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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog – the only investment blog online that really cares about what investment programs are accepted by syphoning out the deliberate fast scam through keeping the listing prices well out of reach for inexperienced admins running low-budget HYIPs. That’s why you can always be sure MNO only features the most truly outstanding programs and such huge stars like Carbon7 or LaserOnline always choose my monitor as a starting point for wider advertising campaigns that led to impressive growth and many months online thus bringing great profits to thousands of investors. This summer seems to have been very discouraging so far for those of you looking for the next industry leader, but rest assured that some admins are already working on bringing superb new programs to your attention and MNO might again be the first platform to see them. So make sure you don’t miss anything spectacular in the autumn months and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, or join the 3,300+ subscribers that enjoy reading my regular blog posts sent directly to their email addresses (click here if you wish to subscribe as well). You are also encouraged to contact me if you have any questions regarding the monitored programs or have any other requests via Telegram @mnoblog, via email, or by submitting the contact form here. I always try to respond within a 24 hour maximum, so you won’t have to wait for long.

Please also note that MNO will be further increasing listing prices starting from September 1 due to my readers’ wishes and to maintain the highest standards of the programs listed here. Smart HYIP admins have a final opportunity to get their programs listed on MNO at the lucrative prices before they return to the same levels as last May. It appears that some of them already took advantage, like the admin of the recent Premium listed LuxEarn has just done. I will start with the introduction of that program and will follow with the results of the recent poll on AdvCash departing the HYIP industry (read the full article on that here) and post a new question for you to think about. As all the other programs are still paying fine and I don’t have any further updates at the moment any further news from the industry will be in the blog next week. Stay tuned for that, guys, and meanwhile let’s start with a first look at LuxEarn.


Frankly speaking, checking out the LuxEarn website for the first time I had a sense of deja-vu. I could swear I’ve seen a very similar design and the set of investment plans before. I usually do not have such a good memory when it comes to HYIPs as there have been so many of them on MNO for years, but in case with LuxEarn it caught my eye so I made some digging just to see if there is indeed a connection with another project. I wouldn’t call it by the name (as there is some slim chance it could be from a different admin and I don’t want to spread rumors), but just wanted to let you know that the previous effort ran back in 2017 and after featuring on MNO managed to last for about six months, which was not a bad result at all. Just like its predecessor, LuxEarn launched back in 2015, but has been running as a sleeper for a couple of years before being activated in a different incarnation with a huge variety of investment plans that may confuse even the most experienced HYIP investors. The site of LuxEarn has been redesigned just a few days ago and the admin has opted for going for the most expensive Premium listing on MNO which he purchased yesterday. At first the investment plans will surprise you in terms of sheer choice. In fact, there are very high minimums for the vast majority of them which I imagine will be reduced over time to allow more investors to get on board. Besides, some investment offers are made to make you think that you will be paid on every business day, which is fact is untrue and while the account will be indeed credited with daily earnings they will simply accumulate in your LuxEarn account and will not be available for withdrawal until the expiry date which might never materialize anyway. Note that there are only five investment plans (most of them still with a prohibitive investment minimum) you can invest with if you are interested in daily business day (Monday to Friday) withdrawals and having your principal returned at the end of the term. Without getting into much detail in this introduction (more on the investment plans in LuxEarn please read the upcoming more detailed review on MNO next week) I will just briefly name them – 2.75% for 40 business days, 2.25% for 60 business days, 1.25% for 80 business days, 1.1% for 100 business days, 0.5% for 356 business days. Please note that all the other plans offered by LuxEarn are actually paid once on expiry all the accumulated profit plus the initial investment, so I would not recommend investing in those ones (I will explain better why in the review as well) – 250% after 10 business days, 270%-360% after 15 business days, 340%-460% after 20 business days, 210%-800% after 30 business days, 260%-1600% after 40 business days, 500% after 50 business days, 360%-4000% after 60 business days, 440%-8000% after 80 business days, 800%-14000% after 100 business days.

As you can see there is a huge variety of investment offers in LuxEarn and in fact there are twenty-five of them overall (!). Very few of them can be played with, but judging by the previous program’s performance we should hope that smart investors prefer to listen to my advice where to invest and what to avoid when choosing the appropriate investment plan in LuxEarn should end up as winners. Anyhow, once creating an account with LuxEarn you will be asked to specify your e-currency accounts, and there is a lot of choice there between PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash, with AdvCash having been recently dropped from the list due to the well-known difficulties it created for HYIPs using them. As the site runs off a licensed GoldCoders script, you shouldn’t have much difficulties browsing, investing and withdrawing your profits, however, please note that withdrawals might take up to 48 hours to be processed if you request them on business days, and even up to 72 hours if your request is on Saturday or Sunday. My own first payment was quite fast however, so I’ve already moved LuxEarn to Paying status on the MNO monitor.

By the way, the site itself looks absolutely stunning and very well prepared (it’s been almost three years in the making, so should be expected, I guess). There are a few professionally made videos available describing the whole investment process which will be particularly useful for newbies, and the FAQ section itself is very extensive with everything properly explained in detail. Technically all is built to the highest standard as well, with the LuxEarn website fully SSL-encrypted by Comodo featuring the extended validation certificate (Green Bar), hosted on a dedicated server with support and protection provided by DDoSGuard while the domain name is registered for ten years in advance and expires in 2025. The company under the name Luxearn Proprietary Ltd is allegedly officially registered in Australia, although I did fail to verify this properly and hopefully the admin will back up the claims by uploading the necessary documents. The website is now available only in the English language, but it looks like more translations are in the making and once they are presented I will report it on MNO. The website has a social networking presence on Twitter and Telegram as well as its own YouTube channel. And of course do not forget about such handy features as the built-in calculator to help you with planning your potential earnings, multiple regional representatives and the Live Chat support to answer any further questions and concerns.

Overall, the first impressions are extremely positive and I believe that with the right choice of investment plans LuxEarn will provide smart HYIP investors with a good opportunity to earn some decent profits. On how it can be done properly and what pitfalls should be avoided please read the upcoming detailed review to be posted on the MNO blog next week. Stay tuned and do not miss it, guys!


With an almost complete lack of other news in the industry (by no means a bad thing by the way) I guess it’s probably time to draw the results of the last opinion poll that ran on the MNO TalkBack page and replace it with another one. Well, the biggest story to hit the industry in recent months has probably been about AdvCash and that payment processor’s decision to withdraw from the HYIP business and to cease offering services to HYIP related websites. Maybe not so much refuse to offer payment services as such perhaps, but rather to insist that they provide legal and researchable documents proving they are licensed to offer financial or banking services in their own jurisdictions. This was covered in more detail in my last news update on MNO which you can read about here, but basically it comes down to state financial regulators applying pressure on AdvCash to be a bit more shall we say discerning about their customers and who they provide payment services for. After all, a dictionary definition of what HYIPs and the companies that offer them payment handling services would come essentially describe it all as a form of money laundering. With lengthy prison terms handed out to the owners of other payment processors who failed to comply with similar instructions, (LibertyReserve and Payza), it’s easy to see why the people running AdvCash would sit up and take notice. Quit while your ahead and all that, the alternative simply isn’t worth it. So it’s under those circumstances that AdvCash have recently informed the HYIP admins of the few programs that actually avail of their services that they may continue using the payment handler to process earning and profit payouts to their members, but they will no longer be allowed to accept new deposits or investments. Not unless they can prove they are licensed to offer financial services that is, which of course is never going to happen. Continuing to make payouts but not accepting new investments just isn’t the way HYIPs (or any other more legit form of business for that matter) can function.

Speaking as a HYIP player and enthusiast myself it’s hard to find anything positive in this news, but if I’m absolutely forced to come up with a positive angle then I guess it would be that not many people are going to be hit too badly by this. I mean if it has to happen, then it may as well happen now when the industry is at a five year low point and there’s not may admins or investors dealing too heavily with AdvCash. In other words if no one has any money there in the first place then you can’t lose any money by this change in business policy. Best therefore to get this all out of the way now when things are slow rather than have it happen in let’s say October when the industry is likely to be a lot more active and the potential damage would be a great deal more dangerous.

Anyway, the whole topic surrounding AdvCash’s decision to withdraw its services from the HYIP industry was the question featured in two MNO opinion polls. The first was embedded in the original blog article covering the subject here asking what impact you thought it would have on the wider HYIP industry in general, the other was on the MNO TalkBack page asking how you saw it affecting you on a more personal level. The first question asked “What impact will AdvCash have on the HYIP industry?”. A mixed reaction here but I was surprised the biggest group seemed to view it quite so negatively when they (40% of you) voted “Strong, this is a major blow to the HYIP industry”. The remaining 60% of readers, and a clear majority of you, seemed less concerned. It was an equal split with 30% of you voting “Moderate, a temporary setback which will be recovered from” and 30% voting “Negligible, the industry is at a standstill anyway”.

The other question from the MNO TalkBack poll focused on the more personal aspect of this, asking readers “Will you keep money in your AdvCash wallet after the recent changes?”. The clear leader here by some distance, 43% of the readers participating in fact, took the option “No, I’ll withdraw all and stop using them”. To be honest, there’s very little else you can use AdvCash for anyway apart from the HYIP industry. I’m certainly not aware of even one other legit non-HYIP related business that accepts them anyway so I can definitely see why so many of you would feel that way. In second place 29% of readers say “I’ve never used them / doesn’t apply to me”, something which will also indicate that this move is by no means some sort of apocalypse for the HYIP industry. Of the remaining voters, 21% say “I will keep only small amounts there” and 7% say “Yes, I will keep using them as usual” though in both cases, like I said already, I have no idea what exactly you intend doing with AdvCash since the HYIP industry is effectively removed.

Moving back now to LuxEarn, the new program just introduced earlier in this post, I started thinking about so called “sleeper” programs in general, how readers react to them when they “wake up” and I suppose just how you feel about the concept of them in general. It’s been a long term tactic in the HYIP industry for admins to do this, though to be honest it’s hard to recall one staying off the radar quite so long as LuxEarn. But what do you guys think about the whole thing? Or does it even make any difference to your opinions at all? Do you see it as the mark of a long term industry professional looking to do something big? Or do you think it’s just a last desperate attempt at a scam from a program past it’s potential peak? The exact question therefore will be as follows:

How do you feel about the concept of “sleeper” programs?

Possible answers include:
– Positive, it shows a professional admin with long term ambitions
– Neutral, it has absolutely no influence on my decision to join or not
– Negative, I prefer brand new programs as most sleepers are already too old

As always thanks in advance to everyone who votes. The poll will stay open for around a week or so, but definitely long enough for everyone interested in voting to have adequate opportunity to do so. Remember that all votes are anonymous and untraceable, and take literally just a second to cast. Votes can be cast on the MNO TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantBitexInstantMiningLimited.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: AmericanBarrel, ArbingSportBet.

That’s all for today, guys. I hope you are truly enjoying the heatwave as I am and will spend your weekend with some use for yourselves. I’ll be back most possibly on Monday with a full review of LuxEarn – quite a deceptive program when it comes to investment plans, so make sure you read the review through properly before committing yourself to investing there. Please vote on the TalkBack poll and let your voice be heard, as every opinion matters on MNO, guys. Thanks a lot for reading my blog and happy earnings from MNO – For Money Lovers!

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