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Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog – the only place in the HYIP industry dealing exclusively with high-end programs run by experienced admins with serious advertising budgets and some truly spectacular results. Today sees plenty of news updates from several paying programs, like Crypteiro, TatWex, and BISTInvest, as well as a few updates from the struggling Octoin and the demise of Stradivarius. That will be all covered in the news section you can read a bit later starting with the introduction of the latest addition to the MNO Premium List – a promising newcomer called BitXGroup. Keep reading for more info on that!

I’d like to start today though with the first of this year’s Top Five Popular Programs on MNO article where I cover the most successful programs among my readers at the time of writing. It has been more than five months since I last posted in this series on my blog, and there were a couple of reasons why it’s been missing until now. Anyway, the point of reviving this is to highlight the best performing programs from my list, especially when it comes to those still under the radar but deserve to be mentioned now and then just because of their higher popularity among my readers.

Before getting to the list I’ll just remind you that the main criteria for being included in the Top Five list is that a program must occupy a Premium List position (also higher placed Sticky listed programs can be included), as only the higher bidding programs from the higher rated listing categories can be covered. The actual position a program occupies is based on the total return percentage combining both my own profits and all the referral commissions received. So, theoretically the older and more established the program on the Top Five and the higher popularity among my readership it enjoys the higher the place in the ranking. At the end of the list you will find a poll where you can vote for your favourite program from the Top Five, so you can show your support. I guess that explains the concept, so let’s get started!

#1 – CurrencyGlobal (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 166.49%.
Type of listing – Premium (#1 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitorSCAM!
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 2%-3.5% daily forever.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Visa, MasterCard.
What you need to know:
Withdrawals are processed instantly. There is no expiry date on your investment. You have the opportunity to top-up an existing deposit with more funds to increase your daily interest payment. The program takes deposits in both USD and RUB currencies and the site is bi-lingual.
Why you might want to invest:
CurrencyGlobal is a very different program from others which started back in October last year and has been paying without interruption since. With almost every other program that started back then having collapsed already it’s absolutely astonishing to see that a perpetual style program such as CurrencyGlobal is still not only running well, but still stays pretty much under the radar and prefers slow development to aggressive advertising. On the downside, every day the pressure on the program gets higher, as new investors absorb the growing amount of payouts CurrencyGlobal has to pay to existing ones. So it will be essential for the admin to make sure the constant inflow of new funds continues as before. Let’s hope it will sustain this pressure and will surprise us all with an even longer lifetime!

#2 TatWex (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 140.18%.
Type of listing – Premium (#2 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitorSCAM!
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 6% for 28 days, 7% for 21 days, 8% for 17 days, 9% for 14 days, 110% after 7 days.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, LiteCoin.
What you need to know:
Withdrawals are processed instantly for PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, and manually within 24-48 hours for BitCoin and LiteCoin.
Why you might want to invest:
TatWex is run by a very experienced admin whose previous project is instantly recognizable by the similar name, custom-made script, and website design. Whether it was an intentional act to be associated with a previous success, or he simply wanted to save funds on development – it worked like a charm. The TatWex investors have been very supportive towards the program which (if run by the same talented team) can work wonders and last for a very long time. It will all depend on future development which has been quite gradual so far and judging by the previous performance, TatWex‘s future inspires a degree of cautious optimism.

#3 – JSRentHouse (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 111.05%.
Type of listing – Premium (#3 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor – Paying for 11 days
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 2.5% daily forever, 103% after 1 day, 120% after 5 days, 165% after 15 days, 260% after 30 days, 700% after 70 days.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash.
What you need to know:
Payouts are processed instantly. Note that the withdrawal minimum is $250 for BitCoin, and $5 to other payment processors. Avoid investing in the daily forever plan and longer term plans as they are unlikely to bring you profits.
Why you might want to invest:
JSRentHouse claims to be online for 400+ days while it’s really online only from December 2017 and worked as a “sleeper” first with many short-term plans added once the program renewed the layout and started a major advertising campaign. The admin of JSRentHouse has recently purchased the top monitoring banner for two weeks which is a good sign that he is probably aiming to work for a couple of more weeks. So far JSRentHouse has been very thorough with payouts and hope there will be enough time for smart investors to earn from it.

#4 – Crypteiro (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 86.81%.
Type of listing – Premium (#4 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitorSCAM!
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 1% every 3 hours for 15 days (principal included), 5%-15% monthly forever with hourly accruals (principal back anytime).
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash.
What you need to know:
The program is based on Telegram, so you need to create an account there before being able to sign up and activate the bot. Withdrawals are processed instantly but in rare cases it may take up to 6 hours to be paid manually. Note the major differences between the two investment plans – refer to the MNO review for more info on that!
Why you might want to invest:
Crypteiro is another good looking program run on a totally custom made script built from scratch which is always welcome and a strong indicator of the admin’s professionalism and previous experience in the HYIP field. Run with the help of its own Telegram bot Crypteiro will certainly remind you of some major successes of the past, while its modestly paying and sustainable in the long term investment plans show the bags of potential the program can reach with smart management and gradual development in place. Crypteiro is still a very new program though with lots of prove, but I firnly believe it might be just on the right course for new heights.

#5 – BlockchainAlliance (click here to read the full review) New Entry
Total return – 70.97%.
Type of listing – Premium (#5 rank).
Current status on the MNO monitor SCAM!
Investment plans (recommended plan marked in bold) – 12% for 3 months, 14% for 6 months, 16% for 9 months, 18% for 12 months, principal back.
Payment processors accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, AdvCash, YandexMoney, Qiwi.
What you need to know:
You may only request your profit payment from the 1st to the 3rd day every calendar month. Make sure to remember to do so as the withdrawal button is disabled on other days.
Why you might want to invest:
BlockchainAlliance is the longest paying program on MNO and yet the most under-appreciated by investors. Despite five months of stable payments BlockchainAlliance seems not to be connecting with investors due to having a very high $100 minimum to invest and applying a restrictive withdrawal policy. I believe that they will have to pay for quite a few months before it gets noticed, as such low-paying programs like BlockchainAlliance once being popular enough are out of fashion at the moment and are losing to shorter-term programs big time.

Before we move on I should still make you aware not to treat the Top Five as a personal recommendation, as any program is still be subject to the same scrutiny and caution as all other HYIPs. So make sure you always check the most up-to-date status on the MNO monitor before making an investment. Also, now that we have a new Top Five list please vote for your favourite. You can make your pick in the poll below and show support for the program you’re most comfortable in dealing with and enjoy the most. Thanks in advance for voting, guys, and for your attention to the best programs on MNO at the time of writing.

What is your favorite program from the MNO Top Five?

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I’ll start the news section by introducing a new program that joined the MNO Premium List today – BitXGroup. The program only officially launched about a week ago, so the earning potential is still high, as it combines quality technical characteristics with profitable medium-term investment plans and instant payouts. There are three investment plans on offer in BitXGroup that can be joined for variable minimums (from $20 to $300 depending on the plan) via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash. All the withdrawals are promised to be paid instantly and the minimum to withdraw starts with $2 only (except for $3 for BTC withdrawals). The investment plans will be fully analysed in the upcoming review of BitXGroup coming soon. In a nutshell though they are very different, with one plan paying daily 3.5% for 50 days (75% net profit by expiry), another will credit your account hourly with 0.25% interest for the duration of 540 hours which is 22 ½ days in total (35% net profit), and the third shortest plan paying your principal plus 15% net profit on expiry of a 10 calendar day term. I’m sure that any of these offers will find fans among investors in BitXGroup, as they all have advantages I’ll explain in the review.

If we look at some other features you might need to know before joining BitXGroup the site is running off a rare but already used by a few good programs in the past licensed DQScript from Devquill developers. The BitXGroup website is fully secured by EV (Green Bar) SSL certificate issued by Comodo, and it’s hosted on a dedicated server with quality protection and support by OVH. The site has an English language video presentation that has been also embedded to the MNOVision page for your convenience, a UK certificate of incorporation, Live Chat, profit calculator, and some other useful features that will be covered my review. Meanwhile please check out the BitXGroup website yourself and see if you like it enough to join. The admin’s welcome message on BitXGroup‘s official launch has been so far the only news update issued, and you can read it below:

Dear investors and guests!
We are happy to inform you that starting from today BitXGroup is officially open to the public! Our investment platform provides you with the most favorable conditions for cooperation, including different investment plans, progressive scale of profitability, low financial risk, convenience and ease of use, and many other benefits that you can really appreciate by investing through the service BitXGroup.
We accept the most popular e-currencies for deposits & withdrawals: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.
We choose the best stable hosting for our servers. Also, all data is reliable safeguarded by using strong COMODO EVSSL encryption protocol.
Our main goal is to ensure maximal profit to each of our investors and keep possible risks to their investments at the lowest levels. We are ready around the clock to provide you a steady income with your only effort to register and invest in our plans. Use our investment opportunities to make some extra money. We are your reliable partner on the financial market!
Our second task is to create more flexible and profitable investment plants as well as profitable investment opportunities.
We are confident that with this investment plan it is possible to unite so many investors to make it possible for everyone get a profit and really make a difference.
Best Regards, BitXGroup – Increase your earning potential


The first news story for today concerns Crypteiro, a program with a mix of short/mid term and perpetual no expiry style plans which is organized somewhat differently than a lot of similar style projects. The main plan will pay you 1% every 3 hours for 15 days (with 8% daily it will leave you with 20% net profit by expiry) and the perpetual plan follows the same basic premise that once you join you continue to get paid for how ever long the program manages to survive, but in the case of Crypteiro you can get paid by the hour (under the 5% to 15% monthly variable return) and claim your principal back should you wish to leave at any time. These plans are explained in more detail with the advantages that both have over each other in the original review posted on MNO here. Payment options include a better than average selection, featuring PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Etherem, and BitcoinCash. Crypteiro was already a multi lingual website in English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and German, and as I said in my review I wouldn’t be surprised if more were added later. Well, it seems I was right because that’s just what’s after happening. In three news updates from the admin of Crypteiro has now added Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese to their lexicon. This will make the program appeal to a mass international audience, but in this particular case the Crypteiro is focusing on the lucrative Asian market which is so strong in the HYIP industry right now. This will also help to explain in better terms to those less fluent in English just what the advantages are to Crypteiro, such as the custom made script, instant payments, and sustainable plans. You can read the three short updates from Crypteiro below:

The platform is also available in Chinese from now!
As we have already said, the Crypteiro team expands the horizons and does not intend to dwell on the achieved results. Therefore, from now on the Chinese language is included in the list of all languages available in working with the platform. A growing number of partners interested in us are giving us strength and strengthening us in our quest for long-term and promising cooperation.
Crypteiro – we care about you!

The Vietnamese language is connected!
Dear users! We would like to inform you that in connection with the access to the international level of cooperation with the partners of the platform, we have connected the Vietnamese language. Our goal is availability and informativeness, for every potential and acting investor. Crypteiro – with you we are getting better!

Translation platform into Japanese!
We continue to break the language barrier and now the platform in Japanese is available to all our partners. Crypteiro – with leaps and bounds we continue to move towards certain tasks and we believe that together with you we will succeed. Follow the updates and keep abreast of the most relevant news of our project.


Perhaps not the most widely used payment option in the HYIP industry (though it has been around for a number of years now), the decision by the admin of TatWex to add LiteCoin to the list of payment options available to investors is still a major step in the right direction. Other crypto-currencies like Dash and Ethereum are yet to be added so there’s still room for growth, though that would appear to be part of the admin’s general strategy for TatWex anyway, i.e. keep things growing slowly but sustainably. It’s a marathon not a sprint after all, especially with the short to medium term plans that TatWex offer which makes it all the more important to try and keep things running for as many cycles as possible. The TatWex investment plans as per my review posted here include 6% for 28 days, 7% for 21 days, 8% for 17 days, 9% for 14 days, 110% after 7 days with instant payments via PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, plus daily payments to BitCoin. This is mostly I would imagine to save on fees, a sensible strategy if so, therefore I would hazard a guess that this will be the same with LiteCoin (though I can confirm later as it’s only just been added). The following updates by the way are taken directly from the TatWex Telegram channel so I suggest you follow them there if you want to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the program:

Dear investors. The LiteCoin payment processor was added to the project.

Dear Investors!
As you can see, for absolutely all of our investors are already have net profit. We continue planning growth of the TatWex project in all directions, systematically connecting various investment resources in the countries of near and far abroad. For you working, a team of professionals who knows what to do and is focused on the result. Participating in our project, you can be sure – you are on the right way!


A lot of investors might have been concerned about this if they saw it happen in most other program, but with BISTInvest it seems almost expected by now that the admin will tinker around with the investment plans. In this latest case it hasn’t actually been anything too radical, and if anything improves BISTInvest by making it more sustainable by reducing the higher rates paid to the biggest investors. Assuming BISTInvest even has any big investors, I myself am not aware of that. So, the investment plans as things currently stand in BISTInvest include 1% for 30 days, 1.5% for 60 days, 2% for 90 days (accruals on business days only), 6% for 4 weeks, 9% for 8 weeks, 12% for 12 weeks, 28% for 1 month, 42% for 2 months, 56% for 3 months, and your principal back on expiry. Payments continue perfectly well as before with the program now that the seeming endless promo campaign has come to a welcome end. I say welcome because I’m not sure using Martin Luther King to promote an online HYIP was a particularly clever, never mind tasteful idea in the first place! Anyway, if you want to join BISTInvest which was first reviewed in its original format on MNO here, you can do so using any of PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, and LiteCoin. News from the admin outlining the new investment plans, albeit not a very detailed description, can be found below. Though I suggest you look at the MNO monitor for the BISTInvest section for a better description of them:

Plans Updated
Hello dear users,
As we know, we were reading in all stock markets of U.S.A. besides Borsa Istanbul. We noticed that only six of them are stable and because of this reason, we decided to continue trading in these six stock markets. We wanted to give you information about the stock markets which we will be trading in and the plans which we have updated lately.
Best regards, Mr. Ali Can. Trading Department Manager
Stock Markets – Plans :
Bist 100 – BIST: 1.00% daily, Dow 30 – AMEX: 1.50% daily, S&P 500 – NYSE: 2.00% daily, Nasdaq 100 – DOW: 6.00% weekly, Nasdaq – S&P: 9.00% weekly, NYSE Composite – NASDAQ: 12.00% weekly, CHX: 28.00% monthly, OTCM: 42.00% monthly, RUSSELL: 56.00% monthly


What can we say about Octoin anymore? It seems a regrettable end to what was a truly outstanding program, especially as it had the potential to continue for a lot longer until what I would consider largely self inflicted problems got in the way. I mean I can’t say the program was ever anything less than excellent when it was at its prime, no more than I can say the admin’s current intentions are by any means deliberately bad, but I just can’t see a recovery here. The whole thing started to go south when Octoin members accounts needed to be temporarily locked while work was carried out on the program’s launch of their own branded crypto-currency, the so-called OctoinCoin. To the admin’s credit no new deposits were taken while payouts were not being processed, so that at least indicates it wasn’t just an obvious fast scam. Problem is however when account access was restored – taking a lot longer than was reasonably acceptable by the way – members found that first of all their dollar investments had all been converted into OctoinCoin without them having much choice or prior notice of the matter, and secondly this OctoinCoin currency was utterly impossible to exchange for anything of real value. In other words regular mainstream crypto-currency exchangers were nowhere on board and not interested in doing so. A couple of names have since been convinced to look into OctoinCoin, but is it too little too late? In order for a profitable exchange of currencies you need to have two things – supply and demand. In the case of OctoinCoin they’ve only got the former. With no one looking to buy, the already ridiculously inflated value assigned to it, not by the market but by the admin’s personal whim, has collapsed. And now with the technical problems befalling the OctoinCoin wallets that Octoin members have in their account areas requiring re-installation, it seems a recovery is further away than ever. All in all it seems like an interesting and brave concept, but very poorly planned and executed. And of course the longer this goes on, the more it’s killing existing members’ confidence and making hope of a recovery more distant. The longer the admin keeps working on it then obviously we all keep our fingers crossed, no one wants to see the program fail after all, so whatever happens I will keep you informed of any future developments with Octoin on the MNO blog. You can read all the latest from the admin below:

Octoin is negotiating with new exchanges!
Dear users! The Octoin team is actively working to make the OctoinCoin cryptocurrency trading on as many trading exchanges as possible.
Connecting new exchanges is a complex technological process that takes time. First, we conduct preliminary negotiations with each exchange. Then the cryptocurrency passes a multi-stage verification system which is carried out by specialists of each specific website. Only after that the cryptocurrency is allowed to trade. Technically, this is also quite difficult, it requires careful work of programmers and other professionals.
At the moment, we have been successfully negotiating with several of the most popular exchanges who are trading the cryptocurrencies. Soon, the list of exchanges on which OctoinCoin is represented will grow by many times.
Moreover, according to the numerous requests of users we are discussing the option of returning p2p exchange. At the moment, negotiations are going on. Legal and technical issues are being resolved. Follow the news on our website!
We thank all users of the Octoin community for their patience! In return, we make every effort to speed up the process of connecting new exchanges!

ATTENTION! Important news – update!
Dear users of Octoin,
Because of the planned upgrade of the working network, the Octoincoin block system will systematically upgrade to new wallets for all operating system versions. In this regard, the time of transactions and the creation of new blocks will increase. Do not worry – this is a temporary phenomenon.
ATTENTION! To avoid possible problems, everyone who downloaded the wallet and who already has coins on the balance must necessarily make a backup copy of the wallet, so as not to lose them (those who have zero balance yet can just expect an update). How to make a backup copy of the wallet you can read in the instructions on the link:
For Mac: https://youtu.be/JbmoZ4U5XyA
For Windows: https://octoin.com/wallet/backup_wallet.pdf
After the completion of the technical work will need to restore the wallet from the backup.On this we will also write in the news and attach the instruction – stay tuned!
Octoin – your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!

On February 3rd, 2018 there will be 3 conferences in Indonesia! It is just logical!
Our team from Indonesia once again holds several conferences: in Pare-Pare, Barabai and Pelaihari. All the information you will find below.
In Pare-Pare, the meeting will take place at 13:00 – 16:00 UTC + 08 at the Hotel Grand Kartika (Jln. Agus Salim No.6 Kota Pare Pare – Sulawesi Selatan). Speaker: Mr Khemal & Team Mahkota. Contacts: 081222777801 – 082187944688.
In Barabai, the event will be held at 14:00 – 17:00 UTC + 08 in Aula Gedung Murakata (jln Perwita Barabai). Speaker: Mr Dimas Bahrani Arief. Contacts:0823 5204 1774.
In Pelaihari the conference will be held at 14:30 – 17:30 UTC + 08 in Sinar Hotel Pelaihari (Jalan A. Yani, Pelaihari, Kalimantan Selatan). Speaker: Gandi Sujiwo.
Aso, remember that in Indonesia on the same day there is another big conference in Kediri (Jl.Dhoho No.95 Kediri, 64123). You can read the details about it following this link https://octoin.com/news/n189/
The topic of the conferences will be blockchain and various cryptocurrencies. Indonesian Leaders will talk about how you can make money in this area and also share their thoughts and forecasts for the future.
Everyone will be able to know in detail about the innovative project Octoin and about the features of the work. You can see how you can trade or invest on our resource. Speakers will also cover the PoS mining algorithm program of OctoinCoin.
We invite everyone who is interested in new technologies and innovations in the sphere of blockchain. Even if you have not heard anything about it you can come and ask questions. We will gladly answer them.
We look forward to seeing you!
Octoin is your reliable partner in the cryptoworld!

February 4 – conferences in Balikpapan, Lampung, Batulicin!
The team from Indonesia continues to amaze: in recent months, many webinars and conferences have been held. A lot of people joined our community during this time. Leaders from other countries can safely take an example from them!And they surprise us again by conducting 3 conferences in 1 day.
In Balikpapan, the meeting will take place at 14:00 – 17:00 UTC + 08 at Grand Tjokro Balikpapan (Jl. Marsma Iswahyudi). Leader: Fakhrian (+6285753203777).
In Lampung, the conference will be held at 13:00 – 16:00 UTC + 07 at the Hotel Horison Lampung (Jalan RA Kartini No. 88 Tanjung Karang, Bandar Lampung). Speaker: Mr. Yogi Boti (+6282185747478).
In Batulicin at 14:00 – 17:00 UTC + 08 at the Hotel Ebony Batulicin in (Jl. Raya Batulicin, Kabupaten Tanah Bumbu, Kalimantan Selatan 72273). Speaker: Mr.Imran (085248344418, 085228048999).
Professional speakers from our team will talk about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You will also learn how to make money on the Octoin platform. You can all see how on Octoin you can mine OctoinCoin to trade it on major international exchanges. And of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
Are you interested in crypto-currencies, trading and mining?
Do you think where to invest?
Do you want to make money on new technologies of blockchain?
If you answered “Yes!” To at least one question – be sure to come to our conference!
We look forward to seeing you! Octoin – new era of blockchain!

Technology in simple words: Microtransactions in crypto-currencies.
Microtransactions are quite a promising direction, because in the near future they can become an alternative way of paying, for example, for freelancers, and also to monetize social networks.
Previously, there was no special need for micropayments, and they were difficult for users, but with the increase in the bitcoin rate and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, they became a necessity. Microtransactions and their various uses were a significant part of our work at the stage of working out our own cryptocurrency OctoinCoin.
The prospects for microtransactions were so attractive that the titans of the crypto-currency world, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum, entered the struggle for this market.
Bitcoin is the first in everything, and micropayments are no exception. The disadvantages were that the fees for these transfers were high, and the processing of the blocks was quite long (about 10 minutes).
When Ethereum entered the game, the situation on the market changed. One of the first projects that wanted to use Ethereum for microtransactions was Raiden Network. The developer of this project Heiko Hees stated that the Ethereum network is an ideal platform for micropayments, since commissions will be smaller than they were in the Bitcoin blockchain, and they can be settled more quickly.
Of course, bitcoin developers are not used to being at the tail and trying to improve the system thanks to the Lightning Network. This is a protocol that can perform microtransactions outside the main network, while the main line will only process large transactions. According to forecasts, the flexibility and efficiency of this technology should be an ideal solution.
New projects working with crypto currency, including OctoinCoin, are interested in high rates of network bandwidth. This is due to the desire of any startup to attract as many users as possible. Therefore, Bitcoin and Ethereum should make a lot of efforts to reach the peak and become a VISA level, which performs a huge number of operations per second (about 45 thousand).
The market does not stand still. Day by day, now and then there are platforms that help ordinary users not only to join the world of crypto currency, but also tempt the opportunity to conveniently conduct microtransactions.
A good example is the IOTA cryptocurrency (the transaction protocol system for the Internet of Things “Internet of Things” when the device interacts with the device without human intervention). All IOTA tokens are generated simultaneously and are used, first of all, for conducting microtransactions. This system allows you to conduct transactions between users without commission, which is undoubtedly beneficial, since micro-transfers due to commissions are bypassed.
But despite the flaws in the system, cryptoworld is rapidly evolving and, perhaps, in the near future, microtransactions will not only become an alternative method of payment in online resources, but will completely replace some functions in classical banking. In general, there is something to work on and what to strive for. Our team will continue to work in this direction and improve the OctoinCoin to meet the needs of our investors.


Unfortunately we have to finish today’s news with the sad but ultimately predictable news that another program has come to an inevitable end. In this case the program is Stradivarius. To be honest I’ve always had some mixed feelings about this one. On one hand the program did indeed survive for almost an entire calendar month, so in that sense you could have made a decent profit from it had you taken the chance and joined at the right time. But not that many people did. Why? Because what was wrong with Stradivarius was that the admin made the plans so unappealing and high risk that they then became very uncompetitive compared to so many other programs running at the same time. For example, one plan offered a single payment on expiry after four calendar weeks, something you might just have made money from had you been lucky enough to join on the very first day. But who wants to take that kind of risk in the HYIP industry? Four weeks is an awfully long time in this business to have your money sitting in a HYIP admin’s pocket. Another plan paid out on expiry of a 7 calendar day term, which again you could have profited from, four times over in fact, but how will that ever compete against programs with instant daily payouts? Poorly at best, and that was the problem with Stradivarius from day one – an unresponsive public too soon after Christmas to take them very seriously. The admin recently added the same length plans with daily payouts, but that was just too little too late. By that time it just looked like admitting he picked the wrong strategy from the very beginning, but rather that an attempt to correct this the new plans simply looked like one final desperate throw of the dice for him to scam a few dollars before closing. Which is exactly what it was. On the plus side I’m at least pleased that there wasn’t a massive number of investors in the program to begin with, cold comfort to the losers I know, but at least in the bigger scheme of things the damage wasn’t too big. One way or another, the final word on Stradivarius is that the program is not paying, so do not invest there if you were still even thinking about it!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CurrencyGlobal, TatWex, JSRentHouse, Crypteiro, BlockchainAllianceTudorGames, BitXGroup (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: BISTInvestAutomatix, RenaissanceInvest.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMiningDigitalBit.

And that’s where we are going to leave it for today, folks. As always thanks a lot for reading, I hope at least some of the information here proved useful or helpful, and feel free to get in touch with me on this Contact page if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. You can also contact me via the MNO Telegram account @mnoblog, and follow MNO on Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the important news and status updates. If you would like all the news articles sent directly to your inbox then be sure to fill in your details on the subscription box near the top right hand side of my blog and confirm through the automatic confirmation mail that is sent out by Google FeedBurner. I’ll be back early next week, maybe Monday but definitely Tuesday at the latest with a detailed review of BitXGroup. Meanwhile enjoy what’s left of the weekend, and don’t forget to vote in the poll running on the MNO TalkBack page here which remains open until sometime next week. See you soon guys and remember – MNO is For Money Lovers!

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