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22/09/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog which only features the biggest investment opportunities brought to you by the most experienced admins in the HYIP industry. The most expensive listing prices on my monitor ensure that only the highest-budget programs with decent cash reserves are welcome on MNO for the attention of my readers. So if you want your program listed on and shared with over 3,200 MNO feed subscribers please do not hesitate to contact me via this contact form, write to me directly at or chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog when I’m online. I am also there to answer reader’s questions related to the MNO monitored programs and the state of things in the HYIP industry in general.

Over the last week or so we saw the situation improve slightly though overall still remaining much quieter than it was for the same period last year. As we know, the HYIP industry works in cycles which can vary in length and can be heavily influenced by various factors outside our control, so now it’s definitely not the best times for sure. Rest assured, this cannot continue for much longer and I firmly believe we are now just weeks or even days away from a marked recovery. As more and more programs were added to the Premium List on MNO over the last couple of weeks we see more admins interested in returning to the market and filling the void for industry leaders. The most recent brand new entry to the MNO Premium List is CryptoVilla which stands out from the crowd and is clearly a great contender for the next big hit. I’ll start today’s news by introducing it followed by the latest updates from other popular programs such as CoinFinance, BitBoots, and LuxEarn. Read on for more information guys!


Well, I suppose the biggest single news story today, not related to the programs already listed as paying on the MNO monitor‘s Premium List anyway but joining them, is CryptoVilla. This is a newly launched medium to long term HYI program that just joined the MNO monitor. I’ll describe it all in a bit more detail in the review next week but for the moment I think I suppose probably warn the casual reader that CryptoVilla is a bit more complicated than it needs to be. At first glance it is anyway, but at the base of every HYIP is the same basic premise, i.e. you invest money and hope the admin can in return pays you back an established interest rate.

So, where to start? Well, first of all as the name might imply, CryptoVilla is a cryptocurrency based operation. That means you will need either BitCoin or Ethereum to invest. And it won’t be cheap either, not for the moment anyway although I personally hope this might change, currently CryptoVilla require at least a minimum of $100 to join. There are three plans you can invest with for this money, not exactly making daily interest payments or on expiry interest payments, rather falling somewhere in the middle. I think I’ll prefer to explain in more detail how this works in the upcoming review but essentially they offer one payment every five days for the duration of the three plans. To make better sense of it all you should watch the official CryptoVilla video which has also been embedded in the MNO monitor page. It outlines the terms and conditions of your membership, plus of course the financial finer points of why you might like to join.

Three plans then work like this. You get a payment every five days for the duration of your chosen plan. This includes you principal. You can get a payment of 20% every five days for a 30 day plan. That means six payments in total so 120% by the time it finishes, or your own money back plus 20% net profit. A longer term option offers a smaller payment of 10% every five days but for 90 days which allows for a much bigger earning of 180%, or 80% net profit with principal included. The third plan also offers a payment every five days of 7% interest for 180 days. With your principal included that comes to a 252% return, or a 152% net profit.

For the technical side of things CryptoVilla is running off a totally customised script developed especially to suit the program’s unique needs. Hosting is on a dedicated server with DDoS protection from OVH, a very “mainstream” provider for regular businesses if you like, and an EV encryption cert from GeoTrust to make things more secure. The CryptoVilla domain s registered for five years in advance and the company is registered in Singapore.

I’ll go into everything in a bit more detail later, but the basic premise is this. CryptoVilla is in itself an alleged crypto-currency. That’s what you are buying and investing in. The price is something to be speculated on, so may go up or down. The idea is that it will go up, thus financing the payments to investors. Investments are made via either BitCoin or Ethereum, so no straight forward “dollar” based processors in use here, with transactions channeled through the again alleged CryptoVilla currency (CVL). Basically, you buy CVL tokens with your BitCoin or Ethereum funds which will then be converted to a new token BTN in your account which in turn can be exchanged to Ethereum funds and withdrawn instantly to your Ethereum account which is a must have if you wish to profit from CryptoVilla in the first place. Note also that the withdrawal fee is set to 5% which is quite steep and might reduce your overall profit from the investment plan. Whether the whole concept or not turns out to be popular remains to be seen, at least it’s original, so let’s see how things go in the next few days and I’ll elaborate in the upcoming review after I have a chance to check it out in a bit more detail. I’ll just add that CryptoVilla looks maybe a bit over-complicated, but worthy of studying and digging a bit deeper. It may even surprise us all with a long run. Original concepts like this aren’t born overnight and the admin has surely put lots of time and effort into making something so profoundly different. Stay tuned for a more detailed review on MNO to learn more on CryptoVilla next week, guys, and I will try to make more sense of it for you!


CoinFinance recently announced the launch of their official group on Telegram and for the last couple of days many members joined, now consisting of 350 members and counting. And I’m not surprised at such an achievement. Having been monitored on MNO for less than two weeks CoinFinance has nevertheless managed to attract people’s attention and in the recent poll conducted on the MNO TalkBack page gained the support of 57% of readers who think the program has the best chance to bring them to the profit zone compared to the other four. And if you believe so too then join the lively community on Telegram and share your views with your fellow investors at the link provided in the latest newsletter from CoinFinance:

Join CoinFinance‘s Official Telegram Group!
Hello, We invite you to join our official Telegram group, where you can talk with other clients of CoinFinance, share your experience and ask a question to our friendly staff! See you there.
Join the community now trough this link:
Best Regards, CoinFinance Ltd

I just want to remind you that CoinFinance offers basically one investment plan paying from 3% to 5% every day from Monday to Friday. The full investment term stretches to 70 business days on expiry of which your principal is returned. Of course, being online for less than three weeks in total means it’s too early to judge the program’s earning potential, but so far CoinFinance is running very smooth with instant payouts on transactions below $500 to BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin wallets. If you invested in the program via the other three accepted cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, BitcoinCash, or Dash) or your withdrawal exceeds $500 then you should be paid manually by the admin within 24 hours. One other thing – as CoinFinance works exclusively with cryptocurrencies by converting deposits and withdrawals to and from USD, remember you can gain extra profits based on exchange rates. It’s easy to test CoinFinance with smaller amounts too as the program accepts deposits starting with a reasonable $10 minimum. If you wish to find out more about CoinFinance‘s main features please refer to the detailed review posted here.


Despite HYIPs traditionally being highly volatile ventures rarely lasting for longer than a few months, it’s actually easy to stay online for the period of three years if you’re a “sleeper”. As the admin of LuxEarn proudly reported yesterday on their third year anniversary we can say it’s not entirely true, as the program was completely redesigned just a couple of months ago and is now open with a new set of investment offers and much better on the eye layout than before. A typical “sleeper” like LuxEarn would go low and be almost invisible to the general public employing only a couple of monitors to post payment proofs on forums which would later back up their story of a successful three-year long run in order to encourage more investors to join such a long-running program. In fact, it’s only since LuxEarn started a massive advertising campaign about two months ago after its complete redesign can we say that was the real launch of the program. Keeping that in mind we can’t really say the admin of LuxEarn is telling lies in the latest short newsletter re-posted below marking the alleged third anniversary of the program:

Three years anniversary of LuxEarn!
Dear Friends, we are happy to inform, that today is three years anniversary of our web-platform LuxEarn! Three year of successful, stable and profitable work! In this great day, with all our hearts we are wishing you Love, Peace, Happiness, Harmony and Prosperity!
With all our hearts, LuxEarn team

LuxEarn was first reviewed on MNO here and has won 29% of the vote from the TalkBack poll of people saying they have the best chance of reaching the profit zone here. I must agree that the chance of profiting with LuxEarn is quite high – after all, admins rarely make “sleepers” for three years if the intention is a scam fast afterwards.

However when it comes to choosing from the multiple investment plans offered by LuxEarn, the vast majority of plans are not unrealistic. So carefully read the plan’s description and take note that investing in anything paying once on expiry is extremely risky – 250% after 10 business days, 270%-360% after 15 business days, 340%-460% after 20 business days, 210%-800% after 30 business days, 260%-1600% after 40 business days, 500% after 50 business days, 360%-4000% after 60 business days, 440%-8000% after 80 business days, 800%-14000% after 100 business days. Apart from so many investment offers paying once on expiry there are only five of them actually paying every day, Monday to Friday, and then also returning your principal on expiry. The only sensible ones that might be joined with reasonable amounts pay 2.75% for 40 business days, 2.25% for 60 business days, 1.25% for 80 business days, 1.1% for 100 business days, or 0.5% for 356 business days.

I see since my original review of LuxEarn was published the admin has significantly reduced investment minimums for several plans making them affordable for investors but still not reducing the risk. However most plans remain out of reach for the average HYIP investor as they require ridiculously high minimum deposits in exchange for extremely high profit rates unlikely to be paid on expiry. Such plans should be avoided as well and only daily paying plans in LuxEarn should be joined if they don’t require thousands of dollars (some of them start just a $25 minimum). I should also add that LuxEarn accepts deposits via PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash and all the withdrawals are processed manually by the admin within 48 to 72 hours depending on the day of the week, usually much faster.


As BitCoin and other major cryptocurrencies are now being traded at higher rates (1 BTC costing over $6,700 at the time of writing), the first investors in BitBoots are now taking advantage of higher daily profits from the program’s only investment plan. As per my original review of BitBoots posted here you might be aware of the fact that the program pays 1.1% to 2.2% every calendar day for a one-year term after which you can release your original investment or keep earning if you want. While you may join BitBoots via the traditional currencies like PerfectMoney or Payeer (starting from a $50 minimum and a $1 minimum withdrawal) it’s those joining via cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin or any of the 37 other types accepted by BitBoots who are those on the winning side. With the latest surge BitCoin prices the deposits and withdrawals are calculated in the same currency you join with you may earn extra based on exchange rates.

BitCoin is the best way to invest in BitBoots because of instantly processed payouts once you reach the $10 minimum needed for withdrawal. The story doesn’t end there though and as BitBoots is only one of several sites under the Grailum Ltd umbrella. I’m not surprised that 14% of readers voting in the TalkBack poll say it’s the best chance to profit. There’s a lot to talk about in the BitBoots website, so make sure you read it to the end. I’ll definitely keep an eye on further developments in BitBoots as a part of the Grailum Ltd empire and will report on my blog if anything important happens. Meanwhile BitBoots has been paying instantly since the start of September with many members now taking advantage of the growing value of BitCoin too as per this latest report below:

BitBoots updates by Grailum Limited
Hi, For those of you who bought your BootTrader by using coins you might now see the advance by the rising crypto price and your balance (USD) total growing rapidly. This makes it more likely get to a higher earning level.
Now is a good time to add more coins to the balance.
Do not forget to explore all our services and if you have any questions please visit our Knowlegebase and Forum on or drop us a ticket.
We look forward to a long and successful relationship with you.
Best regards, Grailum Limited


I’ll finish for today by drawing the results of the poll on the MNO monitor‘s Premium List. I asked readers to choose which of the top five HYIPs they think most likely to be profitable? There were five answers to choose from based on the list on the day (CryptoVilla was added later). Votes from top to bottom were:
CoinFinance (reviewed here) – 57%
LuxEarn (reviewed here) – 29%
BitBoots (reviewed here) – 14%
InstantBitex (reviewed here) – 0%
InstantMiningLimited (reviewed here) – 0%

Now let’s get straight to a new question. As me and my programmer are currently redesigning the MNO Contact Page I would like to know what readers’ preferred way of communication with MNO is. As you might know, there are three main ways to stay in touch and ask any questions – either via the MNO Contact Page, or writing directly to my email address, or chatting with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. So I would like to know what communication method readers find more convenient (if they ever used any of them, of course). So the new TalkBack poll asks:

What is your preferred way of contacting MNO?

Possible answers are:

– Via the MNO Contact form
– Writing directly to the email address
– Chatting on Telegram @mnoblog
– Can’t say as never used any of these

It takes only a few seconds to vote on the MNO TalkBack poll with all votes being totally anonymous and untraceable. It will help tremendously in making my site better suited and user friendly in maintaining communication and mutual feedback on the highest possible level. Thanks in advance for your votes here, guys!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantBitexInstantMiningLimited, LuxEarn, CoinFinance, BitBoots.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ArbingSportBet, InvestmentSlots.

That’s all I have to report today. Remember MNO never sleeps, so be sure to follow me on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or subscribe here for blog articles to be sent to you by email in order not to miss anything important. As autumn has finally arrived I believe we’ll see more exciting money-making opportunities on MNO within the coming days and weeks. So stay tuned and talk to you next with the full review of CryptoVilla where I will simplify everything. I will also post the latest news from monitored programs and introduce any new additions if I have them. Please vote in the latest TalkBack poll before the results are drawn next week, and thanks for staying with MNO – For Money Lovers!

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