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Hello everyone, and welcome once again to the MNO news blog for the best, biggest, most hotly debated, and maybe this time even the most controversial opportunities in the HYIP industry. The old joke about waiting all day for a bus to come along when two arrive at the same time might apply here, as I’ll be introducing two brand new hot-off-the-presses programs for you to think about in today’s update. I am of course talking about Royal7 and RapidInterest. I have no doubt that these are also going to be amongst the most talked about and widely discussed programs across various HYIP related forums for quite some time now. Though as you can see it’s always the best admins that come to MNO before all other cheaper less scrupulous monitors in order to reach the most experienced investors to start their programs with.

The reason of course is purely speculative and will have little influence by itself over the longer term success of either program. It’s just that the timing of the whole thing seems fortuitous when two programs completely independent of each other but bearing undeniably deliberate similarities to some of the all time giants of previous years launch at the same time. Exciting times ahead one way or the other no matter what happens next, people will always think what they think and speculate in every possible direction which I would say is only natural in a business formed on anonymity in the first place. When the time comes to the upcoming reviews of both RapidInterest and Royal7 I’ll just stick with basic undeniable facts and leave people’s thoughts on who may or may not be running them where they belong – the imagination! This also underlines the importance of the old expression that knowledge is power because successful investors are informed investors. Always keep yourself up-to-date on all the most important events in the HYIP industry by staying in touch with MNO either by following on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter, or by subscribing directly to the FeedBurner service where all news updates will be sent directly to your inbox (fill in your details on this form and confirm). If you are in my downline to any of the programs on my monitor you are always welcome to contact me directly with any questions or requests for assistance by writing to me directly at abramsonp@gmail.com, submitting your query via this contact form, or chatting in real time on Telegram @mnoblog. So let’s get started with the news and take a brief look at both Royal7 and RapidInterest before returning to them in more detail over the coming days after I have time to do some more thorough tests on their operating procedures.


The first of two brand new programs joining MNO’s Standard List over the last couple of days I’m introducing on my blog today is called RapidInterest. This is a perpetual style HYIP option a fixed 2.5% return on every calendar day with no expiry date and the possibility to reclaim your principal back anytime for a 10% withdrawal fee. In theory then it’s up to the individual investor to decide when they’ve gained enough profit to leave RapidInterest which might be as fast as just five days, considering the 2% withdrawal fee additionally applied to every withdrawal request. The minimum deposit which is accepted via four payment methods – PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin or Ethereum – starts from $25 and you can have up to three investment slots running simultaneously. The minimum to withdraw is set at $2.50 and all the withdrawals are supposed to be processed manually and take not longer than 48 business hours.

You might be interested to know that RapidInterest is running off a totally custom-made script made from scratch with account security clearly among the priorities of its developers. On signup you will be required to create your own withdrawal code which will be known only to you and cannot be recovered, so take every precaution to memorize it. Besides that, you can enable an extra layer of protection while signed in by detecting possible location and browser changes. Everything else works well in the account area of RapidInterest and I’m sure no investors will have any difficulties making basic operations. If we talk about the security in general then everything has been taken seriously with the site hosted on a dedicated OVH server with protection against attacks and malicious threats provided by CloudFlare which also takes care of the SSL-certificate installed on the RapidInterest website whose domain has been bought for three years in advance. The otherwise basic but certainly eye-catchy design of RapidInterest is strongly reminiscent of a program from 2016 (which was also listed on MNO at the time) called RapidIncome, but we cannot be certain that the admin is the same despite continued speculation. So, as with any other program please assess the possible risks first and don’t lose your head. Joining RapidInterest should be done with a reasonably sized deposit which can be withdrawn at any time when you feel you have collected enough profits to satisfy your expectations. More on RapidInterest will be posted on the MNO blog on Friday in the review, meanwhile it’s been already moved to Paying status following the first payments received successfully by me and many other investors. All the latest news on the site’s main features and official launch can be found below:

RapidInterest is a name you can trust.
Our dedicated sys-admins team have finish upgrading our dedicated server security with dual cutting edge firewall, data mirroring & isolation technology. Improving our server protection will help to prevent criminal acts including ‘Denial Of Service’ and clients sensitive data hijacking. We strongly encourage you to protect your privacy, never share your password & sensitive info.

New affiliate system for partners.
You are welcome to take advantage of our new promotional ads and help our community grow. For every referred investor you’ll be credited with an instant 5-7% commission that can be used as an investment. RapidIncome affiliate system is a great way to convert your every day traffic into a constant cashflow, our cookies & IP tracking will live longer to ensure your driven traffic get results and our sub affiliate commission levels of 2% from first downline + 1% from second downline will maximize your productivity and profits share for the down the long term.

Opening our doors for the wide public.
Today we are glad to announce the long anticipated launch of our new online investing platform: RapidInterest. It is fully operational and available for the general public of investors. We would like to thank our partners support and dedicated technical department that have made this concept come alive. It has been a long way up and still a long way to go, it took us nearly 5 years offline to finally develop our trading strategies to offer such amazing long terms ROI’s for our future members.
In RapidInterest “everyone can afford to have a fortune”, it is a motto we’re motivated to maintain and we deeply believe in our ability to improve your life. You are welcome to open a portfolio and start investing for as low as $25. Sign up here it is free and secure (takes about a minute). We intend to grow our online activity and provide one of the best financial services in the world. Please feel free to explore our site and share your opinions with others: Leave your feedback.


Royal7 is the second program just added to the MNO’s Standard List and highly reminiscent of another hugely popular program running back in 2011-2012 which was called Royalty7. I’m not implying anything here in regards to who the admin of Royal7 might be, but it’s a fact that the program runs off a very similar custom-made script and features the same set of investment plan which made others quite a success in the past. The minimum to invest is $25 and you may choose between two available investment offers – 7% for 30 calendar days (the interest is paid on business days only, so your total profit really depends on the day of the week you join – more on that will be in the upcoming review on MNO) and 110% after 7 calendar days. There are tons of various payment options available for the Royal7 members which include both USD-based currencies, like PerfectMoney and Payeer, and cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, BitcoinCash, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinGold, DogeCoin, and Ripple. You can even see an option called “R7 Token”, but I imagine this is just something still in the planning stages, provided Royal7 manages to last long enough to release its own tokens. With Royal7 you can have up to 7 investment slots running simultaneously, and it’s possible to reinvest from your balance by using an “internal” option in your account area as opposed to the “external” button which you hit to make a deposit right from your payment processor account. The $25 investment minimum applies in all cases anyway, and withdrawals are processed in manual mode within 48 business hours maximum. For increased security of your money in Royal7 one is also required to set up one’s own Secret PIN code which must be used on making any withdrawal request or any changes in the account. The script also allows users to further enhance security levels by filtering log-ins by IP or browser type.

Overall, the Royal7 website looks good and I believe will become the more popular of the two new programs for just that reason. The security level of the website is top-notch as well and no corners were cut – an EV SSL-certificate issued by Comodo to a company based in the Marshall Islands, double DDoS-protection by the now almost forgotten BlockDoS and CloudFlare with a dedicated OVH server in use, and even the domain name registered for a whopping ten years in advance. There are lots of interesting features on the Royal7 website available for viewing with one of them including the basic stats on the latest deposits made by members. As I’ve already received the first payouts from Royal7 and have therefore moved it to Paying status on the MNO monitor I will dedicate the next few days to the careful study of all its features and peculiarities and will prepare a detailed review by Monday. Stay tuned for that and meanwhile check out the first news posts released on the official launch of the website yesterday. Also, take some time to familiarize yourself with Royal7 which many people are considering the next big thing, but which nevertheless should be treated carefully and with reasonable amounts despite the huge earning potential which it can provide under the right management:

Today Jan 7, 2019 it gives us much pleasure to finally announce the grand launch of Royal7 site, a platform for digital funds management.
After long term of careful planning and efforts, it’s ready for use. Everyone are welcomed to Join Us and benefit from our Lucrative Plans. The site was built with safety and ease of use in mind, so it’s Secure yet offers a variety of popular payment options.
Furthermore, an experienced staff was specifically trained to help our members at any given time and with any question or issue occurred. Please feel free to read about the investment plans we have to offer you, and explore our site unique features. We truly hope you will enjoy your financial experience with Royal7!

Our dedicated sys-admins team have finish upgrading our dedicated server security with dual cutting edge firewall, data mirroring & isolation technology. Improving our server protection will help to prevent criminal acts including ‘Denial Of Service’ and clients sensitive data hijacking. We strongly encourage you to protect your privacy, never share your password & sensitive info.


Just when you think it looks like there might be nothing of interest going on with the HYIP industry there’s always one program that never fails to deliver – Weenzee. And despite the hype and excitement being felt in some quarters over the launch of some new programs as described above, the industry standard bearer and the one all others still need to learn from and emulate remains Weenzee. It may not have reached its full potential yet (may not? It’s nowhere even close to it!) but I think with more activity in the industry in general now as January slowly begins to recover from the annual Christmas hibernation Weenzee is only going to benefit here.

In my review of Weenzee posted here I described plans where you can spend amounts starting from a $30 minimum and choose from terms lasting for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 days respectively, all with principal back on expiry. During this you earn variable daily returns (usually hovering around the 1% mark) and then you can request a manual payment to be completed within 72 hours (usually much faster). Investments are via PerfectMoney if using $US, or BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Dash, Eos, Ripple, Zcash, BitcoinCash, and EthereumClassic if you favour cryptocurrencies. And that’s where the first news story begins. And this by the way has already been documented on other reliable news sources so I can confirm it’s not a problem with Weenzee itself. It seems that there have been some major security alerts around the EthereumClassic (or ETC) in recent days, with widely reported attacks going on against the currency there. That left the Weenzee administration with no other choice than, regrettably but unavoidably, suspend transactions in and out of the program using this currency.

Never good news to hear these things but on a more practical and realistic level I don’t think there was very much money flowing either way from Weenzee using this ETC currency in the first place. Certainly no one from my downline was using it and I double very much the numbers joining under other monitors were doing so either. So whereas the temporary suspension of EthereumClassic might not affect the program too much, it’s not really the point because it could hit whatever small number of investors who did use it. So it does serve the wider interests of Weenzee and all its members that this be taken care of now before the issue spreads. Responsible behaviour for which I would commend the admin’s fast actions. If and when anything changes with Weenzee resuming ETC transactions I’ll let you know right here on the MNO blog.

You may also convert your deposit into the internal Weenzee currency (abbreviated to WNZ) to be able to get a 15% higher daily return and optional early principal withdrawal for a fee otherwise not available to regular members. I’m sure you will find out sooner or later that the WNZ conversion is worth your while and is more profitable than keeping funds in any other currency, as WNZ will most likely go on the open market in a few months from now. And it’s with open markets that we continue with Weenzee because as you might now they have been working their way through some of the biggest and most lucrative audiences that are taking over from the “old world” and taking a more dominant role. In particular the so called ASEAN countries feature prominently, none more so than Indonesia which is of course the biggest market out there, but also Malaysia and beyond to help Weenzee cement its place as a serious money making opportunity for serious investors. One of the agents of Weenzee operating in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur will be hosting a week of events to help promote the program in his local area, so if you happen to be in the vicinity you are welcome to contact the agent for further details and attend yourself. Hopefully at least one of you does because we would all like to hear what happens next. Below you will find both the latest updates from Weenzee I just mentioned above in full:

On 01/06/2019 Analytical bots of Weenzee AI recorded an active information background about the significant growth of the network’s hashrate, as well as about the re-organization of the Ethereum Classic blocks. The developers of the ETC coin initially denied this information. It was only written late in the evening on January 7th, 2019 on the official twitter account @eth_classic that all exchanges and mining pools were recommended to increase the confirmation time for withdrawals and replenish to +400.
Due to the lack of official confirmation and denial of the 51 attack on Ethereum Classic, the Weenzee Team decided to suspend the replenishment and withdrawal of ETC from the Weenzee multi-currency wallet until the official information from the developers about the stabilization of the Ethereum Classic network will be released.
We continue to track the news background around Ethereum Classic and we will keep you informed.

The formation of a leadership state in Malaysia is in full swing. A representative of Weenzee Nizam Sahar will for a whole week hold open events dedicated to our project . The venues will always be different, so contact the organizers: +60196799969.
You will not only learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but also get the opportunity to start working in this area. Weenzee business allows you to get new experience, meet successful people and, most importantly, become financially literate and improve your well-being. This becomes real thanks to the various opportunities offered by the project: a flexible portfolio system, cash bonuses and partner status.
In the end, you can work in a revolutionary company that uses the most innovative technologies in the world: neural networks, artificial intelligence, special cryptographic algorithms.
Do not wait – use this opportunity!


Here is the list of the programs from my monitor that paid me for the last 48 hours:
From MNO Sticky list: Weenzee.
From MNO Premium list: BitAeon, BitBootsInstantMiningLimited, CoinIcor.
From MNO Standard list: Royal7 (the first payments received), RapidInterest (the first payments received).
From MNO Basic list: Luminex, VFinanch, Neuronic, EtherLite.

That’s all the news for today, guys. I will be back with more updates from the biggest investment opportunities and will bring you a full review of RapidInterest on Friday when I’m going to be traveling to Vietnam to spend the last month of my three-month tour across Asia. If you’re interested in finding out more on Royal7 don’t forget to check out the MNO blog on Monday for a detailed analysis too. I’ll also draw the final results of the currently running poll on the TalkBack page about what readers expect from the next wave of industry learers. Time will tell, of course, but you will know everything first if you stay with MNO in the HYIP industry. Let it be a successful year ahead of us all and I wish all my readers huge profits because MNO is For Money Lovers. Talk to you again on Friday, guys!

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