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Hello everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO news blog. I hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend are enjoying the spectacle that is the 2018 FIFA World Cup. I must say it’s good to have a distraction when things are quiet in the industry, especially with so may unexpected results popping up. But even when things are slow in the industry it’s never all doom and gloom. If anything, as we can see with Tokenizer at the moment for example, when better earning opportunities are more rare on the ground they just stand out a lot more and are easier to spot. We’ll be hoping for more such programs between now and when the long awaited industry recovery gets underway in the autumn, and you can be sure that if it happens then MNO will always be the place you’re going to find them. The latest feedback I myself have been getting from some of the more experienced longer term admins would suggest a lot of them are currently making plans to get more active, though if that’s something they are thinking of in terms of weeks or months remains to be seen. But MNO is still the first source of information when this happens, so do try to keep a regular eye on my blog (safer just to bookmark it perhaps).

So, today not only have we reached the end of another business week but we’ve also passed the mid point of the year with yesterday’s summer solstice. Or winter solstice you happen to be south of the equator, but you know what I mean. Some time then for reflection on the year so far then I suppose, and there’s no doubt it’s been a strange one in the HYIP industry. After the unbridled success story that was 2017, half way through 2018 and it’s barely recognisable. It wouldn’t really be fair to say things have just been one crisis after another in the HYIP industry this year, as that would imply there were some high points in between the low, peaks to counteract the troughs if you like. Instead it’s been more like one continued period of slumber. Hard to put my finger on any one exact cause but if I had to say there was a single underlying reason for this then I guess I’d have to go with the collapse in the value of BitCoin, also strongly influenced by the timing of this event.

Longer term industry players know of course that in most years things start winding down in the HYIP world come around December. By the time Christmas and the New Year holidays are with us there’s almost no activity worth speaking of, but that’s OK, it happens every year and is expected as surely as night follows day. It’s a slim couple of weeks but we’ll survive safe in the knowledge that things will always pick up again in the spring. So why not this time? Well, with the growing influence of digital cryptocurrencies (mostly but by no means exclusively BitCoin) in the industry since the closure of LibertyReserve this by itself made things even more unpredictable and created a bubble. When the time came for a lot of people to return to the HYIP industry, that bubble had burst in, and this is no overstatement, spectacular style. I mean you’ve never seen the wheels come off anything quite like this before, collapsing from an eye-watering $20,000+ per BitCoin down to just $6,000 like a stone. It just so happened that all this was going on in the window between one cycle in the HYIP industry coming to an end and the next expected one beginning. End result is that a lot investors and admins alike who may have wanted and intended to return to the industry by now have had to postpone their plans.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any opportunities at all to make some easy money online, in fact there’s been some excellent ones and probably none more so that the current industry leader Tokenizer. Not that there’s much of a chasing pack at the moment, that still doesn’t take away from the program’s fine performance. And as it’s the only thing worth reporting in the news today I’ve also decided to make Tokenizer the subject of the new MNO TalkBack opinion poll. More on that in a moment, first let’s see the news.


If despite the summer heat and the World Cup you’re still active in the HYIP industry you simply can’t have missed Tokenizer – clearly the best program out there at the moment. The chances that you haven’t heard about this spectacularly performing program are close to zero, however if you’re not familiar with it I would advise you to have a thorough read of my detailed review of Tokenizer posted here to see whether it qualifies and passes your criteria to be included in your HYIP-related investment portfolios. In a nutshell though, Tokenizer can be defined as a target-based HYIP where you keep earning profit on your investment until you reach a specific target, which in this case is 150% ROI. Here’s how it works. You invest and wait 24 hours before your account is credited with the first interest which will be anything from 5% to 7% on business days (Monday to Friday) and a fixed 2% return on Saturday and Sunday. That means depending on circumstances you can reach 50% profit on your investment in any timeframe between four to six calendar weeks. Take into consideration though that a flat 2% fee is applied to each and every withdrawal to be deducted automatically, so you will get a slightly less return than you might have originally anticipated. If you’re OK with that, then the waiting time is about 8 business (24 regular) hours before you see your withdrawal request dealt with and money transferred to your BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum. or BitcoinCash accounts. As you might have noticed already, Tokenizer is dealing exclusively with crypto-currencies which is unlikely to change in the future, so if you prefer the traditional USD-based alternatives then this program might not be your cup of tea. Apart from that I cannot see any reason why smart investors could not profit yet from the program which has been listed on MNO for forty days now – just enough time to complete a full investment cycle. Judging by the positive vibes surrounding the program and high level of reinvestment from the current members Tokenizer might just become the best HYIP of this summer season. The domination of Tokenizer is actually a bit scary at times, as with no other competitors the HYIP industry won’t be the same without it around, so for everyone’s sake I hope that the program will live successfully through this quiet season and will further thrive in the traditionally more active autumn. The admin is actually doing everything possible to achieve this important milestone by improving his site regularly and adding new features that will make investors’ experience with the program smoother and help spread the word about Tokenizer online. Among the latest posts on the program’s Facebook page there were two announcing the launch of the official Telegram group for Tokenizer fans, so you can just follow the link and check it out. And finally, in the most recent post the admin reminds us of the lucrative affiliate program Tokenizer has in which you get rewarded not only from the deposit made by your referrals, but also get a share of their daily earnings. Take a look below for all the latest updates from Tokenizer and enjoy the ride with the program that will be also the subject of today’s new poll on the MNO TalkBack page (deservedly so):

We want to be closer to you and we’d like users to exchange information hence we decided to create a Telegram group dedicated to discussion about Tokenizer.
Follow our main page and you will see the link to the group

Here’s the link to the group chat. Ask questions, share payment proof, discuss Tokenizer in your Telegram app

5% is added instantly once your referral added new funds AND 5% is added every day from your referral earnings!
Special conditions for networkers too


Time now to look at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with a new question. Actually just this once I’d like to reverse things if I may, and start with the new poll since we are already discussing its topic – Tokenizer. I don’t really know what else I can add here, it’s simply the biggest and best thing in the HYIP industry at the moment. But even despite the lack of any serious competition, the performance of Tokenizer by any standards over the last forty days since it was first added to MNO has been impressive, and a lot of people are now starting to reap the rewards. But are you one of them? My question for readers therefore is as follows:

Have you invested with Tokenizer?

Possible answers are:
1) Yes, and I’m in profit
2) Yes, still waiting to break even
3) No, not yet but I will
4) No, I’m not interested

The poll will remain open on the MNO TalkBack page here until next week, plenty of time for anyone interested in participating to be able to do so. Thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and trouble to vote, remember it only takes literally a second to do so and remains completely anonymous and untraceable at all times.

Getting back to the last poll now, it was related to the FIFA 2018 World Cup going in in Russia at the moment which I know many readers are enjoying. Speaking as more of a neutral here myself I guess everyone loves to see surprises, upsets, and the big teams not always getting things their own way, something that’s happened more than once already in this tournament. And with the greatest respect to my Brazilian readers, I think the rest of the world, myself included, is firmly behind the minnows Costa Rica for at least today (not that it mattered to the final score of course!). But how do you think it’s affecting the HYIP industry? Given that summer is almost in full swing for a lot of you now I’m guessing we are in agreement that the HYIP industry would slow down now anyway, but how much do you think this international event is contributing to the situation? The exact question I asked readers was this: How will the FIFA World Cup impact the HYIP industry?

Results were actually surprisingly evenly split here. 40% of MNO readers think “Most investors and admins will take a complete break”. A further 40% of you took the other extreme view and said “I’m not really interested, it won’t have much impact on me”, a view I would disagree with simply because it will impact you regardless of whether it interests you or not. I mean fair enough if you’re not that interested in the tournament itself, I know it’s not for everyone, but if it’s not taking up any of your time it’s certainly taking up a lot of somebody else’s. The remaining 20% voted for the option I’d probably take myself (were I voting in my own opinion polls that is), saying they view the World Cup as “A distraction, but I’ll still be involved to a lesser extent”.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Tokenizer.
From MNO Standard list:
From MNO Basic list: SiestaTrading (the first payments received).

That’s all for today’s news from MNO, guys. I wish you all the best for the upcoming weekend – enjoy watching the FIFA World Cup and supporting your favourite team. Don’t forget to vote on the MNO TalkBack too in the new poll announced earlier in this post and check MNO from time to time for possible new additions even in this quieter than usual time. Being patient and waiting for the right program to come your way eventually will reward you greatly and make sure you profit in the longer term, similar to those who invested in Tokenizer are now enjoying. If you want to check out on the potential future giants it’s best to follow MNO via such popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram for all the live updates, or just subscribe to have the regular blog articles to be delivered to your email address. If you have any questions or suggestions or wish to see your program listed on MNO then contact me via this page, directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. I will be back next week with more news stories and everything you might need to be informed of when dealing with HYIPs. This summer stay with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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