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Beware! TatWex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone! Mid way through the business week already and no shortage of news stories to catch up on in the HYIP world this evening. I’ll be spending the next week, my last in Thailand, in the wonderful ancient city of Chiang Mai where I arrived today after a short plane ride up from the south coast, and must say it’s an interesting change of pace here. But even though I’ll be busy most days exploring the city and surrounding countryside MNO will still remain a priority as always, with the monitor updated a guaranteed minimum of once every 24 hours, usually more often if needed. One thing I need to cover today before moving on to the news is of course a closer look at a hugely promising new program called TatWex. The program is only a few days old but has already garnished much support and enthusiasm from investors on various online HYIP related media. So let’s start today’s update checking out TatWex in more detail, see if people’s optimism for it to grow into one of the first big programs of 2018 is justified, and whether you see it forming part of your own online portfolios anytime soon.
There are five investment plans to choose from in TatWex, mostly offering daily interest payments but with one listed as a Trial Plan that pays once on expiry. I suppose I should start with the daily options as these are always likely to be by far the most popular. The first one you can join for a $10 minimum and has a term that runs for 28 calendar days, or four weeks. It’s just called The Basic Plan and sees TatWex offer their members a daily payment of 6%. By the time you receive the final payment it should add up to 168% in total. This figure includes your initial investment combined with the profit, so don’t expect your principal back in a separate payment. That therefore leaves you with your own money back plus a 68% net profit from TatWex as your reward for joining. You would reach the break even point, that is to say you earn back an amount equivalent to your principal therefore making it impossible to lose any money, after 17 days. A maximum spending limit of $100,000 is placed on investments here.

The next option, called The Solid Plan sees the term length shortened to 21 calendar days, or three weeks. TatWex charge a minimum $10 to join, and for anything up to a $100,000 maximum you earn a daily interest rate of 7%. So with the TatWex admin including your principal as part of those payments, a final return of 147% leaves you with your own money back plus 47% net profit. So the interesting thing here is that even though the interest rate goes up compared to the previous plan, fewer payments make it ultimately less profitable. So what’s the point in that, you might ask? Well, the real advantage here is that the risk is cut because the break even point comes faster. In this case it’s 15 days into the term, everything you get from TatWex after that is net profit.

TatWex continue with the daily payments in their third or so called Swift Plan. The limit for investments stays in the ranges of a $10 minimum to a $100,000 maximum, and the term length again shortens to 17 calendar days. In return for your money this time TatWex offer an improved daily rate of 8%, however with the reduction in payment days this time the final earnings come to 136%. Your principal is again counted as part of the daily payments, so you get your own money back plus 36% in net profit as your reward for joining. The advantage this time is that it only takes 13 days to break even and see your first profit.

Next up is The Rapid Plan where TatWex are again accepting deposits that open at $10 and can be as high as $100,000. The term is reduced to 14 calendar days with the daily interest rate increasing to 9%. With TatWex including your principal as part of the payments, your final return should come to 126%, or 26% net profit. So as you can see, the trend continues with TatWex offering the lowest profit but in the fastest possible time with a break even point in this case of just 12 days.

Completing the picture then as regards investment plans, TatWex change direction for their final offer. This is The Trial Plan and makes just one single payment on expiry, combining your principal and your profit in one. The same investment parameters apply, i.e. you will have to spend a $10 minimum to join, and can spend as much as $100,000 if you so choose. The term is 7 calendar days, and on expiry TatWex are offering 110% back on your deposit, which is obviously of course 10% net profit.

If any of those investment plans grab your attention to the degree you feel you’d like to include them in your own portfolios, then the next thing to look at is what your payment options are. Initially this was kept limited in what I guess was an attempt to manage the growth of TatWex and keep tighter control over the cash flow, though this is slowly beginning to expand now. So for those of you who favour the more conventional third party dollar based payment handlers TatWex are accepting deposits using PerfectMoney and AdvCash. If on the other hand you want to go down the more direct route of digital e-currencies and bypass the usual payment processors then TatWex also work with BitCoin. It’s widely anticipated that this list will be improved in the coming weeks, when it happens you can be sure MNO will be the first place you here about it, but for the moment your choice is as described above. Withdrawal requests are, at least according to the FAQ section, processed manually by the TatWex admin and need to be requested from inside your members account area. Once done this may take up to 24 hours for transactions to be completed on weekdays while the waiting time for weekends and holidays can stretch to 48 hours. In reality however they are made instantly to PerfectMoney and AdvCash, with only BitCoin customers needing to wait. Smaller investors please take note of the minimum withdrawal policy currently in place with TatWex. It’s quite a bit steeper than usual, with $10 being the minimum amount sent to PM and AdvCash, while to BitCoin it’s 0.001 BTC. So if your investment isn’t sufficient to bring in that amount on a daily basis, you’ll simply have to let the funds build up in your account and make less frequent withdrawal requests. By the way, I suppose I should also clarify here that the min/max deposits allowed in TatWex using BitCoin range from 0.001 BTC to 10 BTC.

On the subject of payment methods, because TatWex is running off its own script I think it might be worth a few lines just to describe the process of making a deposit. If you are using the likes of let’s say PerfectMoney for example, there is an interface (as usual) within your TatWex account that takes you directly to the PM website where you can then invest. You will also notice two buttons in your TatWex account area, one marked “Refill” which you will need for moving money into your account area with the program. The other button labeled “Process” is needed to generate the transaction. After that just click the “Deposit” button which is a bit more self-explanatory I think, this being how to move the money out of your account area (otherwise it just sits there doing nothing) and into an active investment plan where you will start making money. There is no such feature for BitCoin, so in this case you will be depositing directly into the program’s own wallet. This, the admin assures me, is then added automatically to your available funds where you proceed as usual with the deposit. You will see the BitCoin wallet you are paying into appear on the screen in front of you when choosing the BitCoin option as a payment method on the Refill page. Just copy-paste the given address into your BitCoin wallet to make your payment, after which the actual investment process is the same. That is to say the BitCoin funds are now added to your account balance, you now need to re-direct them into an active investment plan to start earning interest.

Looking into some of the more technical aspects of TatWex now such as design and website security, it’s really impressive right from first glance with its user-friendly layout and excellent graphics. TatWex is also powered off a custom made script which has been developed especially for the program. Something we don’t see enough of this in the industry in my opinion, because as long as it’s been rigorously tested for safety it gives the admin a lot more flexibility to develop his website as the program’s needs change, making improvements without the need for reliance on third party support techs. It’s all very unique yet easy-to-navigate by the way, and provided you get past the initial hurdle of making your first deposit (which as described earlier is really quite simple) TatWex is just as customer friendly as any of the more generic mass produced scripts. The site has an SSL secured certificate by Comodo for safer browsing and more secure transactions and for a hosting provider the admin has opted for DDoSGuard who are keeping the TatWex website on a dedicated server with their tech support and protection from malicious attacks.

If the need arises that you have to contact the admin with any further questions you think may not have been covered in this review or any account related issues that need to be cleared up then you have a couple of options. For e-mail support you can fill in your details on the online contact form and submit it through the TatWex website. You can also write directly to the admin at the listed e-mail address, though as always you are reminded to check the TatWex FAQ page before doing any of this, most things are usually explained there already for you. You may be able to get certain things cleared up a lot faster though if you find a Live Support operator on the either of the program’s Telegram chats. Support in this instance is bilingual, with separate Telegram groups available for English speakers and for Russian speakers (this is not the case with the regular site support which you are asked to communicate with in English only).

As for a business plan, well, experienced HYIP players will probably know to ignore this, but TatWex are claiming to be involved with the stock markets and crypto currency exchange. Hardly the first time we’ve heard this one in the HYIP industry, but even so you still can’t do much to independently research and verify this anyway even if you believe it. Anyway, there’s never any guarantee that such things necessarily have to be profitable all the time, even it it’s true. So as always best to treat TatWex like any other online HYIP. Keep your expectations modest and realistic, and stay well under a sensible spending limit. Invest only what you can comfortably afford to lose and earn back from other income sources, and if you do spend money on TatWex then keep it as a just one part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before we finish up with TatWex for today then and move on to the news section I just want to ask readers what their own thoughts on the program are. Do you like it or not? Do you think it’s a program worth joining, or will you skip it? Please answer the following opinion poll, which as always will throw up some interesting results in the coming weeks and months and show how many people’s first impressions were good or not. Remember that all replies are 100% anonymous and untraceable, and it only takes literally a second to participate. So:

Will you make an active deposit in TatWex?

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As you might remember, a couple of days ago Octoin completed the process that will precede its upcoming initial coin offering which is in the pipeline. Now the exchange rate of 1 OCC has changed from 1:1 to 1:100 and all the investors’ balances have been recalculated to reflect that change with no financial losses of course. Now on its second preparation step starting today all the accruals on Octoin‘s investment plans which offer variable daily return and principal back on expiry of a 30 to 150 calendar day term will be counted in OCC which stands for OctoinCoin. You will still be able to exchange them in the p2p-exchange section of the website, so please read the detailed review of Octoin posted here if you haven’t used that feature before. In a nutshell, you can exchange your OCC to USD and then withdraw to PerfectMoney, Payeer, or AdvCash, and also exchange OCC to many cryptocurrencies including the most famous ones, like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, and others in your account area. Here’s the short announcement from Octoin now showing in members accounts:

Starting from January 17, 2018, daily profit accruals for investment portfolios of users, as well as partner bonuses, will be credited in OCC.

Meanwhile, the attention given by Asian media outlets towards all Octoin related events and upcoming ICO remains quite high with some being quoted in the recent updates re-posted below. And of course, many more webinars and seminars are already happening or are just about to happen in the next few days. The latest updates covering Octoin events in Indonesia and China are included below:

Webinar on Facebook! On the 16th of January in Indonesia!
We are pleased to announce that our leaders from Indonesia continue to make webinars on the Facebook platform. The next one will take place on January 16th, at 7:00 pm (WIB). We invite newcomers, as well as those who have already participated in webinars before: it will be interesting and useful for everyone!
The theme of the webinar: “Why we choose Octoin“? Speaker Imran Julianto will talk about the intricacies of working with the Octoin platform and give important advice to investors.We are committed to communication and cooperation with all comers.
We plan to conduct a whole series of such webinars, so subscribe to the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/octoinindonesia/), like it,  follow the news and receive notifications of new webinars. This is the first step on the way to working with our team and the beginning of a stable earning.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Palangkaraya hosted a conference! On January 10. Watch the video!
We continue to write about conferences that were successfully concluded not so long ago. On January 10, a meeting was held with future investors and Octoin users in Palangkaraya, Indonesia.
Speaker was an experienced member of our team – Mr.Imran. He talked about the technology of blockchain, as well as about cryptocurrencies and other ways of earning money in this sphere. He did not forget about our project Octoin and its advantages: speed, convenience, the opportunity to engage in trading and long-term investment.
We hope you all enjoyed it, as well as gained new knowledge and experience. And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we advise you to watch the video report (https://youtu.be/JkG2gMXFIMU). And in the video section on our website (https://octoin.com/video/) you will find many other interesting materials.
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!
Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Meeting in Medan city! on January 17
The team from Indonesia continues to amaze: in recent months, many webinars and conferences have been held. A lot of people joined our community during this time. Leaders from other countries can safely take an example from them!
Already on January 17 from 12 to 15 o’clock in the afternoon there will be a meeting in 88 Cafe Medan. A professional speaker from our team will talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You will also learn how to make money on the Octoin platform. You can all see how on Octoin you can trade, trade and work with the p2p-exchange. And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
Are you interested in crypto-currencies, trading and mining?
Do you think where to invest?
Do you want to make money on new technologies of blockchain?
If you answered “Yes!” To at least one question – be sure to come to our conference!
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

News from the Chinese team! Video from SiChuan! on the 26th of November 2017
Chinese leaders Octoin continue to work hard and they want to tell you about the big conference that was held recently in their country! In recent months, our representation in China has been seriously developing and demonstrating great success. Leaders from other countries can look at them as an example of excellent work.
In SiChuan on the 26th of November, the first offline conference dedicated to our project Octoin was held. The speakers were experienced members of our team. They talked about the technology of blockchain, as well as about crypto-currencies and other ways of earning money in our sphere. They did not forget about our project and its advantages: speed, convenience, the opportunity to engage in trading and long-term investment.
We hope you all enjoyed it, as well as gained new knowledge and experience. And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we advise you to watch the video report (https://youtu.be/Gus0m0DTLvc). And in the video section on our website (https://octoin.com/video/) you will find many other interesting materials.
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!
Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Two new conferences in Indonesia were successful!
The Indonesian team Octoin recently held two conferences at the same time on January 7 in Semarang and on January 10 in Makassar. As usual there were a lot of people wishing to visit these meetings.
Speeches at both events were made by Imran, one of the leaders of our representation in Indonesia. Conference was devoted to crypto-currencies and blockchain technology. He also told the audience about the benefits and opportunities that Octoin gives to investors. The topics of trading, long-term investments and the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency, which was recently launched, were touched upon.
We hope you all enjoyed it, as well as gained new knowledge and experience. And if you suddenly did not get to this conference, then we advise you to watch the video report (https://youtu.be/QpkSoEKTedU). And in the video section on our website (https://octoin.com/video/) you will find many other interesting materials.
We are looking forward to seeing you next time!
Octoin is your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Chinese Daily Express: Invest in to ??? now!
Daily Express, which is in the TOP-30 of Chinese Media, thinks that OctoinCoin (???) can repeat the destiny of Bitcoin.
Octoin is an international financial organisation which developed the progressive crypto platform for working at the market of electronic money. At this moment, the company is preparing for release to exchanges new OCC cryptocurrency.
The experts have highly evaluated the potential of this innovation. They even predict OCC to repeat the destiny of Bitcoin. OCC will have PoS algorithm of mining. Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is the algorithm which is used by the new generation of cryptocurrencies. The advantage of PoS is that instead of using huge computing powers (like in Proof-of-Work) for the successful mining of cryptocurrencies, it is enough for the user to have a large share in the system itself.
The full article of Daily Express you can read here http://kuaibao.qq.com/s/20180102A0DOLR00.
As the publishment writes, at the beginning Octoin was planning the full value release of OCC in May 2018. However, due to the high demand, it became possible to make the release of OCC faster. OCC should be released to the market in January this year.
Now, before the official release, OCC is traded at the minimal price. Therefore, as the experts write, it is better not to loose the moment and to invest in this perspective innovation now.

Conference in Banjarmasin! on January 20
We are pleased to announce the next conference in Indonesia.It will be held on January 20 from 14:30 – 16:00 UTC + 08 in the city of Banjarmasin in Pyramide Suites Hotel (Jl. Skip Lama No. 8)
The topic of the conference will be blockchain and various cryptocurrencies. The leader from our team will talk about how you can make money in this area, and also share his thoughts and forecasts for the future.
Everyone will be able to know in detail about the innovative project Octoin and about the features of the work. You will be able to see how on our resource you can engage in trading . The speaker will not bypass our fast and convenient p2p-exchange.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies, innovations, and ways to earn money in this area. Even you have not heard anything about it – come and ask questions: we will gladly answer them.
Speaker: Panji Samudra
The schedule of events for the near future you can see here: https://octoin.com/news/n141/
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!

Webinar in Chinese! 18.01.2018!
A series of training webinars in Chinese begins, we invite you to participate! The topic of this webinar will be questions about account security. Speaker Jingxin will talk about the intricacies of working with the Octoin platform and give important advice to investors. We are committed to communication and cooperation with all comers.
A link to the room will appear here 2-3 hours before the start of the webinar. Below you will find brief and useful information:
Date: 18.01.2018, Time: 20:00 (GMT +8), Speaker: Jingxin, e-mail:1036560636@qq.com
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the world of cryptocurrency!


While the recently reported figure of sixty thousand investors reported by the admin of CurrencyGlobal might sound vastly exaggerated to many, no one will deny that the program remains a popular choice for investors keeping the top position on the MNO Premium List. CurrencyGlobal was listed on my monitor almost two months ago while having been online for three months in total. As the program, reviewed here, pays 2% to 3.5% daily “forever” you can imagine that many investors have already made a good profit. The start of the new HYIP season this January inspires a degree of optimism that much needed growth for the current investors will continue for some time and CurrencyGlobal will become one of the leaders of the industry. That might just happen, who knows. Meanwhile CurrencyGlobal continues to pay instantly and every 24 hours to PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, and YandexMoney accounts, so things look as good as ever:

60 000 investors chose CurrencyGlobal!
We are glad that already more than 60,000 investors earn daily on the online platform CurrencyGlobal!
Together we can achieve anything!


After five weeks online and listed on MNO since day one Automatix has managed to build a solid and respected investment program by gradually expanding its horizons and adding more payment options, more useful features, and more language versions. Just yesterday a German version of the website was introduced and Automatix has issued a special short announcement regarding it in their news section:

The German version of the website has been added
Dear users,
We continue integrating the language functionality for the maximum comfort of international investors. From now on Automatix is available in German!

With all these constant improvements in Automatix one thing remains stable and unchanged throughout their time online – perfect instant withdrawals on all the investment plans. These include daily payments with principal back on expiry (2% for 7 days, 2.5% for 14 days, 3.1% for 21 days, 3.8% for 28 days, 4.6% for 35 days, 5.5% for 42 days) and those with one-off payouts on expiry (150% after 15 days, 190% after 20 days, 240% after 25 days, 300% after 30 days). Investments start from a $10 minimum via no less than twelve payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, DogeCoin, BitcoinGold, BitcoinCash, Dash, and Zcash. With such variety in their plans and payment processors many investors have been enjoying instant payouts from Automatix which was first reviewed here. Fingers crossed it will continue for many more weeks ahead!


If a regular working person had 27 public holidays per year in addition to regular weekends then I imagine he would be very happy indeed. Because that’s what BISTInvest seem to be enjoying this year. That list is extensive enough and with huge variety from George Washington’s Birthday to the Islamic Ramadan Feast and no less than two Veterans Days. However, while BISTInvest (reviewed here) will definitely enjoy the extra holidays regular investors will suffer as the program pays on business days only, and not on holidays. Jokes aside now, it was obviously done to save money and to delay payments. Methods include PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and LiteCoin, while the plans themselves consist of 1% for 30 days, 2% for 50 days, 3% for 100 days (accruals on business days only), 6% for 4 weeks, 12% for 7 weeks, 18% for 14 weeks, 28% for 1 month, 56% for 2 months, 84% for 3 months – all with principal back on expiry. And while BISTInvest has been paying well so far the idea of reinvesting or making new deposits there sounds like bad news to me, and here’s why. For a number of weeks now BISTInvest have been pushing some weird and unnecessary deposit bonuses to investors which at first only applied to deposits of $200 and higher, but now also include everything from the minimum $10 and up (possibly the admin has not caught anyone’s attention and the cashflow is still problematic). The new bonus program is rather tastelessly called the M. L. King Bonus Program. I wonder what the real Dr. King would would have thought of an online ponzi using his name to scam people. He’d have probably turned over in his grave by now. Anyway, I’m not sure that the administrator of BISTInvest is even aware who Martin Luther King was, otherwise he would not offend his legacy with such a crass move. But wait – what about the article reposted from Wikipedia giving readers a brief glimpse into the great man’s life? I’m truly baffled as it doesn’t show any professionalism from BISTInvest and only serves to expose what kind of people are really in charge there. Food for thought as the rules of the new deposit bonus program and the full list of holidays for this year (don’t laugh too hard while reading through it!) are re-posted below:

H O L I D A Y S – 2018
2018-01-01 New Year’s Day, 2018-01-15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, 2018-02-19 George Washington’s Birthday, 2018-04-23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, 2018-05-01 Labor and Solidarity Day, 2018-05-19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, 2018-05-28 Memorial Day, 2018-06-14 Ramadan Feast Eve, 2018-06-15 Ramadan Feast, 2018-06-16 Ramadan Feast Day 2, 2018-06-17 Ramadan Feast Day 3, 2018-07-04 Independence Day, 2018-07-15 Veterans’ Day, 2018-08-20 Sacrifice Feast Eve, 2018-08-21 Sacrifice Feast, 2018-08-22 Sacrifice Feast Day 2, 2018-08-23 Sacrifice Feast Day 3, 2018-08-24 Sacrifice Feast Day 4, 2018-08-30 Victory Day, 2018-09-03 Labor Day, 2018-10-08 Columbus Day, 2018-10-28 Republic Day Eve, 2018-10-29 Republic Day, 2018-11-10 Ataturk Memorial Day, 2018-11-12 Veterans Day, 2018-11-22 Thanksgiving Day, 2018-12-25 Christmas Day, 2018-12-31 New Year’s Eve

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr.
Minister, Civil Rights Activist(1929–1968)
Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister and social activist, who led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the mid-1950s until his death by assassination in 1968.
Martin Luther King Jr. Facts
Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. King, a Baptist minister and civil-rights activist, had a seismic impact on race relations in the United States, beginning in the mid-1950s.
Among his many efforts, King headed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Through his activism and inspirational speeches he played a pivotal role in ending the legal segregation of African-American citizens in the United States, as well as the creation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
King received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, among several other honors. He was assassinated in April 1968, and continues to be remembered as one of the most influential and inspirational African-American leaders in history.
“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. / “I Have A Dream” speech, August 28, 1963

M. L. King – Bonus Program
Hello Dear Friends,
In our New Year bonus program, minimum investment amount was $200. Our users who made a deposit less than $200, could not receive any bonus. We have prepared M. L. King Bonus Program with the minimum deposit of $10 for all of our users to JOIjoinN.
Application : 15-31 January 2018, minimum amount: $10, maximum amount: $10,000, Currency: BitCoin – LiteCoin – Ethereum – PerfectMoney – Payeer – AdvCash
Plan BIST-AMEX-NYSE: 5%, Plan DOW-S&P-NASDAQ: 10%, Plan CHX: 15%, PLAN OTCM: 20%, Plan RUSSELL: 25%
Reinvesment from account balance is accepted.
You will also receive 5-10% referral bonus from your referrals.
Administrator Department. BISTInvest


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky listOctoin.
From MNO Premium list: CurrencyGlobal, TatWex.
From MNO Standard list: BISTInvestAutomatix, RenaissanceInvest, TudorGames (the first payment received).
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and will stay tuned to get the latest updates via Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also stay in touch with me personally by emailing me using the contact form here or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’ll be back on Friday with a detailed look at TudorGames which was moved to Paying Status on the MNO monitor earlier today after the first successful payment. All the latest news from the biggest and the most elite programs will also be reported if you keep reading MNO which has always been and always will be For Money Lovers!

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