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Hi guys, and welcome again to the MNO blog‘s Sunday news issue. As you may know, this site is aimed at promoting the biggest and the best online investment opportunities to help you decide which of them is truly worthy of putting some of your hard-earned money. For that very reason the listing prices on MNO are the highest in the HYIP industry – to weed out the potential fast scams and only monitor the most outstanding programs run by professional admins who know how to maintain stability in their programs in the long run and make profits for the majority of their investors. The policy seems to be working wonders for my readers who are making good profits this new HYIP season with newcomers standing comfortably alongside older more established programs. Potential leaders of the industry are possibly with us already as discussed in the latest poll on the MNO TalkBack page, the results of which will be analysed later along with a new question being posted. I’ll start with the latest news from such established names like Weenzee and BitBoots that have some good news to report, but first off let me remind you of a few things about MNO that might help you earn or save a few extra bucks by making yourselves the first to know about new additions to the MNO monitor and program status changes. In order to be in the loop please follow MNO on Telegram, Facebook, or Twitter, and subscribe to the regular news updates delivered directly to your email address by submitting and confirming it here. If you have any questions or advertising requests do not hesitate to write a couple of lines here or at abramsonp@gmail.com or chat with me Live on Telegram @mnoblog. It would be also useful if you voted for your favourite programs on the MNO monitor or post your comments on the MNO ShoutBox to encourage meaningful discussion among investors of the advantages and disadvantages of joining a program listed on my site. Let’s move on with the news now.


As usual Weenzee has lots to talk about in the latest updates posted on their website during the week. But first let’s have a look at its relatively short online journey with less than two months online where it featured on the highest-grade Sticky List on MNO and has put many investors in profit with an impressive performance and wonderful achievements other programs can only envy. A reminder of what Weenzee has become after only a few weeks online can be found in the newsletter sent to all the inactive members who might not be aware of all the hype currently surrounding the program which I’m happy to repost below:

WEENZEE: More Than Just a Project
Thank you for choosing WEENZEE! Together we can unite millions of people to create the largest crypto-community and control the crypto market of $200 billion.
The scale of the project can be assessed by the event dedicated to the launch of Weenzee, held on November 24th, 2018 in Berlin. Video from the event.
Our achievements to date:
– Connected more than 15 countries
– Over 100,000 of active project participants
– A team of professionals in the field of trading, AI
– Official exchangers opened in China, Philippines and Indonesia
– Over 100 events held worldwide
What else does Weenzee offer uniquely to its users?
– Multicurrency crypto wallet with the ability to transfer without fees within the system!
– Own internal blockchain
– Additional bonus for investments in WNZ
– 8 steps of career growth and affiliate network
– Additional % upon reaching new level
– The possibility of early closing of the portfolio with the withdrawal of profit!
WEENZEE is not just a “project”, WEENZEE is the tremendous strength of the community, which has come together to take control of the cryptocurrency market and establish its own rules. We are glad that you have become a part of it!
Follow the news in social networks: Facebook, Telegram

China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand are just some of the places where the advertising of Weenzee intensifies day after day and not just online. We are talking about lots of offline events either held already or scheduled in the near future that could have a tremendous impact on the program’s ability to deliver results long term, as many more people are joining and start investing. Although it might not be as clear just how to invest in Weenzee in fact things are not as complicated as they may seem at first glance. I think I did a fairly good job in explaining it in the detailed review posted HERE and all you need to do to make a start is to decide which duration of the investment term you want. It’s a straightforward choice between a 30, 60, 90, 180 or 360 calendar day plan on expiry of which your principal is handed back to you and available for withdrawal. The minimum required to start making variable daily profits of about 1% daily (you get a 15% extra if you choose to convert your deposit to the internal WNZ currency) is only $30 and there are quite a few payment methods accepted by Weenzee to fund your investment – PerfectMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Eos, Dash, Zcash, or Ripple. Withdrawals are then to be requested from your account in Weenzee and are paid manually within 72 hours (usually much faster than that). With the very well crafted and massive advertising campaign in some of the world’s most populous countries in the world I’m sure that it’s only the beginning of of a long journey for Weenzee as it expands outside of the regular HYIP investment circles and possibly even launch their own cryptocurrency very soon, so stay tuned for more info on that on MNO:

“Alibaba Yunqi Conference”, “The 2050 Summit” and “Global Blockchain Leaders Summit” are three large-scale events in China, where the top developers, investors, traders and businessmen from all over the world try to get together every year. The media calls these events “Yunqi Three Largest World Summits”. This is not modest, but right definition of these high-profile events. The summit was attended by leaders of WEENZEE and representatives of 3000 different companies. The central part of the event was the awarding ceremony of projects in more than 15 nominations. The jury had a difficult task to select the most successful projects from a large number of applicants/ companies that during the year developed and integrated innovative technologies in the blockchain sphere, solved the problems of transboundary nature and scalability.
From the very beginning of the event, the multinational team of WEENZEE leaders from Norway, Austria, Sweden, Monaco, Germany, France and other countries was at the center of attention as a strong, promising project in the field of crypto-trading and robotic trading. After receiving the winner’s cup in the nomination “The Most Valuable Investment Project of The Year”, our representatives noted a surge of interest in cooperation from new investors and developers of third-party projects. Ideas and suggestions from potential project partners contribute to the further development of the community and the WEENZEE system.
The victory of WEENZEE is the victory of a strong community of users, united by the idea of striving to manage the global market, increase wealth and achieve financial well-being!
Thanks to all of you! Our congratulations to the Weenzee project!

Thailand is another country in which Weenzee began working. Many people have already expressed their desire to join us, as leaders or just as ordinary participants. We are very pleased that so many people are interested in Weenzee, so we continue to hold educational conferences and seminars.
On January 18 and 19, our leaders will hold events in Bangkok. First of all, they will be devoted to technologies that form the basis of our business platform: trading bots that work thanks to our artificial intelligence and a complex system of neural networks. It sounds difficult, but do not be afraid – after visiting our meeting you will begin to understand much more than now.
Also, a lot of attention will be paid to live communication. After the main part, the Weenzee leaders will be ready to answer all your questions and discuss difficult issues. On the second day, there will be separately discussed the prospect of opening Weenzee headquarters in Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar.
For more information about meetings, use the feedback function on our website: https://weenzee.com/contacts/
Waiting for you!

More and more people are joining our community. But even more those who for some reason could not get to meet with our representatives. Especially for them, we will hold another event in Batulicin.
Analytics, neural networks, trading are the three points on which Weenzee artificial intelligence works. Complex chains of algorithms, modern electronic components and a lot of technical nuances: our programmers understand this, but not ordinary people. Therefore, we continue to organize educational seminars for you.
On each of them, you are guaranteed to get a basic knowledge of cryptographic technologies, trading bots and cryptocurrencies. After spending just a couple of hours, you can understand and know more than 90% of people. In addition, by applying this knowledge, each of the participants of the event can earn good money. How? This will be helped by the leaders of our project – trained professionals who have been working in the cryptoindustry for many years.
The whole event will take several hours, so for your convenience you will be provided with drinks and light meals.
Date: January 19, Time: from 14:00 to 17:00 UTC + 08, Location: Hotel Ebony
We are waiting for you and your partners!

The Chinese representatives of Weenzee organize an event specifically for their compatriots: a lecture on the Internet, on a special platform WeChat. To participate – you need to contact the organizers: china0474.
Leaders of Weenzee will tell about their experience of working with our company, about the advantages that it provides and the features of the crypto-business. You can hardly get this exclusive information anywhere else. Therefore, do not waste time contact the organizers and register: do not miss the chance to get new skills and knowledge!
Time: 8 pm January 19, Speaker: Kiki
Course topic: Detailed analysis and analysis of the benefits of the Weenzee system
The content of the course will be broadcasted simultaneously to the Weenzee Chinese Community Merchants Group – 31, with the Weenzee China Community Membership Group
And if you are already active leader from China and also want to broadcast: join Weenzee team and work with us! To do this, you also need to write to the organizers: china0474

Our team is happy to announce a marathon that will take place in Malaysia for a whole month. A total of 44 meetings will be held in 11 different regions of this country. Anyone who wishes can learn about the features of our resource, about the opportunities it provides. Of course, we will talk about modern artificial intelligence Weenzee, which is the main competitive advantage of our project.
Leaders will be able to learn about the work in the Weenzee team and the intricacies of the work of the organizer in the cryptosphere. Of course, any of the participants in the event can ask any question. We look forward to anyone who is interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency!
Semenanjung malaysia 15th – 31th January 2019
JB, Johore 15/01 – 17/01
Kuantan, Pahang 18/01 – 19/02
Kuala Terenganu, Terenganu 20/01 – 21/01
Kota Bharu, Kelantan 22/01 – 23/01
Alor Star, Kedah 24/01 – 25/01
Seberang Jaya, Penang 26/01 – 28/01
Ipoh, Perak 29/01 – 31/01
Borneo 03th – 15th February 2019
Kuching, Sarawak 03/02 – 05/02
Miri, Sarawak 06/02 – 08/02
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 09/02 – 11/02
Tawau, Sabah 12/02 – 15/02
Check the exact time and place with the organizer: Mr Shamsul Nizam +60 13-624 2487

Our Indonesian team invites you to 2 conferences on January 20th. The blockchain events about the Weenzee project and various methods for increasing your own income will be held at Bangi Kopi & Resto and at K’Toss Cafe.
You will have the opportunity to study our robotic trading system, which is based on the most innovative technologies of our time: artificial intelligence, which can instantly process terabytes of data using an advanced reading algorithm. Of course, everyone will have the opportunity to ask any question to our representatives.
For your convenience and comfort you will be provided with drinks and snacks.
Date: January 20, 2019
1 meeting:
Time: 4.00-16.30 PM, Location: Bangi Kopi & Resto
2 meeting:
Time: 19.00 – 21.00 PM, Location: K’Toss Cafe
Presenter: Mrs. Warni, Mr.Amir & Mr.Taufik, Contact WA: +6282330282213 / +6282345219795
Looking forward to you!


As the free Grailum Coin campaign from BitBoots is now over I must admit I still haven’t found it in myself to download their software and start mining coins. However, that alone doesn’t mean the thing isn’t worth the effort or won’t find its own ardent followers who want to get some extra money from Grailum which is sort of the parent company for BitBoots. I am (as I’m sure many other investors who took this great opportunity) quite satisfied with the returns BitBoots are offering to investors with a totally passive income of 1.1% to 2.2% credited to your account on a daily basis over a 365-day investment term with an option to return your original investment on expiry. You don’t have to wait that long in order to profit from BitBoots though and as the program is now on its fifth month online it’s easy to see that all investors joining in the early days should be in profit. If despite the program’s already solid age online you still would like to join and start earning (more on BitBoots can be found in my review posted here) you will need a starting capital of $50 via PerfectMoney or Payeer, or its equivalent in any of the 37 different cryptocurrencies accepted. The sister exchange website running under the same umbrella of Grailum can accommodate almost any major cryptocurrency on the market. Remember also that withdrawals to PerfectMoney, Payeer, and BitCoin are instant, so if you prefer that then join BitBoots via them and not others. If you are interested to participate in the free distribution of the Grailum currency (abbreviated to GXM) and become one of the first testers please follow the instructions given by the admin of BitBoots below, or simply keep enjoying your daily passive profits from this wonderful program clearly aiming for some bigger things in 2019:

Airdrop update, how to get more Grailum coin!
Airdrop update!
The Airdrop option 1 and 2 expired early yesterday and the result exceeded by far more our expectation with 30,000+ people joining the Grailum community.
But fear not!
There are still plenty of ways to get hold on Grailum coins before the price hit a set price of $1 per coin in a few month.
Buy Grailum coin and get a 750% value increase.
Buy before GXM start on the exchanges and get 50% on top plus 5 times the GXM value plus.
Soon as we hit the regular exchanges to buy/sell GXM the price will be set to a fixed price of 1USD per 1GXM. We can do this as we let Grailum work as a normal online payment processor until we finally release Grailum to the trading exchanges end of this year. From that point the value will follow marked and demand as normal. However the strength for Grailum will be the large community of users already established at that point.
You now have the opportunity of a lifetime to increase your value 750% in few month..
Buy 10,000 GXM = 2,000 USD
50% on top when transfer to you = 15.000 GXM
Value when hit exchanges = 15,000 USD
You can register a private account on our website https://grailum.com and purchase GXM using 34 different popular coins and USD on 2 popular USD payment processors who also support credit card/ debit card and banking wire. This should give you plenty of options get started.
You can already now run your own private wallet on your computer or server by downloading the Grailum Core (full node) here.
Soon you have your own wallet we can transfer your purchase to you. Alternate you can let the balance stay on your online balance until you are ready.
Mining GXM
We have setup a mining pool for all to join and provide you with the program and installation guide how to get started. Mining can be done from any unit running Linux, Windows or MacOS.
Join the AirDrop program
We are offering AirDrop program of different kind as promotion. This offerings will change over time.
To get last offers available please visit our main page on this link https://grailumlab.com for details.
Best regards, Grailum Lab Limited. Grailum Limited (UK)


I’m going to wrap things up for today by looking at the results of the most recent opinion poll from the MNO TalkBack page. I’ll also be adding another new question based on some of the debates currently occupying the time of a lot HYIP investors on various discussion platforms, but more on that in a moment. First of all though, and I must admit it’s with a great deal of caution that I say this, but 2019 is already looking like a vast improvement over last year. Obviously I understand that it’s a brave and ambitious statement to make when we are barely three weeks into January, but the fact of the matter is that there’s a lot more activity in the industry right now than there has been for quite some time. We can see a variety of styles and choices out there now catering to the demands of a wide spectrum of investors, with short, medium, and long term options all vying for your attention. And it isn’t just new programs either, there’s been a couple of slow burners that I suspect will only reach their full potential in the months to come. So with this in mind I put the question to MNO readers about what they think of the present and immediate future of the HYIP industry, the exact question being: Do you think the new HYIP industry leaders have arrived to MNO already?

I must say I was quite pleased to see a clear majority of readers sharing my optimism, with 60% of you voting “Yes, I can clearly see one or two potential candidates”. Now whether that turns out to be misguided remains to be seen, but the industry is long overdue a recovery and if we can see out January as an overall success story then there’s no reason why the coming spring season can’t be a profitable time for all of us as well. A further 30% of voters are still sitting on the fence on this issue, taking a more pragmatic approach to the question saying “Hard to tell, it’ll depend on their future performance”. It seems the remaining 10% of voters are yet to emerge from the lowest points of 2018 and still don’t recognise what I would have thought was a clear improvement in the industry, voting for the option “No, new leaders are not here yet and will come later”. Well, who ever happens to be right on this matter one thing is for sure, we are definitely in for some interesting times in the HYIP industry in the coming months.

This leads us on to the subject for the next opinion poll which will be open as usual for around the next week or so. Something that’s got a lot of folks talking about a number new programs that launched recently is their seemingly almost impossible resemblance to successful programs from previous years. Not just any old fast scams now, I mean programs that were enormously popular with HYIP investors and which put countless members into massive profit. I should point out that at no point did any of the admins running the new programs make any claim to have been responsible for running other successful programs in the past, however it’s kind of a case of what you don’t say being more important than what you do say if you know what I mean. Without explicitly claiming to have any involvement with other HYIPs in the past, the admins are clearly happy to not correct you if you happen to draw the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that perhaps they were behind some popular programs. I mean I for one certainly do not believe that it’s purely a sheer coincidence that new programs with identical investment plans, designs, strategies, and names that are only just barely different to the older programs they wish to emulate would all just pop up at the same time like that. Whether the new and old programs are genuinely run by the same experienced admins is the million dollar question here, but they are definitely happy to just sit back and allow you to think they are without and confirmation or denial. Not that you could prove any claims about this one way or another, or even believe them for that matter.

But the point I’m trying to get across here is that if HYIP admins would like you to think they might have been responsible for good programs in the past, clearly they attach some degree of importance to this in their business strategies. But do you as an investor think the same? If I was somehow able to magically guarantee you the the admin of “Program X” from two or three years ago is 100% the same admin of “Program Y” running today (something I can’t do by the way) how would it influence your decision? Would you even care? That’s the question I’d like to put to MNO readers today for the new poll, specifically:

How important is the identity of the admin of the HYIPs you join?

Possible answers, and I know it’s tricky but I’ll try to give options that will hopeful come close to most people’s opinions are as follows:

– It’s very important to know the admin’s track record, both good and bad
– Somewhat important, but can’t be proven 100% so I don’t think about it much
– Of no importance, it’s too easy to fake and good admins can run bad HYIPs too

As always thanks in advance to everyone who participates, you can cast your own vote by visiting the MNO TalkBack page here. The poll will be open for the rest of the week so plenty of time for anyone who wants to vote to have ample opportunity to do so. Remember every vote is important so make it count guys, it can help affect attitudes and future practices in the industry if enough admins pay attention as I’m sure the serious ones do. Remember that voting is at all times 100% anonymous and untraceable, and literally only takes a second to cast.


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 96 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee.
From MNO Premium list: BitAeon12DailyCoinsBitBoots, InstantBitexInstantMiningLimitedCoinIcor.
From MNO Standard list: Royal7.
From MNO Basic list: TophatsFarmsNeuronic.

That’s all for today, guys. All the programs on the MNO monitor keep paying well so take a look and take your pick of what you think will bring you the most profit. I wish you the very best of luck when investing and thanks for following MNO – the most comprehensive guide and respected online resource in the HYIP industry. I’ll talk to you again next week so stay tuned and see you soon on MNO – For Money Lovers!

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