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Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog where you can always count on finding the most exciting investment opportunities online run by experienced admins who know their business and how to deliver profits. The brightest example of this so far this current summer HYIP season is undoubtedly Tokenizer (reviewed here) which has been dominating the headlines pretty much everywhere and has established its reputation as a perfectly performing program with thousands of members in profit after over two months online. It’s no wonder that Tokenizer takes the first position on the MNO monitor by being by far the most popular program among my readers by offering a chance to earn 150% profit on your investments made via one of the four popular cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, or BitcoinCash. Once making an investment with Tokenizer your account will be credited with a variable 5% to 7% on every business day (Monday to Friday) and a 2% fixed return on Saturdays and Sundays. Note that a flat 2% withdrawal fee is deducted from each withdrawal request automatically to cover Tokenizer‘s payment fees and you will be paid within 8 business hours. Tokenizer has certainly been the most talked program in the HYIP industry for a while now and the buzz keeps growing strong, so don’t miss the best project of the summer, guys, and enjoy your profits from Tokenizer!

I’m not sure as that is because of an unlucky Friday the 13th curse, but today’s plans for my blog were interrupted by an unusual turn of events in the program I was going to originally review – BitcoinFuture. I had to move it to Problem status on the MNO monitor already (hopefully, just temporarily) and the reasons will be discussed later in the news. The results of the latest MNO TalkBack question posted last week will be also discussed in today’s article, but I would like to start with the introduction of a brand new program that just joined the Premium List on MNO a couple of days ago called InstantBitex.


InstantBitex has become the latest addition to the MNO monitor. I would like to share my first impressions of the program in this article with a more detailed review to follow sometime next week. Despite its name InstantBitex does not offer instant withdrawals, but my first one was processed quite fast and I believe you have to wait only for a couple of hours before getting paid. Due to the original script’s peculiarities every withdrawal request should be confirmed by clicking the link you receive via the email you have registered your account with, and I believe it’s done for enhanced security reasons. Apart from the most popular payment method BitCoin InstantBitex will also take deposits via a number of other crypto-currencies, like LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and many others. Your investment can start from as low as $50 and the amount you have to pay to activate your deposit with InstantBitex will be calculated at the current exchange rate of USD against your preferred cryptocurrency. There are three investment packages available and depending on the size of your principal you will get from 0.5% to 1% fixed daily return for the unlimited term. So, it will take you from one to two hundred calendar days just to break-even, and that’ss a long time in the HYIP industry, especially when an early principal withdrawal is not allowed. That’s why I don’t expect the immediate effect of InstantBitex will be to win the hearts of the more picky HYIP investors, but only with the reliable track of payments and positive feedback it may become a contender come the autumn months when a higher level of activities in the HYIP industry is hotly anticipated.

The admin though tries to go an extra mile when trying to persuade the potential investors of having a real business backing the profits that are already much lower than the regular HYIP investor would anticipate from such kind of programs. The possibility of trading cryptocurrencies inside of your account in InstantBitex is greatly let down by borrowed texts from the About Us page, unnecessarily complicated investment interface and a shared server with no apparent protection against possible DDoS attacks. On the plus side we are dealing with a program running off a totally custom made script and the site is SSL-secured by GoDaddy. Also, InstantBitex has a UK incorporation certificate to boast of, Live chat support, and some presence on social media platforms.

However, the high withdrawal fee that is different for every payment option is not helping things. For BitCoin withdrawals for instance you’re expected to pay 0.0005 BTC which is currently the equivalent of about $3. That is in my opinion too much and will further diminish your returns from the program, so I would urge the admin of InstantBitex to rethink the withdrawal fee structure in order to make it fairer for smaller investors, as the program won’t get any large investors right from the start for sure. That is why the admin also encourages people to invest offering some investment bonuses ranging from $50 to $1,000 depending on the chosen plan. Overall, I’m not very impressed with the original setup of InstantBitex right from the start, and only a long-term proven track record of at least a few months will be able to make the program attractive to online investors. I will share more thoughts on InstantBitex in the upcoming more detailed review to be posted on the MNO blog next week. Stay tuned for that, guys!


Now let me explain the reasons why I had to postpone the review of BitcoinFuture on the MNO blog and moved the program to Problem status on the MNO monitor earlier today. From my initial introduction of BitcoinFuture you might be aware of the higher withdrawal minimum of $10 one had to reach before being able to request a payment from the program. It would take me at least five days to reach that minimum and move BitcoinFuture to Paying status on the MNO monitor, so it was staying on Waiting status all that time. Possibly realizing that his program would not get any investors until the status on MNO is changed to Paying admin then contacted me on Wednesday to say that he had reduced the minimum to a lower $5 threshold which I would have reached by that time already. Then the trouble only started for me as there were constant errors reported by the script that appeared when attempting a withdrawal request. On reporting these issues to the admin he put the blame on his developers and promised to resolve it as soon as possible. Nothing good happened out of it though as on Thursday the BitcoinFuture website went completely offline and the admin stated the work on fixing the withdrawal issues as the main reason for that. Then more problems followed with the “developers” had to reinstall the website from scratch as all the previous data was lost. At least that’s how the admin tried explaining to me what was going on via Telegram until today when he has simply disappeared from it. Withdrawals are still not possible to make, as there is the same error that was before getting on the way. Now I truly hope he didn’t give up on the whole thing, especially considering that most likely he had no investors at all, so his expenses he made by listing the program on MNO surely haven’t paid off. While the hope is slim that BitcoinFuture might be somehow brought back to life (of which I will of course report if that is going to happen), at the time of writing I have to warn you to stay away from the program and save your money from lining the pockets of a newbie admin who most likely had no idea how to manage a program and was just a chancer looking to take advantage of the MNO readers. Unfortunately for him my readers are quite experienced and as a rule they don’t give away the money to any program that appears on MNO but rather evaluate it and make a decision after positive feedback is received. As there is surely nothing positive to say about BitcoinFuture I would consider it as an utterly failed scam until proven otherwise. Do not invest there!


Finishing up for the week now I want to look at the results of the most recent opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with a new question. So, you might remember last time around I asked what readers thought about how the rapid collapse in value of bitcoin exchange rates against the dollar had affected the HYIP industry. It’s hard to believe that it was only a few months back (well, the end of last year) that we were looking at over $20,000 per BTC. That’s a far cry indeed from the current rates of around $6,000 though things did eventually level out and start to get more stable. A lot of people who were for some reason storing money in BitCoin wallets would have seen its value almost wiped out, though it also occurs to me that it’s only a few years since one BTC cost just a couple of cents so depending on exactly when you first started to get involved with cryptocurrencies there are still a lot of fortunes out there getting made.

Anyway, the exact question put to readers was:
How much of a negative impact has BitCoin instability had on the HYIP industry?

It’s a contentious subject and one which divided opinions for sure. I guess there are no real right answers or wrong answers as such, it’s just that everyone’s personal experiences lead them to draw different conclusions. The single biggest reaction to the question, an opinion shared by some 45% of the voters, was “Major, it’s the single biggest reason for the current slump”. In second spot with 33% of the votes was the opinion that it has “Some, but there are other factors contributing as well”, A finally a minority of readers, though not an unsubstantial number of you by any means with 22%, voted “None, BitCoin has nothing to do with the current decline”.

Personally I’d be somewhere in the middle of all that. The first cracks in the BitCoin bubble came at a time when the HYIP industry itself was naturally in decline, but this was a seasonal thing that most experienced investors would have expected and seen coming. The fact that the value of BitCoin collapsed at the same time the annual December, Christmas, and New Year holiday slump occurred in the HYIP industry was mere happenstance. So whereas I wouldn’t say with 100% certainty that BitCoin has contributed to the actual decline of the industry, I do think it’s definitely affecting its recovery. Well, it’s only human nature that people might get a bit jittery after seeing something like that unfold in front of their eyes, it was after all an event that made the mainstream print media and television business news. They just need to see an extended period of stability (and not necessarily the same spiralling growth) before dipping their toes back into the market again. As in any line of business where demand goes supply is sure to follow, so with BitCoin now sitting at more stable and consistent levels the HYIP industry will, in the next couple of months, begin to expand once more.

And now as they say for something completely different. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month it can’t have escaped your attention that the FIFA World Cup is currently in full flow, with this being the Cup Final weekend. Even people I know who normally express almost little to no interest in football or sport in general seem to go a bit crazy at this time every four years. It seems every tournament throws up at least one memorable surprise and one match that lives on in memory years into the future. This event has had several such occasions, that’s for sure, but now that it’s down to the biggest game in the careers of all the players and coaches involved, who do you think is actually going to win? I think it’s a fair choice of teams for the final, perhaps not who many were expecting to contest it a month ago, but nevertheless both are there on merit and I can’t say that any other team can point to simple bad luck for them not being in their place. Personally speaking and purely as a 100% neutral here I’d rather it was Croatia who take the title if for no other reason than to see a new name added to the list of winners. But speaking as a betting man I know I certainly wouldn’t like to put any money on it! France just look like a team that relax when they are able to, and step things up a gear when they need to, leaving one with the impression there’s always an improvement coming when necessary.

Anyway, I wouldn’t like to call it but just for fun what does everyone here think? The exact question, which will run on the MNO TalkBack page here until after the game on Sunday, will be?

Who will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

Ordinarily there would only be two obvious possible answers here, but I’m going to try and make it interesting by adding a couple more. Possible answers are:

– France after 90 minutes
– Croatia after 90 minutes
– France after extra time or penalties
– Croatia after extra time or penalties

As I said, the poll will only be active for the weekend since the final is on Sunday, so I’ll be posting the results in my next blog post which will probably be Monday. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates, remember it’s only for fun and is completely anonymous and untraceable anyway. The poll can be found here, good luck to everyone involved, and one way or another it promises to be a great final. Enjoy it everyone!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: Tokenizer, InstantMiningLimited, InstantBitex (the first payments received).
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel, InvestmentSlots, ArbingSportBet (the first instant payments received).

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you will have a great weekend ahead of you and will enjoy the sunshine and the last games of the FIFA World Cup. Don’t forget to give your prediction for the winner in the poll on the MNO TalkBack page which will be open until the game is over, so we will see just how good my readers are at determining which team is the best. I’ll be back with the new updates from the biggest investment programs in the HYIP industry plus will bring you the full review of InstantBitex next business week, most likely on Monday already. If you don’t have time to check my monitor for the new additions which will most probably be featured now that the World Cup is almost over please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter where all the updates and notifications of new programs are posted in real-time or subscribe to the full blog’s articles to be delivered to your email address here. I am always pleased to answer all your questions regarding the monitored programs or serve your HYIP advertising needs, so you can contact me here, email me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. See you again next week on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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