmas/New Year. Plenty to catch up on this week and next on MNO though, starting with a new medium term program called Ellir. Without getting too excited I think this one bears all the hallmarks of a highly organized and professionally run outfit. Of course the final decision to play or pass will ultimately lie with you the investor. I’ll try my best to describe the main features for you here as clearly and simply as I’m able, and you can think about it yourselves from there. I have a feeling though that Ellir might be a name working its way into a lot of portfolios in the coming weeks as I know a lot of you will be looking for something new. So let’s see what Ellir is all about and if you think it’s worth taking a risk on.

You have four investment plans to choose from in Ellir, all of which make daily interest payments. The most affordable of these is called The Minimal Plan which can be joined for a $10 opening deposit. The term runs for 7 calendar days, also making it the shortest running option. During that time Ellir offer you a daily payment of 16% back on your money. Sounds a bit high at first, however your principal is also included as part of the payments. That means by the time you receive your final payment Ellir will have returned 112% in total, or your own money back plus 12% net profit. The maximum spending limit is capped at $500 for this plan.

For a bigger investment you can consider The Stable Plan, which is nonetheless still very affordable with a $25 opening deposit required to join. The term runs for 14 calendar days this time with Ellir offering members a daily payment of 9.3% interest on all deposits up to a maximum limit of $1,000. Lower than the previous option, but with more individual payments the final amount comes to a more generous total of 130%. With Ellir again counting your principal as part of the payments, that means you get your own money back plus 30% net profit for yourself.

The next set of plans change direction somewhat in the sense that the Ellir admin offers your principal returned in a separate payment to the interest. So we continue with The Advanced Plan which opens with a $50 minimum investment. The term length runs for 15 calendar days with Ellir paying members 2.67% interest per day. This adds up to 40.05% in interest alone, which then becomes net profit when the admin returns your principal on expiry. The maximum spending limit is capped at $2,500 for this one.

And finally for a $100 minimum investment Ellir have The Premium Plan. For a term running 30 calendar days investors here are being offered a daily interest rate of 3.34% on their money. That eventually adds up to 100.2% in total by the time you receive your final payment, at which point Ellir then add your initial principal on top of that. So it’s pretty much double your money in a month. There’s a maximum spending limit of $5,000 for this one.

So if you like the look of the plans and think it might be worth a shot, then next on the agenda is what your payment options will be. This is up to a reasonable industry standard I would say, and I think enough to satisfy demand from most investors. There are currently four of the most popular e-currency options available in Ellir, with PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash for those who prefer the regular payment handlers, and BitCoin available for members who favour the more direct approach of using their own digital crypto-currencies. Interest accruals are all made together at the same time every morning to all accounts regardless of what plan you are in. As long as you have completed your first day in the program Ellir will then credit your account at 12:00 noon server time which you can then withdraw. Payout requests need to be submitted from inside your Ellir members account area, though once done something I think most readers will like is the fact that transactions should then be completed instantly. Just send the request and the money should be with you in under a minute. Just make sure that you’ve added your e-currency accounts under the account Settings tab, then Payment Systems inside of your Ellir account area. I know it sounds obvious but because Ellir is not using one of the generic scripts most of you might be familiar with in most other programs it can be an easy thing to forget. Also, prior to that, when making your initial deposit you need to hit the Replenish tab in your members area in order to fund your account. Once you’ve done this you then need to redirect that money into the plan of your choice in order to have an actual active deposit that earns you interest. To make a withdrawal then first you click the Deposits tab. Under the headline “Actions” you will then see the amount you are owed. Click on this figure to return that amount to your account balance. From your balance then you simply need to click the Withdrawal button from inside your members account area. This will show you a drop-down box with the list of possible payment processors, plus the amount you are owed. Just follow the instructions from there and click withdraw for an instant payout.

Moving on to the more technical side of things now such as design and security, not much has been left to chance as Ellir measures up to a fairly high standard. Hosting is on a dedicated server by DDosGuard who are also providing the website with protection from any malicious attacks. For an extra layer of security and account protection the Ellir website is SSL encrypted by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions. The one single feature which most caught my eye was the unique script Ellir is running off. It’s very high grade yet remains easy to navigate and customer friendly. There’s no snags or tricky areas you might not understand and no hidden or secret functions that are difficult to find. It’s a decent quality product and shows both initiative from the admin and some bigger financial resources supporting the program’s initial set-up. There are three languages versions of the Ellir website, which aside from the default English version include Russian and German. There is a short video presentation of Ellir which has been also embedded on the MNOVision page to give you some background on the program.

For any further questions, comments, or account related issues there’s a number of communication channels open to you. There’s the sensible message on the contact page telling you “before contacting customer support, please see the “FAQ” section. If you do not find what you are looking for there, we are happy to answer your questions.” If you still need to proceed after that then you can reach the Ellir admin or support team first of all by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contact page. There is a built-in Live Chat feature, so check to see if there’s an operator online who might be able to answer your questions in real time. There’s a postal address for Ellir in The UK, something I wouldn’t bother looking into too closely. I mean I’m sure the address is there, I just doubt you’ll find anyone who’s ever heard of Ellir in there were you to visit, these things generally only being virtual serviced offices used for correspondence, company registration, etc. Ellir also features a UK certificate of incorporation to go with the address. Perhaps of more practical use to members will be the social media profiles that Ellir are keeping on Facebook, VK, YouTube, and further chat options available through Skype and Telegram. And of course there’s always the option to e-mail the Ellir admin directly at the address listed on the website’s contact page.

I guess that’s about all I can think of for now. A program combining sustainable moderate daily returns with a decent level of profit is always likely to be a popular choice for investors, so let’s hope Ellir turns out to be it. For the record by the way the claim is that Ellir is involved with digital currency trading (OK, the claim might not be original but the texts are). Experienced HYIP players will all know and no doubt share my own feelings about this, but once again I would make this point to the newbies – even if all of this was 100% true, you still need to accept that no business can guarantee either a profit or even the safety of your investment. So if you are joining Ellir, just like any other online HYIP, treat it like a form of gambling. It might be a good program but that doesn’t mean there won’t be an end to it at some point in the future. The two basic fundamentals of protecting yourself first and foremost in the HYIP industry do not change here – set yourself a sensible spending limit which you can comfortably afford to lose, and if joining Ellir at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

If you are already familiar with Ellir then or have already made a decision on what you think of them, I hope you won’t mind sharing your thoughts with your fellow readers. I would appreciate it if you would please take a second to answer the following opinion poll, and remember it will be completely 100% anonymous at all times. I think it will be extremely interesting to refer back to in the coming weeks and months once the degree of success obtained by Ellir becomes apparent. The question is:

Will you make an active deposit in Ellir?

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The first addition to be introduced on my blog today is the Premium listed Bitfine whose admin also purchased the tower banner on the MNO blog for one month in advance. Whether Bitfine itself is going to last for that long remains to be seen, but with such high returns of 10% to 25% daily “forever” I would not bet on it. Still, if you think that the program might last for 4 to 11 days it might be a decent shot for some investors to make a profit. Higher profits are only available from 2 BTC investments and honestly I don’t believe there will be a lot of takers for deposits starting from $13,000 which at the current exchange rate is approximately the equivalent of 2 BTC. Bitfine is working not only with BitCoin but also via PerfectMoney and Payeer. The thing about Bitfine is that USD is not the main currency here and everything is operating in BTC, so both on depositing and withdrawing your available balance is converted to BTC. Keep it in mind so when dealing with Bitfine where the minimum to invest starts from 0.001 BTC or its equivalent in USD while a withdrawal can be requested once you accumulate at least 0.0005 BTC in your account. The good thing is that all the withdrawals are processed instantly, so you don’t have to wait once you want to get your profits.

Bitfine only launched today, but I was contacted by the admin well in in advance and the listing was pre-paid over a week ago. All this time I believe he has been working to bring the program online, and the result is quite satisfying. Although Bitfine is running off a licensed GoldCoders script you can see that it’s heavily modified to suit the program’s needs and requirements for working primarily with BitCoin. The site features a superior EV SSL from Comodo, and is hosted on a dedicated DDoS protected server by AntiDDoS. Bitfine is available in English plus Russian and Chinese which should give it an edge over the competition and appeal to a wider audience. There are some other features on the website which I’m going to discuss in a more detailed review of Bitfine in a few days, but I can already confirm that the program pays instantly and is on Paying Status on the MNO monitor. You can check out the program and see if you like it now as with such high returns on a permanent basis it’s hard to say for how long it can be sustained. In any case, below is the welcome message from the Bitfine admin posted on the official launch earlier today:

Bitfine Limited
Today, Bitfine Limited is beginning to have a full service in the field of fiduciary management. For those who first learned about the company, we encourage you to read about our activity in the About Us section on this website. Bitfine Limited is fairly young, but also quite experienced company, which is involved in cryptocurrency trading. The scope of our activities includes also private exchange.
We offer favorable investment conditions that can bring you from 10% to 25% profits on a daily basis for life. Low threshold to start investing is a pleasant part of our cooperation. We very much hope that the company’s proposal will become popular and provide an opportunity to earn for a lot of our customers. Starting today, we are open to dialogue! Join us!


ACO which stands for Automatic Currency Operations is another program joining the Premium List on MNO today. It’s launched about a week ago and as it offers four short- to medium-term plans we should expect the first investors to profits within the next few days. Although I’m not sure if it was wise from the admin’s side to set up a very high (compared to competing programs) investment minimum of $100 if you wish to invest via PerfectMoney, Payeer, or BitCoin, or 0.02 BTC (which is currently well over a hundred bucks too!) if you invest via BitCoin. Actually, you can invest not only in USD, but in EUR and RUB as well, but the minimum is still high with 100 EUR and 5,000 RUB respectively. The good thing about ACO is that the same minimum applies to all investment plans – 9% for 12 days, 7% for 17 days, 5% for 28 days, 4% for 50 days – which all pays on calendar days and include your principal in profits. The range of possible profit rates are very high indeed and you can potentially earn from an 8% profit within 12 days time to a more sizeable 100% (double your investment) if you choose to go with the longest 50 day plan. ACO is running off a unique script which promises to send automatic payouts without request directly to the same e-currency account you join with. I cannot verify this yet as I’m still waiting for my first payment, but by the time the program is reviewed I will confirm. ACO is an SSL-secured website that is hosted on a dedicated protected server by GeniusSecurity. An unusual incorporation certificate from the Commonwealth of Dominica is available to view. Overall ACO looks very different and I hope it will succeed in the long run. I’m looking forward exploring it in more depth, so stay tuned for that, folks!


Strike7 is the third and the last program added to the Premium List on MNO just a couple of hours ago, straight after its official launch. As comes from its name Strike7 offers 7% daily returns paid over a term of 40 calendar days with instant payouts and a chance to earn up to 280% back on your deposit. I will confirm if payouts are instant when I’m paid for the first time by tomorrow. Although Strike7 works exclusively with BitCoin you can make an investment by converting your USD to BTC with the minimum starting from $20. Strike7 runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, which is pretty typical and apart from the USD to BTC conversion there is nothing special about it. The site is hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection by GeniusSecurity and features an SSL cert by Comodo. Overall a very simple website which might be a blessing or a curse depending on how potential investors view it. We’ll see pretty soon as the full review is scheduled sometime next week, as for now please check the website and see if you like it and read the welcome message from the program’s admin below:

We’re Online
Dear visitors,
We’re glad to announce that Strike7 has finally launched and we’re looking forward to be serving you for the present & the future.
Please start your journey with us by registering an account & taking full advantage of our investment opportunities.
What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to make a passive income.


Over the last few days the BitCoin network being congested is no secret and some programs (like LaserOnline) even used it as a lame excuse for scamming. When it comes to Bitcy which exclusively works with BitCoin they simply advise their members to be patient as the time for confirming transactions is much longer now and as the fees in Blockchain are higher you should not withdraw from Bitcy unless you accumulate at least 0.003 BTC on your balance. That will just save you on fees and waiting time, as the maximum processing time for Bitcy withdrawal requests is set at 72 hours. In practice however they are processed much faster and many people have already managed to profit from one of the plans – 2.3% for 15 days, 2.6% for 25 days, 0.13% for 1440 hours (principal back), 155% after 15 business days, 550% after 20 business days, 1700% after 40 business days, 1200% after 60 business days, 7000% after 100 business days. Bitcy (reviewed here) is actually so popular that it reached the #1 position on the MNO monitor among the Premium listed programs after LaserOnline‘s collapse. Along with the profits paid to your Bitcy account daily, hourly, or once on expiry you can also supplement your income by becoming a representative if you have a sizeable deposit and are looking for higher commissions, as explained below:

Referral program from Bitcy Limited – earning without investment
Bitcy Limited offers three opportunities for earning: investment of funds, the Bounty-program and the referral program. Many choose the latter method since it does not require investment of funds and generates good income on a daily basis. Register new users and get 7-2 % from each of their investments. You can also become a representative of the company and then your income will be 10-2-1%. So, for example, if a referral invests $1000, the representative receives a bonus of $100.
How to earn on the referral program?
1. Copy the referral link in your account going to the “Referrals” section
2. Tell your friends about Bitcy‘s opportunities and send them your link
3. Help new partners register and create their first deposits
Place our creative banners on your personal pages, sites and in communities to attract new users. Remember, the more people you register, the higher your passive income will be. Use your opportunities to the fullest!
With Bitcy Limited your happy tomorrow becomes real!

Bitcoin network overloaded – earn only to the fullest!
A large number of transactions in the Bitcoin network has entailed its overload. In connection with this today there is already a huge number of unconfirmed operations which can be tracked following the link:
Our company keeps fulfilling its obligations to provide maximum comfort of work on our platform. We have optimized the system, and now the time for processing requests will be reduced. However, when creating a request for the withdrawal of a small amount the commission fee will be low to increase transaction speed. As a result, the waiting period for the receipt of funds is extended.
For this reason we recommend you withdraw not less than 0.003 BTC. Depending on the amount, the system will automatically calculate the commission which is optimal for a quick transfer of funds to your account. Therefore, we recommend that you make a re-investment from the balance instead of waiting until your funds are credited to the account. Make money work for you at the time when the others are waiting for transaction confirmation in the blockchain!
The company Bitcy Limited does everything possible for your financial well-being. Do not waste time waiting – use every free minute to earn money!


The admin of the above reviewed Ellir has also dedicated a special update on his program’s representative program where the two types of commissions are available for two types of investor. Read below for more information on that, as it might entice you to have a larger investment in Ellir to increase your earnings:

Dear participants!
For active partners, leaders, and regional representatives, an advanced partnership program is available. The terms are determined individually.
In order to receive partner’s compensation in the standard program, the only thing you will need to do is open an account on our website. In order to receive partner’s compensation in the VIP program, you will need to place a deposit of 500$ or more.
Best regards, administration.


While reviewing RenaissanceInvest on my blog yesterday (click here to read) I totally missed an important point regarding the newly added 90-day long investment plans. Although the daily interest offered on that plan is covered correctly (you’ll get paid 0.8%-1.2% per business days for 90 days) you can actually withdraw your initial deposit from this plan at any time without fees. The standard withdrawal fees that gradually reduce over the investment term only apply to the initial 1.6%-2% per business day for 180 days plan. That might be a deciding factor for many potential investors of RenaissanceInvest, so I do apologize for omitting that important fact as emphasized on the program’s news page. Everything else in the review is still valid with a $10 minimum deposit required via PerfectMoney, OkPay, BitCoin, and AdvCash and fast withdrawals. By the way, one more minor update includes the icon Info. Clicking this allows you to read more information on the company’s activities:

Dear investors. We have opened 3 new investment plans. The investment period is half that in our first tariffs. Also for these tariffs, the opportunity is activated to withdraw their investments at any time WITHOUT PENALTIES. You can familiarize yourself with the new investment plans on the main page of the site or in your personal account in the Information section. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Dear investors! In your personal account, we placed the “Info” icon in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon you can find out more information about our company.


Some more good news was posted today by the increasingly popular TradexTop which was added to MNO 24 days ago and reviewed here. During this time not only did the program process instant payouts to members on multiple investment offers – 2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days (all with principal back on expiry), 150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, 300% after 30 days, but it also improves significantly. With now even more language versions TradexTop features a fully adaptive website that works perfectly OK on any device whatever you use to browse the site from. Also, along with the English language video introduction of TradexTop (can also be viewed on the MNOVision page) there was a special version for Russian speaking investors launched today. It’s already available on YouTube and the link is given below in one of the two latest updates from TradexTop. The program accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Zcash, and Dash:

Adaptive website version
We have adapted the interface of our platform to different screen resolutions of your devices. Visit TradexTop from any laptop, tablet PC or smartphone, and invest funds or control profit accrual without any inconvenience with website displaying.

Video presentation in Russian
As a moderate manifestation of care and service improvement, specially for Russian-speaking investors, we added a presentation video about TradexTop in Russian.


I already mentioned the newly added HourlyBot Plan now available in CryptoSolution and have edited the original review posted here to include this. However in the latest newsletter there was also an important mention of AdvCash which has been added as the very first conventional payment processor that is now accepted in CryptoSolution along with so many cryptocurrencies. The full list includes BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, EthereumClassic, BitcoinCash, Lisk, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Zcash, DogeCoin, and BitConnect. Quite an extensive list and along with the already mentioned hourly plan paying 0.1875% for 672 hours, you can also join CryptoSolution by investing in its daily – 4%-5% for 30 days – or weekly – 27% for 5 weeks – payment plans. The choice is entirely up up you and as the program has only be monitored on MNO for twelve days CryptoSolution has a lot to prove over the next few weeks. Here’s the latest newsletter with all the info:

We continue to develop and improve the website, taking into account the wishes of each visitor and investor.
Huge work on optimization of the website, and of course our Neural BOT continues to please us, soon we will publish a report on his work with one of the exchanges.
Was connected to CloudFlare protection against DDOS attacks. CloudFlare also allows the site to run more stable, fixed a lot minor bugs, no damage to visitors and investors.
So, what pleasantly appeared on the website for investors:
1 – We hooked up a new payment system AdvCash (start work 11.11.2017 00:00 UTC)
2 – There is a new Investment plan HOURLY BOT


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 36 hours:
From MNO Sticky listChainGroupServiceOctoin.
From MNO Premium list: TerminalSkyNet, AlpexTradeEllirCryptoSolution, CoinPlaceBitfine (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: TradexTopRenaissanceInvest.
From MNO Basic listBitWavesHouseHashRiseFinance (the first payment received).

That’s it for today, guys. As you can clearly see, even with the collapse of LaserOnline there is no shortage of quality new programs o compete for investors’ money in this pre-festive season. That might be your last chance to earn some good profits from quality HYIPs before Christmas. So keep reading MNO as the only online resource dedicated exclusively to covering high-budget HYIPs from experienced admins. Don’t miss a thing and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter and subscribe to get regular updates directly to your email address. I’ll take a day off tomorrow and will be back on Thursday with a full review of CoinPlace plus all the latest updates from the HYIP industry you might be interested in hearing about. Stay tuned for the latest trends and biggest investment opportunities with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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