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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog – established deliberately as the most expensive platform in the HYIP industry to deliver only the biggest and highest-budget programs and skip the quick scams you may have encountered in huge quantities on cheaper rivals. So far this summer has proved to be very quiet, infested with enormous amount of low-quality and low-budget scams designed with nothing more in mind than to benefit their owners at the expense of their clients. With the exception of Tokenizer which has consistently performed well so far the HYIP industry has had really nothing special to boast of this summer season. It appears the most experienced admins are staying under the radar to enjoy watching these truly surprising games at the FIFA World Cup in Russia rather than making any interesting investment projects. That is about to change however, as MNO has not one but two new programs to be introduced today – a brand-new Premium Listed addition called InstantMiningLimited and a just upgraded from Basic to Premium List perpetual-style program called ZeitBTC. Both share certain common aspects, such as only allowing investments via BitCoin – the currently ongoing trend in the HYIP industry affecting more and more programs these days. In that matter the new question I will be asking on the MNO TalkBack today and which I will discuss later in the article is actually concerned the mutual interconnection of BitCoin crypto-currency with the HYIP industry as a whole, so keep reading further and vote here to have your opinion heard.

You might have known from the previous post that the MNO blog and monitor has just had its 11th anniversary on the first of July a few days ago, making it most likely the oldest and most trusted source on the HYIP earning opportunities online. I have always been an advocate of a very selective approach towards the programs listed on MNO, however the current industry’s bad conditions made me change that stance a little bit and reduce the listing and advertising prices across MNO temporarily. And now I need to stress that this measure is only a temporary one and I reserve the right to move the listing prices back to normal once I think MNO has enough programs to deal with. It might happen at any moment now (definitely after the World Cup is over and not later than on the first of September), as I’m pretty much disgruntled by the not so satisfactory performance of the majority of the programs from the MNO Basic List and feel that their performance could be largely improved when the price eventually go up again. The current listing prices on MNO are still the most expensive in the industry to ensure fast scams won’t take advantage, with the Standard List costing a sizeable $800 while the Premium List will get an admin off a whopping $1,200. And that is already down from the pre-May prices of $2,000 for Premium, $1,400 for Standard, and $800 for Basic listed programs respectively. The currently slashed twice to $400 price for Basic Listing on MNO is what gives me some doubts and makes it possibly not a good indicator to join and invest in such programs if you’re looking for outstanding examples of a quality HYIP with high advertising budgets at their disposal. That’s why I would not pay much attention to such programs now and prefer to concentrate on programs administrated by experienced admins who know exactly how to run successful businesses. The brightest example of this approach is Tokenizer which I will be talking about later in today’s update. However I would like to start by introducing two new programs on the MNO Premium ListInstantMiningLimited and ZeitBTC.


I want to start with the brand-new InstantMiningLimited which may possibly appeal to people who prefer instant payouts to BitCoin wallets and don’t mind waiting for quite some time before they see profits. With the minimum of 0.002 BTC to make a deposit with (roughly $13 at the current exchange rate) your account in InstantMiningLimited will be credited with the lowest 0.62% daily profits for the full year (that is 365 calendar days). With a bit of luck and provided the program survives for that long you should finish your investment cycle with 226.3% net profit once your deposit gets returned after a year. I wouldn’t bet on it though, so just consider yourself lucky when you actually reach the break-even point and start earning profits from InstantMiningLimited from day 162. If you don’t want to wait that long and don’t mind investing a much higher amount you might be interested in other offers with 0.86% daily profit for the same 365-day term (starting from 1 BTC and hopefully finishing with 313.9% pure profit) or even 1.28% (with at least 5 BTC investment and a possible 467.2% net profit in a year). As you can clearly see, there is nothing too complicated which actually helps the investing process knowing that InstantMiningLimited is running off a licensed GoldCoders script and so there will be no difficulties as your deposit is credited after just a couple of confirmations in Blockchain. Withdrawals are supposed to be processed instantly, however, I cannot truly confirm whether it’s true or not until tomorrow when my first withdrawal from InstantMiningLimited is supposed to be processed and the status of the program is going to change hopefully to Paying status on the MNO monitor. I’m already planning to deliver you the full review on Monday, so stay tuned for more information and my first impressions on the main features you might want to know about.

Just to wrap things up – InstantMiningLimited seems to be a well-prepared program that has been online for quite some time, however, the admin has decided to list his program on major monitors and thus officially launched only yesterday. The InstantMiningLimited website is EV SSL-secured throughout by Comodo, the domain is registered for three years in advance, and it’s a well-secured website with dedicated hosting and DDoS protection by GeniusSecurity. LTD in the name indicates UK incorporation which you can independently verify yourself. Read the news below if interested and check out the full review on MNO coming on Monday:

It’s a great pleasure for us to announce that InstantMiningLimited is open to the public today. Clients all over the world are welcome to join ! Our company initiated the mining project to enable everyone to get the early profits from the blockchain mining industry. We are dedicated to provide all clients with high level profitability and technical security in the cryptocurrency mining industry!
With best regards, IMTL Team

New bitcoin farm in Iceland!
It is glad to announce that our 5th bitcoin mining farm has successfully been set up in Iceland. After 1 month test, everything is running smoothly. This farm is equipped with new miners with latest technology, which will highly increase our mining profit.
With best regards, IMTL Team


The second program I want to introduce on my blog today is called ZeitBTC whose admin has decided to upgrade from Basic to Premium listing on MNO after a test run of nine days. Although ZeitBTC is also a program taking exclusively BitCoin from investors and it is run off a licensed GoldCoders script with instantly processed withdrawals, the similarities with the previously introduced program possibly ends there. ZeitBTC will be liked by the people who would like to take chances on a much higher level of profitability, as all the deposits regardless of their size (starting from 0.01 BTC minimum which equals of $65 at the current exchange rate) will earn you 4.5% daily for the unlimited term. That means that your account in ZeitBTC will be credited with 4.5% daily for as long as the program keeps its Paying status with the possible break-even point on day 23. Although after only nine days online it’s still too early to judge whether ZeitBTC brings profit to anyone or not it’s certainly on the right track to success and so far there was no payment missed and all the withdrawals have always been instant. You can actually independently verify the payouts being made on the website as there is a specially dedicated for that purpose page available on the ZeitBTC website for everyone to view. For the sake of the newbies there is a UK certificate of incorporation on public display as well which might be disregarded by anyone familiar with the way the usual online HYIP works. ZeitBTC is an SSL-secured website hosted by the DDoS-protected dedicated servers by HetznerOnline company which resulted in literally no noticeable downtime over the course of the first week online. Just for how long the stable payments from ZeitBTC will continue for remains to be seen, but I hope that with the currently upgraded listing on MNO more potential investors will notice the program and invest, so we all could reach some nice profits. I’m planning to do the full review of ZeitBTC soon and will publish it on my blog most possibly by Wednesday, so stay tuned if you wish to find more. Meanwhile, check the ZeitBTC website if interested and I will leave you with the first and only newsletter posted on the program’s official launch that happened over a week ago:

We’d like to thank you for taking an interest in the official launch of ZeitBTC Limited. We have spent years refining our strategies, perfecting our platform and ensuring our investment offerings stand up to the highest of expectations – it’s time to open the doors to investors from all corners of the globe.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an inquisitive first-timer or somewhere in between, your track record does not matter. We have made it simple for anyone to become a valued member of our investment community.
We have evolved a sophisticated platform that will satisfy the demands of more seasoned bitcoin investors. If you have ambitions of taking your portfolio to new heights, then this is the service for you. We are famed for our ability to generate profits day in, day out – join the community today to find out more.
Should you run into any troubles at any stage when interacting with our platform, our support reps are on-hand to offer guidance and answer your queries in a time-efficient and courteous manner.
Our mission is to provide the best of cryptocurrency investment experiences from the product to the customer service – with profits delivered on a regular basis.
Thanks All. ZeitBTC.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Tokenizer is still by some distance the only program worth talking about in the HYIP industry. I’m not sure that’s exactly the most healthy situation for investors, but it is what it is. Maybe with today’s new additions to the MNO monitor a little competition will prove healthy for Tokenizer, I guess it can’t hurt them, but they are still the best. One of many great things about the program other than the outstanding payments record is the sheer simplicity of it all. In times of industry wide trouble, admins should never underestimate the importance of just making things easy! And in the case of Tokenizer it couldn’t be more so. They have one simple plan that’s not based on term lengths in the traditional sense but rather focuses on targets and goals. Once you become a member of Tokenizer their commitment to you as an investor is to return 150% of your principal, regardless of how long that might take. You get a fixed payment of 2% per day over the weekend and a variable rate between 5% to 7% which gives you a total term of from four to five weeks to reach your target (2% withdrawal fee applies to every payout request). And with Tokenizer online since the last day of April that means a lot of investors have had a really good chance to profit by now.

Anyway, what’s new in Tokenizer? Well, first of all in the latest newsletter we get the most important part out of the way – an acknowledgement, self-awareness perhaps, that Tokenizer is the only show in town as they say right now. The achievement of being online and paying might not have grabbed so many headlines a year or two ago, but in the HYIP industry right now it’s something worth talking about. They go on to talk about the difficulties and obstacles overcome in getting this far, but best to look to the future which is exactly what Tokenizer do.

The latest newsletter goes on to appeal to any of the more talented promoters out there prepared to write or create reviews of the program. The actual platform doesn’t matter, it can be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, a personal blog, or whatever, just put the word out there and see who bites! There isn’t any precise details offered as to exactly what you can get from Tokenizer from each review, I guess that much will have to be discussed with the admin if you are interested, the important thing is that members pull together and support the program to keep it the number one online earning opportunity out there right now. The full newsletter from Tokenizer issued a couple of days ago is re-published below:

Dear user of Tokenizer platform!
We welcome each and everyone to the most robust crypto platform for passive income earners!
Today is just a small birthday of our platform – Tokenizer is celebrating 2 months since its launch.
It’s not a big event, but we would like to have everyone think for a minute how much work has been put into this project and what is awaiting ahead as we move into our 3rd month.
We started off at the end of April with a small team of dedicated people who had a vision for a new crypto project that would act as a medium between crypto community and startups holding token generation events and allowing users to earn steadily despite of the price fluctuations.
We anticipated that the road to success would not be easy, but the obstacles we had to overcome in our work turned out to be much bigger.
We are proud to be where we are today, but our ambitions are greater than that – we are working on a detailed roadmap to show our users where Tokenizer is moving to within the next 6-12 months.
We want to build the community around Tokenizer that would help enhance the understanding of what we’re doing and sharing it with others – educating other people about crypto and the way it can be used in their life to empower and enrich them.
We are doing a lot to make Tokenizer a known brand in the crypto space, but in reality it’s not possible without an active involvement from our users who can share their experience and confidence of how Tokenizer can change their life. You can share your experience of using the platform by posting on any social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Steemit and many others. We encourage you to share it with others and we promise that this will pay back.
We’re searching for good writers/editors who can write good articles and reviews and post them in crypto related media. We will have a special incentive for these users as we believe any work needs to be rewarded. If you’re a professional writer and you have an account in one of the crypto related sites, we encourage you to write a review of Tokenizer and submit it to our support@tokenizer.biz e-mail with a subject “Tokenizer review”. Please, don’t post it until our team had a chance to approve it.
We hope that you stay positive throughout this bear market that we have been in since December. We believe that there are many good things awaiting ahead and it will prove that investing during these times can also yield great results as the market will eventually rebound and your profits will be cemented.
We will keep moving forward and building the platform to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves.
Have a great week ahead and keep supporting Tokenizer via your social accounts.
Feel free to share it with your online friends.
Thanks for being part of the Tokenizer movement.
Have a good week, Tokenizer team
P.S. here’s a new landing page which has been recently created by our team ->> https://promo.tokenizer.biz


To finish up for to today and this week on MNO I guess it’s time now to look at the results of the most recent opinion poll here and replace it with another new question. Last week, well, the first day of July to be exact, marked something of a special occasion for MNO. It was exactly eleven years to the day since my blog and monitor was launched in its current format (there were a couple of older versions no longer online dating back to when I was still experimenting with the format). But I was also wondering, looking back over my experiences as a blogger sharing my own practical knowledge and understanding of the HYIP industry, how much of that time the MNO readers have been with me. I mean after all, I certainly didn’t invent the HYIP industry and it will survive very well without any input from me, I simply wanted to share my own thoughts on it and how I as an investor was doing personally. But what do you know, eleven years later here I am still doing it! So what about the rest of you guys? How long have you been reading it?

The exact question that was posted for readers was: How long have you been reading MNO?

The single biggest group of you, and I must say this came as quite a surprise given the sheer size of the majority – it was 47% – said “Nearly from the start, between 2007 and 2010”. Of course I’m eternally grateful to all my readers, but to anyone who stuck with MNO for that long then you too must have a real passion for the HYIP industry and the fun and opportunities that can come with it. The next two options saw an equal split between readers, with 20% of you describing yourselves as a “Long term reader but not from the start, 2010 to 2013” and another 20% saying “I have been reading MNO since between 2013 and 2016”. The remaining 13% of readers said “I’m newer to the industry and only started reading after 2016”.

And so back to the new question for today. As you can read in the news above there are a couple of new introductions for the MNO monitor for you to check out. A growing trend in the HYIP industry, indeed one which may very well someday become the norm one day, is for programs to work exclusively with cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Etherium, LiteCoin, and the like. In fact I used to think such programs would be a lot more dominant by now, but although it’s taking longer than expected it’s still the direction the HYIP industry seems to be moving in. But with the unpredictable nature of BitCoin, by which I mean it’s declining price and fluctuating exchange rates against actual hard currency, do you think this is hitting the HYIP industry much? I mean it’s no secret the industry is definitely in decline right now, that much is obvious and a lot of things have led up to this, but even though we would normally expect the summer to be quiet anyway this summer just seems so much slower than any other I can remember. The thing is, when the price of one single BitCoin dropped from $20,000 to $6,000, it meant that cash reserves held by HYIP admins for running programs and paying members also dropped by the same amount. Similarly for investors anyone earning interest on a $200 investment now found themselves earning on a $60 investment through no fault of their own or the admins. That might have been one of the major factors responsible for the current industry slump, or maybe not so? So, the exact question I want to ask MNO readers this time is:

How much of a negative impact has BitCoin instability had on the HYIP industry?

Possible answers include:
1) Major, it’s the single biggest reason for the current slump.
2) Some, but there are other factors contributing as well.
3) None, BitCoin has nothing to do with the current decline.

Remember that the poll which you can vote in here will stay open until at least next Friday, so you will have every opportunity to cast your vote. It will only take a moment of your time, is totally anonymous and untraceable, so please have your say for the final results to be discussed further next week. Thanks in advance for your active participation everyone!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 168 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Tokenizer, ZeitBTC.
From MNO Standard list:
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel.

That’s all for today guys. Note that the MNO blog will now be posting more often now due to new programs introduced earlier in the post. I’ll be back on Monday first with the full review of the brand-new InstantMiningLimited followed by Wednesday’s review of the already established ZeitBTC. It might just look like a new HYIP season is going to start earlier than anticipated this year, so remember to check out the MNO monitor for some exciting new additions and follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for all last minute updates, or subscribe for the regular news to be delivered to your email address. I can be contacted by a variety of ways, so do not hesitate to post any questions or submit advertising requests via this Contact page, write to me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Enjoy yet another exciting World Cup weekend and talk to you all again on Monday on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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