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Hi guys! I’m pleased to see you all back on the MNO blog – the only website dealing exclusively with top-notch investment programs with sizeable advertising budgets and run by experienced admins. And even though the listing prices on the MNO monitor have been temporarily reduced from May the 1st due to a slowdown in the HYIP industry they still easily remain the most expensive anywhere in the field. So you can be sure that deliberate scams will still find the prices at a prohibitively high level for themselves and only a handful of the best admins who have the necessary skills on how to navigate the current harsh climate will be presented on MNO.

With the HYIP industry still at a low point due to the extended May holidays I have more free time now to keep myself occupied and enjoy my vacation traveling across Georgia (not the Jimmy Carter one, but the country in the Caucasus). This country has already pleasantly surprised me with its breathtaking views, mountainous fresh air, good quality wines, original cuisine, and friendly people and I can’t wait to explore more of that within the next two weeks time. I won’t forget about MNO though and as promised I’m back today with a news update on what had happened in the HYIP industry over the last three days. Plus there is an introduction of a new program that joined the Premium List on MNO just a few hours ago called Impressio which I would like to start with for you to see whether it will find a place in your portfolios.


While not entirely new (the program was first mentioned on various investment forums about three weeks ago) Impressio has nevertheless flown under the radar all this time. But it occurs to me the admin has been just testing waters before the decision to present it for my readers’ judgment. If you use popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, or LiteCoin, and like programs with instant payouts and run off a totally custom made script then Impressio will make heads turn. Perhaps the investment minimum might have been lower, but for the $25+ equally available for all four plans on offer one cannot really complain. Actually there are four permanent investment plans in Impressio and if you wish just to test the program and receive payouts on an hourly basis then a 4.28% for 24 hours plan is open for new deposits from time to time. While you will only get 2.72% net profit in a day with the principal already included in the daily profits there is perhaps no better way to actually try and see how Impressio works before going with one of the three remaining investment offers. Note that the hourly paying plan is only activated every now and then and at the time of writing the option will remain open for another four hours and then will be closed for new deposits again, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

The three other investment offers from Impressio are available at all times, so they will be the at the centre of my attention in the upcoming review in a few days time, as the program’s Paying status on the monitor has been confirmed already after I successfully received the first instant payouts to my BitCoin address. The first plan will pay you 5.5% for 26 business days (Monday to Friday only) which makes it possible to reach 43% net profit in slightly over five calendar weeks. This first plan though cannot be really recommended as Impressio‘s second investment plan makes it totally obsolete by offering a much better return of 4.5% for 45 calendar days (Monday to Sunday). Please note the difference between the two plans, as the second one offers a better weekly return by paying seven times a week as opposed to only five times in the first plan (27.5% weekly return in the first plan vs. 31.5% weekly return on the second plan). So, by investing in the second plan you have a chance to more than double your money at the end of the nine week term with the total return of 202.5% by expiry. No principal is returned on expiry of either of the daily paying plans available in Impressio, but if you wish to try something else then why not invest in the third plan paying 125% after 14 calendar days for a riskier but faster profit? As all withdrawals are processed instantly you should remember to add your payment processor details in the Settings section of your Impressio account area. And with the coupon option MNO referrals have a chance to earn an 8% extra on their earnings, so just email me if you need one after signing up with Impressio (more on that interesting feature read in the upcoming review as well).

I think that covers most of what you need to know for now about Impressio though it’s possible the admin is going to add more payment options soon with the program only picking up some steam at the moment. Clearly preferring the slow and steady development over fast scam tactics, the admin of Impressio has already translated the website into several languages. Apart from English you can view it in Indonesian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Portuguese, and Czech, with more planned for the future. The Impressio site itself looks a work in progress and I expect to see many more interesting features to come, but even now it looks pretty impressive and totally justifies its name/brand. Apart from the technically advanced website on a custom made script its being hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection from CloudFlare, and of course it’s an SSL-secured website by Comodo which is a must-have option for instantly paying programs. Lots of PDF documents available should help Impressio‘s members to get better acquainted with their main features (just click the Need Help? green vertical tab on the main page) while promoters can use them to spread the word too. A UK certificate of incorporation is also in place, along with main social network websites and a Payouts section where members can actually verify withdrawals made to BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum wallets. I guess no one will argue that Impressio really impresses and first looks might just do the trick for this promising newcomer whose detailed review is going to be published on MNO soon. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Starting off the news for today then is the latest update from Menchor. Things have been really looking up for the program since it launched, as well as its members with the first ones already in profit despite only being online barely a week and a half. The reason for these fast results are of course down to the extra level of flexibility that Menchor allow their members when it comes to determining the length of the investment term you join for. Technically speaking the term runs for a full calendar year, though in practice you are allowed to request your principal back anytime after the first 24 hours for a 5% fee. Meanwhile for as long as you do decide to stay, Menchor make hourly interest payments of between 0.15% to 0.2% to your choice of BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, or BitcoinCash wallets. You’ll notice there are no USD based payment handlers in there, so cryptocurrencies only with a minimum deposit of BTC 0.001 or its equivalent required to join. You can read more about that and the other main features of Menchor in the review first published on MNO here.

In the news update from the Menchor admin encourages anyone interested to join the program’s new Telegram group. I for one think it’s a good thing that he realises the importance of Telegram in the industry these days, and in a relatively short space of time has become one of the most important tools, especially for communication, open to both admins and investors alike since it was developed. You can engage with other investors as well as raise any important topics of discussion with the support staff in real time, so hopefully this will work wonders in promoting this new but still untapped and potentially lucrative program to the wider audience that Menchor deserves. Read the news update on that in full below:

Wherever you are, we hope you’re enjoying the automated crypto trading experience of Menchor as much as we love bringing it to our global users.
Now, let us ask you this. When you’re playing, do you find yourself wishing for a place where you can meet and network with like-minded individuals? A forum of sorts where you can swap hot tips as you better both your game, as well as those of others?
You may well have, as we’ve received hundreds of requests asking if there is such a thing. Well, wonder no more, our budding traders.
We are delighted to present to you: the Menchor Telegram group! – Your new, simple, instant hotspot for easy connections with anyone across the Menchor network.
Engage in live discussions with both fellow traders and members of Menchor‘s master trading squad. Learn of the biggest upcoming trades and how to maximise your rewards. Reach our friendly support and ask any questions you may have of our moderators.
And of course, let us know your thoughts on any absolutely any way we might improve the Menchor experience.
We’re pleased to see member numbers are tallying up already and we can’t wait to welcome you. The Menchor Telegram group will be a source for the latest Menchor announcements as well as host of exclusive opportunities available only to those who are members.
So, what are you waiting for? Signing up is free and fast – download the Telegram Messenger app at the Apple and Google Play app stores and we’ll see you over there soon.
Until next time, happy trading.


With a name like AK47Capital it wouldn’t be a totally outlandish guess to say the admin is probably either a native Russian or at least of very strong Russian heritage. The other giveaway of course was the rather magnanimous gesture he made to participating members in celebrating Victory Day (May 9th for anyone who doesn’t know, a big holiday in Russia plus several of the former CIS nations). If you read the review of AK47Capital on the MNO blog here you will see that there’s more ways to earn money from the program other than actually investing. For the record, the investment plans in AK47Capital include 4%-6% for 50 business days, 1842% after 50 business days, and 1577% after 25 business days. There’s not much to recommend the on expiry plans due to cost and risk, but the daily plans have been an excellent source of income for members for over two months now for just a $5 initial spend via PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, and Dash.

Anyway, one of the other ways you can earn is a series of regular contests held for fun. You are invited to try and predict the most accurate exchange rate for BitCoin at a certain point, and if you get it right you could win a cash prize. Yesterday was an exception however, as in his generous mood the admin decided that all participants would get something, no matter how far out your guess would be. The prize could be anything from $1 to $4,700, though to be honest let’s just say there was likely to be a lot more $1 prizes than any other amount! Still, it was a nice gesture and anyone could claim it. I even won a dollar myself. I hope it goes some way towards building up a level of goodwill between the admin and investors who will continue to support the program since the cash flow does look very healthy there right now. You can read about this below as well as the AK47Capital admin’s best wishes for the holiday:

Gratters with Victory Day + Special invite-code! Win from $1 to $4700
Dear investor,
our best gratters with a May 9 Victory Day!
We making a present – game invite with a $1 minimum win.
For play:
1. Go to:
2. Use special invite-code: –
Our best regards, AK47Capital team


Another admin who definitely isn’t standing still when it comes to growing his program is that of UltraFXLimited. Just to remind you, he was the first HYIP admin to agree to an interview on MNO in over a year, which was just published in the last post you can read here. I guess he seems happy enough with the results as he sent out a link to the finished article to UltraFXLimited members in one of the newsletters you can read below. Some of the ways he has been trying to make his program more competitive and attractive to more investors was to slash the minimum cost of joining, and expand the list of payment options. That means you can now join UltraFXLimited for a minimum of BTC 0.001 or equivalent through PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, Ethereum, and BitcoinCash with plans offering 2.2% for 14 days, 2.4% for 30 days, 2.6% for 50 days, 2.9% for 60 days (principal back), and 145% after 14 days, 500% after 60 days (principal included). You can see a more detailed discussion of these plans in the UltraFXLimited review on MNO here.

In other news the admin explained and apologised for a technical glitch that held up some payments for a brief period. Without getting into any complicated details, what happened was that some members were having their withdrawals returned to their balances. This has now been dealt with as you can see in another news update below, so if you haven’t done so already then you are asked to re-submit any outstanding payment request (assuming you have one) and the UltraFXLimited admin will get it done for you ASAP. I guess you can’t ask for better than that. In other news the admin also says a Russian language version of the website is currently under construction so that should really help to open the program up to a huge audience, plus the introduction of instant withdrawals which are expected next week. I can’t really describe this as “news” as such, it hasn’t happened yet after all, but keep an eye on MNO for further developments and I’ll make sure this is the first place you hear about it if and when it goes through. All the updates from UltraFXLimited, including the link to the MNO interview, are included below:

UltraFXLimited Important about withdrawals
We are really sorry for inconvenience. Please send withdrawal request again.
Due to mistake it return back to account balance when we try to process it using API system due to IP changing problem it cancelled by mistake. Send it and we will process it fast as we are online.
Again sorry for inconvenience.
Thank you. Admin of UltraFXLimited.

UltraFXLimited – Again We Have a Good News!
As promised, again we have a good news for you.
We start accepting Bitcoin Cash and ETH as payment processors.
Several big updates still waiting on next week. (Russian Language translation, Instant Withdrawals and more)
Stay tuned!
Regards, David Zane, CEO UltraFXLimited

UltraFXLimited Interview
We have been interviewed by the famous MNO blog. We thank MNO admin Paul for doing that. You can find the interview here:
We are glad for all the efforts of members did in promoting UltraFXLimited and making it a success.
Regards, David Zane, CEO UltraFXLimited


No luck for OctoinCoin I’m afraid lately. Nothing seems to have been working on the currency that was born of the formerly popular HYIP Octoin a few months ago. Being originally valued at a whopping $100 per unit after members fell victim to forcible balance conversions of their accounts the price of OCC which stands for OctoinCoin has since fell to a measly $2.23 at the time of writing. There is still some activity on the Octoin website as deposits are accepted and withdrawals are paid in OCC, but for how long will it continue. Will the admin eventually simply give up seeing that his venture was not so profitable and not a walk in the park like he hoped it would? The recent news from Octoin includes a separate website now created for OCC where members can find some related wallet information and download the software to their computers. Just how many people will find this worthwhile for the betterment of the failing OCC currency in the long run remains to be seen. I for one am not optimistic regarding their ultimate fate. Here’s the latest from Octoin (first reviewed here and remained on Waiting Status on the MNO monitor):

Important announcement about OctoinCoin!
Dear participants of the project!
Our team notifies you that we are launching a separate web page dedicated entirely to our OctoinCoin cryptocurrency. On it you can read all the information about OCC and see the road map of our cryptocurrency. By this we emphasize that OctoinCoin is an independent and self-sufficient cryptocurrency. News about OCC will also be published on this page. Please click on the link and read the information:
The main site will work in the same mode, but the focus will be on our business programs, development and achievements of the Octoin community. In a separate tab there is information about the Top Leaders of our team from around the world who are always ready to get in touch with you and provide you with the up-to-date information about Octoin community.
Do not forget about our social networks, it is there that sometimes the freshest and hottest news is published! Subscribe to us on Facebook (, Telegram ( and stay tuned!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: UltraFXLimited.
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, MenchorBitLandis, Impressio (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining.

That’s all for now, everyone. If you wish to get first access to both brand new and already established lucrative money making opportunities then subscribe for daily updates delivered to your email address on a regular basis by confirming it on this page. For more up-to-date notifications of newly added programs to the MNO monitor please follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter. I’m looking forward to hearing any questions, suggestions, or advertising requests, so please submit them on the MNO Contact Page or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I would like your feedback on the paying once on expiry investment plans offered by some HYIPs, so please vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page. I hope to draw the final results and replace it with a new question by the end of this business week, when I also hope to have a full review of Impressio and all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry. Stay tuned and stay in profit together with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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