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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog. I hope you enjoyed the weekend as I did here in the UK. Apart from “mother of all thunderstorms” hitting the London skyline on Saturday night where up to 20,000 lightning strikes were estimated. That was scary I can tell you, but fascinating to watch as well! Today is a bank holiday here so people are back enjoying the sunshine and strolls in the park, something that occurs to me might affect the HYIP industry as well. You know, it’s running in circles and after a period of relatively high activity there comes a slowdown which traditionally (but not always) comes during the summer months. Whether this year will be an exception from that remains to be seen, so I will try catch the moment with June just around the corner and ask readers about their plans for the summer.

Despite being a long way short of the shape it was this time last year, the HYIP industry has been pretty stable over the last few weeks. I don’t dismiss the fact that you may have seen quite a few deliberate fast scams on other monitors, but here on MNO the situation has been very consistent with all the main programs performing nicely and without any hassle. In fact I even had my doubts about publishing today, as there were very few updates to report in the first place. But I decided to go ahead and post anyway, as my readers certainly deserve more frequent updates to keep them in the loop. So let’s get started our news for today shall we?


I guess no one can deny that AltitudeSolutions which launched only a week ago has nevertheless managed to become one of the hottest and the most talked about programs in the HYIP industry now. There were all kind of rumours circulating on the online forums as to the origins of its admin with many people agreeing he probably ran some quite successful programs in the past. Of course, that alone cannot be a surefire guarantee for AltitudeSolutions, the first investors will only see a profit in a few days from now, so only time will tell. So far though AltitudeSolutions has been paying fine on its only 12% for 12 business days plan (144% total income by expiry) and all payouts are processed instantly on request to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. With a minimum investment starting from a very reasonable $10 there can’t be any excuse for you not trying this hotly debated program. Anyway, if you wish to find out more about the main features of AltitudeSolutions you can always refer to the detailed review posted on MNO here and if you have any questions you are invited to join the official Telegram chat which recently moved to another address the link to which you can find in the latest update from them below:

Hello people
We have a new Telegram chat
Old chat has been deleted.
With love, AltitudeSolutions Team


I must say we should give credit to the admin of AK47Capital for his creative imagination. He’s trying really hard to surf the wave of the cryptocurrency craze by selling something out of thin air, i.e. something that will never exist. I’m talking about so-called “tokens” that anyone interested can buy now on a separate page of the AK47Capital website. There is even a gigantic timer on the page counting down the 32 days before the initial coin offering (ICO) for the program’s own currency called AutoTradeCoin is officially launched and the number of “tokens” sold apparently going like hot cakes. The current members of AK47Capital are apparently very lucky to have an opportunity to purchase the tokens for a non-existent (possibly only in the admin’s dreams) cryptocurrency with huge discounts, but in reality their contributions will go directly to the admin’s pocket. So by purchasing “tokens” you’re invited to pay in advance for something that will possibly be available in the future, which is most likely going to be at the point when AK47Capital will stop paying anyway. Yes, it’s true, despite paying well at the moment with many investors already managing to double or even triple their money from AK47Capital, the admin is clearly struggling to pull the program through a quiet period. AK47Capital which was first reviewed here now has quite a few paying once on expiry plans with ridiculous returns which must be avoided at all costs, even if you’re already in profit from the daily paying plans. These pay 4% to 6% for 50 business days with automated payouts to PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, and BitcoinGold. The plans to be avoided – 1842% after 50 business days, 1577% after 25 business days, 1388% after 15 business days, 1225% after 10 business days – are very risky and highly unlikely to be paid. Although having said that, I cannot really blame the admin of AK47Capital for pulling the stunt of selling something that he’s not intending to pay back at all – either inflated returns upon expiry or at the imaginary cryptocurrency launch. Almost three months of stable payouts from AK47Capital is already a tremendous achievement and the admin should be commended for that, but the last ICO news only confirms the program is on its last legs:

AK47Capital News
Dear friends,
We have a good news again!
We launching our own trading token. The first and one-of-a-kind blockchain project for decentralized and fully automated cryptocurrencies trading on the most popular cryptoexchanges BitFinex, Bittrex and Binance! You can buy tokens with the best price now. All information on
Best regards, AK47Capital team.


Time now to draw the results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page here. No matter what your personal feelings are towards the individual service providers, there’s no getting away from the fact that currency exchangers form an integral part of the HYIP industry. Different programs work with different payment processors, and at different times of the year you as an investor might find yourself with a shortage of one and a surplus of another. So what happens if let’s say a really good program comes along but only takes cryptocurrencies like BitCoin which you don’t have, but doesn’t yet accept PerfectMoney of which you have lots? The simple solution is to use an exchanger, and being a competitive business like it is there are some very reasonably priced options out there. I can refer you to the MNO Approved Exchangers list which contains several names, all of which I have personally checked out and would describe as trustworthy. The customers’ needs and requirements can change at any given time so I find it good to keep accounts with several of them, but I guess everyone has their own favourite. So the question I asked readers was:
What is your favourite site from the MNO Approved Exchangers list?

In joint first place (and to be honest no real surprise to me personally given my own experience in dealing with them) was MagneticExchange and Changer who both came in with 36% of the vote each. 7% of readers voted for the option “Another exchanger from the list”. However it was the remaining 21% of readers voting “My favourite is not listed there” that interests me the most. I would appreciate anyone who took this option to get in touch with me, either by e-mail, Telegram, or just by posting it on the ShoutBox if you prefer, to let me know exactly who it is (what other exchanger I mean) that you prefer. I’m happy enough to check them out for myself and open an account with them. If I think the level of service is up to an acceptable level and think they’re good enough for my readers then I don’t mind adding them to the MNO Approved Exchangers list as well. After all, there’s no such thing as too many good options.

And now as they say for something completely different. As we are now in the final week of May, summer is literally on our doorstep. A lot of people consider the first day of June to be the start of the summer, but with today being the hottest day of the year so far it seems to be well and truly underway here in London. But what are your own plans for the coming months in the HYIP industry? It is after all a time of year when a lot of people’s attention is turning towards summer vacations. In the case of younger players still attending college and university this can be a relatively longer term thing where other matters take priority, such as finding seasonal employment and the like. For some people being in front of a computer screen might be the last thing on their minds during the summer days. But then again, when it comes to vacations, it could also be a time of year when a little extra cash comes in very handy (and of course brings us right back to the HYIP industry). So while it’s often a generally quiet for HYIPs overall, there have been exceptions and of course there’s never a time when at least some people aren’t looking to earn money online. All of which brings me to the next question on the MNO TalkBack page:

What are your plans for the HYIP industry this summer?

Possible answers are as follows:
– I’ll be more active / need more money
– No change, I won’t be affected by this
– I’ll be less active / won’t have time
– I’ll be taking a complete break from HYIPs

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part. You can cast your votes on the MNO TalkBack page which is located here. As usual the poll will remain open for around a week or so. Long enough anyway for whoever is interested in participating to have plenty of time to do so. Remember that voting is completely anonymous and untraceable, unless of course you would like to comment publicly on the MNO ShoutBox. There’s no right or wrong answers to a question like this of course anyway, just an expression of personal preferences under whatever circumstances which I for one will be interesting to see.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, BitLandis, MenchorImpressio, AltitudeSolutions.
From MNO Standard list: Tokenizer.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMiningPokerDApp.

That’s it for today, guys. If you’re in a good mood as summer is looming and if you’re following MNO closely I’m sure spirits are further lifted by the profits you gained from the best investment programs online – the only type of HYIPs you can find on MNO as the most expensive blog and monitor in the industry. Of course, that means a limited choice but of higher quality as well, so keep checking my site for more exciting money making opportunities that might come your way. Bookmark the MNO monitor in your browser, follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe to the latest news and updates delivered directly to your mailbox from here. I’m also pleased to answer all your questions and satisfy your advertising requests if you contact me here or chat on Telegram @mnoblog. I’ll see you again in a few days on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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