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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where only high budget investment programs run by professional administrators can be found, thanks to my policy of weeding out deliberate fast scams by keeping the listing prices sky-high. Unfortunately this HYIP season has been slower than usual for the time of year which resulted in a lot less activity and fewer successful programs. It’s not just doom and gloom though as investors still have some chance to make money, just not as much compared to the same period last year. Negative factors contributing to the situation include BitCoin prices failing to recover, the recent Payza closure by the US authorities, general lack of interest in ponzi-games, etc. Nobody can predict when this negative trend is going to change, but it looks not unlikely before autumn, when new investors might enter the playing field after the summer holidays. Cycles of good and bad times in the HYIP industry are very normal indeed and if you’re not satisfied with the current choice of the programs presented on MNO you should just patiently wait as newer giants will surely come around soon enough. I myself am enjoying a vacation here in Israel and am grateful that for once I have some leisure time to spend it on the beach and enjoy long walks in perfect spring weather under the sun. Knowing the industry so well though I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of the current negative trend ending overnight and a handful of extremely promising programs emerging again. So whether you are taking a break from the HYIP industry at the moment and looking forward to brighter times make sure to keep an eye on the MNO monitor for new additions, subscribe to the Daily News by entering and confirming your email address here, and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for live updates and new listings. Make sure you keep supporting your favourite programs by voting for them on the MNO monitor and also let me determine whether there’s a demand from my readers for the StartUp Listing, a new category aimed at sleepers and other low-budget programs by voting on the MNO TalkBack poll. First let’s have a look at the latest news and developments from the MNO listed programs from the last four days.


The main bearer of good news this week was undoubtedly BitcolexLimited (reviewed here). The program has been online for over two weeks now from which it spent on the Standard List on MNO eight full days. Payouts from the program have been processed instantly so far to all accepted payment processors – PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash – with no recorded complaints so far. The full investment cycle has been completed on the program’s shortest 10% for 12 days plan, while the break-even point was reached by the first investors in BitcolexLimited‘s 8% for 18 days plan and even those in the longest 5% for 34 days plan are about to start counting profits soon. Of course we cannot really say that BitcolexLimited has been a success so far, but the admin is certainly on the right path and is showing a solid performance with fast and stable payouts. Any program’s lifecycle will eventually depend on members support and level of reinvestments and I hope that the frequent newsletters we have all been receiving from BitcolexLimited this week will contribute to further growth.

The first newsletter from BitcolexLimited in the series reposted below was mostly on the completing of the first investment cycle for forward thinking investors who got onboard within the first days of the program appearing online. For that they were handsomely rewarded with a 20% net profit on their investments. The second newsletter reports that the domain name of the site has been extended for another year – not a really hard thing to do, but shows the admin’s desire to move forward and attract newbies who might think BitcolexLimited would last for that long due to that step having been made. And finally, earlier today the third newsletter from BitcolexLimited was sent to members where the excited admin who definitely has some reserves in BitcoinCash (which is one of the accepted payment methods in his program anyway) reported its rapid recent growth on markets. That’s a long-anticipated sign of possible growth for the entire cryptocurrency market as BitcoinCash is one of the top options for traders nowadays. Fingers crossed this is a good sign for the HYIP industry as well. You can see the newsletter for some expert opinion on rising value of BitcoinCash below:

Growing Good And Stable Now!
Dear Sir and Madam!
First of all, We would like to thank you for a excellent support during the first 12 days online and Today, first cycle complete of our Pack C – 10% Daily For 12 Days and the people who had invested in this pack are all in profits. Now we become a stable online investment program in this industry.
During the last week, our analysts have been working hard for the best results. Our firm is growing good and stable now! We carry out our trades using both fundamental and technical analysis and this allows us to accurately predict the development of different markets and price charts movement and receive a guaranteed profit. Our highly secure and safe technologies in the financial business management field, makes us stand a class apart from all other programs in this industry. We are sure that with your faith in our project we will have a long, wonderful investment journey with a huge profits.
Our traders Teams are always busy to make highest profit on stock exchange and also in Crypto Currency. You can also get Up to 10% Extra income commission by join your Friend and Family with your Referral link.
We will continue to offer you stable returns and professional customer service. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have any good advice about our project.
MONITOR STATUS: https://www.bitcolex.com/rateus
MMGP: https://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=576820
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/bitcolexpage
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/bitcolex
Thank you for staying with us!
Wish you Good Luck and Enjoy Profit with us. Have a great day !
Best Regards, BitcolexLimited Team

Domain Extended For Next 1 Year !
Dear Sir and Madam!
First of all, Again We would like to thank you for a wonderful support. Exactly 14 days have passed since our investment platform went online. Today, we extended the domain of our site for another 1 year ahead. We are focusing on long-term cooperation and we are working hard to maintain it. We are sure that with your faith in our project and we will have a long, wonderful investment journey with a huge profits.
Our firm is growing well and amazing! Bitcolex has become an extremely popular, successful and reliable investment website in such a short period of time. Our future looks very bright and promising.
We will continue to offer you stable returns and professional customer service. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have any good advice about our project.
MONITOR STATUS: – https://www.bitcolex.com/rateus
MMGP: – https://mmgp.ru/showthread.php?t=576820
Thank you for staying with us!
Wish you Good Luck and Enjoy Profit with us. Have a great day!
Best Regards, BitcolexLimited Team

Bitcoin Cash Smashes Through $1,000 USD
Dear BitcolexLimited Member,
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now trading at $1,000 USD, returning the price to levels not seen since late March of this year. Analysts have attributed the BCH spike to after-tax-season liquidity, strong volume, and a passionate and active community supporting the project.
Bitcoin Cash Smashes Through $1,000
“The price of Bitcoin Cash has rallied to test levels above $1,000 for the first time since March. The move comprises a gain of more than 75% when measuring from early April’s low of approximately $610. With BCH hovering at approximately $1,050, the markets are approaching the 23.6% fibonacci retracement area when measuring from the all-time.”
“When looking at the BCH/BTC markets,” he detailed, “one can see that Bitcoin Cash has begun to make significant gains over bitcoin. The BCH/BTC markets recently broke above, and then bounced off a broken a major descending trendline, signaling that BCH’s gains over BTC may continue in the short term. The BCH/BTC markets are also testing the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement area when measuring from the major resistance area of 0.25 BTC.”
BCH Garners Mainstream Attention
Days ago, CNBC’s Brian Kelly, of the popular financial news program Fast Money, made his case for an all-out buy of exactly one cryptocurrency, bitcoin cash. Describing his recommendation as “a bit controversial,” Mr. Kelly stood before a monitor to better flesh out his reasoning.
He acknowledged how bitcoin core and bitcoin cash often trade together, following one another up and down. He described BCH as being in the Monty Python Zone. Famously, its skits often portrayed characters who simply refused to give up even when it was obvious to everyone else they should. “Bitcoin Cash has been left for dead,” Mr. Kelly insisted. “It’s gotten absolutely crushed, so maybe it’s mostly dead but it’s not dead yet!”
While many traders recoiled in fear as the cryptocurrency crash of 2018 drove down prices, smart money was waiting on the sidelines for cheap prices on high performing markets. After watching BCH plummet by roughly 75% during the early months of 2018, many large buyers evidently began to accumulate. “We’ve got a potential breakout coming. We’ve got increasing volume,” Mr. Kelly hurriedly explained.
“Look at where we are on the charts,” he insisted, pointing to a mountainous graph. He urged that the price of $790 USD for the decentralized currency, at the time, was moving from a support indicator to an all-out resistance level. In the shorter term, he showed how BCH volumes were spiking, indicating “something might be changing here.” Asked about the broader controversies about which was the real bitcoin, core or cash, Mr. Kelly said he prefers the bottom line: buy low, sell high. He also said in his trading he hadn’t seen problems with liquidity, and that he’d be “buying the dip” on recent FUD news such as the New York Attorney General querying crypto exchanges.


AK47Capital (reviewed here) is definitely run by a very experienced admin who managed to run his previous program very successfully last year and made fortunes for the smarter investors who avoided the trap of on expiry plans and invested instead in the safer daily payment options. The same applies to those who would like to succeed with AK47Capital which has been online and paying for nearly seven weeks now. If you wish to invest at least $5 and get paid automatically on every business day directly to your PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash accounts then go with the 4%-6% for 50 business days plan and avoid the newly added 1,842% after 50 business days plan as too risky. With AK47Capital you don’t even have to create an account, just click Make Deposit on top of the page and continue from there. The automated payouts will save you time and effort as you won’t need to sign in to your account or request any payments like you do in other programs. Yes, this way AK47Capital is totally unique, and no wonder the first investors in profit have been praising the program’s performance leading it to a deserved #1 position on the MNO monitor.

Among the latest short updates from AK47Capital the only one that merits the attention of investors who made a deposit via Ethereum explains possible delays due to network congestion. That news appeared on the official Telegram channel of the program earlier this week:

Dear friends, because of a heavy load on Etherium network, payouts for Etherium deposits can be delayed. Do not worry, it is a normal situation.


Despite IntelligentInvestment being online for about six months now most of the time the program was kept in “sleeper” mode and only a few weeks ago the design and investment plans were changed to appeal to a wider audience. At the moment, IntelligentInvestment offers a wide selection of investment plans that can be divided into two main categories – paying daily with principal back on expiry (5% for 21 days, 5.5% for 27 days, 6% for 35 days, 7% for 45 days, 9% for 51 days, 0.5% for 100 days) and paying once on expiry (1000% after 5 days, 1500% after 10 days, 280%-3000% after 30 days, 600% after 50 days, 1600% after 120 days). From my review of IntelligentInvestment posted here you might be aware that I don’t suggest losing your head over high returns in any of the on expiry plans, especially considering the deposits there will most certainly only fund payments to the daily paying plans. Until recently IntelligentInvestment only accepted deposits via PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, BitCOin, and LiteCoin. Just a few days ago four more cryptocurrencies were added to the list which now includes Ethereum, DogeCoin, Dash, and BitcoinCash.

IntelligentInvestment has been listed on MNO for exactly two weeks and so far the payments have been done with no issues to me or my readers. However today I did see some negative reports on online investment forums regarding uncommon delays for higher withdrawals. Of course, IntelligentInvestment is paying within 36 business hours, according to their FAQ, but such signals might badly affect the program if the admin wants it to run in the long-term. I hope that the situation normalizes soon and will report on my monitor immediately if I have any complaints from my readers which so far I have not. The latest newsletter from IntelligentInvestment covering the topic of the new cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal options is reposted below:

Dear Sir/Madam
Stay informed on our latest news!
Today we have some great news for you! We are expanding the investment opportunities in the crypto currency. In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), investments will also be available in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash (DASH). We hope that new payment processors will make cooperation with IntelligentInvestment even more attractive for you. Now we will be able to help to realize its investment requirements of people, whom owing of certain reasons were unavailable to use other electronic payment systems, which before have provided in our program. Our development and progress continues forward and we are aimed only at positivity and productivity of the cooperation process. Use new opportunities in own work with our program. We sincerely wish you new successes in the investment with our company!
Best Wishes, IntelligentInvestment Services Corporation Limited team.


Octoin (reviewed here) is perhaps the best illustration of just how few ICO attempts become a success with CoinMarketCap website now showing their own OctoinCoin (OCC) cryptocurrency at a ridiculously low $2.50 per unit. Remember only a few weeks ago when Octoin converted all members’ balances into OCC without asking investors’ permission to do so in the first place it was set at $100 per 1 OCC. That has dropped so low now that all the possible trading and mining this cryptocurrency looks like time wasted. Will OctoinCoin ever grow to the previous levels? Personally, I doubt it, although the admins seemingly do not lose hope and recently they tried to include another Indonesian based trading platform Indodax to the list of the very few exchangers working with them. The final decision on the inclusion of OCC to the list of traded cryptocurrencies will be made by Indodax in a few weeks time following the results of the vote on their Facebook account. OCC members are encouraged to participate in the voting in the last newsletter from Octoin reposted below:

Vote and OctoinCoin will appear on INDODAX trading platform!
An important announcement for members of Octoin community. Indonesian trading platform INDODAX noticed your activity during the voting in Facebook, associated with the connection of our coin to this exchanger. Very soon, an official vote will begin, and tokens for which the largest number of people voted will be chosen and added to the INDODAX exchange.
What depends on your support and participation in voting? Here we are:
– easily exchange OctoinCoin for rupees
– the course of OctoinCoin will grow
– some mass media will review the voting process
Already on April 23, the Community Coin Voting program will be launched on the INDODAX exchange website and participants will be able to start voting for their favorite tokens. The voting itself will be held from April 30 to May 7. For more information, please contact the Octoin leaders.
Be sure to visit the site of the exchange and participate in the voting – the success of our project depends on the each of you!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, ETHMine, IntelligentInvestment.
From MNO Standard list: BitcolexLimited.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, Snowbit.

That’s all the news for today, guys. I hope next business week will be a better one than this and that we see more stable performers and new promising programs appearing on the MNO monitor. Remember please to vote in the poll on the MNO TalkBack as opinions on the possible launch of the new StartUp Listing on my site are divided, to say the least. I will most probably make the final decision on that in the next post and will hopefully present you with a new monitoring section on my site. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the MNO monitored programs you would like to share with me or have an advertising request for your own project you can contact me via this form, write to me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to hear your feedback on what can be improved on MNO and will be looking forward to brighter times in the HYIP industry. Stay tuned for more on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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