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27/10/2018. Daily News from the HYIP Industry


Hi everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where only top-notch investment programs run by professional administrators have been presented to readers for over eleven years now. That clearly marks MNO as the oldest and most respected information resource siphoning through the endless sea of money-making opportunities in order to deliver you only the best. That’s helped along by intentional listing price hikes that greatly discourage intentional fast scams from coming to advertise here, giving way to experienced HYIP runners who know exactly how to achieve success in this highly competitive field. Taking this into consideration it’s no wonder then that unlike many other monitors listing scams almost on a daily basis the MNO monitor has been relatively stable, because over the last two and a a half months no program has been moved from the most expensive Premium List to the scam section. That also means that the HYIP industry is although still slow but is quite stable at the moment and if you make an effort you can find some true gems out there and make some good profits too. So don’t allow yourself to be let down by some negative reports which you might see elsewhere as the HYIP industry is very much alive, and although this October has been the slowest for a decade for sure with a certain degree of dedication and selectiveness one can certainly succeed and make a profits. It’s important though to keep a constant eye on the latest developments and trends and following MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter will help you gradually become an expert in this HYIP-related field. It would be even better if you clicked here and subscribed for the full blog articles to be sent regularly to your mailbox. Keep yourself in the loop and you’re halfway to making more money with the help of MNO, guys!

I’ll start today’s news by introducing a brand-new addition to the MNO Premium List called TokenLogic and then will give you the latest updates from such good paying projects as CoinFinance, InstantBitex, and CryptoVilla. Knowledge is power for those who can harness it right, so sit back and let’s start our journey into the HYIP world!


If you check out the TokenLogic website, which was just added to the MNO monitor’s Premium List this morning, you might find yourself impressed by its sleek design and powerful custom-made script. It may even remind you of some long-term success stories of the past. TokenLogic has only launched a couple of days ago and the admin has already made his way to MNO with a more detailed review in a few days time when I’m able to confirm Paying status and nave more time to examine the main features more closely. For the moment let’s just have a brief look at what you should expect when joining and investing with TokenLogic.

The program offers three uncomplicated investment plans with daily interest credited on calendar days – 3% for 50 days, 3.75% for 40 days, and 5% for 30 days. You can see that whatever investment plan is chosen (depends on the investment minimum) you will end up with the same 50% net profit on top of your principal which is not returned on expiry and is included as part of the daily payments. The difference is the break-even point at which you cannot lose your money and larger investors being rewarded by taking the risks with their deposits which can be accepted via six popular cryptocurrencies – BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, and DogeCoin. When investing make sure to send the correct amount to the given cryptocurrency address and wait for three confirmations after which your account will be credited with the respective deposit. The BTC values are not converted into USD on depositing and withdrawing, as BTC itself is the main currency of TokenLogic, so you will be sure the BTC frequent price fluctuations will not affect your earnings in any way. The minimum to invest in the longest-term plan is only 0.001 BTC (or about $6.5 at current exchange rates) and the minimum to withdraw is set at 0.0005 BTC ($3.25 at the time of writing). The good thing is all the withdrawals to BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin are processed instantly by the script while all the remaining withdrawals should be paid manually within 24 hours, so keep this in mind when deciding on the payment method. By the way, if you wish you can verify the payouts on which the admin of TokenLogic has created a special and detailed Payouts page on the site you can use at your disposal.

The website’s content is very rich even featuring a PDF-presentation of a WhitePaper for those looking to find out more about TokenLogic‘s future plans and income streams which allegedly revolve around ICOs of cryptocurrencies. You can also read the About Us page and watch a detailed video presentation of TokenLogic which has been also embedded on the MNO monitor for your viewing discretion. The company behind TokenLogic is registered not in the usual UK, but in Hong Kong which comes at a more expensive price and even the domain name is taken for a five-year term which gives a more positive impression for newbies of the admin’s longer term goals. The site is fully SSL-encrypted by Comodo and is properly secured against possible DDoS-attacks by DDoSGuard on a dedicated server. As I said already, TokenLogic is running off a totally customised and user-friendly script and has a Bounty scheme which rewards active promoters with cash bonuses while a Representative program is about to be launched too. There’s Live chat for any instant queries, a Telegram group, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a YouTube channel – everything you need to stay informed on the main social networking sites. Besides, the admin has a superb commands of English with which he welcomes current and future members of TokenLogic with the first newsletter I’m re-posting below ahead of my upcoming review:

Feast Your Eyes on the Very First TokenLogic Newsletter!
Dear customers,
Wherever around the world you are, we are thrilled to welcome you once more to TokenLogic.
And now, we are every bit as excited to present to you the very first TokenLogic newsletter!
This will be our primary format for sharing all new, relevant and engaging news with you, so make sure you don’t miss out on our exclusive announcements by keeping an eye out for these comms.
– What The World Was Waiting For!
You guys have been waiting for a stand-alone ICO cloud investment platform and we are delighted to provide exactly that.
TokenLogic was developed without any corners cut or elements rushed. The result is a platform that is ready for a rapidly growing global userbase!
– Speak Up, Speak Up!
It is incredibly encouraging to the whole TokenLogic to hear from each of you with your positive responses and of course, your constructive criticism. We’d like to thank you all for the feedback we have already received – the response has been remarkable.
This is only the beginning so stay tuned and keep us updated with your personal feedback as we continue to establish ourselves as not only the most profitable but accessible cloud ICO investment platform.
– Welcome to ICO Investment Excellence!
The ICO market is an incredibly fertile field with hundreds of token sales launched globally per day. Many of us have invested in these ICOs only to watch them fail spectacularly for any number of reasons – with TokenLogic, we say ‘no more!’
With TokenLogic, you can finally open up this incredibly lucrative realm without any of the risks when going solo. Tap into the elite knowledge of our expert forecasters, investors and analysts using the latest technologies and leading market knowledge to make your investment count.
Our primary goal is to maximise your profits. It’s just what we do. Save your time and effort – just sit back and embrace the ICO investment lifestyle no matter the extent of your ICO knowledge.
– Our Team and Community!
TokenLogic is registered and based in the HK but our wonderful team of investors is situated all around the world. It’s a product of our incredible networking throughout past years and features many leading industry experts.
Together, we crack open the exclusive world of ICO investment just for you. You will have the chance to meet, hear and learn from various members of our investor team as we continue to establish ourselves via masterclasses, webinars and more with much of it spouting from our Telegram group that you can find here:
Of course, you are not alone in enjoying the many benefits of TokenLogic. Our Telegram group is a great place to meet and network with like-minded individuals, and you will also be able to do this via our platform itself, as well as many social initiatives that we launch in the coming months.
Let’s come together and create a thriving global community with a shared love of ICO profitability. With TokenLogic, it is all possible!
– So Rewarding!
We guarantee our users a swift 150% total return on every investment. This, plus all of the benefits when our team strikes gold, are the very base of what you can enjoy with TokenLogic.
Maybe you discovered us by yourself, maybe you were recommended to join us by one of your friends. However you found us, let’s continue to share the TokenLogic love. And of course, the more you share, the more we share.
By being an active member you benefit from our Affiliates Program, which provides 4% return on investments made by anyone you refer to our platform.
Then, if you have a social media following and apply to become a TokenLogic Representative, you can double that figure and enjoy 8% return on each of your followership that you introduce to our community. With TokenLogic, it really does pay to play promoter.
And of course, any of our users can enjoy the range of fun rewards by completing our continually updated Bounty Campaigns.
– Let’s Make Some Magic!
That’s all for our first newsletter – however you wish to use your TokenLogic account, we are thrilled to have you aboard. Let’s make some ICO magic!
Until next time, we wish you the very best in your investments!
Regards, The TokenLogic Team
Create your Account!


Among the programs currently listed on MNO CryptoVilla has always been in a special position due to the program’s unique features, making it very different from the usual HYIPs you may deal with. CryptoVilla is a whole new story for those willing to take a risk investing via BitCoin and Ethereum and get paid instantly via Ethereum or via the special BTN tokens which can be then exchanged in the internal exchanger as explained in the educational videos the admin regularly posts. For instance, over the last week three more videos can be viewed on CryptoVilla‘s official Facebook page covering the following subjects – how to sell your BTN tokens to Ethereum, how to top up your Ethereum to your internal CryptoVIlla wallet, and how to trade your Ethereum, BTN and CVL tokens on the program’s internal exchanger. If you haven’t read my review of CryptoVilla posted here and have no idea how to start investing I will give you a basic idea. You buy CVL tokens with your BitCoin or Ethereum funds at a ratio of $2 equaling 1 CVL. There are three investment plans and in each of them your account is credited every 5 calendar days and the principal is already included in payments. Overall, you get paid 130% over a period of 30 days, 200% over a 90-day period, and 320% over a 180 day term. That actually means your account with CryptoVilla gets credited as follows – 21.66% every 5 days for 30 days, 11.11% every 5 days for 90 days, 8.88% every 5 days for 180 days. Don’t forget you pay a 2% fee on every Ethereum withdrawal, but the payments are always done instantly to somehow compensate for that. The investment plans have been adjusted recently after a few weeks of running to make it more attractive for potential investors and today it was also announced the referral programs are being redesigned to reward the more active promoters with improved rates for their efforts. The whole new referral scheme was the highlight of the latest newsletter sent to CryptoVilla members earlier today. It’s reposted below along with the Facebook updates containing links to the educational videos to help you make sense of the program’s complicated token-based exchanges and a link to the official Twitter page where weekly updates will be posted every Friday from now on. Please read the latest from CryptoVilla (currently sitting in the #1 position on the MNO monitor) and check out this superbly built program if you wish to try something quite different and haven’t done so yet:

Referral update
Important update in our Referral Program
As you probably know, we offer a generous referral program to any registered member. If you didn’t enjoy it yet, check out this link:
We’re doing our best to make experience of our investors better, so today we officially introduce new referral payments.
So, here are the changes that we’ve made.
1. We have boosted the Referral Bonus. – For Direct Referral, instead of 3% to 9%, you will receive from 5% to 10%. – For the 2nd lvl Referral, instead of 3% to 5%, you will receive from 4% to 9%. – For the 3rd lvl Referral you will receive 2% to 7%, instead of 1% to 3%.
2. We have also boosted the Cumulative Bonus.- For Direct Referral, you will receive from 5%to 25% . – At the 2nd lvl Referral, you will receive from 4% to 15%. – At the 3rd lvl Referral you will receive from 1% to 10%.
As you can see, we’re doing everything so you can earn a lot with CryptoVilla! Please share this important update with your teams and let’s grow together!
Good luck, CryptoVilla team!

In today’s video you will discover how to sell your BTN tokens for ETH. Check it out and wait for tomorrow’s video. See you!

Now you have to learn how to top up ETH to your internal CryptoVilla wallet to transfer on CryptoVilla’s Exchange.
Check out this video and simplify your life.

The last lesson you should learn to become a CryptoVilla Guru is how to trade ETH, BTN and CVL on internal CryptoVilla’s Exchange. Watch it and feel the power!

Our crypto project is better than yours, curious why? Starting today we increase our referral payments. Now you can earn even more!
For now you get up to 10% for your direct referrals, up to 9% for 2nd level and up to 7% for your 3rd level referrals.
Cumulative bonus is also increased up to 25%. Find out more on

Join our Twitter family, mates? We’ve introduced new weekly Twitter rubric — every Friday we’ll share with you data about CryptoVilla’s investment status.


For the second time now the admin of CoinFinance (reviewed here) has sent a newsletter on the program’s regional representative program, putting special emphasis of its benefits even for inactive members with no deposits in the program. Even these members are still capable of bringing new members which is essential for any HYIP’s survival and long-term growth. Instructions of how to become a CoinFinance representative and take advantage of increased referral commissions are given below for your information:

Become our Regional Represenatative for free!
Hello, You can now become our Regional Representative for free, which means you are not obligated to have an active deposit with us. You will earn 12% from your direct referral investments, made directly using crypto currencies or account balance of CoinFinance.
All you have to do is send your application explaining how do you plan to promote CoinFinance to and we will check your application within 24 hours and get back to you ASAP.
You just have to provide your referral link to others for joining, which is:
Happy promotion and earnings!
Best Regards, CoinFinance Ltd

Meanwhile the very first investors of CoinFinance should have been already broken-even or are about to do so by now, as the program has been running for over seven weeks. With mostly instant withdrawals on the 3%-5% for 70 business days plans with principal back on expiry even the smallest investors with $10+ deposits should be counting profits by now. Note that CoinFinance is only working with popular cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, and DogeCoin and that deposits and withdrawals are converted to and from USD which is the major currency of the website. With the value of BTC and other major cryptocurrencies relatively stable over the last couple of months it was quite possible to profit on your USD value even taking this conversion into consideration. Now CoinFinance have reached this important point in its development and the first investors are collecting profits on their investments it all depends on the admin’s next move in securing the program’s position among the top programs in the HYIP industry and further ensuring further expansion. We’ll wait and see what happens next and MNO is where to go if you want more info on CoinFinance‘s future.


InstantBitex (reviewed here) is a site that positions itself as an exchanger and offers a set of non-expiry investment plans starting from a $25 minimum deposit and offering 0.5% to 1% per business day “forever”. The great thing though is you’re not really tied to the unlimited term and don’t have to wait for long before seeing yourself break-even. InstantBitex gives you some flexibility on requesting your initial investment back anytime for a 10% fee. Quite a few cryptocurrencies are accepted by the program and all members are currently required to enable the 2FA-authenticator in order to use all the features without interruption. After being listed on MNO for 100+ days already InstantBitex does not actually boast instant payments though and charges a certain withdrawal fee not only on every principal but also every profit withdrawal, so keep this in mind when joining. Another downside is the admin not being very responsive, which I think can sometimes be a huge argument against investing for those preferring open communication if they have any issues to be resolved. Remember though that MNO always takes care of its referrals, so if you have any problems I will do my best to fix it with the admin on your behalf – a principle I strictly follow when it comes to all programs listed on my monitor.

Anyway, over the last couple of weeks the admin started posting on the InstantBitex official Facebook page and among the latest news is the addition of another little known cryptocurrency called Zoomba, as well as a reminder of the program’s Telegram group and the link to Coinmarketcap where InstantBitex is listed as an exchanger. Please refer below for the links to check it all out:

ZOOMBA COIN (ZBA) Listed in InstantBitex exchange
Happy trading

Telegram :
Coinmarketcap :
List Your Coin/Token for just 0.50 BTC in 3 working days in InstantBitex exchange. Fill below form for listing.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 120 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CryptoVillaInstantBitexCoinFinanceLuxEarnInstantMiningLimited, BitBoots.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s all for today guys. As I’ve relocated to Israel for some time now and am going to be enjoying the last sunny days on the beach please forgive me if I’m not as fast as usual when responding to your queries which can be submitted via this contact form or by emailing me directly at I’ll still try to do my best to respond within a 24 hour maximum. If you have a more urgent matter or an advertising request to discuss you’re welcome to chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog I’ll be back again with the latest news from the HYIP industry and a more detailed look at the very impressive TokenLogic on Tuesday, so keep checking the MNO blog for more information you might find useful. Please take a final chance to have your say in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack and ask me anything or report your payouts to support your favourite programs on the MNO ShoutBox. Thanks a lot for reading and I’ll see you again in the next business week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope to see you all again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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