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14/10/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome again to another issue of the MNO news blog bringing you the latest from the biggest high-yield opportunities online. Keeping the listing prices high enough to discourage fast scams and still keeping experienced admins returning has been proved the right approach after over eleven years online and I will keep that strategy going. As the HYIP industry is still pretty much low key at the moment I take this as a blessing in disguise and spend time swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and lying in the sun. Today I have decided to make things to further extreme and from the +30 degree heat am flying to Russia for some snow which I heard is falling now (not typical for October at all). I will still try to keep a close eye on what’s going on in the industry and report on the programs listed on MNO at the moment. So you can still contact me by submitting this form, write directly at, or chat with me on Telegram @mnoblog. If you want to follow MNO for all the new listings and latest news please join the 3,200+ subscribers via Feedburner by entering and confirming your email address on this page, or simply follow me on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter where all the updates are posted first.

I must say that despite the general slowdown the HYIP industry is still experiencing now and the lack of a clear leader we cannot say things came to a total standstill. All the programs listed as Premium on the MNO monitor has been paying fine for weeks without a single problem reported over the last two months. That just proves again that MNO only deals with the most experienced admins who know how to run their programs for a long time. I see that some unlucky investors who joined the programs via cheaper monitors keep losing money and are left further discouraged by that. Then you should really try some programs listed on MNO because it does make a difference you cannot ignore. Actually, with only six programs perfectly paying to all investors at the time of writing is still enough choice for a well-balanced investment portfolio. Of course, it would be desirable if we saw more active investors in the HYIP industry in this usually fruitful autumn season but the situation is clearly far from ideal and we cannot help it but patiently wait until the wind turns to a favourable direction.

Very few programs on MNO are actually issuing any updates during the slow season, and that’s understandable given next to no changes being made by admins in operations. However for every rule there is an exception and in our case it’s all about CryptoVilla the updates from which will be discussed in today’s news article. That will follow by the results of the poll you have been voting on the MNO TalkBack over the last week and of course I will offer you a new question to consider, so please go here and vote in the poll I’ll be discussing after the CryptoVilla update.


CryptoVilla is the only site on the MNO monitor that evolves very fast and that is not a bad thing either because right from the start it’s been a very different program from the competition. Actually, the admin has created a totally different program from scratch is now trying his best to attract investors by tweaking it and creating more opportunities than ever. I even feel I will have to adjust the initial review of CryptoVilla posted here over the next couple of days, as there were some important changes we should take into consideration before investing. The last few days the admin issued not one but two important newsletters, and that is not counting the couple of shorter Facebook updates you can read below if interested and repeat some simple steps to register an account with CryptoVilla if you wish to become rich and successful:

Although the wisdom says that family is thrust upon you, we decided to break the rule and to choose our own family. So we want to create a family based on two segments. First segment consists of people who are interested in our product and we associate it with a caring mother. Here we dream to attract people who are open-minded enough to appreciate the idea of CryptoVilla. But however any host, traveler, a downshifter or enthusiast is welcome to join our fellowship. Second segment is about investing and earning together: we are looking for investors, traders, and opinion Leaders.
So if you feel our vibe, join our big family. Let’s obtain the Record of Guinness for the biggest family in the world.

Want to grow your capitol by smart investments? Well, we know a good and simple way to do it. Repeat after Stan and prepare yourself to feel the vibe of a rich life!

Anyway, before discussing the changes and improvements announced in the newsletters re-posted below I would suggest we remember what CryptoVilla is all about. The program looks to be quite complicated at first glance, but now there are some helpful educational videos embedded on the page and available for you for viewing once you login to your account. If it’s still not clear I will try to explain in simple terms. You can fund your account with CryptoVilla by purchasing CVL tokens with BitCoin or Ethereum. The minimum purchase is the equivalent of 100 CVL and at the time of writing this translates into $100 you need to spend. However in one of the newsletters the admin announced there would be no ICO as originally planned and the minimum to invest would reduce to 25 CVL which will be equivalent to a smaller $50 investment (the future 2:1 ratio will apply). That will be the minimum required to join the first investment plan that will pay you 120% over the duration of 30 calendar days. That means that you will get your CryptoVilla account credited with 20% every 5 calendar days (not every day like you might expect in other programs) and by the sixth payment you will get 20% pure profit. The two other investment plans work along the same principle (crediting your account with equal interest every 5 calendar days) requiring a higher minimum than the first plan though – 180% total over the period of 90 days and 252% over the 180-day term. If you get that you should remember that your interest can be converted into BTN tokens with which it’s possible to pay for accommodation around the world (hence the name CryptoVilla) as well as set the conversion of earnings to Ethereum. As you may invest via BitCoin, but cannot withdraw there make sure you create an Ethereum wallet to transfer your earnings into. The good thing is all withdrawals are processed instantly, so no need to wait. The bad thing is you have to pay a 5% fee on every withdrawal (automatically deducted by the script) and there is a volatility factor in place (like with every cryptocurrency you may earn more or less in USD depending on the day-to-day exchange rate). In the latest newsletter the admin promised to reduce the fee to 2%, and when I withdraw next I’ll be able to confirm this. Note also that if you choose to convert Ethereum funds to buy BTN and then convert BTN to CVL thus getting a 5% bonus on every conversion. That means investors that will figure out the benefits of that will get rewarded a more than 10% deposit bonus on their investment with CryptoVilla. There will be more exciting news expected next week, as the admin promises all the new features will take effect starting tomorrow. I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing everything in action and will adjust the review with all the new relevant information within the next few days as well. Meanwhile, get ready for more and join CryptoVilla if you haven’t yet done so to see the evolution of the program progressing in front of your eyes. The program is certainly worth checking out, in my opinion. Here are the two latest newsletters from CryptoVilla in full containing all the info you should know if you’re part of it or are just about to join soon:

CryptoVilla: What’s New (+bonus)
Happy to notify you that CryptovVilla evolves by leaps and bounds. Last several days we were working on improving the dashboard and developing better functional for investors:
Updated X3 multiplier
Now you can claim your extra amount of CVL tokens, get it on your balance and see a date of payoff, a fee for using X3 service and easily payout your loan.
Handy Exchange
CryptoVilla’s Exchange is much easier-to-use and more stable. We processed all offers and issues we received to achieve the result you can check out.
Multiple conversions!
Now you can make several conversions at once! For example, with 1200 CVL on your balance you can now use both 200 CVL for 120% conversion model and 1000 CVL for 180% model.
Sell BTN profitably
Sell your BTN tokens for ETH. Your position — your rules. Feel free to choose exchange rate!
– Buy BTN in the Exchange and get extra 5% bonus;
– Buy CVL for BTN and get 5% bonus
Pay attention to last two points. In fact combination of it means that now you have an opportunity to a significant bonus before launching your next conversion. Let’s suppose you are going to invest 10 ETH. For these funds you could buy 2250 CVL according to today’s rate.
The alternative:
1. Transfer 10 ETH to your CryptoVilla ETH wallet
2. Trade it on 2250 BTN on CryptoVilla’s Exchange. You’ll get 2362.5 BTN with considering the 5% (2250 + 5%).
3. Buy CVL for BTN. You’ll get 2480.6 CVL with considering the 5% (2250 + 5%). In total you’ll get extra 230.6 CVL due to using both bonuses.
If you have any questions or issues — contact our support team.
Have a nice day, CryptoVilla team”.

CryptoVilla like always with great news
We decided to finish the ICO and to start our big adventure next week. To keep on the same page let us explain what does it mean:
– CVL tokens will be traded on external exchanges;
– Users will be able to withdraw CVL to their external wallets;
– We decreased the ETH withdrawal fee to 2%. The BTN selling fee will also be equal to 2%;
– CVL price will be raised up to $2;
– The minimal amount of CVL to buy will be 25 CVL;
– You’ll be able to send CVL to conversion for 30 days starting from 25 CVL;
– When ICO finishes 79 millions of CVL will be burned out so the price of token will grow;
– CVL will be traded on CryptoVilla‘s Exchange without limitation;
– All investment opportunities will continue to function – we are even preparing new great conditions for investors (especially for those who will buy CVL till 15/10);
– All announced bonuses will be actual even after ICO finishes.
In fact the project remains as profitable for investors as it was but we don’t see any sense to postpone the launch of full value. The presale covered all expenses for development and marketing, we have a strategy of project’s growth. It means it’s already time to uncork the champagne.
Soon we will inform you about our plans more detailed.
We remind you, if you have any questions, write about them in the chat on the site or in the mail.
Full of enthusiasm, CryptoVilla‘s Team”.


I was actually thinking that CryptoVilla is such an interesting and different project that I have a question for the next TalkBack poll directly connected to it. CryptoVilla is certainly one of those type of programs whose admins really try their best to put away the GoldCoders script and traditional HYIP offers and bring out something truly spectacular and unique. However, we know that many investors do prefer simplicity over extra features that require careful studying even before making an investment. To tell you the truth, I believe that if we had more such highly original and well-made programs like CryptoVilla the industry would have been a much better place. However, for the majority of the HYIP admins even the slightest apartness from the standard templates and patterns they have in their mind is already a big thing to accomplish and so we have to deal with the myriad of almost identical clones made without any imagination at all. From here derives the question I want to ask for the next TalkBack poll and see how the MNO readers prefer to invest if given the choice in the first place. Your opinion matters and will certainly help HYIP admins determine whether it’s worth the effort to make such stand-alone and more complicated than average programs like CryptoVilla.
The exact question is as follows:

Do you like highly original programs such as CryptoVilla?

Three possible answers that can be selected in the TalkBack page are:

– I like them, the admin made so much effort that it will run for a long time for sure
– I am in two minds, it’s a sure sign of quality, but I fear it will restrict its growth
– I do not like them, because I prefer simple programs which are easy to understand

Thanks in advance for voting, guys, which by the way won’t take much of your time. And you can also compare your opinion with how your fellow HYIP investors voted here. The poll will remain open until the next weekend at least, so you will have plenty of time to think carefully and choose what answer you think is right.

Now let’s have a closer look at the final results of the poll I posted last Monday. The question was – What type of program do you usually prefer to join? And the results were more or less expected as a half of my readers (exactly 50%) voted for “average risk medium term programs”. Over the years running MNO I did notice that such programs were usually occupying a place striking the balance between actual profitability and the investors’ expectations of profits. Nobody likes to wait for too long to reach the break-even point, but shorter-term programs are usually much riskier to join. Nevertheless, such “very high risk short term programs” are favoured by 20% of my readers. This was matched by a further 20% who voted in favour of “low risk longer term programs”. And finally, the least popular answer which is probably mostly overlooked, but should have been considered more often than ever is a diversification of the portfolio consisting of various types of programs, including short-, medium- and long-term programs alike. Although the answer “different types with various terms in my portfolio” was taken by only 10% of the MNO readers I believe in practice more people used to employ it in their investment activities to minimize the possible risks. It’s very true when we have lots of choice which is unfortunately not currently the case now that HYIP industry is still at a low point. I truly hope that the situation will change soon and we will have one or several leaders capable of draging everyone up behind them towards the light. And I do believe that the MNO readers’ favourite medium-term programs will set the tone and revive the industry back to the good old days. Thanks again for your votes, guys, and please do it again on the TalkBack page here.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 144 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantBitexCryptoVillaCoinFinanceLuxEarnInstantMiningLimited, BitBoots.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: ArbingSportBet.

That’s all the news for today, guys. Enjoy your profits with the MNO listed investment opportunities and stay in a positive mood. I’ll talk to you again next week, and make sure you check out the MNO monitor page for possible new promising additions you should include in a well-balanced portfolio. I would be grateful to read your feedback on the MNO ShoutBox and your input by voting on the MNO TalkBack page. Talk to you all again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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