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Hello everyone, and welcome to this pre-Easter news update from the HYIP industry on MNO – the only website featuring the most outstanding investment projects with high advertising budgets. Even in the current slow period we can all clearly observe now you might be wondering why the quantity of programs featured on the MNO monitor has diminished over the last few weeks. Well, that’s because unlike others, MNO did not and is not going to be reducing listing prices, as I believe my readers deserve to see only the best programs here run by truly experienced admins, meaning they stand a chance to get paid for a longer period of time. Of course, no one can deny that with falling crypto-currency prices and the most recent collapse of Payza there are people who have been adversely affected by these events. It didn’t help either that there were so many fast scams over the last few weeks that further emptied investors’ wallets and reduced their ability to participate in investment activities. All these negative factors combined still negatively impact the HYIP industry whose revival seems to have been delayed once again. But it will happen eventually – I can bet any money on that! So, make sure you subscribe to the MNO daily news or follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter to find out when the future giants of the HYIP industry emerge. This will only happen when professional admins believe the time is right to launch their programs to achieve the best results, and MNO will certainly be at the forefront. Meanwhile, the remaining programs on the Premium List still deserve some credit for running successfully even during these quiet times and we will start with the latest updates from the popular AK47Capital, followed by some news from the not so successful Octoin and a new question for the MNO TalkBack poll. As Payza seems to have been completely stopped payouts and most possibly is gone for good, the question should be replaced.


Quite a bit of news was sent out by the admin of the rapidly growing AK47Capital (reviewed here) over the last few days. First off, a new investment plan for larger investors paying an increased rate of 5% (for investments of $2K and more) over the same period of 50 business days has been launched with the possibility to earn a whopping 250% by the end of the term. The addition of that plan was expected to sustain the payouts to smaller investors who can still join the program’s main 4% for 50 business days plan starting from just a $5 minimum (or its equivalent in multiple e-currencies). The new plan is called MP-40 and just like with the AK-47 plan available before you don’t need to create an account with the program to be able to invest there. Simply click the “Make Deposit” button on top of the AK47Capital page and proceed with your deposit via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, or BitcoinCash as instructed. All the daily profits will then be sent regularly to the same account you have made an investment with. Just note that they are done Monday to Friday only with Saturdays and Sundays being days off when payments are not being sent.

For the convenience of Asian-based investors that will surely form a big chunk of AK47Capital‘s future membership two new language versions have been launched with Chinese and Vietnamese. This follows English and Russian, which can be easily switched by choosing the appropriate flag on the right-hand side of the screen.

Moreover, as expected today the game called Bet.Coin has been launched where one can win cash prizes by simply guessing whether the USD price of BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum goes up or down within the next 15 minutes. To participate you need to simply enter your invite code you receive via email and click on Place Bet Now! In case of the right prediction, as happened to myself today, you will be randomly rewarded with a $0.10 to $4,700 cash bonus that will be paid on the following day along with your daily payout. I personally have won $0.10 by rightly pointing the direction of two of the three currency pairs, so I’m expecting to receive my prize tomorrow. That doesn’t cost you anything to bet in the game and it’s part of your perks what you get by simply making a deposit with AK47Capital, so it does get more interesting now than ever.

Finally, the latest update posted on AK47Capital‘s official Telegram channel today (make sure you follow it for all the latest updates from the program) tells us about some temporary issues with payouts to Ethereum which are supposed to be fixed soon. So don’t worry if you happened to invest in the program via Ethereum and have not received your payment yet today, as you should see it within the next few hours. All the latest updates from AK47Capital are reposted below:

Plan MP-40 with a yield of 5% per day is AVAILABLE!
Dear investors, we are proud to announce our new investing plan MP-40. It paying 5% daily for 50 working days, minimal deposit is $2000 – it is a special plan for serious and advanced investors. Total profit is 250% including principal. Welcome!
If the new plan is not active – refresh the browser page using CTRL + F5!
Best regards, AK47Capital team

AK47Capital News
Chinese and Vietnamese languages are added on out site.
Have a nice day and stable payouts!

AK47Capital News
Dear guests and investors, we launched a BET.COIN game. You can win up to $4700. You are welcome, try our game today!

AK47Capital News
Dear friends, at the moment we experiencing a tech issue with Ethereum payouts. It will be fixed soon and payouts will be completed. Thank you for your understanding!


Unfortunately for everyone keeping reserves in OctoinCoin (aka OCC which is Octoin‘s only currency at the moment) the price has recently plunged below $5. That is horrendous news, as at the beginning the officially set price was $100 for 1 OCC and all members’ balances were converted at that rate. Twenty times less is the OCC price now and that’s probably still not the bottom yet, judging by the little to no interest Octoin has managed to attract from Indonesia and other Asian countries where it’s still being tirelessly promoted. I’m not sure really how efficient that kind of promotion might be at the moment, but judging from the price of OCC it might not be so good and more and more people started realizing this now. Nevertheless, the administration of Octoin (reviewed here) still posts regularly about the promotions and payments are still being made to OctoinCoin wallets. That’s the main reason I’m still keeping Octoin on Waiting Status on the MNO monitor, as the obligations towards investors seem to have been honoured, however, no new investments during this crisis can be recommended at the moment:

At the end of March – broadcast in Indonesian! March 28th!
Especially for those who do not have the opportunity to come to a meeting with our speakers, we continue to make online broadcasts. This time it will be held by the speaker Mr. Purnomo. This event will be held on the 28th of March at 19:00 – 22:00 UTC + 07.
Mr. Purnomo will talk about the blockchain, crypto-currencies and our project Octoin. You will learn how you can become successful and earn in this new, promising field. Also, the speaker will tell you about the advantages and features of the Octoin project, which will allow you to embark on the path to prosperity and wealth! Everyone will be able to see how our platform works, how to mine OctoinCoin and how deals are made on the p2p exchange.
Even if the speaker misses something – you can always ask him any question in the chat. Communication and feedback are integral parts of our cryptocommunity! We are looking forward to you and your partners!
Subscribe to our Facebook page via the link to receive a notification of the start of the broadcast: Also, the recording will be available later in the video section of the link:
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!

March 29 – Come to the online training broadcast!
Dear participants of the project, we are pleased to announce the continuation of a series of online broadcasts on Facebook specifically for those who can not come to a live meeting. This time it will be held by the speaker Mr.Asep Susanto. The webinar will be held on the 28th of March at 19:00 – 22:00 UTC + 07.
Mr.Asep Susanto will talk about the blockchain, crypto-currencies and our project Octoin. Speaker will tell you about the advantages and features of the Octoin project, which will allow you to embark on the path to prosperity and wealth. Everyone can see how our platform works, how OctoinCoin breaks down and deals are made on the p2p exchange. You will learn how you can become successful and earn in this new, promising field.
Even if the speaker misses something – you can always ask him any question in the chat. Communication and feedback are integral parts of our cryptocommunity! We are looking forward to you and your partners!
Subscribe to our Facebook page via the link to receive a notification of the start of the broadcast: Also, the recording will be available later in the video section of the link:
Octoin – a new era of blockchain!


As we are almost at the end of the month someone reminded me recently about the old saying about March that it “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. I always kinda liked it anyway, though it may well be applied to Payza right now as well. There’s probably no point in going over this again in any great detail, it is after all a matter of public record, but just for the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know this the Payza payment handler is no more. The joint CEO and founder has been arrested and indicted in the USA and awaits trial, while his business partner and brother remains on the run. It’s only a matter of time before the long arm of the law catches up with him of course, that’s a whole other story, but for now all we need to concern ourselves with is the business. Payza, as a payment service provider, is being shut down by US federal authorities for illegal activities. The charges against them are mostly a matter for the courts and something that prosecutors and defenders can argue about, such as prior knowledge of what some of their customers may or may not have been using Payza accounts for. Other matters of more or less open and shut, such as operating a money transmitting service without a licence. I mean you either have a licence to operate the service or you don’t, and since it’s the government who issue these things it’s not really that difficult for them to determine. The only thing that surprises me here is how long it took the authorities to catch up with Payza, considering how relatively out in the open they were operating compared to the likes of let’s say LibertyReserve, how long the investigation has been going on (it started back in 2016 apparently), and the fact that the joint CEO even appeared the television news in Canada discussing his business.

Anyway, since this was the most utterly one-sided poll possible, there’s no reason to keep it running any longer. The result was more predictable than a Russian election. The question I asked readers was “How will you react to the legal issues facing Payza?” Well, no point in telling you what the obvious answer to that question was, you all seem to know and agree already. 100% of the voters said “I’m going to get all my money out and stop using them”. For the record, and just in the interests of keeping things transparent here, the other option was “I’m not going to do anything and hope for the best”. This got zero votes! It looks as if everyone was right in this case, since the situation with Payza has deteriorated even further. Just after the .com domain name was seized by the US department of justice, whoever was left behind the scenes at Payza made a rather meek attempt to continue operations under the .eu domain. Payments were made for a day or two but it was never going to take long for that trickle to turn into a flood as Payza account holders from across the globe clambered to get their money out. With no more funds coming in – who in their right minds would want to put money in Payza now anyway – it now looks as if the last of the rats have deserted the sinking ship. Payments have halted, and the support staff have fled, abandoning even the pretence that things might ever get back to normal. If you were unlucky enough to have any money stored in Payza, honestly, I can’t tell you if you are ever going to see it again, but I doubt it. I believe US bank accounts held by Payza have been frozen, what ever becomes of the money there is anyone’s guess but is going to take years to be decided anyway, but what ever money was held in other countries is most likely now in a suitcase held under the arm of someone running for the hills.

So, that piece of bad news brings me to the subject of the next opinion poll for the MNO TalkBack page. Three full months are now almost past us in 2018 and I can’t say the HYIP industry is really in the strong position we would like it to be. We can debate the reasons all day, that’s another matter, but the fact is we are where we find ourselves. That doesn’t mean there are no good programs or it’s not possible to make some money, there just isn’t a lot of confidence out there at the moment. Some people have done OK this year, I know this from the feedback I get from readers, but generally speaking more people were expecting better things. Where are you in all of this? Are you still making money from HYIPs or do you think it better to wait for the next big thing to come along before getting back in the game?

My question for readers then is this:
How was the first quarter of 2018 for you in the HYIP industry?

Possible answers are:
1) I have made a good profit
2) I made some profit but expected more
3) I’m probably just breaking even
4) I have lost money

Thanks in advance for everyone who takes the time and trouble to participate. The poll can be seen on the MNO TalkBack page here where it will run for around another week or so, long enough for anyone who wants to vote to be able to do so. Remember also that voting is completely anonymous, untraceable, and literally only takes a second of your time.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: ETHMine, BitReliabilityAK47Capital.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, TransportAlliance, ForeverMoney.

Thanks for reading, guys. Just to finish I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Easter now, as due to the holiday weekend I will most probably enjoy the celebrations in London and not post until at least next Monday. I’ll still keep an eye on the listed programs’ statuses on the MNO monitor to make sure you have an accurate status of any listed HYIP should you wish to join one. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some promising newcomers as well, because the industry always needs fresh blood to thrive. Make sure you vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and if you have any questions I’m always there to answer them via Telegram @mnoblog, this contact form, or if you write directly to my email address Stay safe keep earning with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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