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Hello all, and welcome back to MNO for the latest news and updates from the biggest investment programs you can only find in the online HYIP industry. Although the usually cheerful autumn season is going to give way to a gloomy winter end-year we can’t say for sure this will affect investment activities much. You see, with the abundance of fast scams falling like houses of cards (none of which were included on MNO but plenty on other cheap monitors) due to the latest and largely unpredicted cryptocurrency price crash, we are yet to see any definitive leaders of the industry taking a more commanding position. Meanwhile, the state of things remains quite stable when we look at some of the existing top-notch programs and perhaps the arrival of some intriguing new ones like Weenzee which I’m about to introduce in a moment will improve things for the better and encourage more investors to return and revive the industry to former glories. Anyway, for this weekend news article on MNO today you can also read the latest updates from such long term success stories like TokenLogic, LuxEarn, and InstantBitex. First things first though, let’s start with by introducing a newly launched program Weenzee with a more detailed review to follow in just a few days.


While Weenzee was added to the Premium List on MNO just a couple of days ago, the admin has already purchased the top banner on the MNO monitor and upgraded its position to Sticky Listing to stay on top of all other programs for two months in advance. That just indicates of how big of an advertising budget the admin has and how ambitious his plans might be in the long-term. I guess if it’s true such investments might bring him handsome dividends, as MNO is read and followed daily by thousands of investors looking for the right opportunities to diversify their portfolios. And Weenzee might just be something they’ll like. The program is clearly aimed at those who prefer a low-ROI stable return yet catering to the tastes of those with different expectations on when to reach the break-even point and leave a program with profit. There are several investment terms available for Weenzee members to choose from (all with principal returned on expiry while some also allow you to close your deposit earlier) – for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 calendar days respectively. The accepted currencies include PerfectMoney for USD investments, while there are many more options available if you use a cryptocurrency, like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, EthereumClassic, Dash, Ripple, and Zcash. The minimum to invest is 30 in the site’s own currency WNZ where 1 WNZ is presently the equivalent of 1 USD and if you prefer to collect earnings without conversion you will get an extra 15% on your return. Besides, depending on your membership level which can be upgraded by attracting more members into the program Weenzee will pay higher rates. As I’ll be going through all the plans in the upcoming review of Weenzee there’s no point in going over everything here, as you will be able to check it out yourself once creating your account. I will just give an idea of what you can expect depending on the chosen investment term, your membership level and whether you use Weenzee‘s own currency WNZ or any other currency – 0.67%-0.95% for 30 days, 0.83%-1.11% for 60 days, 0.87%-1.15% for 90 days, 0.91%-1.19% for 180 days, or 0.95%-1.22% for 360 days. The principal is returned on expiry of each plan with some allowing early withdrawal. In order to make an investment after opening an account that can start from a $30 minimum you should “replenish” your account first with at least $1 via USD, BTC, or any other accepted cryptocurrency. Once it’s credited then proceed to “create portfolio” and pick the plan you like best. For withdrawal requests move the money to the main account, exchange from WNZ to your preferred currency and submit it for manual processing which for me is usually quite. This has led to Weenzee being moved to Paying Status on the MNO monitor already.

If you’re left a bit overwhelmed by the choice then the administration recommends investing in the 90-day plan and even outlined why it might be a wise pick for you in a special update re-posted below:

5 options for investment periods, 10 options for currencies and still it is not easy to make a choice?
Solution: Recommended Portfolio.
In such situations, many users face a dilemma what is more profitable: a longer investment period or the use of a less volatile currency. What is the best type of investment?
By investing in WNZ for a period of 90 days, you get a number of advantages:
– additional + 15% to the daily accruals for the use of WNZ;
– additional + 10% to the daily accruals for the choice of this term of the portfolio;
– the possibility of early closing of the portfolio after the 60th day.
An ideal percentage correction provides the optimal result of income in relation to the time of the portfolio.
Quick wiring instructions for recommended WNZ / 90 portfolio:
– Click the Weenzee “portfolio creation” tab – (available for logged in users)
– Remain the selected by default account: WNZ
– Enter the amount of investment: (min 30 WNZ)
– Remain the default portfolio duration of 90 days.
– On the right side of the screen (in the % accruals window) confirm your decision by clicking the “Create Portfolio” button

Note that withdrawals have to be requested from your Weenzee account area which can be also linked to your Telegram account. This has quite a few security options you can enable in your account, like a financial password optionally required once to confirm an operation, or a code to be sent to your registered email address for the same reason. You pay a withdrawal fee of 1% for exchanges between WNZ and USD, so keep this in mind. When buying the WNZ internal currency for USD, BTC or any other payment options there will be no fee charged during the trial period which will run until December, 1st according to yet another update posted on the website:

The special conditions for the purchase of an internal WNZ are valid only for two weeks. Until December 1, you can buy WNZ without commission at the rate of: 1 WNZ = 1 USD.
Weenzee system opens a trial period for all users!
Here is a favorable offer for the purchase of WNZ for the price of 1 wnz = 1 usd without charging any fees. Within two weeks from the moment of launch, the user can join in a test mode to familiarize himself with the functionality of the system and study investment programs.
You can purchase WNZ using any of the most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, DASH, ETC, ZEC, XRP, as well as for USD using PerfectMoney services.
In December, when buying WNZ there already will be a commission fee of + 0.02 $ which will be added to the base value of $1.

You may also take advantage of 0% fees in the internal exchanger and all the transactions can be independently verified in the WNZ System Explorer as linked to below for your benefit:

Weenzee payment system provides instant transaction speed inside the system. Our own crypto exchanger allows you to work with the 8 most popular cryptocurrencies, US dollars, as well as our own local WNZ currency.
All transactions in WNZ are reflected in System Explorer: Explorer allows you to view transactions, account balance and track its full path.
Currently, the Payment System supports the following cryptocurrencies:
– Bitcoin, -Ethereum, -Bitcoin Cash, -Litecoin, -DASH, – Ethereum classic, -Zcash, -Ripple
Work in USD is available using the following services: -PerfectMoney
While creating our Weenzee platform, we always care firstly about the convenience of our partners. Join us and we will do our best to gain control of the cryptocurrency market with turnover of 200 billion USD!

Contact points are yet another strong suit of Weenzee with you being able to chat live with a representative who will be happy to take all your questions and provide you with the answers. In case English is not your strong point you can easily switch to any of the ten other versions available in the top right corner of the screen. By the way, it’s not only about adding new language versions, as Weenzee has already started an offline promotional campaign in emerging local markets. The first one being Indonesia where people prepared to work hard by creating their own teams can meet and discuss promo strategies. Here is the invitation for tonight’s Weenzee team session to be held in an Indonesian city of Banjarmasin as per the update below:

In Indonesia, Banjarmasin a Weenzee team session (orientation meeting) will be held, where about 10 top managers and project leaders will take part.
The First Table Talk will be held on November 23, 2018 at 19.30 PM at the POP Hotel Cafe n Resto Banjarmasin.
During the meeting, the topics that will be discussed are: modern technologies, new IT-products of the Weenzee platform, the current situation on the cryptocurrency market and practical cases of our business Leaders, who managed to realize the most ambitious goals in a short time.
Therefore, if you:
– want to learn more about the Weenzee global innovation project?
– want to become an Official Partner and learn how to create a huge team and get a bonus of $ 100,000;
– want to manage a growing market of $ 200 billion and make a profit from it.
We invite you to the Weenzee Team Session (Setup Meeting). Just contact the organizer of the event, Panji Samudra by the phone number: +6281351177107.

By the way, as Weenzee is a brand-new program you have a perfect opportunity to start building your own team of investors to bring you a passive income their deposited money in no less than eight levels deep and will also increase your own status and ROI in the program. Here are some benefits to becoming a Weenzee promoter as outlined in yet another update re-posted below:

Do you consider yourself as an active and goal-oriented business leader or do you already have a team of partners, experience in organizing and attracting users to the network? If you are ready to lead your team on the road to a new future, it’s time to act! Weenzee announces the launch of a unique promotion for active leaders: an increased referral bonus and 100% of financing of your events.
Every active leader joining the Weenzee project with their team is entitled to receive:
– PARTNER premium status in the Weenzee project;
– 100% financing of the organization of events without restrictions on the amount!
– increased referral bonus (set individually);
– the appointment of a personal consultant who can provide support in any activities;
– joining to a closed channel with the possibility of receiving priority news of the project;
– educational materials;
– 24/7 priority technical support.
In case of meeting a number of criteria, you can receive the status of a “Regional Representative”, which will allow you to occupy an honorable place on a special page of the site, place your contacts, as well as a number of additional privileges in the project’s marketing activities.
For all participants in the project, we have developed an affiliate program, which involves 8 steps of career growth and 8 levels of bonuses. This means that absolutely every member of your team will be able to change today the way their tomorrow will look like!
All you need is to fill out the form on this page

Weenzee is a very well-made website running off its own unique and custom-made script, perhaps a bit overcomplicated for its purposes but it does give a feeling of scrupulous work put in to the making of the website that obviously wasn’t done overnight, unlike so many other HYIPs out there. The domain name is registered for five years in advance and the site is hosted and protected by CloudFlare with an SSL-encryption certificate provided by Comodo. The website has its own RoadMap which outlines the stages of its proposed development which will hopefully come to fruition as planned. Overall, the site produces a very good first impression and if you have enough time to go through the abundance of information there I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in the end. I have a good feeling that Weenzee is here to stay for a long time!


The first news story I want to talk about this evening not only involves one of the best and strongest performing program in the HYIP industry at the moment, it also concerns a pretty big story in the mainstream media related to the wider subject of online trading. The program I’m talking about of course is TokenLogic, first reviewed on MNO just after it opened almost four weeks ago here. The program has been 28 days online, and 26 days listed on the MNO monitor Premium List. Since then TokenLogic has been busy establishing themselves as one of the most dependable anywhere online. Granted that’s not exactly been an overcrowded field as of late, but don’t let that detract from what TokenLogic are building. A good program is still a good program, even if there’s only a handful of serious alternatives (which in the name of diversification probably deserve a place in your portfolios anyway).

On the business side of things what TokenLogic are offering their investors is a choice of three plans – on one hand all the same, on the other hand all different! You see while investors of all budgets are welcome in TokenLogic, in fact all you need is a minimum of just 0.001 BTC (the program works exclusively with cryptocurrencies) to get started. The thing is that all three plans will ultimately end with every investor making the same net profit from plans that include 3% for 50 days, 3.75% for 40 days, and 5% for 30 days all of which include your principal as part of the payments. A few quick calculations will show that no matter what plan you join you still get a return of 150% on your investment, or 50% net profit. It’s just organised in such a way as to reward the bigger spending (i.e. risk taking) investors by getting them there faster. At this point many of the early investors, the bigger ones at any rate, are already in profit and in some cases handsomely so. But don’t worry, the smaller more modestly spending players are fast catching up and many of those will be in profit too before much longer.

As I said TokenLogic works exclusively with cryptocurrencies, currently including BitCoin, LiteCoin, and DogeCoin. If you’re using any of these currencies to invest with TokenLogic then you will enjoy instant payouts managed by the script. If you prefer alternative options then you can also join with BitcoinCash, Ethereum, or Dash, except in those cases payments will be manual and completed by the TokenLogic admin within 24 hours. Anyway, it’s that very fact that brings us on to the subject of the latest newsletter from the always interesting and informative admin of TokenLogic. These are usually issued about once per week, and I for one have come to quite enjoy them. Rather than bombarding members with spam every day of the week like other programs, when you get something from TokenLogic it’s usually something worth waiting for and something worth reading. His latest effort is on the current crisis revolving around the falling value of cryptocurrency exchange rates against real hard currency. So the main point he tries to get across is that because your investment with TokenLogic remains in cryptocurrency at all times both in deposits and withdrawal, i.e. not converted into dollars at any point unlike many other HYIPs, the exchange rates shouldn’t impact the percentage returns. Actually, it seems like the current downturn in BitCoin’s fortunes didn’t affect TokenLogic or the other programs on MNO all of which seem to be paying fine. Do you agree or disagree with that? Make your voice heard by clicking here to vote on the important subject also covered by the TokenLogic admin who is hopefully right in his assumption that nothing bad is going to happen and everything will be back to normal on the cryptocurrency markets in no time.

At the end of the newsletter reposted below, the admin goes on to encourage regular TokenLogic investors to show their support for the program by opening a contest with a $100 cash prize. He cites the opinions of investors to be just as important as the program’s developers, so in order to enter the contest all you have to do is simply send the admin an email with your suggestions on what you think will best improve TokenLogic for all the members. Since you guys are the ones who ultimately benefit from this, regardless of who eventually collects the prize it’s in everyone’s best interests to participate. Good luck everyone!:

Crypto Market Uneasy but TokenLogic Going Strong!
We hope this latest TokenLogic newsletter finds you well! What a week it’s been…
Crypto Downfalls – Should You Worry?
As you can imagine, we watch the global crypto markets closer than most people. And like you, we have observed a general descent in recent days.
However, this is no reason for you and your fellow TokenLogic users to be concerned!
For starters, the crypto market is notoriously erratic. Cryptocurrencies shoot up in value just as much as they dive – this is one of the elements that make ICO investment such an exciting prospect for you and our pro investor team alike.
So, while current readings are hardly positive – do not fret. We have seen dives of up to 90% before, and each time valuations have simply climbed back even higher.
Crypto is the future – of that, we all know – so HODL on, dear users.
TokenLogic: BTC-Based for Your Peace of Mind
And while all of this market upheaval is occurring, TokenLogic users need not worry about their earnings. Why is that?
Well, at TokenLogic we decided to provide main account values in BTC rather than in USD or any other fiat currency.
That means that no matter the current crypto valuations, your TokenLogic wealth remains exactly the same.
Do Your Bit for TokenLogic
Our developer team may consist of some of the world’s best but there is nothing more useful than feedback from our average user. We value your opinion so highly, and we’ve come up with a little initiative to show just that.
What do you think when using any element of our platform? What would you focus on improving or abolish altogether?
Simply email your suggestions to us at and feedback that we find most useful will receive a $100 USD reward deposited straight into your TokenLogic account.
We look forward to hearing from you all. Until then, all the best!
Best regards, The TokenLogic Team


Almost four months listed on MNO and it’s still paying fine. That’s something of an achievement for LuxEarn, but there’s more to it than just that. This program was a sleeper for a record-breaking three years (!) before getting entirely redesigned and ready to open up to the HYIP community. Having launched initially in September 2015 the admin of LuxEarn kept it under wraps until August 2018 before presenting to the general public by accepting a full raft of payment processors, including PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, and Dash, and even more investment plans on offer. All of them have been painstakingly covered in closer detail in the review of LuxEarn which you can read here. Just to refresh your memory the daily payment plans also promise to return the initial investment on expiry and include 2.75% for 40 business days, 2.25% for 60 business days, 1.25% for 80 business days, 1.1% for 100 business days, and 0.5% for 365 business days. Please note though that the other investment plans might look deceptive at first glance, and although they seemingly offer daily payouts too, in fact you will get paid the entire sum (with 100% compulsory compounding or without such) on expiry of the term plus the principal back. Such offers include the following – 250% after 10 business days, 270%-360% after 15 business days, 340%-460% after 20 business days, 210%-800% after 30 business days, 260%-1600% after 40 business days, 500% after 50 business days, 360%-4000% after 60 business days, 440%-8000% after 80 business days, 800%-14000% after 100 business days. Be aware of such offers as investments in them are much riskier than the daily paying plans, so perhaps it’s best to stick to them if you would like to test LuxEarn with a reasonable deposit. Note as well that all withdrawal requests are processed manually and that it might take up to 48 hours on weekdays to be paid (that stretches to 72 hours if you make a request on weekends).

Anyway, having been running smoothly enough and without any hiccups the admin is currently concerned about a number of fake websites and social media channels floating around at the moment as genuine members might have the misfortune to encounter them and as a result lose their account in LuxEarn or even have their identity stolen by cyber criminals. So we should appreciate the admin’s efforts to combat such malicious people by explicitly warning LuxEarn‘s members of being scammed by the means of trusting their sensitive information to unofficial applications or fake social media channels pretending to have anything to do with LuxEarn‘s business. In the latest newsletter posted on the website yesterday the admin is sharing links to the only (!) Twitter account, YouTube, and Telegram channels the company actually owns. Note that all apps claiming to be developed by LuxEarn or other unofficial social network accounts are fake, so stay away from them as warned in the newsletter re-posted below in full:

Fake and Dangerous APP behalf of Luxearn in Google Play Market! Be careful!
Dear Friends!
We was informed that someone, behalf of our company has created a LuxEarn App in Google Play. We want to warn you that this App do not have any relation to our company!
We want to pay your attention, that this is very DANGEROUS App that can steal your personal data and billing information! We are DO NOT recommend you to download and launch it! It may be VERY DANGEROUS!
Also, we want to pay your attention that our company does not have any groups in Telegram, and moreover our company has no any Telegram bots.
All financial transactions occur ONLY through LuxEarn the only official website of the LUXEARN PROPRIETARY LTD company.
All other domain zones are NOT official and they can not be trusted!
Dear friends, once again we want to pay your attention to the fact that we have ONLY 3 (Three) official social media:
– Twitter, here is the only proper link:
– Youtube here is the only proper link:
– Telegram Channel (NOT A GROUP, BUT A CHANNEL!!!) here is the only proper link:
All other social media are NOT OFFICIAL and they cannot be trusted!
We also want to pay your attention to the fact that our staff never contact you and would never ask to provide your personal information. If somebody contact you on behalf of our company and are asked to provide any personal information – in any case DO NOT DISCLOSE your personal information!
With love and best regards, LuxEarn team


Those of you familiar with InstantBitex might know that the company does have its own exchanger and even cryptocurrency token still in the making with IBX abbreviation, hopefully to be launched at some point in the future. The admin is actively looking for new cryptocurrencies to be added to the service and the latest one is called Abulaba (AAA) which has been recently introduced in the short post on InstantBitex‘ official Facebook page:

Abulaba (AAA) token got listed with BTC base pair

InstantBitex (reviewed here) has been running nothing short of spectacularly over the last four and a half months online, offering cryptocurrency users an opportunity to earn from its exchange-related business. By investing anything from a $25 minimum you could enjoy fixed daily rates of 0.5% to 1% (depending on the size of your principal) over an unlimited period of time. However you have an opt-out clause right from the start and won’t be tied to any restrictions as to when you may request your initial investment. This can be done anytime with a 10% fee applied to every principal return. The account security has been taken very seriously by the admin of InstantBitex as you may only manage your account properly if you install a Google Authenticator app and use the one-time codes for any operation in your account which might also require manual approval by clicking a link sent to your registered email address. Judging by the open-ended investment term I would guess plenty of investors with InstantBitex have been able profit and request their initial investments, thus giving a good return. Let’s hope that InstantBitex will keep it up for a long time!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee (the first payments received).
From MNO Premium list: CoinFinance, LuxEarnTokenLogicInstantMiningLimited, BitAeon.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: –

That’s it for today, guys. Remember I always welcome your feedback, questions, or respond to suggestions by email, via this contact form, or chat live on Telegram @mnoblog. You can stay active on the MNO ShoutBox to chat with your fellow investors and ask me anything you like and vote in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page running for a few more days. It’s on the currently hot topic of cryptocurrency values and its impact on the HYIP world. I’ll be back at the beginning of the next business week with more news and updates from the best programs here on MNO plus a detailed look at Weenzee which has already attracted the attention of my readers. The program is more complicated than most, so stay tuned for the review if you want more details on how Weenzee works. And one more thing – if you like the list of the programs included on the MNO monitor and wish to be the first to spot the future leader then stay connected and follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, as all new additions are posted there first. See you again soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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