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19/05/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys, and welcome back to MNO – the only serious blog on the subject of elite HYIPs with the best programs run by experienced admins. Although there wasn’t much to report in the HYIP industry recently that’s not always a bad thing, as all the programs listed on the MNO monitor are still paying fine. Besides, I have more time now for myself to explore my last stop on my vacation in Georgia before returning home to London – Kutaisi, capital of Imereti region. I’m not forgetting MNO while doing so and added another program to the newly opened StartUp List dedicated to “sleeper” programs, so you might as well check it out as many of these programs eventually upgrade when they are ready. In today’s news I have some updates from the MNO Premium List like BitLandis and Impressio, as well as very troubling news from the long suffering Octoin. Also we will check out the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and ask another question. So without a further ado let’s get down to business.


BitLandis is impressing investors with impeccable profits paid to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, and BitCoin accounts instantly upon request. There is only one investment plan available in the program paying 2.2% for 30 calendar days with the possibility to earn 66% pure profit by the end when the principal is going to be handed back to you as well. If you prefer faster profits though there is absolutely no need to wait for the full term, as BitLandis allows you to release your initial principal at any time for a 10% withdrawal fee. The released amount is then sent back to your balance and is available for an instant withdrawal just like the rest of the profits. So theoretically speaking you could stay with the program for only five days, then change your mind to withdraw your principal and still be in profit. That’s a cool feature that makes BitLandis a bit different from others, isn’t it?

Anyway, if you wish to know more about BitLandis you can always refer to the detailed review posted here or check out the latest interview with the program’s admin Patrick here. By the way, Patrick was kind enough to send a link to the review and interview to all BitLandis members in the newsletter. There he also reports the launch of a bonus program with more information posted on a page specially made for that purpose. In a nutshell, BitLandis will reward you with $30 if you fulfil all the requirements of the promotional contest on social networks. So if you think you can make an impact by introducing BitLandis to your online friends then try your luck for a cash prize as explained in the latest newsletter below:

BitLandis Interview and bonus offer!
Dear investors,
Do you want to know more background and story of the BitLandis project? Please check our CEO Patrick interviews with money-news-online blog. You can find it along with reviews and monitoring status here:
This week we have launched our bonus program for our active investors. Just make a video or share your status of our project in social networks, you will earn bonus.
Please check details here:
With best regards, BitLandis Limited


From the previous post on my blog you might know that the admin of Impressio has modified his limited VIP plan from the one described in the original review posted here. It now pays 2.15% hourly for 48 hours for deposits in the range of $25 to $1,500 and offers instant payouts to all accepted cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum. The total return from the VIP plan is a moderate 103.2% which includes your principal, so only 3.2% profit. Currently the plan is open until tomorrow and you can invest there if you think it something that suits your budget. If you prefer a more traditional daily paying plan then choose between two others paying 5.5% for 26 business days (143% total return) or 4.5% for 45 calendar days (202.5% total return) plans, while not for the faint-hearted is the paying once on expiry 125% after 14 calendar days plan, principal included. All three options are available for a $25 minimum and they all pay instantly on request. To make things sweeter, MNO can distribute an 8% extra deposit bonus coupon code which you can take advantage of if you wish to join one of the three main investment plans offered by Impressio, so contact me here for your personal code and enter it before investing to make your deposit larger. In the latest newsletter the admin of Impressio whose program has been paying promptly for over a month now, reminds us of the limited availability for the VIP plan and also takes the description of the three other investment plans as they were posted in the original review on MNO. So if you’re interested have a look below to read through it:

IMPRESSIO – Hourly Plan expires soon
Dear Impressio Users,
The hourly plan is available for a limited time only – specifically, only for the next 5 hours! This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize and take advantage of our offers to help you start or continue your cryptocurrency investment journey. Of course, after 3 hours, you can always select from our standard investment plans mentioned below.
The first plan is called – The Starter Plan and pays every business day, Monday to Friday, for a term running 26 business days or just over five weeks. You can still join for a $25 minimum spend, for which Impressio offer a return payment of 5.5% per business day, principal included. That adds up to 143% back on your investment by the end, of which 43% is the net profit. So let’s say the same $100 deposit made here will get you back $5.50 every day from Monday to Friday, allow you to break even after 19 payments, and complete the term with $143 returned on your own initial hundred. Your own money back plus $43 given to you by Impressio. There’s no upper limit on how much you can invest by the way, and all deposits earn the same rate regardless of size.
The second option takes a slight change in direction by paying investors on calendar days. The minimum cost of joining is still $25 and is called The Advanced Plan. For a term that now stretches to 45 days (which isn’t actually so much longer than the previous option as you might think at first, remember we are switching from business to calendar days this time) Impressio are offering 4.5% interest per day. That adds up to 202.5% by the term’s completion, from which Impressio are also including your principal. So it’s 102.5% net profit, or slightly more than double your money back. The break-even point comes after 23 payments and there is no upper limit to what you can invest.
The final plan again changes direction, with Impressio offering just one single payment on expiry this time. It’s called The Pro Plan, and the minimum cost of joining remains at $25, with no upper limit. The term runs for 14 calendar days, and in return for your money Impressio offer a single payment of 125% on expiry, principal included. So for $100 here the offer is $125 at the end of the term, or your own money back plus 25% net profit.
Remember to keep the notification bell turned on to take advantage of offers like these!
Special Thank You for the plan detailed explanation to Paul from MoneyNewsOnline
Thank you for your support, The Impressio Team


Very disturbing news from Octoin, guys. Unfortunately the price of one OCC (OctoinCoin) has dropped recently below the psychological threshold of $1 and at the moment the steep decrease continues with people selling off the currency while they still can. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, the whole situation unraveled after officially announced major changes in Octoin earlier this week. The changes affected the investment and affiliate programs that used to be in Octoin before its gradual transformation into the OCC currency. It appears that it was a much more challenging task than the admins of Octoin originally thought. In a nutshell, from the latest update I repost below you will find out that the Octoin is no more as an investment program and thus after all the members were credited with their returns accumulated over the last few months, the administration is going to concentrate its efforts on the promotion of the OCC currency alone. I doubt very much that they are going to succeed in that venture, judging by their previous fruitless attempts, and the crypto-currency market most probably reacted with mistrust. That resulted in the price crash on the markets which spells the end of OctoinCoin as we know it, despite the positive tone in the latest newsletter. I consider my service as a monitor for Octoin as fully completed, and judging by previous experience with them I would not hold my breath the OCC currency will ever recover. Time will tell anyway, but meanwhile I’ll say goodbye to Octoin move it to the appropriate Scam Status on the MNO monitor:

Attention! As of this Thursday there are major changes in Octoin project!
Dear users,
We would like to inform you about the upcoming changes in the work of the Octoin project.
After the launch of OCC, the main and only goal of the Octoin project is to create the most favorable environment for the development of the cryptocurrency of our community. For this, we used both: temporary auxiliary tools (mining programs, OCC accumulations and partner program) as well as permanent tools (multi-currency purse and P2P exchange platform for OCC and other top cryptocurrencies).
OCC is a technological innovative cryptocurrency with a strong potential for development and extensive functionality. However, the foreign market dictates its own rules for the promotion of the cryptocurrencies as well as their listing on world exchanges which we are forced to comply with. The global blockchain community wants maximum transparency in the quantitative and cost parameters of transactions, thus forcing OctoinCoin to stop all auxiliary programs because these transactions are not fully recorded in the blockchain.
The update process will be launched on the afternoon of 17/05/2018 and will lead to full stop of the affiliate program, mining and accumulation of OCC. After stopping these programs, the system will calculate the accumulated coins that will be credited to the user’s internal multi-currency wallet.
Important notice! During this update, changes will not affect the work and functionality of the P2P exchange and multi-currency wallets of the users. They will continue to work in the existing mode without any commissions. We are as loyal as possible to our users. We will remain doing our best for them.
The balances of all cryptocurrencies on the users’ multi-currency wallets will be saved and available for further use.
This will allow us to move towards the chosen direction by the new way. All users will be able to mine OCC both on personal desktop purses and in independent pools, which are already being actively introduced by leaders of different countries of our Community. In addition, traders will have the opportunity to trade OCC on world exchanges in different currency pairs. Octoin team conducts in-depth negotiations in this direction.
Work on the development of the project continues. At the moment we are intensively developing our own exchange for the active promotion of OctoinCoin. Our team will keep supply you by interesting up-to-date news and hot announcements on the regular basis!
OctoinCoin is a new era of blockchain!


Finishing up for toady’s news update then, I guess it’s time to have a look at the final results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. It concerned the subject of online exchangers in the HYIP industry, by which I mean online service providers that allow you to move money between cryptocurrencies, payment processors, and in some cases your bank account and credit cards. They have long provided an essential service for payment processors, not just to those with customers involved with the HYIP industry which is the focus of my poll but also to basically anyone needing to use cryptocurrencies for any reason. The popularity of such services might be starting to wane as there are more and more direct options provided for account holders. Some payment processors themselves have in the past issued their own branded debit cards that allowed users instant access to online cash via almost any ATM worldwide or over the counter and online purchases. More and more commercial main street businesses, shops, restaurants, and the like are starting to accept BitCoin as well. Not so much that you could exactly call it “mainstream” by any stretch of the imagination, but things are very slowly moving in that direction. So with all that in mind I was curious to know just how often MNO readers need to use online exchangers anymore, though it has to be said this question could very well be a reflection of their activities in the HYIP industry rather than the usefulness or dependability of any exchangers themselves. The exact question was: How often do you use exchangers when investing in HYIPs?

The number one answer with a strong showing of 36% of the vote was “I don’t use exchangers at all”. I guess this just goes to prove that depending on how and where you invest (i.e. what payment handlers) it’s possible to bypass the exchangers completely and save on fees. The second most popular reply with 27% was the option “Very rarely, a few times per year”, though again I can’t say if that reflects more on the demand for the services that exchangers provide or on the level of activity in the HYIP industry as carried out by the voters. 19% of readers say they use exchangers “Often, at least once weekly” while the remaining vote is split equally at 9% each for “Very often, almost daily” and “Seldom, once every few weeks”. It’s hard to draw a single defining conclusion from those results, but I would have to say there’s definitely a need and a demand for online e-currency exchangers for sure.

Staying on the subject of online exchangers then, for the next question I want to specifically address those readers who definitely do need and use their services and will continue to do so. As you may know there is a page on the MNO website specially dedicated to such exchangers. But this isn’t a paid advertising page now, the companies listed there are all reputable service providers with good, solid track records, and are listed on MNO only because I personally have chosen to put them there. I’ve tested all of their services, continue to use all of them on a fairly continuous basis (if for nothing else then to monitor their level of customer service) and have no hesitation in recommending any of them. The MNO approved exchanger page has been revised and expanded so you can visit it here to take advantage of any of the offers you will find there. Different companies will offer different services for various locations around the globe and with support in languages other than English. Therefore I can’t simply say that one is better than the other, it really depends on the individual service that you are looking for. No matter what it is however, I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the names on MNO approved exchanger list as I’ve tried them all out personally and can vouch for them. For the purpose of the following opinion poll however I’m just going to include a couple, largely based on popularity but also on being multilingual.
The exact question is:

What is your favourite site from the MNO Approved Exchangers list?

Possible answers include the following:

1) MagneticExchange
2) Changer
3) AlfaCashier
4) Another exchanger from the list
5) My favourite is not listed there

If anyone happens to vote for option number five there, I’d appreciate you contacting me to let me know exactly what exchanger you had in mind. I’m perfectly happy to check it out for myself, and if I’m happy with it after testing their services for myself then can also add them to the MNO approved exchangers list. Thanks in advance as always to everyone who participates, the poll can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here, and will stay open for around another week to maybe ten days. Long enough for anyone interested in voting (or contacting me with an alternative exchanger) to have plenty of time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, BitLandis, Impressio.
From MNO Standard list: Tokenizer.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMiningPokerDAppApexTraders.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend. I’d appreciate if you took a few seconds from your time to vote in the opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page. If you have any questions I try to reply to all mail within 24 hours, so don’t hesitate to contact me via email, via this contact form or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. To keep yourself informed on all the latest news from the biggest programs in the HYIP industry please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe for regular newsletters to be delivered directly to your email address. See you all next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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