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Hello, guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog where I’m pleased to share all the latest news from the HYIP industry and the paying programs you might still be interested in joining. The extended holidays have definitely taken a huge toll on the existing HYIPs that collapsed quickly one after another almost like a house of cards. Things have stayed pretty quiet since the start of the year, but many investors will be hopeful the industry will pick up soon and we see more promising new programs emerging to compete for HYIP your attention and funds. Among the last five most popular programs from 2017 we have had a clear winner that I will tell you about in a moment with the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll. For now let’s just start with the latest updates from the paying programs from my monitor, like Octoin, BISTInvest, Automatix, and CurrencyGlobal, and remember to stay away from confirmed scams such as AlpexTrade which will also be reported in the end of today’s news article on the MNO blog.


Octoin keeps making headlines all around the world with its multiple conferences held in all corners of the world such as Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Turkey, and Hong Kong. And for good reason! As Octoin goes from strength to strength in regards to its investment opportunities it’s important they broaden their horizons and keep more money flowing into the program. There should be a certain degree of education involved in the process, as Octoin is a very complicated program and includes many useful features you can use to complement your income from its variably paying plan you can take for 30 to 150 calendar days with your principal back on expiry. You may familiarize yourself with all the major features Octoin has to offer in my detailed review posted here and if you like what you see you can invest using PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, and BitcoinCash. Many potential investors of Octoin living in non-English speaking countries though might enjoy seeing how it all works in a series of webinars which attentive Octoin leaders organize for them in different countries where the interest in such an unorthodox program now planning for the official release of its own crypto-currency OctoinCoin in just a few weeks time might be high. You can read about all the latest scheduled conferences and the results of the recent ones below and good luck if you’re about to try Octoin as a part of your investment portfolio:

News from Malang! on 15 December 2017
Our representatives from Indonesia continue to share their successes!
Evidently the development of the exchange system OctoinCoin (now in Indonesia it can be exchanged for cash) has prompted people to be more interested in our project.
At the conference in Malang on 15 December, visitors could learn about the basics of blockchain, about cryptocurrencies and about our resource Octoin. All interested persons received a lot of new information about the emerging sphere of crypto business. The main speaker Imran tried as much as possible to access and more interestingly to share his knowledge and skills.
It is also worth mentioning the importance of feedback. Each visitor had the opportunity to ask any question of interest to the speakers from our team, than many used. As in the heart of the blockbuster, teamwork and communication with people are more important than ever in our business. We are sure that many left that conference with the idea of investing in our promising Octoin platform.
Let’s hope that our leaders from all over the world will continue to work as actively and develop together with us and our investors!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Octoin for the first time in Hong Kong! on January 7
If you live in Hong Kong, then we have good news for you. It is there that there will soon be a large conference about blockchain and Octoin. It will be held on January 7 in Grappa’s Cellar.
You can all see how on Octoin you can trade, trade and work with the p2p-exchange. And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
The entire event will take several hours, so for your convenience you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Date: Sunday 7 january, Time : 12:00-17:00, Place : Grappa’s Cellar- Jardine House – Cannaught Road
Are you interested in crypto-currencies, trading and mining?
Do you think where to invest?
Do you want to make money on new technologies of blockchain?
If you answered “Yes!” to at least one question – be sure to come to our conference!
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Octoin was called the most outstanding blockchain project in China! On December 21, 2017
Octoin Team have given a successful presentation at China Blockchain Technology Application Summit 2017 (BTAS2017). It took place on December 21, 2017 in Shanghai. It is Asia’s largest blockchain conference, organised by Topco China, China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance and the National Chinese Association of Automation in Canada (Blockchain Laboratory).
Octoin became the prize-holder of “Gold chain” after winning in the nomination “Outstanding blockchain project”. Congratulations to our Chinese Leaders of Octoin who represented our project in China! Their award is well deserved.
Thanks to their enthusiasm and effective work Octoin has reached the appropriate attention of the users all over China. As a result it became mega popular not only in this country but around the world.
China Blockchain Technology Application Summit is a large-scale event which gathers annually the top specialists in blockchain and FinTech technologies from all over the world. This year in Shanghai Crowne Plaza Hotel have gathered over 1000 representatives of the companies, which use the blockchain technologies in the finances, cybersecurity, education, cloud storage, energy resource management etc.
Octoin is an international financial organisation, working at the cryptocurrencies market. First pool of OCC released to the market during the autumn of 2017 have created a real success among the investors around the world. OCC is actively purchased in China, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, India, Africa, Europe, USA.
Earlier Octoin have announces that it is getting ready for releasing OCC to the exchangers. OCC will have PoS mining algorithm. Proof of Stake (PoS) is an algorithm which is used in the new generation of the cryptocurrencies. The competitive advantage of PoS is that instead of using the huge computing power for the mining now the user can have some large share in the system itself. The reward will be in direct proportion to the share size.

The biggest Octoin conference! On the 6th of January!
Our team congratulates all investors and users of Octoin with the New Year and hastens to remind about the global leadership conference, which will be held on the 6th of January in Surubaya, Indonesia. Leaders and representatives from all the partner countries of the Octoin project are invited to participate in the exchange of experience and useful communication.
When: January 6, 2018, Where: Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya Indonesia, Number of participants: 1000
Also at this conference, among investors and Octoin participants will be a lottery for a car Mitsubishi Xpander and two motobikes: Moto Vario and Moto Scoopy.
For more information on the contents of the conference, please click here: https://octoin.com/news/n58/
Don’t miss it! We look forward to seeing you
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

News from Nigeria – again! 21th December
Recently (21th December) there took place a big Octoin conference in Abuja,Nigeria. The professional speakers, Faruk Raji and Okoro Simeon Chinasa have told the future investors about the basics of blockchain and different cryptocurrencies.
There were many visitors at this conference from very different businesses. For example, a trader could meet a businessman or a miner could meet an owner of a start-up there. The cryptocurrencies are interesting now for everyone without any exceptions.
Of course, our project Octoin was also discussed. Our lector had explained in details about the differences and the advantages of our platform, as well as about the convenient instruments for trading, mining opportunities and fast p2p exchanger.
Nevermind the small experience in organising the life conferences the team from Nigeria have done their job great. The event was interesting not only for professionals but also for the ordinary people. We are very grateful to them for this event!
We hope that our conferences and seminars will continue to be so successful and interested for different people.
We are waiting for all of you next time!
Octoin – your safe partner in the cryptoworld!

Leaders from Turkey.
Recently, a major leader conference in Turkey was completed. Participated as top managers from Octoin, as well as beginning leaders. All participants received invaluable experience and new skills.
At the meeting, the participants discussed the features of the work and leadership in the Octoin. They also raised questions about the significance of cryptocurrencies in our time and the advantages of our project. The most important topic was the discussion of the prospects for the development of the project Octoin in Turkey.
The conference lasted 3 hours, all amenities were provided, as well as snacks and drinks.
Thanks to everyone who came to this leadership meeting. We are waiting for you next time!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Meeting in Yogyakarta! on January 3th
We are pleased to announce the seminar in Indonesia. It takes place on January 3th at 14:15 in the city of Yogyakarta, Jin Mentri Supeno No. 48, Cokro Style Hotel (Contact support: Eddy Ziudan, 0813 2839 2007 and 0877 3778 8879).
The topic of the seminar will be blockchain and various cryptocurrencies. Speaker, Mr Hilmy Lucky will talk about how you can make money in this area, and also share your thoughts and forecasts for the future.
Everyone will be able to know in detail about the innovative project Octoin and about the features of the work. You will be able to see how on one resource you can simultaneously engage in trading and mining. Speaker will not bypass our fast and convenient p2p-exchange.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it – come and ask questions: we will gladly answer them.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!


After the Christmas deposit bonuses it’s time now for BISTInvest to offer New Year deposit bonuses and they are even higher than ever with the admin possibly hoping to get some extra money before scamming. Well, I can’t say it for sure, but with such frequent bonuses things get unpredictable, and smart investors will certainly know straight away what I’m talking about here. Don’t forget about the recently added weekly and monthly paying plans which indicate once again the admin has used all the tools in his arsenal to attract additional funds into a program very possibly suffering from cashflow issues at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, as at the time of writing BISTInvest (reviewed here) has been paying fine and on time on all the investment plans it currently has – 1% for 30 days, 2% for 50 days, 3% for 100 days (accruals on business days only), 6% for 4 weeks, 12% for 7 weeks, 18% for 14 weeks, 28% for 1 month, 56% for 2 months, 84% for 3 months (all with the principal back on expiry). BISTInvest accepts deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin with the minimum starting from a reasonable $10 only, but constant reminders about the New Year bonus will certainly make even the program’s existing investors nervous. In other news from the program the admin has started accepting LiteCoin as a payment option. I tend to doubt it’s going to have much impact on the program’s finances simply because from experience I haven’t seen that LiteCoin is all that popular among HYIP users, not for investing anyway. I would agree though that some measures would need to be taken to at least offer an alternative to the spiralling costs and frequent delays that so often accompany BitCoin. You can read more on that below:

Hello dear friends,
Our representatives requested a New Year bonus program from our administrator department. We have prepared it their suggestions.
Minimum Deposit: 200$
Maximum Deposit: 20,000$
Currency: BitCoin – PerfectMoney – Payeer – AdvCash
Application Date: 02-12 January 2018
Plan S&P – OTCM: 15% bonus
Plan NASDAQ – RUSSELL: 20% bonus
Deposit over 10,000$: 25% bonus
Reinvestment from account balance is accepted.
You will also receive 5-10% referral bonus from your referrals.
Administrator Department. BISTInvest

Hello dear users,
Because the withdraw and send fees of BitCoin increased very high, all of our users who want to make deposit by cryptocurrencies requested from us to add more coins in payment system.
We have already added LiteCoin. You can make deposit and withdraw profit by LiteCoin from now on.
Best regards, Mr. Sezgin Oncel.
Accountant Department, BISTInvest


CurrencyGlobal (reviewed here) has been a very silent but reliable performer in my books. The program keeps paying instantly to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, YandexMoney, and AdvCash accounts for seven full weeks now. It’s certainly not enough time to reach the profit zone yet (if you haven’t invested higher amounts) from their 2% to 3.5% daily “forever” plan, but the general lack of activity and no festive bonuses offered I have hope that CurrencyGlobal may last for a while. Of course, nothing can be taken for granted in the HYIP industry, but apart from the New Years best wishes we haven’t heard anything suspicious from CurrencyGlobal yet, so fingers crossed, guys:

Dear investors and partners, Happy New Year!
Today began in 2018, and with it new opportunities and prospects. Let’s implement them together and reach new heights!
We are glad that you are with us!
Best regards, CurrencyGlobal.


Although Automatix (reviewed here) has not managed to become really popular program among my readers, apparently they enjoy some degree of success among investors. As reported in the latest newsletter, with its over 450 members who allegedly invested $85K in total (that is an unbelievable figure of $188 on average per capita) Automatix has claimed their program to be a successful venture. For me the figures seem vastly exaggerated, considering the quiet time when the program first came online and started operating, originally working with just a few crypto-currencies and only recently extended to now include PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney, AdvCash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Zcash, DogeCoin, and BitcoinCash. The investment plans have proved profitable already for some early members as Automatix offers two category of investment plans – those with daily accrued interest and principal back on expiry () and those with a once-off payment on expiry (). The good thing is that in the majority of cases withdrawals from Automatix are processed instantly, which might be an important factor that will maintain healthy growth in the new year as well. Here’s all the latest stats from the program, according to the admin:

450+ Users | 85,000+ USD invested
Dear users,
450+ investors have signed up to Automatix in just 18 days, and the amount invested exceeded 85,000 USD! This is just the beginning of our path and long-term cooperation with clients, but we already can confidently claim about the unequivocal success of the platform, and hence the financial well-being of every Automatix investor!


Moving away from the regular news stories for a moment, and I suppose in some ways to finally consign 2017 to the history books once and for all, it’s time to draw the results of the end of year opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page here. I’ll also be replacing it with a new question, but more about that in a moment. So, the last poll asked readers “what was your biggest success as a HYIP investor in 2017?”. To be honest the result was probably predictable, but also so utterly one sided as to make it pointless to keep the poll open any longer. The hands down runaway winner here was LaserOnline, though the margin might surprise some. Sure, there’s no disputing it was definitely the biggest thing in the industry during last year, but it was by no means the only successful “giant”. They took 68% of the vote so if the admin is reading this, congratulations. You know what to do next! Trailing in a distant shared second place with 10% of the vote each comes another of 2017’s industry giants Respectativa, sharing the position with Octoin, the only program from the list still currently active. Assuming they get through what’s left of the current holiday lull in activity that always happens, we might expect some very big things from Octoin this January and who knows, they might even be on the next end of year poll come Christmas 2018. Propping up the list and also sharing the position with 6% of the vote each comes FatFunds which was a great performer while it ran, and ChainGroupService which was good but I felt could have run longer than it eventually did. So once again congratulations to the admin of LaserOnline, looking at some of his older ventures it has to be said his track record in the HYIP industry is peerless, and he has made an absolute boatload of cash for a hell of a lot of people out there. Granted these things end with someone else picking up the bill for it, but that’s the nature of the game we all choose freely to play. I for one look forward to seeing what he has lined up for 2018.

So, now that we are finished looking back, how about we start looking forward for the next poll. Very simply, I want to know what your expectations are for this new year. Now that the euphoria surrounding the holidays has worn off for most people who are now back down to business as usual and returning to their regular work routine, I guess you might be able to take a more balanced and realistic look at where you think, hope, or fear the industry is going this year. What level of involvement do you think you might have compared to last year, and do you expect it to be any better for you personally than 2017? The exact question therefore is this:

What are your personal expectations from the HYIP industry for 2018?

Possible answers are as follows:

– I am optimistic that it will be better for me than 2017
– I don’t think much will change, it will be similar
– I don’t expect it to be more successful than 2017

Thanks in advance as always to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote. The poll will stay active on the MNO TalkBack page here for at least another week or so, maybe ten days, but certainly long enough so that anyone who wants to take part has ample opportunity to do so. Remember that with all the polls on MNO voting takes literally just a second by clicking on your preferred option, and is of course 100% anonymous and untraceable.


Sadly, we have to finish the news for today with one confirmed scam – AlpexTrade which has their status changed for one simple reason – not crediting members’ accounts with profits as promised. Perhaps it folded due to a total lack of interest from new investors during the new year celebrations. I wouldn’t know, but the fact remains that the admin couldn’t even be bothered to explain anything or respond to my emails, so he couldn’t care less about the change of status on MNO or the view of his program in the eyes of potential investors.

AlpexTrade has failed to get even close to the results the admin achieved with his previous programs and no one was in profit from it. Fortunately, the program was not very popular among my readers as the competition with other higher paying and better organized programs was very tough at the time AlpexTrade was launching, so they really didn’t stand any chance of decent recognition. I think the major mistake that the admin of AlpexTrade made is that he launches very similar (in fact, almost identical) programs and expects the same brilliant results from them even though industry conditions have changed so drastically. The HYIP industry is certainly very different from where it was a few years back, and admins who don’t realize they can’t just build programs around past glories will continue to be largely ignored. So did happen with AlpexTrade, but I’m not very sure the admin has learned any valuable lessons from all of this. Anyway, as usual time will tell!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listOctoin.
From MNO Premium list: CurrencyGlobal.
From MNO Standard list: AutomatixCryptoHoldersRenaissanceInvestBISTInvest.
From MNO Basic listWorldMining.

I’ll leave it there for today, guys. As always thanks for reading and remember to vote in the MNO TalkBack opinion poll here. I’ll see you later in the week with any news worth hearing about, meanwhile stay up to date at all times by following MNO on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram to get the best access to the fastest most accurate source of news covering the HYIP industry. You can also subscribe to have all blog articles delivered every day to your inbox by filling out the request form here. See you next time guys and remember, MNO – for money lovers!

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