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Beware! InstantMiningLimited has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello everyone, welcome to the start of a new business week on MNO, the only place to find the biggest and best performing programs anywhere in the HYIP industry! I know the FIFA World Cup is distracting a lot of people from what’s been going on in the industry over the last couple of weeks, it has been entertaining I guess, and to be blunt there hasn’t been a great deal going on business-wise that you’d have been missing out on anyway. Maybe that’s about to change this week as I have a couple of new additions to the MNO monitor that I want to look at in more detail for you, starting today with InstantMiningLimited, a brand new long term program that just started. Well, I say it’s brand new but the reality is that the InstantMiningLimited website has been out there in cyper-space for quite some time. However the admin has only now decided to bring it to anyone’s attention and get any major monitors on board, so in many ways I guess you could almost regard this one as a sort of sleeper. There’s a bit (though not much) of other news to report in the news section coming up in the second part of today’s update so keep reading for that, mainly the introduction of a brand new addition to the MNO monitor. But first let’s get straight to InstantMiningLimited and what it’s all about and whether you think it’s a right fit for your own portfolios.

The first thing I can tell you about InstantMiningLimited is that it’s going to be something of a slow burner. You probably have no business getting involved with this one if the only thing you are after is a quick overnight buck, InstantMiningLimited doesn’t work quite like that, but is more suited to investors taking a longer term view at growing a portfolio now that will bring real rewards when the autumn gets here and we see what direction the HYIP industry starts taking for the rest of the year. OK, I know it’s easy to think that’s such a long way away as we sit sweltering in the heat of mid July, but honestly it’s just around the corner now and something serious HYIP industry players need to start thinking about. And as with any longer term program, the best opportunities to do well from InstantMiningLimited will fall to those getting in on the ground floor as the saying goes.

So, what exactly is it that InstantMiningLimited have to offer? Well, like I said it’s a long term program with I suppose basically just one real investment plan. This is in turn broken down into three subsections depending on just how much you are prepared to invest with InstantMiningLimited, though in practical terms only one of these is going to be affordable to the average industry player. Before I get to the actual numbers I should just point out that InstantMiningLimited is, at the time of writing, working exclusively with BitCoin. Therefore I’m going to describe all the plans using BTC rather than dollars, as whatever exchange rates we can find today will simply be obsolete and out-of-date by tomorrow. For real time exchange rates updated live between most of the main cryptocurrencies and US dollars I would recommend snipta.com, so whenever you feel you might like to proceed with an investment in InstantMiningLimited you can check that out for a more accurate picture of what it will cost you in hard currency.

At the moment though it’s quite affordable, with the minimum deposit required to join InstantMiningLimited being just 0.002 BTC (which as of the time of writing valued at just a shade over $13). Anything between this and a maximum of 1 BTC will get you into what’s known as The Beginner Package. Here the investment term runs for a full calendar year, or 365 calendar days. In return what the InstantMiningLimited admin is offering for this is a daily interest payment of 0.62%. By the time the term is completed that will add up to 226.3% in interest payments alone, with your original principal then being added on top of that. Of course as we all know a week can be an interminably long time in the HYIP industry, never mind a year. So perhaps a more important target or statistic for you to aim at is the break even point. This comes 162 days into the full 365 day term, at which point you will then have earned back an amount equivalent to your initial principal and so be earning a pure passive risk free income from InstantMiningLimited.

Of course, if you are happy to risk a larger sum of money then InstantMiningLimited are happy to take it, and will entice it out of you with a marginally better interest rate. For example, if you can afford an investment of between 1 BTC and 5 BTC then you will be a part of The Professional Package. The term is still 365 calendar days so it’s still very much for investors with the longer view in mind, with InstantMiningLimited now offering members 0.86% back on their money per calendar day. This adds up to 313.9% in total payments by the end of the term, with your principal then added to that amount in a separate payment. The break even point comes after 117 successful payments from the 365 expected.

Finally just to make up the numbers InstantMiningLimited are offering The VIP Package for those rich/brave/foolhardy enough to part with between 5 BTC and 50 BTC. The term remains 365 calendar days with the interest on offer going up to 1.28% per calendar day. This comes to 467.2% in total with the final payment, and InstantMiningLimited then returning your principal on top of that. You should, all things going well, reach the break even point after 79 payments.

If any of that appeals to you then the next thing we need to know is what are your payment options. No real need to go into any great detail here, I’ve already told you that InstantMiningLimited is working exclusively with BitCoin only. If that ever changes in the future I’ll be sure to let you know here on MNO, but for now that’s the way it is. Not much of a choice – take it or leave it – but it’s OK, a lot of successful programs in the past worked the very same way. Just to let you know, your deposit will become active after just a couple of confirmations in BlockChain, and with withdrawal requests being managed by the website script InstantMiningLimited is running off these are processed instantly. You still need to log into your InstantMiningLimited members account area of course, but once done the script takes care of the rest for you instantly.

Speaking of which, let’s look now at some of the more technical aspects of the InstantMiningLimited website such as design and security. Most of you will probably recognize the script straight away as it’s under license from GoldCoders and is as you would expect quite easy to navigate. For a hosting provider InstantMiningLimited is kept on a dedicated server with the support and protection from DDoS attacks provided by GeniusSecurity. For safer browsing and more secure financial transactions the InstantMiningLimited website has a superior Extended Validation SSL certificate from Comodo.

If you have any further questions for the InstantMiningLimited admin then you can get in touch either by filling in your details on the online customer support form and submitting it through the website’s contacts page, or else by writing directly to the admin’s e-mail address which is listed on the same page. InstantMiningLimited have a postal address listed in the UK which as always is something I suggest you ignore. Not that the address itself isn’t real, it’s just that these things are generally for registration purposes and not where you are likely to find anyone connected with running the program physically located. Maybe something that might be of more interest to you is the regional representative scheme which is now accepting applications, though there isn’t any names to see there at the moment given that the program is only getting started. Contact the InstantMiningLimited admin if this is something that you would like to participate in.

All I can add to that is to remind you that you should not expect any guarantees in the online HYIP industry, and you need to treat it like any form of gambling. For the record the InstantMiningLimited website claims the program is involved with cryptocurrency mining. Nothing you won’t have heard countless times before in this business, and predictably there’s nothing in the way of real evidence to suggest it’s true. I doubt very much that even if it was then InstantMiningLimited would still be able to guarantee such profits, so just forget about any real business activities backing this up. So remember to stay within a sensible spending limit that you can comfortably afford to lose, keep your expectations modest, and if joining InstantMiningLimited at all then try to keep them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before I finish with the review of InstantMiningLimited and move on to today’s news updates I would like to ask if anyone reading this has their own opinions on the program? Good, bad, or indifferent, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in InstantMiningLimited?

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I would like to start the news by introducing a brand-new program called BitcoinFuture that joined the Standard List on the MNO monitor just last night immediately on its official launch. While a full review of BitcoinFuture is going to be published on MNO in a few days time let’s have the first look at the program’s main features here first.

Despite its name BitcoinFuture is accepting all the traditional payment methods including the most popular in the HYIP industry PerfectMoney, Payeer, and AdvCash, and even the main currency of the program is USD. Daily plans can be joined starting from a $10 minimum. As the admin uses the CoinPayments interface though for those preferring cryptocurrencies your deposit will be exchanged from USD to your preferred cryptocurrency which can be paid by a huge variety of methods including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and many lesser known cryptowallets if you happen to have funds at your disposal. Anyway, withdrawals are supposed to be processed instantly according to the admin, which I cannot personally confirm yet as I have not reached the required $10 minimum to withdraw.

If you have a brief look at the available investment plans, they can be divided into two categories – those paying daily with the principal returned on expiry and those paying once on expiry with the principal included. The first group of plans will credit your account with a fixed interest every calendar day over a period of either 30 days (in which case your profit will be from 0.8% to 4% depending on the size of your deposit with the principal returned) or 60 days (with a promised 1% to 5% profit over the investment period also with principal returned at the end). Not sure that the second category will be of any interest to the investors due to the higher risks and higher investment minimums involved, but just for your information – you are offered 500%-1000% after 1 month or 750%-2000% after 2 months. As you can see, in most of the cases with BitcoinFuture you’re required to wait for one to two months before you even break even, so the admin will surely face a much tougher challenge from the programs with more lucrative plans and it will require some time before winning the confidence of investors.

Although the BitcoinFuture site is apparently running off a custom-made script the other technical features are quite average to say the least. The site is SSL-secured by Comodo and hosted on a shared server provided by NameCheap which might not be enough to deal with possible DDoS attacks in the long-run. I hope that the admin will upgrade this setup, as of now it doesn’t look up to meeting the full satisfaction of potential investors who might be especially picky during this quiet summer season. Anyway, if BitcoinFuture manages to pull through the first month or even two it might become a contender in the upcoming autumn. Only time will tell, so keep an eye on the MNO monitor as I will change the status of the program as soon as I get paid for the first time and will post a full review of BitcoinFuture on my blog in a couple of days.


It appears that it might be the end of ZeitBTC, guys. The site has some loading issues today and I guess the admin has decided it’s better for him to pull the plug instead of addressing the problem that might have severely affected the incoming deposits. ZeitBTC only upgraded from Basic to Premium listing on MNO a few days ago and I was preparing a review of it for Wednesday, but most likely won’t need to now that the program has been moved to Problem status on the MNO monitor. The admin was contacted by me to explain the reason why he disabled the instantly processed withdrawals but hasn’t replied as of yet, and the Paid Out tab showing live withdrawals on the website also indicates that ZeitBTC might be in trouble. The program has managed to last for only twelve days which is really a shame, as no one has come even close to the break-even point, and ZeitBTC will surely go down as another miserable summer failure. The HYIP season has still been dragging along on one leg, it seems like. Do not invest in ZeitBTC, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 72 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Tokenizer, InstantMiningLimited (the first instant payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel.

That’s all the news for this Monday, guys. I will be taking a break to watch the semi-finals of the World Cup tomorrow and the day after and will be back with the latest news from the HYIP industry and a full review of the newly added Standard Listing BitcoinFuture on Thursday or Friday. Enjoy your summer holidays and remember to check out the MNO monitor from time to time to see the highest budget programs added there. You can also follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter for all the live updates or subscribe for the daily news to be delivered to your email address confirmed on signing up. If you have any questions, suggestions or listing requests I will be pleased to answer you on Telegram @mnoblog, or you can contact me via this form or directly at abramsonp@gmail.com See you all again later in the week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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