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04/06/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello all, and welcome to the new business week on the MNO blog – the only website dedicated exclusively to covering the most high-budget investment programs in the HYIP industry. As you may have noticed 2018 hasn’t been especially lively so far, and very few programs have managed to make any significant impact. That is totally OK with me, as MNO has always been about quality rather than quantity and often such an approach paid off well and brought enough dividends to both me and my readers to justify listing fewer programs than other monitors. I must say that I intend to keep it this way, and though the advertising prices have been significantly reduced due to lower investment activity MNO still easily remains the most expensive HYIP blog and monitor and not accessible for low-budget programs. It will always stay this way as I envisioned my website even when I first started so by following MNO and picking up the best programs for your investment portfolio you will definitely reap the rewards. It’s important however to keep yourself in the loop and not to miss any genuine leaders of the HYIP industry, so do yourself a favour and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter where all the latest updates are always posted first, or subscribe to the regular news articles and reviews to be delivered straight to your mailbox from here and join the already 3,200+ subscribers via Feedburner.

In today’s news we have the latest updates from established paying programs like Impressio, AK47Capital, and Tokenizer, as well as the results of the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page and a new question posted. With a lot of programs closing last week we’re expecting new additions to the MNO monitor soon, so keep an eye on my website for new opportunities. Let’s start our regular news, shall we?


The admin of Impressio has been busy over the last couple of days, sending a couple of newsletters packed with important updates. First off, a couple of promo coupon codes have been mentioned to allow you to make the most of your deposits by applying them before making a deposit. Plans include 5.5% for 26 business days, 4.5% for 45 calendar days, or 125% after 14 calendar days. From my detailed review of Impressio posted a couple of weeks ago here you can see the program accepts investments via BitCoin, LiteCoin, and Ethereum and that all the payouts are made instantly on request. As Impressio has been on MNO for 25 days already I believe many investors are already been in profit which might have been even more significant had they asked for the coupon code to give them 8% extra on their investment (contact me here if you want to have an exclusive code as well). I must warn you in advance though that the coupon code I have won’t work with the VIP limited in time investment plan which is enabled and disabled by the admin frequently enough, which is for a reason. With the VIP plan you hit the profit zone much faster than the daily paying plans, so it’s very popular among Impressio investors already without further promotion. The newest VIP plan offer will pay 1.47% hourly over a 72 hour term thus giving you 5.84% net profit within three calendar days. The offer is limited in time and will remain open for new deposits starting from $25 over the next five days only, so don’t miss your chance guys! And finally, there was something regarding the upcoming issue of pre-sale tokens from Impressio which I suggest you ignore, as such tricks are never profitable to regular investors and are usually served as a mere tool to get money to pay existing investors in the best case scenario. Let’s hope that in case of Impressio it helps investors do just that. I’ll keep you updated on the newest developments from Impressio and meanwhile here are the two last email newsletters from them:

IMPRESSIO – New coupon code for STARTER Plan
Dear Impressio users,
We are offering our users a new coupon code. The coupon code is STARTER10, and it will give all users who purchase the STARTER plan an extra 10% on top of their investment. This means that if you invest 1 BTC in STARTER plan, you will have an active investment of 1.1 BTC.
This offer is not valid for VIP plan, but only for STARTER plan.
Our PRO30 coupon is still valid for PRO plan only, which gives 30% on top of the investment made, by using this code.
Short update regarding ICO – IMPR Token purchase will be available tomorrow and will be fully automized. After the purchase, you will be able to receive tokens directly to your Ether wallet.
As you can see, we are working diligently for our users and will continue to keep you updated on all promotions and developments.
Thank you, The Impressio Team

IMPRESSIO – Hourly Plan available again with higher profit
Dear Impressio Users,
We have some incredible news. Our VIP Hourly Plan is being added again AND with a higher returns! Specifically, we are offering an hourly return of 1.47% for 72 hours. This means a much higher return on your investment. Specifically, this means that users will be receiving 105.84% on their investment after the plan expiry (including the principal).
Due to the incredible demand of the Hourly Plan, we will be offering the VIP Hourly Plan for five days, so plan accordingly, and remember to spread the word and continue referring new users to Impressio. We know that this plan is in extremely high demand, so we chose to make this decision to benefit our users, and adapted accordingly.
We also encourage our users to remember that the PRO30 Coupon is still available and active, which will give you 30% on top of your active investment made in the Pro Plan. We hope that you and your loved ones will take advantage of our investment plans as much as possible, and let others know about the immense investment opportunities that we have to offer.
Lastly, we also have some incredible updates and developments coming soon regarding both our ICO and new payment options that will be added soon. We are sure that these announcements will be embraced by our users. In the meantime, remember to keep the notification bell on to stay in tune with all of our updates, promotions, and offers.
Thank you, The Impressio Team


If you read my detailed review of AK47Capital posted here you will know the program works in quite a different way from other HYIPs. Starting from the sign up / sign in options, there are none of them and you may just proceed to Make Deposit option directly once you’re accessed the website. You will be paid fully automatically by the unique script at the same time every business day if you invest in the daily paying 4%-6% for 50 business days plan. You can start investing from only $5 via a multitude of payment processors including PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, NixMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, and BitcoinGold. With over three months online many satisfied customers in AK47Capital doubling or even tripling their investments. Make sure though to avoid investing in any on expiry plans, as these are simply to finance payments to the smarter investors who made deposits into the daily paying plans. The investment offers from AK47Capital to be avoided include 1842% after 50 business days, 1577% after 25 business days, 1388% after 15 business days, 1225% after 10 business days, 1177% after 7 business days, and the most recently launched 1055% after 5 business days plan. Kudos to the admin who has managed to build something spectacular, like Ak47Capital, where so many people are in profited. Just make sure that you play AK47Capital in a smart way by skipping the once on expiry paying plans.


It seems like HYIP investors are seriously excited when it comes to Tokenizer (reviewed here). The program seems to be getting a lot of attention lately and many investors are joining via BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, or BitcoinCash. With its fluctuating rates and a withdrawal fee of 2% from every requested amount you have a chance to reach the 150% target on your investment in approximately six weeks time. Tokenizer will credit your account daily from Monday to Friday with a variable rate of at least 5% minimum to a 7% maximum while on Saturdays and Sundays you will see rates fixed at 2%. This concept has already seen many investors in profit since Tokenizer‘s official launch five weeks ago and judging by the current level of enthusiasm shown by members on various monitors and forums I believe the program might still do well for another few weeks or even months. The current relative quietness in the HYIP industry with very few quality programs around also helps shift attention towards such unique and well managed programs like Tokenizer.

The admin of the program doesn’t sit on his laurels though and keeps improving. A Korean language translation has been added to become the sixth version the Tokenizer website is available in – joining English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and German versions. That makes Tokenizer a truly multilingual tool to attract more attention around the world. The same purpose was designated to the recently added 1-minute long video presentation from Tokenizer (now also embedded on the MNO monitor for your convenience) where you are told the advantages of joining in simple clear terms and visually-pleasing style. The news on that video and also on the temporarily disabled payouts to Ethereum (the issue has been already solved by now) were recently posted on the official Facebook page of Tokenizer which you can also read below:

We share about the concept of Tokenizer in 1 min video.
Share online with others.
We work for you.

Ethereum payments are currently disabled due to maintenance
Other payment gateways are working normally.
We hope it will resolved within 2-3h.


Time now before we finish with today’s update to look back at the results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page. As we start the first full business week of the summer, you might remember the last question had a sort of seasonal theme to it, asking about readers about how they are going to approach the HYIP industry in the next couple of months. You see most years, though there were a couple of exceptions, the industry tends to slow down around now. Many reasons I guess, people want to focus on vacations and outdoor pursuits as opposed to being in front of a computer, while perhaps the younger investors on vacation from college/university tied up with part-time jobs or internships, etc. But that doesn’t mean that people still don’t need to earn money, so naturally a lot of other folks won’t be affected by seasonal factors, only financial ones. Therefore the exact question put to readers in the last poll was: What are your plans for the HYIP industry this summer?

At first I must admit I was really surprised by the option that took first place. Quite the landslide actually, a whopping 61% voted for the option “I’ll be more active / need more money”. Then on considering the matter more closely I of course remember that since the spring was such a relatively slow time in the industry it probably doesn’t take that many of you to say you’ll start spending more in order to make up those numbers. I mean very few of you could actually be spending less in the coming season if you were spending much to begin with. A further 28% of you voted for the option saying “No change, I won’t be affected by this” so I guess you are among those who play the HYIP industry year round, recognising there’s always opportunities out there no matter what time of year. And finally the remaining 11% of the vote was split evenly between 5.5% of readers saying “I’ll be less active / won’t have time”, and 5.5% of you saying “I’ll be taking a complete break from HYIPs”. Well, no matter what group you find yourself in make sure to stay in touch with MNO throughout the summer just so you are aware of everything that’s happening in the industry. It will help you make money in the summer if you wish to continue playing, but also help you make money in the autumn if you are taking a break because it will put you in a stronger position knowledge-wise when you do decide to return.

And so on to the topic of our next opinion poll. A popular trend in the HYIP industry now is for programs to skip the traditional dollar based third party payment handlers and deal instead exclusively with cryptocurrencies only. Well, perhaps “trend” isn’t exactly the right word I’m looking for here, the fact is that it started some time back and has slowly but surely been gaining prominence in the industry. In fact I said it myself several years ago on the MNO blog that the future of the online HYIP industry lies entirely with cryptocurrencies, I was only surprised at how long it took BitCoin to take such a dominant position. Other currencies such as Ethereum, LiteCoin, and BitcoinCash among others have also gained a lot of ground on the back of this. At the moment the two big cryptocurrency only HYIPs are Impressio (reviewed here) and Tokenizer (reviewed here) though looking back at the industry’s recent history there’s always been a few around. The legal problems faced by the likes of LibertyReseve and Payza, plus the blatant scams from criminal websites like EgoPay and the subsequent financial difficulties innocent account holders there have to suffer as a result only serve to make cryptocurrencies look all that more attractive. There is of course the added bonus that with fluctuating exchange rates that can mean if the value goes up you can end up making more than you initially planned for. Even if the opposite happens, you could still be exceptionally lucky and have your HYIP earnings offset the losses if the exchange rate declines.

Anyway, the question I would like to ask readers for the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll is as follows: How do you feel about HYIPs that only deal with cryptocurrencies?

Possible answers are:
– I have a strong preference for them and mostly use cryptocurrencies
– I don’t like them and rarely join, as I prefer USD-based currencies

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes part. You can cast your votes on the MNO TalkBack page which is located here. As usual the poll will remain open for around a week or so, long enough for anyone to have plenty of time to vote if they want to. Remember that voting is completely anonymous and untraceable, though you are always free to comment publicly on the MNO ShoutBox. There’s no right or wrong answers of course, just an expression of personal preferences which is always interesting to hear.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 84 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: AK47Capital, Impressio.
From MNO Standard list: Tokenizer.
From MNO Basic list: WorldMining, InvestmentSlots.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to write a couple of lines. There are quite a few ways to get in touch with me – email me directly at, use this contact form to submit your query, or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. I’m always pleased to hear your feedback or answer your advertising requests, so don’t be shy and stay connected! Please keep voting in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page and hopefully I’ll see you all again very soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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