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01/06/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi guys! It’s officially the first day of summer according to the calendar, so both MNO blog and the whole HYIP industry is now at a more subdued pace. Although the preliminary results of the poll featured on the MNO TalkBack page might indicate otherwise (about 85% of voters intend to either increase their investment activities, or say they won’t be affected by the summer slowdown), I tend to disagree and the general picture will certainly be more relaxed than in spring. Whether that means that we’re going to see more stable programs and less low-quality deliberate fast scams remains to be seen, but with many admins taking a summer break during the season it’s very possible that only the strongest will continue their march ahead.

I believe that during the summer MNO will be less active as well, and as I’m planning a couple of short vacation trips by train around Europe myself that news is welcome. MNO will still be at the forefront of the latest news from the HYIP industry covering the most popular investment programs, but as it won’t be as busy you can still be sure not to miss anything important by following me on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or subscribe for the daily news to be delivered to your email address from here. Also, I intend to stay with lower listing prices over the next three months, and those programs willing to try MNO as an advertising service and take advantage of it should contact me here to bring their programs to a wider and more sophisticated HYIP audience that has been reading MNO for nearly eleven years now.

The passing business week didn’t bring us much good news, as a couple of popular programs like AltitudeSolutions, Menchor, and BitLandis closed earlier than most of us anticipated. I will be discussing this in today’s news alongside the latest updates from good paying programs like AK47Capital, and Impressio that can make up for the losses some investors might have encountered from underperforming programs. Fortunately, the HYIP industry still has some talented admins that save the day by running programs as they should and bringing profits to smarter investors. Kudos to them and we will start our news review with reports from the programs featured on Paying status on the MNO monitor.


One admin who seems to have been kept busy over the last few days is Impressio. No fewer than three interesting newsletters have been issued, and not just filler sent with the aim of keeping their name on the forums but rather real information of practical use. I’ll just remind you if you haven’t seen the Impressio review published on the MNO blog (click here to see it) then the program offers a series of enticing plans for a $25 minimum spend. These include 2.15%hourly  for 48 hours, 5.5% for 26 business days, 4.5% for 45 calendar days, and 125% after 14 calendar days. It’s with the hourly option that seems to be the most intriguing for people, as it’s not exactly a “full time” plan. The Impressio admin opens and closes it occasionally as the need arises, I’m guessing to better manage the program’s growth and cash flow. You can see this yourself just by visiting the Impressio homepage where there’s a countdown timer on top of the page telling us either how long before the plan closes again (if currently open) or else how long until it re-opens (if currently closed). Impressio by the way are another cryptocurrency exclusive program, dealing only with BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum for whatever the equivalent of a $25 minimum is at the exchange rates when you join. Interest payments to members are instant.

So, in the first of his three newsletters then the Impressio admin rolls out another new feature to the website. This allows members to download their entire account history with just one click, something I suppose might come in handy for your personal records. From a financial point of view though, perhaps a more important update was the news that Impressio will extend the current “opening hours” of the hourly plan to allow a few more investors to join during the current window. Having said that, any other time the plan has closed in the past we rarely had a particularly difficult wait before the window opened again. Something else that will no doubt bring in a lot more investors has been the translation of the Impressio website into Spanish where it joins a multitude of others. So if English isn’t your strong point you can easily switch to Indonesian, Hindi, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Czech, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and now Spanish. The other announcement was the extension of the coupon promotion scheme, whereby new investors can apply a coupon code before making their investment in order to receive a bonus. By the way, if you wish to add a whopping 8% deposit bonus for any of the permanent investment plans then join Impressio under this link, then email me your request and I will share with you the coupon code you must apply before making a deposit into any plan except the VIP hourly. The only thing I remain skeptical about is the token/ICO that the admin is currently pushing. Experienced investors will know what I’m talking about here, but I can’t really blame the admin for wanting to shall we say “cast his net” over as many newbies as possible and get them spending. After all, you can’t spell Impressio without Impress! You can read the news from them in full below:

IMPRESSIO – Download your account history with one click
Dear Impressio users,
We hope that you are enjoying the Impressio platform, whichever plan that you have chosen. We also want to thank you for all of the referrals and spreading the word about the platform through social media. We are e-mailing you now to update you with a new Impressio feature that we believe you will appreciate.
Impressio understands that a comprehensive record of all of your investments should be available to you conveniently and quickly, for your own records. We want our users to have an all-encompassing snapshot of their portfolio, whether it includes earnings, referral income and more.
That is why Impressio is now offering an option to download a file with your entire account history, including time-stamps, for maximum transparency and accuracy, so that you know exactly where you stand when it comes to Impressio. When it comes to your balance and your earnings, it should never be a struggle to find out what your exact situation is at that moment.
Please login in Dashboard and find button “Download PDF” in your account main near wallet statistics.
We trust that Impressio users will appreciate the convenience of the new feature, and always welcome new suggestions. We look forward to more updates and developments.
Sincerely, The Impressio Team

IMPRESSIO – Hourly Plan Extended and Spanish Language added
Dear Impressio users,
Impressio is pleased to announce that because of significant demand, the option to purchase our VIP plan is extended to 3 more days with Minimum $25 and maximum $100,000. It will be available for another 3 Days for you to take advantage of an opportunity that can help you earn income 24/7, even while you sleep, on your way to financial independence.
That’s not all…we would also like to formally announce that we have successfully added Spanish to our platform, which we are sure will help with our international expansion. Be sure to tell your friends and family that we have added this to our platform.
As you can see, we are working diligently for our users and will continue to keep you updated on all promotions and developments.
Lastly, three new payment options for the Impressio platform will be added and announced shortly, to ensure that more users around the world can take advantage of our platform. Stay tuned, and remember to turn on the notification bell to stay on top of all Impressio news and updates.
Thank you, The Impressio Team

IMPRESSIO – 30% Coupon bonus and Upcoming ICO
Dear Impressio users,
We are offering our users a coupon code. The coupon code is PRO30, and it will give all users who purchase the PRO plan an extra 30% on top of their investment. This means that if you invest 1 BTC in PRO plan, you will have an active investment of 1.3 BTC.
This offer is not valid for VIP plan, but only for PRO plan.
That’s not all…we would also like to formally announce that our token (IMPR) purchase page will be finished tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.
As you can see, we are working diligently for our users and will continue to keep you updated on all promotions and developments.
Thank you, The Impressio Team


When it comes to readers feedback from AK47Capital (reviewed here) so far it has been nothing short of positive. Indeed, after almost three months on MNO the program has managed to become extremely popular among online investors enjoying their 4% to 6% payouts sent directly to their PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, and BitcoinGold accounts over a 50 business day term, thus helping them to double or even triple their initial deposit in AK47Capital. Of course, in order to pay the daily plan for that long the admin has to have other sources of income, and he gets inventive with the recent launch of pre-ICO sales of tokens for a yet non-existent cryptocurrency called AutoTradeCoin which was introduced earlier this week. Just to be clear, I’ve already warned readers not to get involved with that. Besides that trick AK47Capital has quite a few paying once on expiry plans aimed at trapping newbie investors and playing on the greed of others who might have made a fortune from the daily paying plan now looking for even higher returns. Well, if you’re considering this then drop it, as it’s a very bad idea! Why? Because those investors will never get paid and will rather finance those in the daily plan which the admin of AK47Capital surely intends on paying for much longer. The same situation happened in last year’s hit FatFunds run by the same admin, so please be smart and do not invest in any on expiry plans. By the way, most recently the shortest 1177% after 7 business days plan was launched, called Ots-14 and which starts from a $477 minimum. This plan should be avoided alongside the older ones which include 1577% after 25 business days, 1388% after 15 business days, 1225% after 10 business days. You’ve been warned!


On Monday night after I posted the recent developments from seemingly the hottest program in the HYIP industry at the time AltitudeSolutions, the site suddenly went offline. On the following morning it looked like everything was back to normal apart from the fact that the script was a total mess and members accounts were not properly credited with their earnings. The admin then took the site back offline and posted a brief message on the AltitudeSolutions Telegram channel explaining the script had to be fixed with the website expected back soon. As it later became clear that was not going to happen and the site just totally disappeared after being taken offline. Thus that made even the first investors of AltitudeSolutions (the program was listed on MNO within hours of its official launch) at a loss of at least 28% of their principal. Even on Tuesday morning after the site briefly reappeared all the members were paid instantly so that makes me believe it was not an intended scam, but rather a serious technical glitch which prevented the website from functioning. The admin then probably decided the damage was too deep and seeing the low level of reinvestments and the huge money he had already earned from the earlier deposits pulled the plug. To say that this was not intended and was not supposed to happen to end AltitudeSolutions so abruptly would is no consolation to those who lost money in a disappointingly underperforming program. However unexpected events with severe DDoS-attacks disrupting the site’s work for hours if not days do happen in the HYIP industry now and then and everyone should be aware of the risks involved. AltitudeSolutions seems to be the latest victim but at least the admin did try to pay everyone until the very end to minimize the losses. The site is now offline, so there is no need for any further warnings in that regard.

As for BitLandis which also stopped paying a few days ago, the warning signs appeared once it became clear that only smaller amounts were paid instantly and many investors were waiting for too long with their pending withdrawals. The MNO monitor has become the first in the industry that outlined the issue and moved BitLandis to Problem status once the issue became apparent. I’m not famous for quick status changes for no reason, and people who saw the status changed will hopefully have got at least some of their funds out. You see, with BitLandis the feature of premature principal withdrawal for a 10% fee was always available and even though the program was listed on MNO for less than thirty days which consists a full investment cycle you might still be able to profit if you felt the need to leave the program was evident. Of course, we all expected more from BitLandis, but the program was most likely affected by another panic attack causing investors to pull large funds off the program. I sincerely hope that the majority of my readers were ahead. At the moment while the site of BitLandis is still online the program is not paying anymore, so please do not invest there!


Unfortunately even the good programs have to finish eventually as well, just as surely as the deliberate fast scams. One example today was Menchor which collapsed just a few hours ago after being monitored by MNO since the very start 32 days ago. Considering what the program was offering, I have to say this was an excellent result. No consolation I know to the last few investors who didn’t get the same chance to profit as the rest of us I know, sorry if that includes you but that’s the unavoidable risk that comes with the HYIP industry. Just to remind you, what Menchor were offering was 0.15%-0.2% hourly for 1 year, but with your principal back anytime after 24 hours for a 5% fee. So where did it go wrong? To put it very simply, a program like this can only run as long as more money flows in than needs to be paid out. With Menchor giving investors the option of claiming back their principal anytime, it just looks like way too many people tried to do so at the same time. But the fact that they lasted as long as they did in the current HYIP economy says a lot about the admin’s talents.

I only became aware of the problem earlier this afternoon when the usually instant payouts started going to pending. I contacted the program’s Live Chat support but to be honest they were bit of a waste of time. They either genuinely had no idea what was going on or else were just deliberately lying about it. However I then decided to go directly to the Menchor admin and he was a bit more forthcoming. He told me personally that this is the end of the line for his program, the money needed to pay back existing members simply isn’t coming in anymore, or at least not in the quantities needed to keep things moving. I appreciate his candour and so took no further hesitation in moving Menchor to Problem and then Scam on the MNO monitor. Once even the admin himself says the program is at an end then what other status can there be for it? Thus MNO was as usual the first monitor anywhere in the HYIP industry to highlight the problem and alert investors, not that this gives me any satisfaction of course, but I still have to do what I can to protect the best interests of the readers. Anyway, the admin did exceptionally well to get Menchor this far so I hope to see him back on my monitor when he’s ready to launch something new. Meanwhile stay away from Menchor, any further investments will not be paid!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, Impressio.
From MNO Standard list: Tokenizer.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope to talk to you all on the MNO blog on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to check out MNO soon as there could be some promising newcomers coming your way. Please vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack Page if you haven’t done so yet, as it will be appreciated when the full results are drawn next week. If you have any questions or advertising requests you can always contact me here, write to me directly at or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. Thanks for your attention and I’ll see you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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