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Hi everyone, and welcome again to another business week here on MNO!

Well, it’s probably alright to start off the week by saying the industry is still far from normal. Activity is still reduced with less investors and some of the more experienced admins are still sitting on the fence. Since the higher budget admins are appealing to less people they postpone new launches. Maybe it’s a mistake though as bigger programs in the past like to start at the lowest point and then grow together with the industry.

So since we’re all still waiting for the next big thing, make sure to follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe by submitting your email details on the form here to have all the blog updates sent directly to your inbox when they are published and never miss a new post. If you have any questions or advertising requests please drop me a couple of lines directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, via the contact form, or Telegram @mnoblog.

Anyway in today’s news I want to talk about the latest updates from two currently excellently performing programs, namely CryptoVilla and BitBoots. Also I’ll be looking at the results of the poll on the MNO TalkBack Page and posting a new question there. So let’s get started.


I suppose it’s fair to say a lot of program admins make a serious effort to create a certain degree of hype or excitement around their projects, especially if they’re involved heavily as they say in the lucrative cryptocurrency market. From my detailed review of BitBoots posted here you might already be aware that the website containing the investment offers is only one of four sites under the same umbrella of Grailum Ltd. Along with almost every possible cryptocurrency you can think of (no less than 38 pairs can be exchanged and invested within BitBoots) the program will also gladly take PerfectMoney and Payeer stored dollars. It’s actually more beneficial to invest with them than with cryptocurrencies if you’re a small investor by the way, because of the reduced minimum withdrawal of $1 (compared to a $10 minimum using BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies). The minimum investment to BitBoots is $50 and you will get paid 1.1% to 2.2% on a daily basis for an open ended term (meaning no expiry date) with the option to release your principal after 365 days, or one calendar year. But just so as you don’t doubt the admin’s long-term intentions there was a road map recently posted on both the BitBoots and the Grailum websites. You can take full advantage of this by going through the admin’s proposed strategy of ICO and releasing their own GrailumCoin in the imminent for everyone to benefit. More language versions are also in the pipeline as the admin plans to implement them within the next few weeks. When it happens MNO will as always be the first to report on it. So, if you’re already in BitBoots and are enjoying instant payouts the admin’s reassurance of the long-term strategy will probably be another important factor to take into consideration especially by the newbies joining and investing there. The latest newsletter from BitBoots can be read below and as it contains the links to the RoadMap suggestions you might be interested to check them out too:

News and Updates by Grailum Limited
Hi, We have now completed a comprehensive upgrade from our Beta version on https://bitboots.com and https://grailum.com to a full running final version.
Beside updates of code itself we have replaced all text with translation code and only waiting translators to return translated database in following language for start.
Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish.
We expect a delivery time 2-3 weeks for all of them.
You will also find a Roadmap with the full project details for next one year ahead on https://bitboots.com/about.php.
Beside the code updated for token sale we have now included full details on the Grailum GXM on the https://grailum.com/about.php site including full roadmap plus a more detailed Faq covering the last vital parts on our coin.
If there are still some areas you find uncovered please reach out to us on https://grailum.ladesk.com
Best regards, Grailum Limited


While some programs are just thinking about adding new language versions the admin of CryptoVilla is actively implementing it on the website. If you remember in the detailed review of CryptoVilla posted here I mentioned the site was translated into English, Turkish, and Russian, most likely done by professionals. As of today I now see the admin has silently added three more languages you can browse his site on by clicking the icon at top right corner of your screen – Polish, Hungarian, and Czech. The option to read about the program in different languages is essential to spreading the word on CryptoVilla‘s unique features that not only include the chance to invest in a regular HYIP, but also book hotel rooms using the so-called BTN tokens. If you actually need to invest and have your profit sent to an Ethereum account (the only way for now to get an instantly processed withdrawal), you need to buy CVL tokens which current value is equivalent of 1 CVL=1 USD with the exchange rate claimed to rise over the coming weeks until it reaches 1.75 CVL=1 USD. You can buy CVL tokens with either BitCoin or Ethereum, but can only withdraw to Ethereum for a 5% fee automatically applied by the script, so make sure you have created an Ethereum wallet before you do anything. The minimum investment is 100 CVL which is equivalent to $100. The plans credit your account with profits only once every five calendar days and the principal is already included in your profit and not returned on expiry. Offers include 20% every 5 days for a 30 day term (20% net profit), 10% every 5 days over a 90 day term for an 80% net profit on expiry, and 7% every 5 days over a period of 180 calendar days with the highest net profit of 152% by expiry. Obviously the higher profits require bigger investments, but to sweeten the deal you will get a 100 CVL bonus or $100 if you invest 300 CVL or more.

In the latest update from CryptoVilla posted on their official Facebook page yesterday the admin took some further steps to simplifying the investment platform which might have been a bit overcomplicated for experienced HYIP investors. Some features, especially the X3 multiplier now made simpler, plus more things have been adjusted as explained below:

CryptoVilla Financial Platform UI and functional update is released.
Financial model UI and functional updated.
Hey, great new everyone!
Every day our development team working hard to make project better and create something extraordinary.
And we’re doing our best to make experience of our investors better.
So, major update to the financial platform of CryptoVilla released:
– we’ve visualized X3 multiplier. Now you can claim your extra amount of CVL tokens, get it on your balance and see the date of payoff, fee for using X3 service and easily payout your loan;
– our internal exchange getting easier and more stable:
– Sell your BTN tokens for ETH. Your position — your rules. Feel free to choose exchange rate!
– Buy BTN right on the exchange and get extra 5% from CryptoVilla‘s side;
– Buy CVL for BTN and get 5% bonus from CryptoVilla‘s side;
– And, if you missed — investment made easier. Now you can make several conversations at once!


Time now to take a look at what was the result of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll. The subject covered was how readers prefer to join HYI programs, specifically what payment methods they like to use right now. The thing is, things have changed in the industry over the last year, actually changed a lot over the last year come to think of it! Investors have been leaning towards digital e-currencies (mostly BitCoin), moving back to dollar based processors, and back again to old school payment handlers. I know a lot of this is to do with the value, or rather the exchange rate of the day, of BitCoin. Does this really have such an influence on your activities in the HYIP industry? Well, it seems that it probably does, but that it wasn’t always the case!

Wow, how quickly things have changed! I know a lot of readers won’t know this or even remember it, but this question has been asked on the MNO TalkBack page before. What makes it interesting is how much things have changed backwards and forwards and moved between providers since then. What might surprise you here, though it doesn’t surprise me because I already know this, is BitCoin. After being at almost 50% just a year ago this has now followed to just 27%. Still a huge number mind, but a shadow of what it was a year ago. The other possible answers include saw PerfectMoney stay (or return to) the runaway winner with 63% of the vote, and Payeer claiming the remaining 9%.

One other thing that occurs to me is despite the lack of leadership in the industry we still so see a good number of programs paying stably for months on end. Not exactly a lot, but with due respect to the admins still a pretty decent number. And I guess this is the pattern the HYIP industry needs right now when in times of such uncertainty.

But maybe also we don’t see quite so much choice when it comes to variety as most of the new programs launching these days are long term. We are aware that these long term programs usually involve less risk for the investor provided they are run by experienced admins who know what they’re doing. Yet, that might put many investors off if they prefer higher-risk games with a much shorter time to reach the break-even point. So that is going to be the topic for the next question on the MNO TalkBack opinion poll. How exactly does the risk versus profit ratio influence your decision to join a new HYIP, or for that matter how does it work when we get to older HYIPs? Do you look for the fast and high profit or are you more patient and wait for a smaller but more sustainable payment? We always have a lot of surprises in the HYIP industry going back over the years, with programs expected to run for days continuing for weeks, and programs expected to run for months just running for days. Go figure! There’s no pattern here, but what exactly are you looking for?

The exact question is:
What type of program do you usually prefer to join?

Possible answers will include:

1) Very high risk short term programs
2) Average risk medium term programs
3) Low risk longer term programs
4) Different types with various terms in my portfolio

As always thanks a lot in advace to all the readers who take the time and effort to cast a vote. It’s much appreciated. The poll will stay open on the MNO TalkBack page here for around the next week to ten days, long enough for anyone who wants to vote to have time to do so.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: LuxEarnCryptoVillaCoinFinanceInstantMiningLimited, BitBoots.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ArbingSportBet, InvestmentSlots.

I guess that’s about all for today, guys! Thanks for reading and thanks for staying with MNO! Remember to vote on the TalkBack poll and hopefully next time I’m posting in a few days we might be covering a brand new program from an experienced long term admin! Fingers crossed anyway, but there is someone with a pretty good plan in the pipeline and looking to launch via MNO very soon! Stay tuned for more info and stay in touch with MNO directly by email abramsonp@gmail.com, the MNO ShoutBox here, or chat with me live using Telegram @mnoblog.

See you all later in the week and stay lucky with MNO guys! For Money Lovers!

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