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Beware! InstantBitex has stopped paying! Do not invest there!

Hello all, and welcome again to the MNO blog for all the latest happenings in the HYIP industry! As another business week continues and the summer hots up (not to mention some unexpected twists in this World Cup final weekend!) we have a bit to catch up on in today’s news but especially I’ll be starting first with InstantBitex, another new name that was added to the Premium List just after it was launched around the middle of last week. You might remember I already introduced InstantBitex in my last post, but now I’ve had the time to check everything out in more detail I can go through it all a bit more thoroughly for you today. So let’s see what it’s all about and whether you think InstantBitex might be worth taking a shot at or not.

First of all I suppose it’s fair to describe InstantBitex as a long-term style HYIP. There’s basically just the one investment plan in InstantBitex which runs for 365 business days (73 full weeks) but this is then divided into three sub-sections depending on the size of your principal, i.e. the bigger spending players are offered better rates of interest. But to start with an entry level deposit in InstantBitex you will need a $25 minimum. Somewhat above the industry average I suppose, but but pretty much what most of the regular players would be starting out with anyway. Strictly speaking that isn’t 100% accurate though, in fact InstantBitex doesn’t work with traditional dollar based payment handlers. They work exclusively with crypto-currencies only, such as BitCoin for example. There’s plenty of choice in that regard, I’ll go through them all for you in a moment, but you’ll just need $25 worth of whatever currency you wish to use at the exchange rate of the day. It’s just easier if we speak about the plans using dollars.
So, your $25 equivalent deposit gets you into The Silver Plan. Any amount up to a maximum of $1,000 earns you 0.5% interest per business day (Monday to Friday) for the 365 business day duration. These payments include your principal which InstantBitex will not be returning in a separate on-expiry payment so eventually add up to 182.5% from which 82.5% is your net profit. The only important statistic that you need to be aware of is that you will need at least 67 business days, that’s just over 13 full calendar weeks, to break even.

Shouldn’t that be 200 business days? No, you see there’s a bonus added to your principal when you join The Silver Plan. InstantBitex will add an extra $50 to your deposit, so effectively if you join with just the $25 minimum you would actually start drawing interest on a $75 principal. This allows you to then reach the break even point and earn back your own original $25 in less time than you would normally expect to. (Actually when withdrawal fees are imposed it takes somewhat longer, but I’ll explain all that later). The $50 bonus does not increase in line with your own investment by the way, so if you were to invest let’s say $800 or $900 of your own money you would still only get the same $50 and it would of course take considerably longer to reach the break even point.

Bigger spending investors prepared to invest a $1,001 equivalent are put into The Gold Plan. This is for amounts up to an upper limit of $5,000. InstantBitex offer members here a daily interest payment of 1% per business day for 365 business days. As with the previous plan, the InstantBitex admin again offers a bonus addition to your principal, this time of $500. This will again have the added affect of helping you reach the break even point a little bit faster, especially for those at the lower end of the scale. all things going according to plan your payments should eventually add up to 365%, and with your principal factored into that it’s 265% net profit.

And lastly just to make up the numbers InstantBitex have The Planinum Plan. This is for deposits upwards of $5,001 to a maximum of $1,000,000 (in other words no real upper limit). InstantBitex offer 1.5% interest per business day for 365 business days on deposits here, and a sign-up bonus of $1,000 added to your principal. Total payments should add up to 547.5% by the plan’s expiry, and with your principal included as part of that you’re left with 447.5% net profit.

The full list of payment methods you can use to invest with InstantBitex is extensive. Perhaps even a bit pointless if I’m honest, there’s a couple of names in there that I’ve either never even heard of or at least have never once seen used successfully in the HYIP industry. Oh well, I guess all you need is one and the extra choice won’t hurt anyone I guess. So, should you wish to proceed with an investment them InstantBitex will accept funds via BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Dash, BitcoinGold, Monero, EOS, Tether, DogeCoin, ZCash, EthereumClassic, and Tron. Despite the program’s name however, withdrawals from InstantBitex are not actually instant. They will need to be requested from inside your member’s account area and are then processed manually by the admin. The payment schedule depends on the timing of your request, but to be fair in my own short experience with them everything has been done pretty fast. Basically if you are making your withdrawal request within the program’s business hours, Monday to Friday, they will endeavour to get you request processed within 8 hours. Outside business hours and it’s going to take a bit longer naturally, but you shouldn’t have to wait longer than the next business day to have your payment. When you do go to withdraw by the way, due to the script’s peculiarities every request must be confirmed by clicking the link you will receive via the same email address you used when creating your account. I imagine this is for reasons of enhanced security.

Smaller investors should take note at this point, and please be very very clear about this before you spend any money with InstantBitex, that there are minimum withdrawal limits for payment requests as well as processing fees that could take a massive chunk out of your earnings and make it a lot longer than you anticipated to break even. I’m not going to go through all the figures for you here, that’s not possible as it’s different for each currency, but I’ll give you the example of BitCoin. At the time of writing the minimum withdrawal that will be honoured by InstantBitex is 0.001 BTC, which is around $6.70 give or take a couple of cents. However the fee for handling a BitCoin withdrawal request is 0.0005 BTC which at the moment is about $3.35. OK, if you were withdrawing hundreds of dollars then you wouldn’t mind absorbing that amount, however I suspect the majority of readers would only be withdrawing amounts much much closer to the 0.001 BTC minimum. If so then that’s potentially as much as 50% of your earnings wiped out right there. So again, I cannot emphasize this enough for you, take very special care to consider this when planning any investment.

As for the more technical side of the InstantBitex website, I have some mixed feelings on this. In some areas there’s obviously been a lot of time and expense, which is strange then when corners have been cut in other places. For example, the website is powered off a custom made script that’s been developed especially for the InstantBitex program. That’s usually a welcome sign, but then I also see that it’s hosted on a shared server which makes it more vulnerable to malicious DDoS attacks. The interface is unnecessarily complicated, thought that’s just a personal opinion. On the plus side InstantBitex do have an extra layer of account protection with an SSL encryption certificate by GoDaddy.

If there are any further questions for the InstantBitex admin, anything you don’t quite understand about the program, or any account related issues that need to be dealt with then there are several channels of communication open to you. As always you should make sure to read the FAQ page very carefully before contacting anyone of course, but if you do need to get in touch then start with the Live Chat room that’s embedded in the members account area. If more personal details are required then you can either submit your request via the online customer support form, or else just write directly to the admin at the listed e-mail address. Other real time support options include Telegram chat and WhatsApp, plus accounts on some of the main social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord. Lastly there’s a postal address in the UK where InstantBitex has been registered as a company though experienced readers will know well enough to ignore this by now. Anyone can set this up cheaply and anonymously over the web.

Something else I wouldn’t take too seriously are the claims that InstantBitex are somehow involved with the trading of crypto-currencies. For the record if you’re interested that is the claim, but the fact that much of the texts are a simple copy/paste taken from other sources pours cold water over that. Difficult to see really what direction InstantBitex will go in but if it’s going to be a success then it’s certainly not going to be an overnight one. Perhaps in the autumn when more investors start returning to the industry and the admin has an established track record going back several months it might gain some momentum, time will tell. For now though you should just remember the two most important things about playing with HYIPs. If you think they are suitable for you then just remember to keep your spending strictly limited to what it won’t bother you to lose, and to keep InstantBitex as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio.

Before I finish with the review of InstantBitex and move on to today’s news updates I would like to ask if anyone reading this has their own opinions on the program? Good, bad, or indifferent, I hope you won’t mind sharing them with your fellow readers. It takes literally a second to vote, is totally anonymous, and will make for more interesting reading once we are looking back at the program at the end rather than looking forward at the start. In other words how many people would make a good and bad judgement call looking at the program today. Please answer the following question:

Will you make an active deposit in InstantBitex?

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I guess no one can deny that Tokenizer has been a great performer both on MNO and in the HYIP industry in general. The program managed to stay afloat for over two months while supplying investors with decent profits and it was entirely possible to finish with two to three cycles and reach the 150% profit target in each of them. All good things in the HYIP world eventually come to an inevitable conclusion, but I believe in the case of Tokenizer very few people saw the trouble coming. The only sign that the end might be approaching came on Saturday when some investors reported receiving strange emails allegedly coming from the Tokenizer admin and asking them to invest directly to a specific BitCoin wallet. Of course, the admin explicitly denied all this in the message that followed up on the program’s official Facebook page, but one could doubt now it was actually not him behind the whole scheme:

Beware: if you received an e-mail with a subject TOKENIZER X2 please know that it’s from a fraudster pretending to be someone from our team
You can see that this e-mail has NOT been authenticated by Google and has NO security encryption!
Please, do not send any funds to that Bitcoin address!
We DO NOT accept deposits directly. Always, check your deposit address using your Tokenizer account (Add funds section).
Please, share and support the community behind Tokenizer.
Stay on guard!

Then on the following day the payouts suddenly stopped and not only withdrawals, deposits have been disrupted as well. Whatever the issue was with the payment gateways (Tokenizer worked exclusively with the major cryptocurrencies) it must have been severe and irrevocable, as already on Monday the site has disappeared while the latest message on the Facebook page still promised to take care of the payment issue within a 24-hour timeframe:

Technical issues with Payments gateway
Dear users!
We’re still looking for a solution for our payment gateway. It’s not working at the moment for deposits & withdrawals. Restoration time is longer than we originally anticipated. It might take another 24h for full restoration of services.
Please, bare with us as we’re trying to find a solution that can be integrated into our system.
Please, do NOT spread FUD, Tokenizer team is working non stop to implement a new gateway to process all crypto currencies as well as adding fiat payments.

Anyway, whatever actually disrupted the perfect work of Tokenizer for weeks and weeks we can only wonder, the only known thing is that it was totally unexpected for the admin and team and led to the premature closure, as no one saw the cashflow issues yet coming into play as usually happens in the latest stages of any HYIP’s lifecycle. Kudos to the admin of Tokenizer for not taking advantage of the people not knowing about those issues and actually taking the site down instead of bothering everyone with scam tactics such big programs usually have in their arsenal of dirty tricks in the end. Well played, Tokenizer, so many members in profit and clearly the best investment project of the last few months! Now it’s officially over, but I’m already surely looking forward to the next new and exciting projects from the same administration in the near future. Stay tuned to find them soon on MNO!


So, the FIFA World Cup is now officially over with the French team being crowned the winner after beating Croatia 4-2 in the final last Sunday. Of course, the question I was asking on the MNO TalkBack on the outcome of that game had become obsolete and has now been replaced, but more on that later. First, I would like to take a closer look at the results of the older poll. And it appears that MNO readers are very good with predictions with 56% of you (an overall majority) bet on France to win after the first ninety minutes of the match. 44% of you were assuming that Croatia would either go on to win in regular time (33%) or at extra time or on penalties (11%). In any case, I’m pleased to see that the majority got it completely right and will refer to your opinion on many matters that resonate with me personally on other occasions in future. Thanks for that amazing tournament in Russia but it’s time to get back to business now, guys!

The next poll that will be open for your votes on the MNO TalkBack over the next few days is dedicated to the future of MNO, so you can contribute by giving me your opinion on the subject. As you might know, MNO has always positioned itself as being the blog and monitor for elite programs and over years it has carved a unique spot in the HYIP industry specifically to serve the needs of the experienced admins with higher advertising budgets and avoid the low-life scams that seem to have been signed into all the other smaller monitors. Yes, it’s true that the system in place on MNO is not ideal and sometimes bad apples get through, but at least it’s better than having dozens of deliberate fast scams sitting in your listings and waiting for their moment to scam quick and hard. I hope many people will agree with me on that point.

While I have been very firm in my decision to keep the listing prices high it was impossible to ignore that the HYIP industry has been in an awful state since the start of the year. The usual recovery expected in January didn’t really come and the HYIP industry was really inundated by an enormous amount of fast scams, the same trend that unfortunately lingers into the summer too. As a temporary measure therefore I have decided to lower the listing and advertising prices on MNO starting from the 1st of May which did not work miracles in the end, but generally resulted only for the monitor to become more affordable to lower standard programs. I must admit that it was not possible to continue like this, as MNO has been shaping not as I envisioned it originally. So, a gradual return to the same listing levels as before May 2018 has been decided and it will be made in two stages. As the summer slowdown is still pretty much going on, starting from Monday, just the day following the last match of the World Cup, the listing prices on the MNO blog and monitor have been increased as following. The Premium listed programs will now pay $1,500 ($1,000 monitoring fee + $500 reinvestment), the Standard listing will cost $1,000 ($600 monitoring fee + $400 reinvestment), and for the Basic listed programs the prices will increase insignificantly and will be $500 ($200 monitoring fee + $300 reinvestment). I also intend to further increase prices starting in autumn to get it back to the same pre-May levels, as I have already told you. I have made that decision by seeing the 99% of all the programs on other monitoring websites becoming fast scams even before the first members reach the break-even point, so it’s simply necessary to avoid the same situation on MNO by keeping the listing prices high. They are still the most expensive in the HYIP industry, but the admins can take advantage of the still relatively low ones now and until the first of September.

In the last question of the MNO TalkBack poll I can see that the majority of my readers already welcome my decision to keep the listing and advertising prices high and to bring it back to the previous level and by that sacrificing the quantity in favour of quality. As you may remember, such great giants of the past like LaserOnline or Carbon7 have always started their advertising campaigns with MNO and I have no reason to doubt the new upcoming leaders of the HYIP industry’s autumn season will do otherwise. But the best things in life are not cheap and the HYIP admins must pay big money for the privilege to be listed on MNO that is still the oldest (eleven years old now) and the most trusted resource for biggest investment projects online and I intend to keep it that way. So, the new question you’re welcome to vote in on the MNO TalkBack this week is this:
The listing prices on MNO have increased, and will increase again on September 1. What is your opinion?

And the possible answers will include:

– I support this decision, I only want to see quality high-budget programs here
– I am in two minds about it, I want the best programs but more choice as well
– I am against it, you should accommodate more programs for better choice

Thanks a lot for helping with your opinions, guys. It will help me make MNO better and more investor-oriented in the long term. As usual, your votes are totally anonymous and as it will only take a moment of your time please say your opinion on the MNO listing prices policy here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel, ArbingSportBet.

That’s all I had to report today, guys. Make sure you won’t miss anything important by following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe to the regular updates to be delivered to your email address by submitting it here. Remember that you can always contact me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, submit this contact form, or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog, so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Your votes in the new TalkBack poll are also appreciated as well as your votes for your favourite programs submitted via the MNO monitor. I will hopefully talk to you all again in a few days on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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