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22/10/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hello everyone, and welcome to the MNO blog for the best and the most promising investment opportunities from the HYIP world. I myself (just as most of my readers I’m sure) am quite surprised and disappointed that this October the investment activities seem to be on the lowest point compared to the same month in previous years which was often quite fruitful for those seeking to earn some easy profits online. If you view the situation from a more positive angle we can praise the current programs for their longevity and truly outstanding quality as the MNO Premium list on the monitor has been a scam-free zone for almost twelve solid weeks now. Still, many HYIP players are constantly looking for something new and they seem to get frustrated when they don’t find their more favoured short or medium term programs they used to have in abundance in previous years. There could be some light at the end of the tunnel though as just yesterday I heard from an admin who has been working on a couple of projects that he had hoped to bring to MNO as soon as they finished (a short-term program might be ready to launch as soon as this later this week). Judging by the increased interest from investors that are gradually coming back to the industry following the stable and high-quality money-making opportunities they can find on the MNO monitor at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised if we had much more choice very soon. Anyway, so as not to miss anything new and promising make sure you follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe for regular news updates sent direct to your mailbox by submitting and confirming it from here. If you have any questions regarding any MNO monitored programs or advertising requests please feel free to contact me directly at, via this Contact form, or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog

In today’s news you can read the latest updates from BitBoots, InstantBitex, and CryptoVilla, plus I’ll be drawing the results of the latest TalkBack poll and posting a new question about the possible launch of a new payment processor looking to provide an alternative to AdvCash which as you may know recently withdrew from providing services to HYIP related websites. Keep reading for more info on all of that.


BitBoots which in itself is an investment division of Grailum Limited which apart from having three more websites is now becoming truly multilingual. The long-anticipated professional translation of the BitBoots website into five more languages (German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic) is supposed to boost investor participation among those with a limited knowledge of English. This will certainly make BitBoots more popular across the globe and help the program grow further. After a full six weeks on MNO BitBoots has always been paying flawlessly and instantly and I think that the level of satisfaction among customers has remained pretty high right from day one. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the full review posted here I’ll just remind you that BitBoots is offering one investment plan with no expiry date paying 1.1% to 2.2% fixed daily interest (depending on the size of your principal which can start from as low as $50). You will also have the option to withdraw the principal anytime after a lock in period of 365 calendar days. Note that if you invest not via PerfectMoney and Payeer then the minimum withdrawal you have to accumulate in your account before being able to withdraw is raised from $1 to $10. On the brighter side, if you invest with cryptocurrencies you may choose from no less than 37 different options as BitBoots‘ other alleged income stream is as an exchanger where members may take advantage of lucrative rates. Anyway, as of this moment BitBoots is doing quite well and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, especially considering the difficult work the admin has done on the multilingual translations which he presented in a newsletter to members a few days ago:

BitBoots updates by Grailum Limited
Hi, A bit ahead of schedule we have now completed integrated new language to BitBoots and is now supporting 6 language as: English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish
We trust the translated are correct but if you find error in translation text or display please drop us a ticket to correct this on
We hope the new language will be helpful for all and let us reach out to more people.
Best regards, Grailum Limited


InstantBitex is also a cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform that adds more payment methods quite frequently. Unfortunately, the program’s official Facebook page is not updated quite so often and the only recently the silence that lasted from August has been broken with a short message about the addition of a cryptocurrency called CPOLLO. I can see that this currency is not than popular at all and is ranked only in the #833 position on Coinmarketcap, but anyway I’ll re-post the following message from the admin as he thought that might be relevant for the investors in InstantBitex:

CPOLLO (CPLO) market added
Dear users!
CPOLLO (CPLO) added to the listing.
CPLO/BTC markets are available for trading.
Cpollo #CPOLLO #CPLO #ETH #BTC #coinmarketcap

In my personal opinion though the most important change that happened in InstantBitex recently was the introduction of 2FA-authentication – a secondary time-sensitive password that is sent to your mobile device to prevent unauthorized access to your InstantBitex account. That was a very important change that might have prevented some members from accessing their accounts (as you need to download and install the Google Authenticator app to be able to login now), but unfortunately the admin failed to notify anyone about this move and many of members had no idea what was going on or how to handle the situation. The support of InstantBitex wasn’t particularly helpful or responsive either, but I cannot fault their payments which have been pretty stable so far but are not processed instantly as the name wrongfully suggests. Although as with the previous program, InstantBitex can accept investments via many various cryptocurrencies while totally ignoring anything to do with the more traditional payment methods like PM or Payeer. The investment term is unlimited and depending on the amount you spend your InstantBitex account will be credited with 0.5% to 1% daily. To sweeten the deal the admin introduced a rule of anytime principal withdrawal which you can do by paying a 10% fee from the deposited amount which can start from $25. If you wish to read more on InstantBitex please refer to the detailed review posted here.


Because CryptoVilla has been listed on MNO since day one and because today marks exactly one month from then, their first investment plan running for a 30 day duration has expired. That means the very first investors should have completed the full cycle and can opt to go for another round if they wish. Just a few days ago more positive news from the admin of CryptoVilla was sent in a major newsletter that outlined some very important changes which have also now been included in the updated review of CryptoVilla that can be found here. Among them are the reduction of withdrawal fees from the previous 5% to 2%, the raised value of CVL tokens from $1 to $2 after the successfully completed ICO, and the reduced minimum for investment from $100 to $50 which can still be made via either BitCoin or Ethereum with profits still being paid to Ethereum only or to be converted into BTN tokens with which you can pay for accommodation all around the world. In fact, CryptoVilla was first deemed as a very complicated program for many of my readers (including myself) and some visual and graphic explanation was certainly welcome. It all helps to ease the problems of potential investors who otherwise may not have been able to figure out how to start making money from it. To the admin’s credit he has made quite a lot of videos now available in the member’s area to simplify the process of digesting quite a vast swathe of information available on the CryptoVilla website. It does look very different from others and does have a different approach to things to make it sound like a legitimate investment opportunity with a proper business plan to appeal to a larger investors. With the gradual development and constant improvement CryptoVilla has a good chance to be propelled to the top of HYIP royalty any time now. Especially this is true since the first investors have their profits received and are perhaps considering reinvesting, especially taking into consideration the recent changes made to the investment plans during the program’s first weeks online.

So the new investment plans in CryptoVilla as of October 16 are the following. If you invest at least 25 CVL (which is equivalent to $50) you will get paid 130% over a period of 30 calendar days. As the profit is credited on every 5th day of the investment term, it’s going to be about 21.66% made over six installments. Take into account the 2% fee which you will pay on every withdrawal and that all the Ethereum withdrawals are processed instantly. Two other plans are available for larger investors only but are still working on the same principle. From 1,000 CVL valued at $2,000 you are paid 200% over a 90 day period (about 11.11% every five days) and from 5,000 CVL, i.e. $10,000 you might be tempted with an even higher 320% return over a period of 180 calendar days (about 8.88% available to withdraw every 5 days). In order to receive payments to your Ethereum wallet and not to keep BTN tokens which are set by default please proceed to the Convert Tab in your account and make sure you change profits to be received to ETH option.

I guess if I missed anything important in the brief review of all the novelties that were introduced to CryptoVilla over the last week you can find the answer to any other questions in the latest newsletter re-posted below. Also, after that please pay attention to the Facebook updates which include links to helpful educational videos which will help you take full advantage of the multiple features that can further boost your earnings with CryptoVilla. There’s quite a few of them and with CVL to be traded on various exchangers soon there is supposed to be yet another income stream you might enjoy. Keep reading further for some important info and don’t miss this truly superbly made and wonderfully different project called CryptoVilla:

Good news everyone!
ICO has been completed!
Here is the list of important updates, we’d like to share with you!
1. We’ve burned 79,000,000 of CVL-tokens. (check our smart-contact
2. Since October 15th, the price of CVL token raised up to $2.00 and will continue to grow, because of our well thought two-token model, where 50% of CVL is burned out in the process of conversion into BTN tokens.
3. In a week or so, CVL token will be listed on exchanges, where it can be traded for BTC or ETH. Until then, you still can buy CVL token on CryptoVilla platform, but after it has been listed, you’ll be able to purchase CVL only on external exchanges. This way, CVL token will have a strong demand on the exchanges and thus, the CVL price will constantly grow!
4. Now you can withdraw CVL tokens to your external ERC-20 supported Ethereum wallets (i.e.,
5. Also, you can transfer CVL tokens into your CryptoVilla balance using top-up function.
Investment and conversion plan changes
1. Now you can start with only 25 CVL. Minimum amount of CVL to buy and convert is now 25 CVL = $50.00 (at the current rate)
2. All conversion plans became even more profitable!
1) 130% for 30 days. From 25 CVL to 999 CVL
2) 200% for 90 days. Min 1000 CVL, max 4999 CVL
3) 320% for 180 days. Min 5000 CVL, max 100 000 CVL
3. We decided to give more welcome bonuses depending on the amount of purchased CVL-tokens:
1) Buy 300 CVL or more and get 100 CVL welcome bonus
2) Buy 1000 CVL or more and get 200 CVL welcome bonus
3) Buy 5000 CVL or more and get 1000 CVL welcome bonus
Every welcome bonus can be received only once. If you already received 100 CVL welcome bonus, you still can get 200 CVL and 1000 CVL bonus for your next purchases.
4. All fees are now much lower! Pay only 2% instead of 5%!
1) 2% fee to withdraw ETH
2) 2% fee to sell BTN on internal exchange
3) 2% fee to withdraw CVL to external wallet
Also, we want to make sure, you fully understand the mechanics and why we offer so generous conversion plans:
1. As you know, 50% of CVL tokens are burned out in the process of conversion into BTN tokens. Because of this conversion mechanics, the total supply of CVL tokens decreases but the value of remaining CVL tokens grows! In other words, CVL price is constantly growing.
2. To have more CVL to BTN conversions, we introduced super great motivation to our investors – guaranteed profit! This way, investors get guaranteed profits (130% in 30 days, 200% in 90 days or 320% in 180 days) and we get the constantly growing CVL price!
3. The higher CVL price is growing, the bigger the demand and value of our own CVL tokens. Its a win-win business!
As you can see, we’re doing everything so you can earn a great profit with CryptoVilla!
Please share this important update with your teams and lets grow together!
Here is to your success, CryptoVilla team!

Surprize! Tomorrow we will announce new even profitable conversion plans! But for now, check out the video instruction of how to purchase CVL tokens in CryptoVilla‘s Dashboard. Stay tuned!

Well, as it was said it yesterday, today is the big day.
We officially announce our new conversion plans. Now you can earn even more!
Visit for more info.

Excited about CryptoVilla’s new conversion plans but still don’t get the whole thing? Well, we hope this video will make it clear.

Well, for now you know how to buy and convert CVL tokens. All in all that means that you’re ready to earn with CryptoVilla!
This video is an instruction of how to withdraw your income to eternal ETH wallet. Check it out and go on

The idea that motivates us to get better day by day is the comfort of our users. We would reward you with a 5% bonus for every CVL for BTN purchase. See the video bellow and make it clear.


Just to wrap things up for today I suppose it’s time we took a look at the results of the last MNO TalkBack opinion poll and replace it with a new question. It’s been up for around about a week now anyway so I guess pretty much everyone interested in voting has had a fair enough chance to do so by now so I don’t really see the results changing greatly one way or another by leaving it open for any longer than it’s been already. So, the subject of the last poll and indeed one of the few things in the entire industry worth talking about at the moment was CryptoVilla. Regardless of whether you’ve actually joined the program and made an active investment or not, there’s no denying that CryptoVilla is hands down one of the best made and most interesting website you’re going to see in the HYIP industry right now. And as far as being an investment program, it’s also among the most original I can remember for some time. In fact it looks as if very little effort or expense was spared by the admin in the organisation and development of the whole operation.

But how does the public see it? That means you guys, since after all you are the CryptoVilla admin’s target audience. Are you impressed by any of this or would you perhaps rather see him do something a little bit easier to follow and not quite so complicated? I personally can see the pros and cons behind either argument, because on one hand no one goes to such lengths just to make a deliberate fast scam, but then on the other hand will investors have the patience to persevere with you? The exact question I asked readers was: Do you like highly original programs such as CryptoVilla?

Mixed results for sure but I was surprised to see such a clear winner with 50% of the vote was the option “I do not like them, because I prefer simple programs which are easy to understand”. Coming in second place with 37.5% of the vote was the other extreme end of the scale where readers said “I like them, the admin made so much effort that it will run for a long time for sure”. The remaining 12.5% of the voters find themselves somewhere in the middle, taking the option “I am in two minds, it’s a sure sign of quality, but I fear it will restrict its growth”.

Let’s move on next to the subject of the new question on the MNO TalkBack page. If we have to use just one single word to sum up why we are in the online HYIP industry at then it would be this – money. I mean there’s a lot going on here and many different facets to the business, but at the end of the day we are all basically just looking to earn money, be it full time or just to supplement our other incomes, so we can have a better lifestyle. So what about the technicalities of moving money around within the industry, or to be more specific the ways we can facilitate this. These basically fall into two groups. The first is of course “virtual” money of which there are several varieties, but for the sake of brevity let’s just say that BitCoin and Ethereum would be the most popular in the HYIP world. The other group is if anything a lot more controversial, by which of course I’m referring to actual companies with real employees acting as third party agents who move your money around based on your instructions. The leader here is of course PerfectMoney with Payeer also being a popular choice.

Hardly a year ever passes in the industry however without some major news event, and let’s be honest usually it’s a bad one, hitting this business. This year alone has seen the seizure of Payza by US federal authorities and the arrest of one of the joint CEOs there (his partner remains a wanted fugitive in hiding). Moving forward a couple of months and the latest news is that another payment handler AdvCash announced that it will no longer be prepared to offer financial services to those involved with the running of HYIPs. And they are by no means the first company to do so. Just a couple of years ago SolidTrustPay who were at their height perhaps the single biggest provider, in the aftermath of what I suspect was probably a wake-up call after the arrest and seizure of LibertyReserve, also made a total withdrawal from anything to do with online HYIPs.

So now that the industry lost one of the biggest payment processors in AdvCash due to its legal issues which restricted them severely from dealing with HYIPs, is there really a gap in the market that can be filled by something else? Perhaps along with PerfectMoney and Payeer there is a spot for the third alternative now. I was recently contacted by someone who has a lot of experience in the industry claiming to have a brand new payment method in the works at this particular moment. Once everything is finished he will launch it to the public and, or at least it’s his ambition to, challenge the top traditional payment processors if all goes well.

So the question that arises from this is if there’s really a spot in the market for yet another traditional payment processor like PerfectMoney and Payeer? Or are these providers soon to be consigned to history and be replaced by digital cryptocurrencies completely? It’s a notoriously difficult market to break into in the first place, so will people be less accepting of a new name trying to crack the market and continue the mass migration to all things cryptocurrency? Have Payza and AdvCash really left that much of a hole in the market or is there room for another traditional third party handler to set themselves up? That’s going to be what I’m asking for the new question on the MNO TalkBack page, or more specifically:

Would the HYIP industry benefit from a new dollar based payment processor?

Possible answers will include the following options:
– Yes, more choice is always beneficial
– No, the future lies with cryptocurrencies

As always thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote. The poll will stay open for around another week or so and can be found on the MNO TalkBack page here. It literally only takes a second to vote, and all votes remain 100% confidential and untraceable at all times.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 192 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: InstantBitexCryptoVillaCoinFinanceLuxEarnInstantMiningLimited, BitBoots.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentSlots.

That’s about all for today everyone. Stay tuned for more news and keep watching MNO for the next big thing which might already be on the way here. Please vote in the new poll on the MNO TalkBack page and share your thoughts on the MNO ShoutBox where every opinion matters. Thanks for reading and be sure to come back again in a few days for more useful information if you like making money online. MNO – For Money Lovers!

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