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30/04/2018. New Advertising Prices on MNO and Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog on this pre-Labor Day update from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. I hope you’re all in a good mood and looking forward to the extended May Day holidays if they are celebrated in your home country. I’ve asked my programmer to create a little make-up for the MNO blog and monitor headers, so to keep my readers in the holiday mood, and I hope you all appreciate his design skills. As expected, the HYIP industry will be even quieter than it is at the moment, so don’t expect much to happen on other monitors. With MNO the situation might be different though, as the radical price drop now in effect I have a couple of new names to introduce in this evening’s post. You can already see them on my monitor – namely a fixed length mid to long term program called UltraFXLimited and a slightly more unconventional one called Menchor which at first glance looks like a long term HYIP but gives members the flexibility to determine their own investment terms. I’ll be introducing them both later in this post so keep reading for that, and reviewing them more thoroughly later in the week when I have more time to research them.

Before that I would like to discuss the changes made to the listing and advertising criteria on my site. But first, a bit of a history lesson. Once MNO was first launched back in July 2007, the listing prices have only went in one direction – up. There was one very simple reason to that – the HYIP market was mostly on an upward trend, but MNO’s popularity was growing even faster than anticipated even by me. At the time when I realized my work starts interfering with my personal life which has always been full of adventure and a priority, I had to keep it under control and increase the prices again and again to limit the number of the listed programs. Later on it also became the main feature distinguishing MNO from hundreds of other blogs and monitors – to set up the sky-high prices and limit the amount of programs and therefore make it harder for deliberate fast scams to be on MNO and at the same time save my time and effort from covering HYIPs that were only harmful for the whole industry.

Unfortunately with the declining fortunes of the HYIP industry there was, albeit briefly before today’s new additions, only one program on Premium List – AK47Capital – which is not something I can live with. That has nothing to do with the money, as I’m personally in a position to no longer need to work. In fact money has never been an objective for me when running MNO. Over eleven years in the HYIP industry I have made my own fortune and could easily retire were it not for the fact that I quite enjoy what I do as a hobby. MNO has become like an addiction to me and I hate to see the market not being as active as it used to be only a few months ago. I have high hopes it will rebound though, and if I had been thinking otherwise I would have certainly not declined a recent offer to purchase MNO worth $400,000. No, there’s much more to that than just a money issue – the very limited pool of programs which I cover on MNO (Basic programs do not count as they are not covered on the blog) is in contradiction of the main policy of MNO being first and foremost an information resource covering all aspects of the HYIP industry. Really, if there are almost no programs to cover, what is the point of running a blog once being known for giving you the most exclusive and up-to-date information on the biggest investment projects in the industry?

I know experienced HYIP investors would agree that the industry thriving in 2017 has shrunk tenfold after so many negative events over the first four months of 2018. Those include the recent closure of Payza, the sharp price drop of crypto-currency markets, rapid increase of faster closing programs, all of which resulted in an overall decline in interest in the HYIP industry and less money in circulation. HYIP admins just cannot afford paying higher listing prices, and not because they do not want to see their programs in the limelight, but because the money is simply not there at their disposal anymore. As I still see the need to have more elite programs on the MNO monitor to be covered on my blog I have recently asked readers on the TalkBack page about a temporary prices drop. It seems the overwhelming majority agree (more on that will be in the next section of today’s update).

Let me get one thing straight though – a reduction in the listing and advertising banner prices is strictly limited. Once the HYIP industry recovers to it’s previous levels this will be reconsidered. I’m aware that MNO is recognized by many as a reliable source of information and the first place to visit to find the most elite investment programs with the highest advertising budgets. Therefore let’s make it official – there will be no decline in the quality of the programs on the MNO monitor due to HYIP admins suffering from and the sharpest decline in the industry since the disastrous closure of LibertyReserve back in May 2013. That’s why it has been decided to return MNO advertising prices back to those levels for a limited time. So, that is how it’s going to work from the first of May 2018 until further notice.

The price of Premium Listing on MNO is going to decrease most significantly – from the current $2,000 to $1,200 which is a whopping $800 reduction. From that amount $400 is going to be reinvested and $800 is a monitoring fee to be included in the list.

Standard listed programs will enjoy a significant discount of $600 deducted from the former price of $1,400. The admins preferring this type of listing on MNO will be able to add their programs for only $800 ($500 monitoring fee and a $300 reinvestment in their program).

As for the Basic listed programs, the new price will be $400 which is half price of the previous price tag of $800. Starting tomorrow programs can be listed there by simply paying $200 monitoring fee to any of specified payment processor accounts and crediting my account with the same $200 deposit.

The Sticky List will still be available for Premium Listed programs only. The price of being on top of everyone else for a specific amount of time has been slashed to $300/week or $1,000/month.

Another radical change for MNO advertisers, apart from the significant reduction of listing prices of course, will be the new policy on advertising banners. All the banner spots will cost up to 50% cheaper than before starting May 1. However, this will ONLY apply to programs already listed on MNO, others will have to pay double price from the amount displayed under each available banner spot. This step will be a significant advancement on the previous policy that prohibitited buying advertising spots without being listed on the MNO monitor first, and at the same time will encourage HYIP admins to list their programs and take advantage of the significantly lower prices for monitoring. With the new listing prices down up to 50% there is simply no excuse why a program can no longer afford to be included on MNO which I expect to have many more programs over the weeks and months to come.

All the other rules already specified on the MNO advertising page will remain the same in terms of reinvestments, refunds, and moving a program to Scam Status if it deserves so. Those programs that will only have advertising banners on MNO without being listed will be also closely monitored on the subject of paying promptly to every investor, and I reserve the right to remove their banners without prior warning or refund if I find out about selective payouts to members.

As for the StartUp listing category, it will be handled totally separately from the main monitor and special rules will apply to whether a program qualifies to be included there. A nominal fee of $200 will be reinvested in the program for how ever long it continues as a “sleeper” and possible disqualification from that category once it wakes up and fails to upgrade to a proper listing type.

I believe the new rules and prices accurately reflect the current state of the HYIP industry which is definitely in a crisis worse than that of 2013. That has been the opinion of my readers as well as mine and we will see where it takes MNO next. Meanwhile I’m open to other suggestions to improve MNO and its service to HYIP investment community, so if you have any ideas please contact me here or chat on Telegram @mnoblog.



The first program I want to introduce today is the newly launched UltraFXLimited which has become the last Premium Listed program under the old advertising terms. UltraFXLimited joined MNO on day one of its online existence and hopefully that will maximize my readers’ chances to profit from it. Although the program seems to be running off a script typical in the industry, licensed from GoldCoders, it comes with a twist. The thing is that unlike many other similar programs UltraFXLimited has chosen BTC to be the main currency and all investments that are made via USD (currently PerfectMoney and Payeer only with AdvCash coming soon) have to be converted into BTC anyway. So theoretically you can invest in the program in USD and lose money even when you think you made a profit, because of the volatility of the exchange rates between USD and BTC. The opposite can happen for sure and you may earn much more than you originally anticipated at the end of the term, but if you don’t like surprises then simply invest using BitCoin right from the start. Before taking a closer look at the investment plans I would also note that withdrawals from UltraFXLimited are manually processed and can take you up to 24 hours before you see them in your BitCoin, PerfectMoney, or Payeer accounts. I cannot yet confirm the Paying status of UltraFXLimited on the MNO monitor, but hopefully by tomorrow the status will change and I’ll be able to plan a more detailed review by Wednesday.

Let’s have a brief look at the investment plans offered by UltraFXLimited for different minimums, with the smallest possible deposit set to 0.003 BTC or about $30 at current exchange rates. All six investment plans for UltraFXLimited members can be provisionally divided into two sub-categories – paying per calendar day with principal back on expiry and paying just once on expiry with principal included. The first group includes 2.2% for 14 days, 2.4% for 30 days, 2.6% for 50 days, 2.9% for 60 days while the second one will pay you 145% after 14 days or 500% after 60 days. Of course, as with any HYIP investors should be reasonable with their expectations and choose the plan you’re most likely to profit. I will try to discuss all UltraFXLimited‘s plans in the upcoming review, meanwhile let’s see what other features they have. While the domain name is registered for two years in advance, the admin has chosen DDoSGuard as a hosting provider and for protection from possible malicious attacks. The safety of the website is further improved by the EV Green Bar SSL-certificate from Comodo and the authenticity of the UK registered company has been verified by the certificate on display. There’s a representative and multi-tier affiliate program available for the benefit of promoters, the latest stats on both deposits and withdrawals, several social network accounts, a Get Started page containing details in graphic format, all complemented by an introductory video presentation the link to which is also embedded on the MNO monitor now. It’s too early to judge the program’s performance as it’s still brand new, but I hope to provide you with some necessary conclusions by Wednesday when I plan to review UltraFXLimited on the MNO blog. Stay tuned for that, guys!


And shortly after midnight my time there was another program added to the Premium List on MNO under the new terms already – Menchor. It’s a brand-new program as well which many of my readers may find similar to a hit program from the recent past called ETHMine which managed to run successfully for almost two months. That’s because Menchor is running off the same custom-made script and perhaps is even under the same administration, although that doesn’t usually guarantee the same results that its predecessor enjoyed. And like the previous program on the same script, Menchor also allows investors total flexibility with the investment terms, with optional principal withdrawal after the first 24 hours of investing. Although not obligated to stay in the program after 24 hours you can keep earning for the duration of a full 1 year investment term and get paid 0.15% to 0.2% hourly (that is 3.6% to 4.8% daily) for how ever long you remain the member of Menchor. Note that a flat 5% fee is deducted automatically when you withdraw your principal, so make sure you invest for at least two days to make it worth your while and make a profit. Just how much your account gets credited hourly will depend on the size of your principal which is counted in BTC with a minimum of 0.001 BTC (about $10 at current exchange rates). Along with BitCoin you can also join Menchor via other crypto-currencies like LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Dash, and BitcoinCash. Deposits and withdrawals are converted to BTC at real-time exchange rates, so keep this in mind to maximize your profits depending on current BTC exchange rate. Once you’ve decided the amount in BTC you wish to invest in Menchor you will be redirected to a new page containing the address and the exact amount you need to pay. You then click the Confirm Payment button and wait for your account to be credited. Withdrawals to BitCoin, DogeCoin, and LiteCoin should be processed instantly (I will be able to confirm this as soon as I get paid myself and move Menchor to Paying status on the MNO monitor) while everything else is paid manually and may take up to 24 hours. All payouts should be seen in real-time, as there is a special button available at the top right corner on the main page of the Menchor website meaning in theory everything should be transparent enough. And one more thing – before requesting a payout from Menchor make sure to specify your crypto-currency wallet addresses in the Profile section of your account and confirm the changes by email, so the script will know where to send it. Smaller investors please take note that Menchor has a minimum withdrawal policy of 0.0005 BTC at the moment, currently around $5 at the time of writing, so make sure you have enough in your account before requesting.

Overall, the Menchor website looks very well made and even the slightest details have been thought of. There are a couple of promo videos available (one of which has been embedded on the MNO monitor already), a comprehensive FAQ, representatives program, UK-based incorporation certificate, a domain registered for ten years no less, and many social network channels for extensive promotion. So far Menchor has been exclusively listed on MNO, but the admin clearly has a good advertising budget since he has started with the Premium List on the very first day. The technical side of things just confirms this point with Menchor hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from DDoSGuard and a Green Bar SSL-certificate from Comodo installed for secure browsing. More on Menchor will be in the upcoming review coming soon, meanwhile read the first welcome message from the admin below:

After one bright idea and many months of focused development, Menchor is proud to open our doors and invite the world to stop by.
In a nutshell, Menchor is a unique automated crypto trading opportunity open to absolutely anyone – from those with a casual crypto interest to anyone at any level of trading competency. Whether it’s your one involvement in the world of crypto trading or an additional form of income, Menchor welcomes you.
Menchor’s expert crypto trader and master market analysts are tapped into the market 24/7, making the right moves and taking the right risks to achieve the biggest profits for our community.
It’s automated but we aren’t robots. We’re real people just like you – only our group is compiled of the industry’s most attuned, most aware traders.
As well as rewards proportionate to the investment you make and the accuracy of our pro moves, Menchor users enjoy a fixed interest rate added to their investment every hour of every day!
We’re not all computer whizzes, but we all like to win big! Menchor is your portal to crypto profits.
We take the right risks. We make the right moves. You reap the rewards.
This is the start of a thrilling new journey – we look forward to welcoming you aboard.
A big thanks from everyone at Menchor!


Time now to look at the final results of the most recent opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. The most recent polls have been aimed at testing the readers opinions on the restructuring of the MNO monitor, since the HYIP industry is now a lot different than the same time last year. Various “calamities” if that’s not too strong a word hit the industry at a time when activity was already at a low point for the year, i.e. just around the Christmas and New Year celebrations which are naturally a low point anyway. The collapse and subsequent failure to recover in the value of BitCoin followed by the arrest by US federal authorities of the CEO of payment giant Payza suddenly meant the HYIP industry looked a far less attractive place to return to when winter turned to spring and usually when we expect a revival. This has all been covered in other blog posts so no need to repeat it all again here, it is what it is and like it or not that’s where we find ourselves today.

The HYIP industry itself isn’t going anywhere for a long time of course, supply and demand will eventually settle to meet each other, even though it’s clearly obvious there’s a lot less money floating around now than a year ago. It’s still possible to make some amount of money, it’s just that the figures are a lot less because the average investment is much smaller these days. It’s a catch 22 situation to be sure, but hard to blame investors. The crisis isn’t of their making after all and it’s only natural that they would want to look after their own money first. With that in mind then the first poll on the re-organising of the MNO monitor proved hugely popular among readers, who expressed some enthusiastic opinions both for and against adding the new “StartUp” section for so-called sleeper and other low budget programs.

In order to attract more programs which, (in percentage terms if not monetary terms) may still be quite profitable for the smaller investments now being made in the industry, I decided to ask readers about a reduction in listing prices for the MNO monitor. The exact question put to you was:
Due to the deepening crisis in the HYIP industry do you think MNO should temporarily reduce listing prices?

The reaction to this was largely positive, though as always I do understand both opposing points of view have some valid points to make. However it was the clear majority of 57% of readers expressing the view “Yes, a significant reduction will be better as more admins could afford to list their programs then” that won the day. A further 7% of readers are in broad agreement but took the less drastic option of “Yes, perhaps slightly less expensive prices would be OK to maintain the elite status on the monitor”. The minority view, though one expressed by a significant number of readers with 36% of the vote was that “No, I’m totally fine with the current amount of programs on MNO and don’t want any changes”.

After careful consideration I would have to disagree that a reduction in prices under current industry conditions somehow compromises the integrity or elite status of the MNO monitor. Reason being that the prices are still a fair reflection of the activity and finances that are out there right now. Anyway, while I don’t have any fixed dates in mind this is still just a temporary measure. I think it’s only fair that prices for listing and advertising on MNO rise and fall in line with the industry, so most likely they will increase again at some point when the activity and spending amounts return to previous levels.

So, for the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll I would like to ask readers about how other methods of earning money from the Internet, assuming you have experienced this, compare with earning from the HYIP industry. Specifically I’m talking about crypto-currency trading, the buying and selling of the likes of BitCoin, Ethereum, and so on for a profit. In the last year it never seemed far away from the pages of the mainstream media, with seemingly the world and its dog having a go at amateur online trading. The popularity of such activities came to an abrupt end when the value of BitCoin – by some distance still the most popular crypto-currency – collapsed and went into free-fall. But then again a fall in value is just as important as a rise if one is to be a successful trader, buying low and selling high being the maxim. Prices have since stabilised though crypto-currency trading might not be quite so trendy now that the bubble has burst. But still, experienced traders don’t attach so much importance to the maximum value of a product as they do the fluctuation in value, as that’s where the profit or loss in trading is made. So my question to MNO readers in the new TalkBack poll is on your personal experience with this, assuming you have any. I would like to know:

Do you think mining and trading crypto-currencies is now more profitable than investing in HYIPs?

Possible answers are as follows:
1) Yes, I invest more in crypto-currencies as there’s a lower risk for higher profits
2) Maybe, I believe it can be more profitable but I don’t have the skills to test it
3) No, with HYIPs you can profit quicker if you manage to find the right programs

As always thanks in advance to everyone who participates. It’s greatly appreciated as I think a lot of readers will find the results interesting. Remember it only takes literally a second to vote, and is completely anonymous and untraceable at all times. The poll will remain open on the MNO TalkBack page here for around another week to ten days, long enough for anyone interested in voting to be able to do so.


Staying loosely on the same subject, let’s think about the possibility of further growth in the value of major crypto-currencies, as the maximum that was achieved back in December 2017 might not be an unbeatable all-time record. Well, at least the people behind Octoin (reviewed here) and its own OctoinCoin currency seem to think so, according to the latest newsletter sent to members over the weekend. Answering the question whether now it’s the right time to buy or sell crypto-currencies you might have obtained and since kept in your investment portfolios they claim that there is still a huge gap in the market as too many of the earth’s multi billion population are still not involved in trading crypto-currencies, thus leaving huge potential for explosive growth. Yes, at the moment crypto-currencies are mostly stalling and for instance BitCoin is still trading at roughly half the amount it was at the end of last year. However the situation is most likely to change over the course of next few years as a new wave of crypto-currency might bring a much needed revival to the currently stagnating market.

As for the OctoinCoin itself, it looks like the cryptocurrency also known as OCC, has gained some ground and surged to $4 on the news of its possible appearance on the Indodax which is the largest Indonesian cryptocurrency exchanger. While OCC is still at a very low point, considering at the time of its release the price was $100 per 1 OCC, but at least we can see some kind of growth instead of the freefall over the last weeks. I myself think that the article reposted below is a worthwhile read for anyyone thinking that the growth of cryptocurrencies is a thing of the past, and perhaps it will change your mind to a more positive approach to this widely debated matter:

We are at the very beginning of the journey!
We think, we are not the only one who dream of sometimes going back in time and buying bitcoin when it was cheap. Everybody would like to ride a time machine. The recent crisis / correction / bear market forced people to think that the train had left and nobody can no longer earn.
But is there really no chance? We decided to do what the majority neglected: to conduct a simple study.
First, let’s answer the question: how many people in the world own at least some cryptocurrency? Counting them is really difficult, mainly because, unlike participants in the modern monetary system, holders of crypto-currencies are pseudo-anonymous. They are recorded in the public register, but it is impossible to directly link these records to real people. The only thing that can be based on approximate calculations is the number of wallets. According to, the total number of BTC wallets is approximately 23.8 million at the time of writing.
It should be borne in mind that one person – does not mean one wallet, you can have as many as you want. Moreover, for security it is recommended to create different wallets for different purposes. If someone owns several commercial bank accounts, this is suspicious. At the same time, having ten crypts is perfectly normal. Suppose that the average holder of a cryptocurrency has one to five wallets.
Now let’s see how many people inhabit our planet. According to the, there are about 7.6 billion of them. The population over the age of 15 is 74%, and over 25 years old – 58% (according to This means that in the world from 4.4 to 5.6 billion adults.
In accordance with the above figures and based on the total number of purses, the number of holders of crypto-currencies varies from 10 to 50 million, while the number of adults around the world is about 5 billion people. Hence, they are only 0.2-1% of the total number of adults. Keep in mind, this is only a rough estimate.
Cliff Hai and his approach to population dynamics.
American analyst Cliff Hai made a number of interesting forecasts regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrency in general. Once he said:
“We are in the situation when, to innovators, about 1.5-3% of the population can be attributed. The next wave is people who join the ranks of bitcoin investors and do not bring anything new into the sphere, they are called early followers or pioneers. Earlier I described this as a process of joining new people, but now, perhaps, I will immediately sum up. If you look at the general population of the planet and assume that perhaps 1.5% of the world’s population is involved in crypto-currencies, the next wave will cover 13.5% of the population … ”
If its logic is correct, then we can confidently assume that the era of crypto currency is just beginning, and we are still on an “innovative” wave.And this means that the journey to the world of cryptocurrency is just beginning and now is the time to study the cryptosphere and use it.This will help our team and OctoinCoin – our reliable innovative cryptocurrency, which meets all modern standards!
OctoinCoin – a new era of blockchain!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, Snowbit, DinoForex (the first payments received).

That’s all for today, guys. Thanks for reading and I’m pleased to see already more activity on MNO since the new lower advertising prices were implemented. Enjoy your May Day holidays and remember to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter where live updates are posted while they happen and subscribe to the regular blog updates to be delivered straight to your mailbox on this page. If you have any questions, suggestions, or advertising requests do not hesitate to contact me here, email me directly at, or chat with me in live mode on Telegram @mnoblog. See you all later this week on Wednesday when I’ll be taking a more detailed look at UltraFXLimited first, followed soon after by a review of Menchor. Stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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