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Hello everyone, and welcome again to the MNO blog where for the latest news and most important updates from the biggest investment projects anywhere in the online HYIP industry. As we rapidly approach the Christmas and New Year holidays it seems like literally everyone’s mind is on preparation to that event subject rather than concentrating on choosing the best HYIPs to invest it. And it’s understandable for HYIP admins as well who are in no hurry to come up with new original projects, preferring to lay in wait for investors to return in a couple of weeks from now. But at least, for the sake of choice anyway, there are still a couple of big programs around that will see out the annual winter hibernation and compete with anything launched in January. If you want to see what those programs are and deal only with higher end budget money-making opportunities please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe for daily blog articles delivered regularly to your mailboxes. Why would you want to follow me you may ask? Well, for one thing MNO is unlike other monitors, designed only to list visionary admins who know exactly how things should really be run to maximise profits. Whether coming directly from MNO links or joining under somebody else’s there is no doubt that everything that appears on the MNO monitor is subjected to careful scrutiny by experienced investors looking to either make big investments themselves or bring together hundreds of new followers to build a tremendous promotional team. Being in the HYIP industry spotlight for about twelve years now I know what I’m talking about and such giants from like LaserOnline, Carbon7, Zinc7 or GoldenNuggetInvest are only a few of the immensely popular programs that enjoyed multi-million dollar success thanks to starting their advertising campaigns exclusively with MNO. This last year in the HYIP industry wasn’t really what anyone expected due to the some payment processors leaving the scene and a deepening crisis in the value of cryptocurrencies. And yet we still have a new contender for the crown of the biggest HYIP of the new year in Weenzee, currently the only program on the most prestigious MNO Sticky List. It’s programs like Weenzee that inspire optimism in investors and provide a guiding light for other ambitious admins looking to follow in their footsteps. So it’s the latest updates from the Weenzee that will be the main focus of today’s news update followed by other news from BitBoots and InstantBitex. Keep on reading to find out more on that.


Did you know there’s a new benefit available now exclusively to Weenzee investors who convert their deposit into the WNZ currency? This is in addition to the 15% improvement in daily interest rates which usually hover around the 1% mark. I’ve already edited my original review of Weenzee posted here to include their new early withdrawal rule, as initially this was only available for a fee for those in the 90, 180, or 360 day portfolios but not applicable the 30 or 60 day terms. Now everyone can take advantage of this if you convert a $30+ deposit via PerfectMoney USD, BitCoin, BitcoinCash, Dash, Ripple, LiteCoin, Ethereum, EthereumClassic, or Zcash to the program’s own WNZ currency. On top of that people with WNZ deposits will be able to trade it once it becomes a properly traded cryptocurrency next year. However, if you still prefer to deal with the alternatives you may continue doing so, just without the option to close your account before expiry.

After three weeks online Weenzee is still developing fast and even before the first people get their principals back on the shortest 30-day term the program seems to be on the right track with all its promotional activities that literally take place around the world. Unlike many other HYIPs out there, Weenzee concentrate their efforts not exclusively on online advertising – leaders are encouraged to go offline and actually meet people in person to persuade them of the new money-making opportunities provided by Weenzee. It’s actually very important to appeal to an international market as the Weenzee website is available in several languages even if still a bit more complicated than the average investor is used to. That’s when the promo seminars and offline conferences come into play, to help more ambitious people start building local teams and earning big profits the right way. The latest news from Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China is the best indicator Weenzee takes up the challenge for global domination absolutely seriously and that it’s capable of achieving what was outlined in the Roadmap that can be found on the website. Make sure to be part of the Weenzee team either online or via one of the local events and activities to take advantage of its lucrative multi-tier referral program. It’s destined to be huge in 2019 but is still only in its infancy now. The latest news from Weenzee is below:

In the portfolios created in the WNZ single unit of calculation of WEENZEE, the option of “Early Closing” is installed.
This option is available immediately after the first accruals in any of the portfolios. The user has the right to suspend the work of his portfolio and return his funds minus the system fee for Early Closing. Thus, this option allows the user to quickly manage personal money, make decisions on the exchange, withdrawal or further investment.
Attention! In case of Early Closing, the percentage of fee is determined for each term of the investment portfolio and the number of days worked until the time of application for closure. For more details please see the table.
Leadership and project partners are confident that all the benefits of investing in the WNZ single calculation unit are absolutely OBVIOUS. They give not only the confidence in the stability of the investment program, but also make it possible for new users to master the WEENZEE system more comfortable.
WEENZEE AI is the correct understanding of trends and the action according to a well-developed strategy!

The great opening of Weenzee took place in Germany! We officially presented our project Weenzee to the world. On November 24, development Leaders, large businessmen and wealthy investors from all over the world were invited to Berlin. The grand event led three English speakers. The program included: project presentation, show, buffet, photo session and, of course, negotiations regarding future cooperation. Participants actively discussed plans and prospects for the development of the project.
Congratulations to all on the opening of Weenzee. This is the first, very important step in the development of the project. Welcome to our friendly team. We are all waiting for an exciting journey: be with Weenzee and you will definitely succeed!

Is it possible to study, become a professional in the field of blockchain, robotic trading and earn money at the same time? You can, if you work in Weenzee!
Now the process of creating a local team from Bandung, Indonesia is underway and you have a unique chance to become part of it. The leaders of our project receive exclusive bonuses: quick and free training, financial support, deposit bonuses and “Partner status”, which gives additional preferences.
You can learn more about this from our best speakers at the Bandung event, which will be held on December 13 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Newton Hotel. Snacks and drinks will be provided for all participants. Come by yourself and invite your friends and partners!

Weenzee enters the global market. We recently held a presentation in Berlin, and now they are talking about us in China. Chinese journalists are quite actively discussing our project, as evidenced by the large amount of materials on the development and prospects of Weenzee.
The topics for discussion were innovative advantages of the project: robotic bots for trade using computational algorithms of the new generation. This, coupled with an international team of professionals and experts opens up great prospects for the company. The zero commission and additional bonuses for the first participants also greatly interested our Chinese colleagues.
For your convenience, we have collected them all in one list and now you can read each of the news right now. Click on the links and read!
Weenzee on JIANSHU.COM
Weenzee on SOHU.COM
Weenzee on NEWSKY360.COM
Weenzee on ITSOGO.NET
Weenzee on 96HQ.COM
Weenzee on BDWAID.CN
Weenzee on
Weenzee on
Weenzee on
Weenzee on
Weenzee on
Weenzee on

Weenzee on

The conference was attended by a large number of people from various fields. On the meeting, the trader could meet with a businessman, and the miner with the owner of the start-up. Blockchain is now interesting to everyone.
Most of the participants were interested in our project – Weenzee. Our lecturer spoke in detail about the features and advantages of our platform, not forgetting to mention the 8-step affiliate system for team leaders and the powerful artificial intelligence Weenzee, which runs a neural network and a bot for trading on the exchange.
Despite little experience in holding live conferences, the team from Pakistan did an excellent job and made the event interesting not only for professionals from the cryptosphere, but also for ordinary people. Many thanks to them for this!
Future meetings with potential participants of Weenzee will be held in the cities of Rawilpindi, Faislabad, Karachi, Queeta, Lahore.
Follow the news and we look forward to all of you the next time!


Do you like free money? If the answer is resounding “yes” then maybe you’ll be interested in the offer from the admin of BitBoots. This is a program monitored on MNO for over three months offering 1.1% to 2.2% daily interest paid “forever” with the option to withdraw your principal at anytime after 365 days with instant payouts first reviewed here. You see, BitBoots is just part of several websites under the umbrella of the parent company Grailum Limited which is involved in various cryptocurrency related businesses. One of the projects which is apparently one of the most important is the creation of the own currency called Grailum Coin. The wallet for these coins has now been released so if you’re looking to participate in the testing stages and are comfortable with downloading unknown software on your PC (I should stress that I will NOT be doing this myself by the way) then you have a chance to grab 100 GXM which is the abbreviation for Grailum Coins. The promo campaign was called “Christmas Bonus AirDrop” with detailed instructions on how to participate posted on their news section. Apparently the 100 GXM bonus won’t be credited immediately but rather in a matter of weeks which I suspect will coincide with the release of the currency to the general public. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on how it goes Grailum Coin, but even if BitBoots investors aren’t interested in the offer it should still be seen as good news indicating the Grailum websites are evolving and capable of functioning properly under bad market conditions for BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies by offering their own products and services, like Grailum Coin. Here’s the latest news from BitBoots below:

Christmas Bonus AirDrop (free coins)
A Christmas present just for you.
We are ready on the next step getting more people involved and start using Grailum coin by build up a wider community.
You can now get a 100GXM Christmas Bonus AirDrop sent directly to your Grailum wallet.
How to get my free Airdrop?
Install and run a full node Grailum wallet on your computer Windows/Mac 64bit or on your Linux server. We will send you 100GXM when you provide us your personal private Grailum address.
Just follow the steps below
1. Download and install last wallet version. Instructions and guideline are available
2. Register a private account on our page
3. Open a ticket and send us your new account ID together with your Grailum wallet address Gxxxxx…..
NOTE: Transfer of GXM to you will be done within a few weeks from you submit the ticket so we recommend you keep your wallet active most time possible.
To view full promotion details please visit
All the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year
Best regards, Grailum Limited


A new cryptocurrency called Graft which is ranked at 161st position on the Coinmarketcap website has become another addition to the crypto exchanger InstantBitex. This was announced via a short update on InstantBitex‘s official Facebook page as below:

GRAFT got listed in InstantBitex with BTC base pair.

Readers are probably more interested in the investment plans offered by InstantBitex (reviewed here). Well, as it was somewhat modified since my original review was published five months ago I’ll remind you that for a minimum investment of $25 equivalent in various crypto-currencies your account in InstantBitex will be credited with 0.5% to 1.5% fixed daily rate (Monday to Friday only) for an open ended term, or until you wish to cancel your investment which can be done at any point for a 10% fee. As InstantBitex has been running for months now and it looks like it’s not going anywhere anytime soon so I would like to wish the best of luck to the program’s investors who should also be aware of the fact they’re required to have a Google authenticator app installed on their device for the enhanced protection of their accounts. Remember every withdrawal from your account will require the admin’s approval and confirmation by clicking on the link sent by email and not instantly processed as the name InstantBitex might suggest.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee.
From MNO Premium list: LuxEarn, InstantBitexBitBootsInstantMiningLimited, BitAeon.
From MNO Standard list: –
From MNO Basic list: Luminex.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you find the information helpful and will use it to your benefit when choosing the right programs for your investment portfolios. I’ll be back with more news and maybe even share a promising new addition to my list on Monday when I’ll be in Burmese city of Mandalay where I’m flying to in a couple of days. Meanwhile if you have any questions regarding any programs monitored on MNO or the general state of the HYIP industry there are three convenient ways to contact me. You can either write to my email address directly at, use this Contact form to submit your query, or just chat with me live on Telegram @mnoblog. Please share your thoughts and vote for your favourite programs on the MNO ShoutBox and vote in the latest poll on the TalkBack page to say how things will play out in the HYIP industry between now and the end of the year. The final results of the poll will be shared on Monday when I will talk to you again on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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