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Hello everyone, and welcome once more to the MNO blog – the leading source of information on how to choose the best online investment opportunities with an over 11-year history and experience to back it up. Of course, investing in HYIPs might be a high risk business, but with the right mindset, wise strategy and selective investment approach you’re already on the way to success if you’re reading MNO. My advertising policies deliberately leave the fast scams with low advertising budgets out of my monitor, thus only making way for highly skilled admins who know exactly how to run successful programs in any conditions. Very few HYIP admins can pay the highest listing prices in the industry and sustain payouts to their clients for a long time, but those few are certainly well represented on the MNO monitor. Even as of lately, despite the recent BitCoin price crash (roughly $2K in value has been cut from every BTC over the last week) all the programs listed on MNO have stayed afloat and are paying fine despite the market volatility witnessed over the last few days. And I can tell you that it’s definitely not the case with other HYIP monitors you may be consulting, as on some of them about 25% of all programs listed have stopped paying as of late, due to the BTC price crash and the inability of amateur HYIP admins to cope. We’re all certainly aware of the fact that over the last year there have been many investment programs launching online every day, but only a handful were capable of delivering decent results to investors, and that is exactly the type of program MNO is trying to cover. I’m sure that recent events in the cryptocurrency market will open new doors for some long-term HYIP admins to launch new hits and provide smart investors with promising opportunities to profit, so keep reading MNO to be the first to know. In order to be updated in real-time and find out about the next big thing first please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, or just subscribe by submitting and confirming your email address here for all the latest blog articles to be delivered straight to your mailbox.

You will be definitely doing yourself a favour by following MNO closely and pick only the best programs and avoid the deliberate fast scams that might come your way when you looking at other cheap alternatives. Many investors have already thanked me for helping them avoid many pitfalls and put them on the right path to success which isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, if you want to ask me any questions submit them using this form, write to me directly at or chat with me in real-time on Telegram @mnoblog. Note though that the HYIP admin of a recently scammed program has been abusing that and lying to his investors about any connection with his program and MNO, so I find it necessary to clarify my position on that before the final results of the MNO TalkBack poll and a new question on the falling value of cryptocurrencies.

Just a small note first though regarding the other programs currently listed on the MNO monitor. They’ve all been paying fine and no warning signs can be detected, so all is well. No news from their respective admins either, which is probably the best sign of stability and on-time payments from them. Actually, that is one of the two main reasons why the MNO blog has not been updated for over a week now, with the other reason being me enjoying a vacation in the beautiful seaside resort of Jomtien in Thailand. This was actually my first week of a planned three month journey through Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam until February. Of course, that doesn’t mean that MNO is going to be neglected, not at all! I will still be able to keep you in the loop and will do my best to answer all queries in the shortest possible time, just like I did earlier today when dealing with emails asking about claims made by a program I’ve never even heard of.


Most readers will know that I do not cover programs that are not listed on MNO, however, in this case I’ll make an exception as I have concerns for people trying to recover their hard-earned money from some low-life scammer. So the name of the program is (or was) MagicB located on the domain magicb – a stupid name in the first place, one should agree. Yet, the admin hired a couple of the cheapest monitors and managed to last for a few weeks without getting much attention and scamming about two weeks ago. What is the connection with MNO, you might ask? None. There are thousands of such programs coming and going every single day, and not many people care of that. Well, in this case I have been contacted by some of the victims over the last twenty-four hours after the following message appearing on the magicb website that has been defunct for many days already linking to MNO (NOTE: now the site has been finally removed):

On November 7th, 2018 MagicB financial limited filed for bankrupty under the U.K & Wales regulation §343 Title 19-34
This website was running and managing by
Please open the link below, contact Paul to claim your refund.
This process is first come first serve and the claim process window will be closed on December 29th, 2018.
Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience

So you might imagine some desperate people who are easily conned and still not knowing what is going on and why they have not been paid contacted me asking to explain. I can only try my best to explain the situation to them in simpler terms. This is what I wrote and I can publicly repeat here:

“Hello. There must be some kind of cruel joke on the admin’s part. I have nothing to do with this program. MONEY-NEWS-ONLINE.COM is a site involved in monitoring of HYIPs but I have never run one in my life. HYIPs in general are very risky ventures that do not provide refunds, so the best way is to avoid losses is to diversify your investment portfolio and never invest more than you can afford to lose. You can take a look at the MNO monitor to make sure that the program mentioned by you has not ever been monitored by me. MNO is dealing with high-quality projects with a sizeable advertising budget, not cheap scams like that.
If you have any questions about the monitored programs please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Now you may ask me why the admin of that program put that message on his website claiming I’m the new owner and will be issuing refunds? And that is considering that with the exception of a couple of cheap monitors he never had any budget to list his program on MNO in the first place, and I’ve never even heard of it up until today. Well, I have no clue, guys. My wild guess would be that I’ve dealt with the same admin in the past and annoyed him in one way or an other. A disgruntled admin thus decides to play a very poor joke on the investors he’s just robbed and misdirect them even further. If there was any damage directly intended for MNO, it’s actually achieved quite the opposite. My traffic has skyrocketed today and I’ve potentially obtained lots of new readers now eager to learn from past mistakes and will follow MNO from now on to discover better investment opportunities compared to the cheap scams they were caught up with. And that will be their win, as the honest truth is always more appreciated than the sweet lie, even if you still want to believe in fairy-tales rather than face the harsh reality of online HYIPs.

I would like to reiterate again that MNO has always been an ethically run business always telling my readers as it is and treating them as a well-educated public who know full well what a HYIP is and what risks it could potentially involve for your finances. In fact, MNO has been the only one posting all the secrets of the HYIP industry in its Info Centre (click here to read the educational articles) and I always warn readers of the risks as well as the rewards which might also result in spectacular earnings, provided you know how to react. Some people might not have realized that or are looking for someone to blame for their losses and that will always be the same for them. The only thing is for sure – HYIPs are coming and going, but MNO will stay true to its ideals of honesty and transparency – the thing that kept me going for the best part of my online history and the one that I will be honouring in the future as well. If you like the ideals MNO has always been standing for please join the ride and try to learn at least the basics of HYIP investing in order to start earning from this industry rather than losing your money to cheap scams and blatant liars like the admin of magicb.


As it’s about time to close the last opinion poll on the MNO TalkBack page now and discuss the results before moving on to a new question, I guess that’s where I’ll finish things up for today. Actually it’s a topic that’s been popping up in the mainstream news recently, and with further more recent developments going on this last week I think I’ll stay with the subject for the next question. I’m talking of course about BitCoin, its value, exchange rate, and your likelihood to earn or lose money from speculating on it. The thing is that since this time last year BitCoin has went from gaining massive amounts in value, literally thousands of dollars on a weekly basis until peaking around December of 2017, to a spectacular collapse. The fall continued as 2018 progressed, eventually things seemed to level out, but this last week has seen further dramatic declines in BitCoin exchange rates. That was the basis of the last opinion poll question, given that so many people who play the HYIP industry (i.e. the core readership of the MNO blog) are also looking for alternative methods to earn money from other sources online. For many people that can include amateur currency speculation, of which BitCoin can play a part. So the exact question was posted as follows: How much will you take part in BitCoin trading and exchange?

In this case the vote was very much divided, but the single biggest group of readers I would say definitely comes down very much on the side of caution to one extent or another. 27% of the voters take the absolute option “Never, I no longer trust it to return a good profit”. Another 33% don’t go to quite the same extreme, probably also learning from experience but also believing you need to be more careful when it comes to so called bubbles by voting “Occasionally, if I think I see a good opportunity”. A further 27% of readers took the option of voting “I always do this, it forms a major part of my income”, something I myself haven’t been quite able to fathom given the constant drop in value of BitCoin against hard currencies. I mean yes, of course I understand the idea that if you buy something when the price is cheap with the intention to sell it again when the rises that that constitutes you profit, but BitCoin hasn’t made any significant gains that I can see would earn you a full time income. That’s just me, I mean I’m no expert, but if others find a way to profit from something in free-fall then good luck to them, all I know is I can’t explain how they do it unless they’re holding huge quantities waiting for really long periods of time to offload them. The remaining 13% of voters seem to take a slightly less serious almost hobby like approach by voting “Regularly, but not with large sums of money”.

I’m going to stay on the subject of BitCoin for the next MNO TalkBack opinion poll, because it’s again in the news this week. Not only BitCoin, I just use them as they are the single biggest most popular example, the news affects cryptocurrencies in general. With yet another split, or “fork” as its referred to looming in the market, the collective value of all cryptocurrencies is tumbling. BitCoin being the biggest of them means that’s the one making the most headlines in the mainstream media, but the other currencies such as Ethereum etc. are also being hit. For those of you unaware of the situation, you may remember some time back that frustration and dissatisfaction with how BitCoin was operating led to the schism that saw the breakaway currency of BitcoinCash being created. Well, to cut a long story short a further split, or fork, is now underway in BitcoinCash which has created enormous drops in value across the board in all other major cryptocurrencies.

So what can you do about this? Well, it occurs to me that the core concept behind the creation of the original cryptocurrency BitCoin is almost the last thing it ever gets used for in the practical sense anymore. The idea was that it could be an alternative to paper money, not controlled or influenced by any central bank or government, and allow people to carry out daily financial transactions with complete autonomy from financial regulators. I’m sure a lot of people who freely choose to live their lives “off the grid” as it were would quite enjoy that idea, but that’s not really how things panned out. Granted there are a relatively small number of businesses out there that will accept BitCoin as payment for the sale of actual physical products (such as groceries or whatever) and services, I have never once encountered one that accepts any of the other by now countless cryptocurrency alternatives.

Therefore it’s fair to conclude the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrency transactions, 99% at a minimum, are purely speculation. People buy BitCoin without ever having the slightest intention of actually spending it in exchange for regular goods and services, their only wish is to sell it at a later point for profit or else to further “invest” it in HYIPs or the purchase of other cryptocurrencies. I mean when you actually sit down and think about it you can’t see or touch a “BitCoin” in the same way you can a dollar, a euro, a rouble, a yuan, etc, it’s just a concept that exists entirely in your imagination and manifested as a number on a computer screen. Its value stems from what other people are prepared to give you for this, and that’s been the basis for one of histories biggest ponzi/pyramid schemes.

In another couple of years I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood movies are made about this – Why not? They did it about Facebook after all – because it’s quite incredible how things have been going. Remember it’s only a couple of years ago that you would have needed around 1,500 BitCoins just to buy $1, until last December when you needed $20,000 just to buy one single BitCoin. Absolute madness but still fascinating to think about the literally billion dollar fortunes that were out there to be made by gambling just a couple of cents. It’s just a modern day version of the so-called “tulip mania” (google it!) from the 17th century or the Weimar era currency in Germany in the 1920’s of course, so those billion dollar fortunes I mention were in fact a hell of a lot easier to lose than to gain.

Does anyone ever learn any lessons from these things? You need to answer that for yourself, I just find it bizarre when people panic and sell when it hits its lowest point while simultaneously refusing to sell when its high to lock in some profit. Some people just aren’t made for it I guess, and that’s why 90% of them probably lose. I mean when you see cryptocurrency “services” advertised on the side of city buses and have taxi drivers offering you investment advice chances are you’ve either missed the boat completely or else need to dump everything and get out of the game. There’s also this nonsense idea that people who work in traditional banking are somehow terrified of BitCoin. They aren’t. It’s silly libertarians playing silly games with silly “virtual” money. It has nothing to do with “real” money and just goes to show what happens when large amounts of people who don’t understand economics, the creation of wealth, and the systems behind it, attempt to “get rich quick”. If you can get to grips with that and learn to play responsibly anyway then you stand a better chance of staying in the winning 10% rather than the losing 90%.

But don’t just accept my word on this, my thoughts are no more valid than the next person. Get a 2nd opinion, then go get a 22nd opinion! Chances are they’ll all be different, all I can say is the amount of people online claiming they know what they are talking about is nonsense. Nobody really knows what’s going to happen. So that brings me to the next question for the MNO TalkBack poll. Love it or hate it, the world of cryptocurrencies is now ingrained in the HYIP industry and that’s at the core of what MNO is all about. Rising and falling prices in BitCoin were once irrelevant to almost everyone, these days they’re discussed on the business pages of mainstream newspapers. What I’d like to know is what kind of affect you think the latest tumble in cryptocurrency values is going to have on the short term prospects of the HYIP industry, say between now and the start of February 2019.

The exact question will be as follows: How will the falling value of BTC affect the HYIP industry in the short term?

Possible answers you can choose from include:

– Many weak programs will collapse due to inexperienced admins
– Bigger and stronger programs will launch as higher volatility helps earnings
– There will be less programs that only deal exclusively with cryptocurrencies
– All of the above will happen as a direct result of recent events

I hope that covers about all the possible outcomes, thanks in advance as always to everyone who takes the time and effort to vote, you can find the poll on the MNO TalkBack page here. As usual it will stay open for around about another week or so, plenty of time to give anyone who wants to vote an ample opportunity to do so. Remember that all votes remain 100% anonymous and untraceable, and take literally a second of your time to submit. Thanks again!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 216 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: –
From MNO Premium list: CoinFinance, LuxEarn, InstantBitexInstantMiningLimited, TokenLogicBitBoots, BitAeon.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: InvestmentSlots.

That’s about all I wanted to talk to you about today, guys. Thanks a lot for your attention and please stay active on the MNO ShoutBox and have your say in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll be back with more news and updates as soon as I have anything important to say. Meanwhile I’ll keep enjoying my vacation as I’ll soon be hopping between the islands off the east coast of Thailand. I’ll stay active on MNO though, so if you have any questions or advertising requests do not hesitate to write a couple of lines and I’ll be back to you as soon as I can. See you all soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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